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Eight of the top SEC teams have out recruited Auburn the last 5 years. Freeze has yet to really have a full year of making a push for top talent. As you can see Auburn could very well finish in the top 10 this year and 2025 looks even better. Once he gets the same caliber talent as you guys, then let’s measure. But I’ll try to put it out of my mind the cheating. Like text book scandal, Tuscaloosa men’s wear, Julio wearing $2500 shoes and designer suits. Pictures of players on Facebook showing off wads of cash and $80,000 vehicles. Mounds of jerseys and helmets being signed and the sold.
And maybe a face mask on a return that the official was looking at directly. Numerous holding calls. No need to go missed calls. Both sides got them.
Gus wasn’t but Nix was. Nix left because of a potato headed coach and very lame talent around him. Which was the fault of the former head coach, The Gus Bus.
Pay players yes, so NIL is really going to hurt your program? Freeze just took your program to a Hail Mary, for a win. A program that has 5 times the talent, wouldn’t you say? So does that mean he out coached the goat until that play? Saban is no doubt the most successful coach in history. Due to the talent he puts on the field. When Saban plays an equal talent team, you struggle. You play an equal talent opponent Saturday. I think you’ll back off your opinion of Freeze when he gets equal talent.
What does Freeze and treated lumber have to do with this?
If Bama or Auburn were playing outside the SEC this week against the Hamas, Kanell takes the terrorist. Never seen an analysis like Danny. He hates the SEC. I hoping for the Gators to upset.
I hope he stays at OM, plus I think with the 12 team playoff he gets a shot at a Natty. By the way Reb, Kiff was one of the top candidates for the Auburn job. He never was offered the job as there was a delay from his agent and the money OM was gathering up to keep him. So your wrong, he didn’t turn it down. He might would have been ask but wasn’t.
Not history, several that stick out on my 65+ years of listening or watching. We had about equal talent as NMS but just didn’t have any MO. We still are several players away from a 10 win team. As good as we can be in this next signing class, we still got to hit the portal. I think we’re still looking for a QB, Walker White is a stud but still a youngster. I glad,, Tbone you didn’t mention Kevin Steele this post. I so glad he’s not our HC.
Gossip all over Auburn that Gene Chizik is talking with Miss. St. Knox was a assistant under Chiz. Good fit.
I think you can mark Prime off your list. Not that he was even a candidate. Unless you read these DA sportswriters who just need material to write about.
Another note, Gossip out of Auburn is Gene Chizik has been contacted for HC job.
Including me and still laughing. Proves that talent doesn’t need that much coaching. Bozo calling the plays is going to catch up you guys in a close game when the talent levels are the same.
Smart and Saban have a few things in common. They have by far the most talent in the SEC and the nation. I’m not a coach but I would think it’s easier to coach talented players. Take those coaches put them in Mizzou. What you get? Maybe a 10 win season at best. Success has plenty to do with location and tradition. Coaching also requires recruiting both Smart and Saban deserve the award for that, but then again it’s easier to recruit to those schools than most. So let’s put all recipes together and divide. Mizzou coach should win this year.
Prime will make the list that TAMU draws up. But only because the backlash from omitting him and the press that would follow. Wouldn’t doubt the candidate they are interested in, already has had the call.
I love the click bait statement because that’s what the headline wanted us to do. No way Prime goes to TAMU or do they want him. TAMU not only has plenty of money they have plenty of sense.
Do you know how long never is? Prime will never grace the sideline at A & M. First of all weed ain’t legal in Texas. So his posse can’t come visit. True statement about the current talent level in Aggie land but many would leave if Prime comes. He will no doubt be able to sign a few talented players but just as many would run. His coaching style is in question and he really hasn’t done squat. A few studs at Jackson State in a league with few studs. Great player for sure but he’s out of his league in the SEC.
Yes, a Meyer or a Mullen hire is for sure a desperate move.
Phil Knight has more money than A&M. Lanning is not going anywhere.
Jimbo could do what no other coach could do…… Interrupt his own self!
I thought maybe another year, but anyone that can talk that fast can talk their way right out the door. Jimbo played the booster game till the boosters compared notes. Insider information like it or not was that the majority of the boosters couldn’t stand the constant talking.
How’s that working over at A & M? Bama & Ga are by themselves right now. Their recruiting hasn’t missed a beat before or after NIL. But don’t think this domination is too many years away from changing. Watch out for the orange and blue to move up that ladder and compete with the elites in a couple of years. The current staff has already done more with less than most teams in the SEC. Talent wise,,, I say Auburn is ranked 8-9 this year.
A Bama and a Barn agreeing. Out of court at that!
Girl Dog, play that card. Being left or right has nothing to do with color. But reading your post do. This is not a B &W issue. It’s being funny or not, left or right. Double down throw another card.
Hate to see this but it’s been the gossip for over a week. Other gossip has that another top RB previous committed to another SEC is considering a flip. Some prospects don’t like competition some find a better fit. Wish this young man well.
You can whip up on a NFL team when you know their signals.
I’m old and I never thought I see the day, that the youth in this country act and take a stand on issues that will end the way this country has operated the last 100 years. Won’t work, won’t serve, they will vote but for the wrong side. This is a sports site so I’ll hush.