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You're welcome for Keanu Neal and Brian Poole ;-) I would say you're welcome for Dan, but it doesn't seem y'all are too pleased with him right now.
It's great that he helped a homeless person; but did he really need to film it and humble-brag to the world? Florida's Teez Tabor did this several years ago as well. Felt the same way then. Good deeds should be done for the simple sake of a good deed - not to get a bunch of views and re-tweets. If somebody else gets wind of it and brags on you, or you get your own Gameday/SEC Nation interview - great. But don't go looking for it.
And save that good liquor for something besides calling the UGA game ;-)
Did you come up with this on the drive home from Charlotte?
You can't talk about our coaching staff knowing everyone's deficiencies without acknowledging that a majority of their players know our system. Names and signals will change - the plays themselves don't. The coaches get the benefit of the doubt (see Saban vs his former assistants); but it's no cake-walk. Our best hope against MSU is to simply execute better. Winning one-on-one match-ups and both lines of scrimmage.
FPI needs to pump the brakes a little. I'd say the next three, plus Vandy, Mizzou, and Idaho are pretty much locks (no pun intended, Drew). Forgive me if I don't buy stock in last year's Mizzou game, given the perfect crap-storm of circumstances surrounding that match-up. LSU, USC, and FSU are toss-ups. MSU is a question mark until Fitzgerald proves he's back to his former self. If he is, it would be a legitimate upset for Florida to steal that one. And I would be utterly shocked to beat UGA. Pleased as punch - but shocked. So, 7-5, on the conservative side. If the o-line wakes up, and Franks can actually be efficient against FBS squads, 10-2 is not a terribly huge stretch.
I don't understand why this is still an issue. The NCAA needs to follow the NFL's lead and move that ref behind the offense.
I'm pretty sure post-war Lieutenant Dan could beat out Roberto Aguayo . . .
Just information, Greeny - agreeing with ". . ." An accurate view of a team requires context. Kind of like: if I told you a team finished with the 28th-ranked Pass Defense, and the 50th-ranked Rush Defense, you probably wouldn't assume that team went 4-7. But when you add that they were 109th in Total Offense, it makes more sense. You could also deduce that that team played in at least a few close losses. Surprise! That's the Gators. Neither of us has much in the way of bragging rights to exercise. I'm just adding to the conversation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
2017-2018 Tennessee Rushing Defense - 125 of 129 . . .
I can think of several female sports personalities who would sound great in the booth - just not Beth Mowins. ANYONE but Beth Mowins . . .
Nothing about Mac surprises me anymore. I mean, shoot, he probably WAS the guy on the shark ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I'm assuming you are somehow still unaware of the UF/UT conclusion last season.
They're talking about him - just as the definitive third man in the race. He's not ready, by any stretch of the imagination, for the full-time starting role. He'll definitely play - but he won't start. At least not the first few games . . .
Noooooooooo!!! Why is Beth Mowins still involved with college games?!?
It's gonna be a real shame if Trask's finger issue vaults Franks into the early-season starting role. Those first few games would be an amazing way to ease Trask into the pace of play.
Uhhh . . . I mean, the words he said were mildly funny. But that was a pretty sad attempt at his voice . . .
This is the perfect analogy. He's the guy that you want on your best-ball foursome, that's always posting range videos - but always wins the high-score trophy at the Member/Guest.
I don't have to try to reason it - he simply doesn't qualify.
2 1/2 months of bragging rights left. Hopefully your boys can renew the lease. I'd hate for such an incredibly talented roster to be sent home with their tails between their legs . . .
The face-value of the "Trask never started in high school" line is a tad misleading. He didn't start, yes; but his coach gave him a regular rotation because he was still talented - not a great system fit, but still talented. It's not like he only saw mop-up duty against the third stringers. If Trask was healthy last season, I'm not sure Franks is on a level playing field in this year's competition. Looking forward to the other installations in this series!
"Ba-Ba-Ba-Benny" is my new favorite nickname in CFB :-D Somebody needs to play that after a long run at Kroger Field; and after the lyric, "Ba-Ba-Ba-Benny and The Jets," the entire crowd screams as one, "BENNAY!" I would cheer for Kentucky just to see that.
He certainly belongs in the University of Florida Athletic Hall of Fame as a "Gator Great." But you'd run out of space in the Ring of Honor if you bent the rules for great players who didn't meet the qualifications. If injuries didn't plague his college career, we're probably having a different conversation here . . .
Volz, they lost to Mizzou a week after their coach was fired, amid a slew of injuries (not to mention suspensions), and when a good chunk of the team had basically given up on the season. Suspensions have ended, injuries have healed, and energy has been injected into the program. And let's not forget a drastically improved strength and conditioning program. So forgive me if I am optimistic for a decent jump in production. There will certainly be system adjustments - but half of the Gators' opponents are going through the same thing.
Dawg44, I think most folks (recruits, press, etc.) can easily envision a path to 8-9 wins. 7 would be a little disappointing. To me, FSU and USC are toss-up games; while the UGA and MSU games would be surprising upsets. The Gators ought to be favored in the other 8 games (yes, that includes LSU). If Mullen gets to 8, and gets improved QB play, he'll probably sneak his way to a top-10 class.