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Bubba, you're the most committed troll I've ever seen.
He's a troll guys. He's being doing this for awhile now, bubbatime is a Bama Hater.
It obviously doesn't matter what number a player is, but that being said.. Get over it Dolphins... It's a number.
I highly doubt it but.. Just in case this happens, you seen it here first...he gets a 4.19
I can see the following line-up starting September.. Tulia, Bryce and Paul Tyson. Mac Transfers. I could be 100% wrong but that's a possibility.. Even flip 1 and 2
Only 225 days 2 hours and 20 minutes left until kickoff folks
I'm calling dibs on Henry to be Alabama's Running Back coach when he decides to hang up the cleats. I'll donate every year for his salary
Built by Bama. But in all honesty, this man would have won any school he went to... But Roll Tide and "Go on Henry"
Just a thought, but seeing how close him and his family are, what if he gets drafted out West and the whole Tua family moves... His brother could potentially move and start at another school day one.. I dunno, maybe not.
Why wouldn't you have Devonta Smith in this? But you have Dylan Moses... Someone who played none this season
Oorrrr, Alabama when we didn't win our own conference
I'll never understand how he tossed that Michigan St. DL like a rag doll