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For Pete's sake, just cut 'em already. Go sign a ridiculously large 2018 class, and move on.
Beware of QBs coming back from knee injuries. If he gets a shoulder injury too, just go ahead and bench him ;-D
". . . but it was Florida that represented the SEC West in Atlanta. Again."*East
Florida fans have plenty to gripe about with McElwain. But comparing him to Bielema is just ignorant. Bielema wouldn't have done half what Mac did the past two seasons at Florida.
I absolutely blame the players! It's a 50/50 split between coaching and players. The players don't trust each other, and the coaches don't trust the players.There us absolutely ZERO leadership on either side of the ball. Forget the bull-crap about leading with action instead of words. That doesn't work when there are issues in the locker room and lack of effort on the field. You look at guys like Tebow, Bullard, Jarrad Davis, etc. Someone who the team respects needs to get up and tell them how the rest of the season is gonna go. I don't buy the argument that we were physically whipped. We were whipped with effort and want-to. I find it extremely difficult to believe that our starting O-Line (Ivey, Heggie, McCoy, Johnson, and Taylor) can't plow the crap out of any D-lineman they'll face if they REALLY get pissed about their perceived weakness.On the coaching side, there is absolutely no excuse for not adjusting the game-plan in the face of adversity. We're not starting any freshmen at WR - so there's no reason we can't run advanced route concepts and get guys open. Shoot, look at what Indiana did to Ohio State on Thursday. Quick passes to reliable guys who should win one-on-one match-ups. You only need 4 yards per completion to march down the field. 5 yards per, and you have room for an incompletion! Until the line learns to block, you're going to have to use the passing game to open up the run game. You could even do what Baylor did in 2015 when they lost several QBs. Just split 4 guys out wide (2 on each boundary) to unload the box, then run it at them and see who's line wants it more.Bottom line: trust needs to be given on both sides. And if it starts with the coaches, the players will come around as they make plays.
There's just no excuse for "not getting to" packages designed specifically for identified playmakers. Mac certainly doesn't have the same "pissed" personality that guys like Saban display in the face of a loss; but it sure seemed when he was asked about play-calling that some serious discussions with Nuss are in store. If not, he can kiss the season goodbye. He better show the ability to make needed changes before the noise gets too loud. Stricklin has nothing to lose by canning him and bringing in his own guy (you know, except recruiting classes that were shaping up quite nicely).
I don't trust the NCAA to do anything, ever. They pick and choose what they want to pursue (see Ole Miss and Baylor); and they even make up rules and jurisdiction (see Penn State).Overall, this is just a really sad story for Christina Suggs. As usual, the whistle-blower is the one punished. And one could argue the circumstances and results of this case contributed to her eventual death.Forget that it's FSU this time. This is a rampant disease that infects every level of collegiate athletics.
Not to mention, he's the starter at WR (X) in front of Swain.
No love for Josh Hammond? Arguably the sharpest route runner of the group? And one of the few who has shown the ability to get separation down-field and be a legitimate deep target?
Just two full-time starters, and one part-time starter. That's less than basically the back half of last year's games.
dwils, you can't watch those games and believe what you just wrote. Deep passes to Callaway and Powell against UK; to Hammond against North Texas; and he even OVERthrew Callaway in the UMass game! And it dadgum rained for the better part of the UMass game. Not exactly a recipe for a high-powered passing attack.He's definitely not the future at the position. But he's one of the best backups in the league.
Google "Cole Cubelic," bro. He's a sideline reporter/analyst for the SEC Network.
Shoot, I'll say it. Roll Tide! Nobody wants to hear more of Jimbo's pontificating about the strength of the ACC.
The only thing Mac has done is not name a starting QB. That's not some revolutionary tactic. If the CFB world got their panties in a wad over every unnamed starting QB, we'd have several coaches every season get a negative review. To put Mac and Harbaugh in the same league of tactical pettiness is just nonsense. Mac did the same thing in 2015, and nobody made bones about it because we opened against New Mexico State. If Michigan was opening against the Presbyterian Blue Hose, you can bet a roster and depth chart would have been published by now.
He also beat UGA and Mizzou while he was banged up. Mizzou certainly isn't the poster-program for defense - but everybody wants to rave about UGA's 10 returning starters on that side of the ball. I'm not saying he should start, necessarily; but I feel much better with him as a backup than no/poor experience.And Gatormatic, the word on Zaire's accuracy in the short/intermediate throws has been less than enthusiastic through fall camp. He can run, and he can hurl it a good ways, but I'd say he's a solid third in line for the start.I wouldn't be surprised if Zaire, Massey, and Toney all fit the "wildcat" package Mac and Nuss have put together. It's not your run-of-the-mill wildcat package either. It will contain a legitimate threat to pass at all times.
I definitely don't expect you go back and watch the first three games from last season (something I've encouraged my fellow Gators to do). But if you did, you would see the a HEALTHY Luke Del Rio is perfectly capable of managing our offense and winning games. I agree with most that Franks has the highest upside of the group - but I sure am glad to have Del Rio in the fold.
Del Rio was just a plain old transfer. He had to sit out the 2015 season.And if you think about it, he was in Nuss' system at Alabama in 2013; left for Oregon State after Nuss was let go; then transferred back into Nuss' system for 2015. And Mac recruited him (to Colorado State). He's as much a product of Mac and Nuss as you can get without coming straight out of high school to Florida.
Do you think those cowbell academics will get you guys into a bowl game this season?
Give me a break. Alleva fought tooth and toenail to keep from giving up a home game, just like Foley did. This game is completely different since they were already traveling. There's no sainthood in Alleva refusing to come to Gainesville last year. In fact, as Florida rushed the field in victory, Alleva's perception went from bad to worse since Florida gets the advantage for the next two years.
Like the East? I mean, I'm pretty sure Rocky Top would be on repeat for days if UT found a way to stumble into Atlanta for the first time in ten years . . .
Linebacker depth is razor thin. Have to stay healthy there. D-line will be just fine, and the freshmen DBs have shored up the depth issues there. Shannon relies much more on the line to get pressure on the QB. Not much man being played at the second level in his defense.
Brad Nessler is the best, bar none. Joe Tessitore, Tracy Wolfson, and Holly Rowe are AWFUL! I personally enjoy any time Kevin Carter gets in the booth in the color spot.
Umm . . . yeah. So the answer is to build corruption into the campus police department? Or worse, the Gainesville PD? Orrrrr, don't be a dimwit and smoke pot in your freaking dorm room. Better yet - DON'T SMOKE IT AT ALL!
It's all that recruiting from the state of Florida. I grew up in Orlando and Lakeland - central Florida is it's own special place. But south Florida is awful. Of the seven guys suspended from the "funds" scandal, 6 are from central or south Florida. As I indicated above, these two come from two of Lakeland's most notorious "trouble" schools.
From an August 10th tweet about Coach Mac on James Robinson's Twitter: “He went out his way for me, now it’s my turn to go out my way for him.” #ShortLived
No one from Lakeland HS or Kathleen HS will be surprised to hear this.
A healthy Del Rio is not going to lose the game via bad decisions. Shoot, even a mildly banged up Del Rio beat UGA and Mizzou (say what you will, that helps win the division). Until proven otherwise, I trust Del Rio the most out of the group of three to get in and out of proper protections, make good reads, and make any throw he needs to. Franks obviously has the most upside of the three - but only time will tell how he reacts to getting flattened by Rashan Gary.