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Ivey and Jefferson are the only ones left on the entire team. If you want to compete for the playoff, you’ve got to sign bare minimum one every year; and a super-majority of 4 stars.
Del Rio was a much better QB than Franks will ever be. He just couldn't stay healthy. Franks doesn't have the mental capacity to be a quality starting college QB.
How can you be mad, bro? This column is always hilarious. And how can you not get the veiled burn on UGA’s annual high expectations?
I don't think non-targeting ejections carry over to the next game . . .
It just so happens that CeCe Jefferson, David Reese, and Kadarius Toney all missed that game for various reasons. Not making excuses - just saying that Georgia will be facing a different team than the one Kentucky ran over.
Nick Fitzgerald’s struggles make me curious if Mullen simply read the defense for him like he does for Felipe Franks. That’s a fine way to win football games in the moment. But if your QB never learns to do it himself, that’s a detriment to his development.
Maybe if UGA can win consistently for 10+ years, Pawl will say something nice.
If we beat you, the Kentucky game totally matters! Okay, so it would matter to us, not to you - but still. Just lay down and take another L next weekend; then you’re free to win out. Mkay?
I don't know that the offense will lend itself to Kadarius Toney tallying at least 50 rushes this season - but he's currently averaging 11.4 yards-per-carry (11/125).
It’s not a media access issue, it’s a trust issue. And if Pruitt can’t trust his QB to talk to the media, he might not trust him on the field. That’s Connor’s point. And if a lack of trust on the field costs you games, then Vol Nation might care a little bit more.
It looks like it may have been a tire rub fire. The outside of the truck is burned pretty good - but it doesn't look like anything inside got burned.
Nobody’s excusing Meyer’s long history of enabling. I simply countered the statement in the article that “College football fans outside of Columbus will certainly be pulling hard for James Franklin and Penn State on Saturday night.” Hence the suggested re-branding.
Actually, there’s plenty of football fans who won’t be pulling for either coach - especially considering James Franklin’s own attempted coverup of the recent Vanderbilt rape case. But that’s easier to sweep under the rug, since he got out of dodge before things got too heated. Maybe they can re-brand the game to “Complicit Enablers Bowl.”
I’m interested to see how much the run defense improves with CeCe Jefferson and David Reese back in the lineup - especially Reese, because the run game is his specialty. Not to mention he’s the best “QB of the defense” we’ve got. It may wind up being false hope; but that’s the feel from the Gator circles I frequent.
It would make more sense to switch MSU and UF. I feel like the fan-draw would be greater that way.
You're welcome for Keanu Neal and Brian Poole ;-) I would say you're welcome for Dan, but it doesn't seem y'all are too pleased with him right now.
It's great that he helped a homeless person; but did he really need to film it and humble-brag to the world? Florida's Teez Tabor did this several years ago as well. Felt the same way then. Good deeds should be done for the simple sake of a good deed - not to get a bunch of views and re-tweets. If somebody else gets wind of it and brags on you, or you get your own Gameday/SEC Nation interview - great. But don't go looking for it.
And save that good liquor for something besides calling the UGA game ;-)
Did you come up with this on the drive home from Charlotte?
You can't talk about our coaching staff knowing everyone's deficiencies without acknowledging that a majority of their players know our system. Names and signals will change - the plays themselves don't. The coaches get the benefit of the doubt (see Saban vs his former assistants); but it's no cake-walk. Our best hope against MSU is to simply execute better. Winning one-on-one match-ups and both lines of scrimmage.
FPI needs to pump the brakes a little. I'd say the next three, plus Vandy, Mizzou, and Idaho are pretty much locks (no pun intended, Drew). Forgive me if I don't buy stock in last year's Mizzou game, given the perfect crap-storm of circumstances surrounding that match-up. LSU, USC, and FSU are toss-ups. MSU is a question mark until Fitzgerald proves he's back to his former self. If he is, it would be a legitimate upset for Florida to steal that one. And I would be utterly shocked to beat UGA. Pleased as punch - but shocked. So, 7-5, on the conservative side. If the o-line wakes up, and Franks can actually be efficient against FBS squads, 10-2 is not a terribly huge stretch.
I don't understand why this is still an issue. The NCAA needs to follow the NFL's lead and move that ref behind the offense.
I'm pretty sure post-war Lieutenant Dan could beat out Roberto Aguayo . . .
Just information, Greeny - agreeing with ". . ." An accurate view of a team requires context. Kind of like: if I told you a team finished with the 28th-ranked Pass Defense, and the 50th-ranked Rush Defense, you probably wouldn't assume that team went 4-7. But when you add that they were 109th in Total Offense, it makes more sense. You could also deduce that that team played in at least a few close losses. Surprise! That's the Gators. Neither of us has much in the way of bragging rights to exercise. I'm just adding to the conversation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
2017-2018 Tennessee Rushing Defense - 125 of 129 . . .
I can think of several female sports personalities who would sound great in the booth - just not Beth Mowins. ANYONE but Beth Mowins . . .