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Let’s not forget the underrated storyline of Teacher vs Student in that UNC/USC game. Muschamp, the coach-in-waiting that never was. And his former boss, who may (probably) be past any consistent winning; or maybe he just needed a good, long break to get reenergized for one last run.
I used my super-secret source (Twitter), and found that the tweet they shared in the article may or may not be from an NFL Network analyst.
The NFL is a great place for guys who just want to coach. You have little to no control over your roster (unless you're Billy B); and you don't have to recruit. I don't know that Mullen's the kind of guy - but maybe he is. Time will tell.
I don't know how much more Chauncey had left to prove. He made a huge improvement as a tackler, is good in coverage and run support, and has ball-hawk potential. I don't think he really had much upward potential in terms of draft position.
This is the one that really doesn't make sense to me. I feel like he had the most to gain from an additional year, among the likely departures.
There's really nothing left for Scarlett to prove, and he's got his degree - so it made sense for him to leave now.
Never say "never" . . . or "we should have been in the playoff."
I'm just here for all the Dawgs who can't wait until next season, when they'll win it all - for sure, this time!
Didn’t hit the long-snapper . . . It hit another lineman.
It's incredibly short-sighted to compare the traction of these two programs at this point. Kirby took over a program in FANTASTIC shape, that had simply underachieved for the majority of Richt's tenure. Mullen took over a program that was broken by his old boss, then limped through two underachieving coaches (Mushchamp on the field, McElwain in recruiting and on the field when it mattered most in his first two seasons). Enjoy your bragging rights for as long as they last. The Dawgs are earning it on the field. But I will be withholding judgment on Mullen's recruiting potential at Florida until the 2020 class is inked. Two full years is plenty of time to build relationships, and go toe-to-toe for the recruits you want. If Mullen can't cruise to a top-10 class in 2020, then he's screwed up somewhere.
What does it matter that you can recruit high-profile players if they don’t fit what you do? It’s a disservice to the player and to your program. How about you go find the best players for what you want to do?
Calm down, Eric. Y'all don't have room for commits ranked in the 300s in the nation. Save your energy for the five stars and fours.
I don't understand how Ham ("Chunked") didn't make the hashbrowns list . . .
I appreciate you guys acting like I hadn’t confirmed the date myself; but the reason for my comment was Connor saying it was a great game for “an afternoon kick on New Year’s Day.”
I’ve been known to be plenty wrong before; but isn’t the Peach Bowl on 12/29?
The other choices were Emory Jones (Florida), Connor Noland (Arkansas), and Matt Corral (Ole Miss). Fields has the largest sample size of the four, and the best numbers overall.
I'm all for Harbaugh having one foot out the door come December 29th :-)
"He was playing so well that Georgia had a 28-14 lead and should have been able to close out the game. The fact that they didn’t wasn’t on Fromm." Not wholly, but he definitely shares the blame. You have to put him in the blame group when they get six possessions after their last touchdown, and have nothing to show for it.
Yeah, I had absolutely zero interest in playing UCF. Winning would gain us zero momentum. Losing, on the other hand, would obliterate any iota of progress. No thanks. I much prefer the goal of ending Michigan’s streak.
Can we not? Florida has been nothing if not inconsistent this season; and I have no desire to take UCF's best shot, (New Year's) 2019 edition. There's much more to lose than gain in that match-up. How about we let LSU take all the glory for ending that win-streak; and Florida and WVU can hash out the Will Grier Grunge Match? A loss there would be much easier to stomach.
Am I missing something, or did you guys forget about Florida?
Ivey and Jefferson are the only ones left on the entire team. If you want to compete for the playoff, you’ve got to sign bare minimum one every year; and a super-majority of 4 stars.
Del Rio was a much better QB than Franks will ever be. He just couldn't stay healthy. Franks doesn't have the mental capacity to be a quality starting college QB.
How can you be mad, bro? This column is always hilarious. And how can you not get the veiled burn on UGA’s annual high expectations?
I don't think non-targeting ejections carry over to the next game . . .
It just so happens that CeCe Jefferson, David Reese, and Kadarius Toney all missed that game for various reasons. Not making excuses - just saying that Georgia will be facing a different team than the one Kentucky ran over.