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No, but my double 1st cousin twice removed overheard somebody that was. There could have been better coaches and resumes on the Auburn wish list for the position. But I know what I’m talking about those two (Napier & Venables) didn’t turn down the job because it wasn’t ever offered to them nor did they send word to anyone on search committee or the AD they wanted their name removed or refuse a interview. Put that in your pipe and smoke it boy!
Doesn’t make any difference what color my glasses are. I know for a fact Napier and Venables never were offered the job at Auburn. As far as a dumpster fire, where is it? You try a new employee and it doesn’t work out, you replace them. How many OC’s and DC’s are being replaced this year? Too many to count. By the way, speaking of counting. Does Tide 8 x 5 add up to you IQ? 40?.
Nix said yesterday he was staying. Venables just like Napier. Neither of them were ever offered Auburn job. What liars!
If they put Bama 1 and Georgia 4 then smell a rat. The committee doesn’t want a SEC final. Of course a Bama 2 and Georgia 3 smells like a dead opossum.
Hate to sound like a SEC homer, but I’m not sure I see a game that the SEC can’t win. Not saying they will cover any lines but straight up I think SEC wins big time!
Hope the committee has it just like this article. The repeat of Georgia/Bama in the final is fine. But us SEC folks know, other conferences hate us. Many on the committee members hate us. Just look at history with the NCAA D1 baseball regionals and super regionals. Regards of travel convenience they put SEC teams into brackets to eliminate one another so we don’t get 6-8 teams in the World Series. So be prepared! The only thing is a rematch of SEC champ game just doesn’t make sense in 1st round.
Nix can go to be with Gus and we will take Dillon.
Why are my comments waiting on moderation? No vile language no character assaults. Is it because I tell the truth?
Gossip and only hear say is that Cutcliffe is in the mix for OC. Bringing a Manning with him!
Bobo made plenty of stupid calls this season. Not sure Nix and Tank didn’t tell Harsin they were gone if Bobo stayed. Also hear that Davis the Freshmen QB wanted out due to Bobo.
Finley is a good 5A higher schooler at best! Nix will be back, he’ll break all the QB records at Auburn next year. He is a true Auburn man. His offensive line was one of the worst in the SEC. Finley needs the transfer portal once again. Most Bama fans know if Nix was playing Saturday the Tigers win. But if, “ If was a skiff we would all go fishing.”
Just hope it doesn’t come down to the refs! Bama will win if the SEC commissioner steps in,,,and if the refs are in the loop. Making sure both teams are in the playoffs. More money for SEC.
Hey Georgia in Exile, Did you not see face mask on Tank in which a flag was thrown then picked up? What about Auburns swing pass that gained 45 yards and called back for holding? Even CBS Gary questioned both calls. Both those calls cost Auburn dearly. Do you know how much money the SEC would have lost if Auburn had won? Try 20-30 million!!!! All teams get bad calls but don’t disregard what Nix said. Bama gets their fair share, they are the cash cow of the SEC. Hopeful your team plays well and the Bull Dogs show just how Overrated Bama is…
You can grade all the above as pretty close. You need to up your grade on coaching. Let’s look at the talent vs talent. Bama had12 five stars on their roster last night. Auburn had two and both of them on the bench ( Nix, Pappoe). Not Apples to Apples. The Auburn game plan last night was great. With a 5A High school QB at best and crippled, almost beat the GOAT! Speaking of the GOAT why in the hell are you playing a NFL receiver All American on special teams? You have at least 35 players that could fill that position easy. Nobody works harder or recruits better than GOAT but they sure can out coach him. The old saying I can beat you with my players and then beat you with yours is BS. Give Auburn Bama players or equal,, Goat is toast! SEC championship game will be good, talent vs talent, 5 stars vs 5 Stars. Best coaching staff wins.
I think every team gets a call or non call every now and then. I just think we remember more now, since we review all the close ones. When your Alabama and whip most everybody’s ass and are one of the most hated teams in the NCAA. Fans think you get all the breaks, which you really don’t. The last few years during the summer I see Saban playing golf with Shaw a couple of times a month at Shoal Creek. They are friends but no way Shaw would ask refs to turn their heads on Bama. Talk about the death penalty! I do think sometimes if a underdog out of the standings team is close to knocking off a Top ranked playoff bound team that the conference refs look at things different. But that might be just me and it’s mainly non calls there. In the long run Bama is hated by most but I don’t think they get Bama calls. They are just the luckiest bastards in the world.
Mason has plenty of players! Running a 3-4 sucks when you have a good QB that can survey. MSU Rogers did. SC QB also can go through progression. No pass rush with just 3. Auburn linebackers semi slow can’t cover. Got to get pressure on QB. Young will smoke our ass if no pressure. Wait till pro day in Auburn this year I bet not Smoke or any other DB or LB besides McCreary run a 4.7 and wideouts maybe 4.6 But as far as DL and DE Auburn has decent SEC caliber. The 3-4 is not good against pocket passers. Auburn stopped OM will their fast pace out of the hand quick passer. I hate 3-4 Auburn has no speed on defense. McClain, Moultry and McCreary only NFL players.
Now we all know the difference between Finley and Nix. Nix is 3-4 times better. I wonder why Davis the freshman can’t run the offense. If Harsin or Bobo take chances like they did Saturday, take a chance on Davis. I’ve seen him practice he moves and throws well. With Nix we had a 35% chance of staying in the game. With Finley 10% and I’m scared it could get ugly. Finley would not start at any SEC school!
We had this disagreement last year,, Auburn never offered the job or ask him to interview,,, Napier that is,! Why do you keep writing that? I have the proof they didn’t. Where’s yours they did?
Frank Thomas and Bo Jackson two of the best 2 sport stars ever. Both Auburn greats but let’s not forget about Charles Barkley! Basketball and Golf.....
Nice house, I think Tubs and Chiz kept their houses in Auburn. Not sure what Gus will do. Terry Bowden had a hard time selling his after he was fired. Nobody wanted a house with 6’ ceilings!
I thought Tutt was going? Got him on defense.
Let's look at some smoke. Last year 12 Bama players had on their personal Facebook page, pictures of their cars. Hummers, caddy’s and Chargers. Someone put these 12 on a video and YouTubed it. Two days later the personal pictures were off their Facebook page, all 12 of them. I guess nobody here saw the Bama Fever pictures of Tide players signing stacks of helmets, jerseys and other Bama stuff. How much they cash in from that gig? What about the text book scandal. Bama players getting new text books from their scholarship and walking down the street and selling them to another bookstore. Some players made a dozen trips selling 35-40 books. Good work if you can get it. Your Wide out walking in 10 elephant walks on game days had pictures and video shown to a wardrobe expert. Had Gucci loafers and Armani suit. A different one each game. Total of over 25 grand worth. The list goes on, if you don’t think the Red Elephant club has infiltrated the NCAA your dreaming. From chopping pineapples in Hawaii one day to 85k jobs in Alabama the next.
The Red Elephant club can’t protect Pruitt like they did at Bama. Kirby is next at Georgia. The Red Elephant club has contacts & Bama alum, on the infractions committee. They have been sweeping the evidence under the rug when somebody reports a Bama wrong doing. Just ask Ole Miss, beat Bama twice and the hammer gets your a$$.
Napier tells everybody that he has turned the job down. Even those who never offered.
Great news! Talk your son into transferring to pitch for the Tigers. Best pitcher in the SEC. Plays at Vandy now All American