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What a battle! In the end, it came down to who would make the first mistake. Congrats, LSU.
Dave Hooker: "Then we could finally stop talking about all of that nonsense about Phillip Fulmer taking over for Pruitt." Also Dave Hooker: "It's time to buy out Jeremy Pruitt and turn to a familiar face to resurrect Tennessee football." #NeverForget
And what happens when Fulmer falls flat on his face? He makes another unceremonious exit? UT is that much further into radioactive territory? I don't know what the answer is; but it ain't the old weasel.
It's a little different when you're at the end of a terrible season, decimated by injuries, on your third-string QB, facing a triple-option offense. So yeah, Honorable Mention is about as far as it goes.
NG, I'm not sure how you can re-watch the game and not place at least the simple majority of the blame on Franks for the fumbles. Perine had the ball for 72 hours before Franks decided to pull it and cause the first fumble. And then he pitched it to Davis like it was the first pitch of his entire life. The play was blown up anyway - just take your lumps and don't risk a fumble there. I'm not advocating for any other QB (though I'd put my money on the other two handling their emotions better); but Franks reverted to the mean of his abilities on Saturday. I just hope it doesn't take him too long to get into form . . .
Check your facts, Corch. Wilson was lost for the season with an ACL in the UK game. And Henderson went out mid-way through the WLOCP. If they're healthy, don't count on routes-on-air again.
Kadarius Toney deserves consideration for Shiftiness. He's certainly not a polished all-around receiver; but if we're isolating skills, he's right up there with the best.
It's all fun and games until you can't back up your words on the field. Our players and coaches have slapped their gums together a lot over the past few years, and subsequently laid eggs. Here's hoping that changes soon.
I went to high school with McCalebb. He had a knack for returning kicks and punts for touchdowns. But dude was dumb as a box of rocks, and had major character issues. Not surprised he fizzled out quickly.
If you want to add insult to injury on our o-line, consider that we lost THREE excellent blocking TEs. Hevesy and Scott will have to work some miracles if we hope to equal or better our 2018 record. I’d hate for all the skill-position talent to go to waste this coming season.
It's crazy that only two of those guys were there last season . . .
And they put Rondale Moore (Purdue) at #9. He had nearly twice the receptions compared to Jeudy - but less total yards and TDs. Makes no sense.
The FL/GA game is already in our home state every year . . .
I vote to have a one-time Florida/Georgia game there!
There's not a huge gap between any of the top teams if you can develop the talent. Clemson's last three classes were ranked 11, 16, 7 - and they're currently ranked 10th for the 2019 class. As long as you're consistently signing classes somewhere in the top 15ish, you've got a shot.
FD, He sure has had the (mis)fortune of facing some serious talent in the last decade. I think Dan’s biggest advantage over Kirby is simply HC experience. He never came close to having equivalent talent at MSU, which is essential to competing with the big boys. I have said in other forums that I think Dan has 2 years to close the talent gap and get a leg up on Kirby before he (Kirby) settles in with the experience. If Dan can get a W in Jacksonville in the next two years, the East will be an all-out war for quite some time.
FormerDawg, In a desperate effort to split hairs: as Florida's OC in 2008, Mullen beat Kirby in his first season as Bama's DC.
Let’s not forget the underrated storyline of Teacher vs Student in that UNC/USC game. Muschamp, the coach-in-waiting that never was. And his former boss, who may (probably) be past any consistent winning; or maybe he just needed a good, long break to get reenergized for one last run.
I used my super-secret source (Twitter), and found that the tweet they shared in the article may or may not be from an NFL Network analyst.
The NFL is a great place for guys who just want to coach. You have little to no control over your roster (unless you're Billy B); and you don't have to recruit. I don't know that Mullen's the kind of guy - but maybe he is. Time will tell.
I don't know how much more Chauncey had left to prove. He made a huge improvement as a tackler, is good in coverage and run support, and has ball-hawk potential. I don't think he really had much upward potential in terms of draft position.
This is the one that really doesn't make sense to me. I feel like he had the most to gain from an additional year, among the likely departures.
There's really nothing left for Scarlett to prove, and he's got his degree - so it made sense for him to leave now.
Never say "never" . . . or "we should have been in the playoff."
I'm just here for all the Dawgs who can't wait until next season, when they'll win it all - for sure, this time!
Didn’t hit the long-snapper . . . It hit another lineman.