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didn't Bama start the season in MBS against FSU?
bc we have something to be hyped about. auburn on the other hand.....
no way that SC has the edge at tight end.
seriously, if think that was a block in the back you must have a blindfold on... vandy cut in front of our guy and made a leap at mckenzie.. no where near a block.. but everyone and their mother saw vandy holding all day, with no flags to be found..
what were Webb's numbers against WKU? i'll wait.. i'm sure Chubb loves the bulletin board material 2 weeks in a row though..
Chubb actually had 16 TD's last year, 14 rushing + 2 receiving..
Kyler may end up being one of the best college QB's to ever play the game... he's a freak.
as a Dawg fan i just want to say, Kyler is a freakin' monster. i think he actually looks better than Manziel. kids is beyond special..
i understand your point, but bauta and ramsey have been throwing to most of these guys for over a year if not longer. they were a little rusty yesterday bc they went swimming the day before but all the other practice reports say ramsey and bauta are way out in front of lambert. i personally think bauta is the most consistent but he doesn't have the arm strength that ramsey has to hit the deep ball. i don't put any stock into lamberts stats at VA, bc you're right, he didn't have the talent around him. i think he has the skills to make a move at some point but i guarantee he doesn't start game 1.
exactly.. i have no idea where the "Lambert will start" crowd gets their info. even if he was a 5-star transfer, he still doesn't know the playbook or have any chemistry with our receivers.
what would make you think that? he has no chemistry with our receivers and doesn't know the playbook. all the GA writers at practice have said he looks the worst out of the group. he may play down the road, but he will not start game 1.
LOL, this really shows how little ESPN and a lot of talking heads know... Greyson Lambert WILL NOT start at UGA. He just got to campus, he doesn't know the playbook and all practice reports say he is struggling the most. Brice Ramsey will start, you can bet the house on it. To think otherwise is just silly.
maybe he had a stoke after the first half?
or maybe bc people get tickets at face value and then jack them up to $300+ a piece.. it's disgusting how many "fans" do this. and they would rather the tickets go unsold then to ask a fair price..
pretty even except Georgia's numbers include 2 top 10 teams..