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I look forward to the day when Florida can catch USC in Division Titles, SEC Championships, and National Championships. Oh, wait . . .
It wasn't about the uniforms - it was about all the SWAG that comes with the switch. Correct me if I'm wrong; but I don't believe the other three schools overhauled their uniforms either. But the University of Florida's shopping site was still nearly impossible to access after Midnight (CST) that night because of the insane amount of traffic, with folks trying to get their hands on the new gear. It's still Nike, so the alternate uniforms will come - but no one seriously thought that any major changes were on the table.
And there was great rejoicing at the continued absence of Beth Mowins from the list ;-)
You're correct, Neil - 7-5 with the Idaho no-contest (though the Valdez Showers slip-and-slide kick-off return was epic that night).
Dan needs to do a quick check of the schedule history. Muschamp's injury-ridden 4-win season was 5 years ago. We went 7-6 in his last season (2014), when he didn't coach the Birmingham Bowl. Doesn't change his overall observation - but there's marginal value in being correct.
That QB stock question is, by far, the most hilarious gaffe ever made by a reporter at SEC Media Days.
Let us not forget Muschamp's zinger to Mike Bianchi last year at SECMD: (paraphrase) "They could use your voice to torture prisoners of war."
Taggart didn't walk into an abysmal S&C program without any proven commodity at QB. Pruitt walked into a mess with a 2018 National Championship ring (a lot shinier than Mullen's two rings, to 2019 recruits). Fischer also has a NC ring 2019 recruits can actually remember, a proven option at QB, and less of a culture mess. And Moorhead was gifted the most steady program of any Power 5 coaching change this off-season, courtesy of . . . Mullen. Mullen has the hardest current sell when the only confirmable news to come from summer is "the S&C program is better under Savage." He also stands to benefit the most from a successful season. That's the only way for him to gain momentum, aside from getting guys to pull the trigger just because.
We had the #9 class in 2014. The worst class since then was McElwain's transition class in 2015 - #21. 2016 - #12, 2017 - #11. And Mullen's transition class was #15. So yeah, it's not crazy to think Mullen can pull a top-10 class for 2019 - especially when you consider that we have room to sign 25-27 guys (depending on early NFL exits, transfers, retirements, or any other scholarship-freeing mechanism).
Call me on February 6th, 2019, when Mullen fails to sign a top-15 class - then I'll be concerned. Until then, everything is just the bond of your word. And we all know how that goes in recruiting . . .
I have trouble buying the whole "Dan Mullen isn't a good recruiter" line. His average class at MSU was in the mid-20's; which is pretty good, considering Starkville is pretty far from a desirable college town. He'll be top-15/top-10 every year at Florida. And when the development side (a specialty of Dan Mullen and his staff) kicks in, there's no reason to think he can't hang in the top-5.
I don't know what everyone was expecting after the abysmal dumpster fire that was last season. Add two tepidly successful seasons prior to that, and the excitement for Florida on the recruiting trail was lackluster, to say the least. Plus, Mullen doesn't have the recency bias like Pruitt, or like Smart had in year one - coming off of NCs with the premier program in CFB. I can almost guarantee you that none of the 2019 class has even a faint memory of Mullen winning his two rings. They mean something; but they don't have the shine like ones you just watched on TV 5-6 months ago. If Mullen and his staff can prove they can coach and develop, the recruits will eventually come.
Florida has rarely lacked the ability to attract talent. If Mullen can put a decent number in the win column, and show some overall team potential, the commitments will come.
All these skill guys want to start from day one, whether they earn it or not. They're simply not going to be as attracted to a school with solid depth. And what coach, in his right mind, is going to sell a recruit like this? "Look man, we're pretty set on the first and second line. We think you'd fit as a solid 3 at our spot - and we could really use you on special teams."
I kinda miss ol' JC. About the only guy who will interact in the comment section now is Neil Blackmon.
I'm gonna have to go with 2017 vs Michigan. That 2016 game vs UT, we had extremely tempered expectations with Appleby under center (albeit until halftime). But that 2017 Michigan game, McElwain had spent the entire off-season building it up like we were in for a possible rekindling of the 2015 first-half-of-the-season squad - and the offense absolutely dissolved into a puddle of stagnation. In less than four quarters, the fan base went from, "Maybe, just maybe, we really COULD be a dark horse for the Playoff" to "Maybe, just maybe, we'll make a decent bowl game."
Let us also not forget that Bobo (OC) and Grantham (DC) spent 4 years together at UGA. That should make for a fun rekindling of an old practice rivalry.
You do realize that you guys eliminated Florida, right?
Totally agree on Scarlett here. If Hevesy can get the maximum potential out of our more-in-shape big uglies, and Mullen calls his number enough, JS could be in line for a 1000-yard season.
The talent difference will most likely show itself the next few years, unforeseen variables notwithstanding. I vote the everybody keeps their respective noses clean so we can just enjoy some good football.
I'll just take a competitive game that day. I feel like we could have put another 7-14 on the board last season if it hadn't been for all the negativity around the program, and the absolute resignation of any motivation from the coaching staff. It will certainly be an interesting season with the S&C improvements, and an energized coaching staff.
This season's schedule is set up perfectly to ease a guy like Trask into the starting role. An all-but-guaranteed victory against CHSO; a medium-grade test (by overall CFB standards) against UK; a decent group-of-five challenge from CSU; and the the UT rubber match. He'll need to be on his game by the end of September. But if he can get all the jitters out through those first four, it ought to be a fun October.
If our shooting is on, we can beat anybody. We had more off days offensively than we did defensively. I will be amazed if we make it to the Sweet 16, or beyond, without a quality big man. We can usually get around it on offense with our ball movement and driving ability at guard. But we have consistently been beaten in the paint by more physical bigs. Hayes can block shots down low, but that's it.
They must have only watched the 2015 Ole Miss game, and the 2016 Kentucky game.
Wait, did the Auburn players just receive impermissible benefits by picking up the money? ;-)
He was a dual-threat QB in HS. But Mullen won't ever bring him back into the QB room. He's not tall enough. He'll be utilized more like Percy Harvin was.
McElwain coached Gator teams were 2-1 against y'all.