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If our shooting is on, we can beat anybody. We had more off days offensively than we did defensively. I will be amazed if we make it to the Sweet 16, or beyond, without a quality big man. We can usually get around it on offense with our ball movement and driving ability at guard. But we have consistently been beaten in the paint by more physical bigs. Hayes can block shots down low, but that's it.
They must have only watched the 2015 Ole Miss game, and the 2016 Kentucky game.
Wait, did the Auburn players just receive impermissible benefits by picking up the money? ;-)
He was a dual-threat QB in HS. But Mullen won't ever bring him back into the QB room. He's not tall enough. He'll be utilized more like Percy Harvin was.
McElwain coached Gator teams were 2-1 against y'all.
Nothing screams "Dismal Bowl" quite like Beth Mowins calling the Florida/Florida State game . . .
We'd have to get a no-mullet clause written into his contract . . .
So we're going to hire another West Coast guy with attitude and authority issues? Except this time, we'll take away any hint of "aw, shucks," and just make him angry all the time? Top it off with NCAA violation history, and you've got yourself a winner!God help us all.
You should probably stick to praying Fromm stays healthy, since Eason couldn't snap the ball in time twice in a row . . .
I don't doubt his ability. I simply doubt his ethics and staying power.
If Nuss doesn't put Toney and Massey together in that backfield, he should be tarred and feathered. Talk about an RPO . . .
That's a big fat no to Kiffin. The moral/ethical chasm between Spurrier and Kiffin would be a daunting jump for Evil Knievel. Florida just fired a coach for rubbing the administration the wrong way, and embarrassing the university. Why in the world would you go right back to that personality well just to score more points?Mullen would basically be the same, but with a slightly improved character.I think Frost is the obvious choice, if he's willing.
Sounds like he's sticking his foot in the door for Randy Shannon. That's not a terrible option, assuming Shannon can find an elite OC and fairly well salvage the recruiting classes.
It's no offense, fellas. You've earned your bragging rights so far this season. But you'll have to forgive me for examining recent history and realizing that no one has been able to consistently sustain success other than Alabama. Meyer did it for a few years. Miles had his moment in the sun. Malzahn had his solid year.By all means, enjoy it. It's a blast to compete for NCs. But spare me the "we're here to stay" talk.
The way Florida was dominating the line of scrimmage on that drive, you could almost say it was better for UK that they scored when they did. If Florida had simply converted the first down with a run; then they likely utilize their timeouts to score the go-ahead with basically no time left.
Cleveland was the first edition of the uncovered receiver.
Out of the coaches listed, Only Saban, Malzahn, and McElwain have been to the SECCG - and Saban and Malzahn have won it. And Malzahn's only been once. It's illogical to lump Mac in with Butch and Bret. He has accomplished far more, with (one could argue) less.
Mac and Nuss did develop a Quarterback - his name is Luke Del Rio. Now, between your tears of mirth at that statement, consider that LDR only spent one season out from under Nuss' tutelage - 2014 (at Oregon State). He transferred in to UF, and spent a season on the bench under NCAA transfer rules. He only lost one game as a starter at UF, and that was the Arkansas game, when he was about beat to heck as you could be and still talk your way into starting. He knows the system, and executed it well. They were just terribly unlucky to lose him two seasons in a row.I would say the knock against Mac and Nuss is that they refuse to adjust their system to fit their QB. They didn't do it for Treon Harris, and they're not doing it for Franks. They didn't have to do it for Austin Appleby, because he could run the system, he just had terrible ball-security.The ultimate hope for Mac is that Jake Allen or Matt Corral prove mentally capable of running the system well in 2018. He's got the skill-position players (when healthy and not suspended) to make progress on offense. He just needs a QB who can rise to meet his system.
I'm surprised Jeff Brohm isn't on this list. He was the main orchestrator of WKU's offensive success. And he's made Purdue, PURDUE, interesting.
It wouldn't be a John Crist piece without the haters.I personally have been looking forward to this since your appearance on the show. Better than I even expected. Props, man.
Do yourself a not-so-favor and find a clip of him speaking on YouTube. Give it about 30 seconds, and you'll get the same warm fuzzy feeling (like stepping on a moldy turd) that Weagle and I have . . .
Dear Sweet Lord, please no! Absolutely anyone but him. The last thing the SEC needs is that joker back snarking it up at every possible turn.
Barring an unprecedented crumbling for this year's squad, or any other major off-the-field incidents, I just don't see Mac getting the boot this year. Maybe Stricklin gives him a Nuss ultimatum behind closed doors; but he gets one more shot. This program needs final resolution to the fraud case in the worst way. The staff needs to know who is definitely on the roster so they can effectively recruit. With a mildy successful close to the season, and a clearly defined set of roster needs, the 2018 class could be top 5 just by sheer numbers (see the Butch Jones recruiting method). If he can't show a pulse in 2018 with a full roster, then by all means, go find a shiny new coach. But it's not fair to evaluate Mac's success or failure without placing it in context of the adversity he's faced for three straight years.