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This article is very true but let’s not forget the other championships in sports that the SEC won or made it at least to the finals the last 10 years! Softball, indoor/outdoor track, gymnastics, golf, basketball, swimming, tennis and even equestrian. Women and men’s college sports is dominated by the SEC. Face it !!!
Don’t forget the Pearl River Community College! They won the Junior College National Championship. I’d say the State of Mississippi can play some baseball. USM was no push over themselves, they made it to a super regional.
Because the whole state of Texas sports writing world is too busy jumping on the Arch Manning ship.
NIL is closing the gap, for some now. Others will suffer, the more money these rich alum have and are willing to partner up with NIL deals the closer we get to competing with Bama. Who have been doing NIL type deals before there was one.
Yes, NIL is leveling the playing field for a few others. The Red Elephant club has had a good run with Saban for years with their under the table NIL deals before NIL. Many colleges will suffer no doubt, but wealthy Alum with companies that can swing a NIL deals will no doubt,,, close the gap between Bama and others.
Arkansas can lay down as much money as anyone. If by chance someone thinks the Hogs are at a disadvantage from NIL doesn’t understand Alum and what schools have huge war chest. Even with Texas and Oklahoma being oil states with rich alum Arkansas has many sets of deep pockets too.
I’m being moderated over any negative comment about two or three coaches in the SEC. I have never use a cuss word or any phase associated with body parts or such. I see such phases with incorrect spelling to beat the system everyday. But this moderation of my post with criticism of coaches is only a opinion. Yet the power people get me. Must be alum of the teams these coaches are employed by. Getting so close to what is happening with the press of a certain party suppressing the real news. Moderate this SDS and post what I say.
Never been a Jimbo fan and if he wins a Natty it want be for me.
Yes, he does stand a very good chance to retain his job. Big fish like yellow wood has received plenty of calls from smaller fish that have sharp teeth to keep his beavers away from the athletic dept. Old yellow has the biggest stack of green and has plenty of mouth but he is outnumbered. I think it’s even hurt his business as sales are down, just could be the market on new builds, but let’s hope the Auburn faithful small guy has had enough of the meddling big wheels. Allen Greene has a new president to impress and our programs other than football are the strongest in the SEC. You know that. He also has a ton of support from us little people. The president was appointed without the support from Yellow. So he is not obligated to him. Time will tell. I could be wrong here but Tim and I talked last week about our school.
We all know what side you will be on Paul. Unless you also got a NIL from Jimbo
Love the smack! The Red Elephant Club was,,,I mean was the strongest recruiting machine in college football. They could cover up crimes pay for fancy cars and the NCAA never looked at one infraction. The Club has the NCAA infiltrated. Bama alums are on half the committee’s that the NCAA has. Mainly the ones that count, infractions, investigating and whistle blower info. Now with NIL and oil over 100 dollars a barrel, A & M has the upper hand. Jimbo taking advantage just like Saban has. Good fight and keep it in the news boys. Maybe the media will stay off of being mean to players-coaches and chasing pun tang off our program. Eyes will be on the giants so maybe we can sneak a $ 15,000 Milos sweet tea deal through.
Looks pretty good, if not a LB maybe Hback but definitely a special teams man. Highlights are great I just don’t know the caliber of those northern HS teams. He is everywhere on that field.
Yes, he will help. Auburn still has a way to go and I see the unity coming back. The muddy water is getting clear and the 2023 recruiting is making a move with some top players giving Auburn a look. These fence riders that are projecting 4-5 wins this year are going to be very disappointed. A new President in place and I hope he sees Allen Greene should stay. Let’s just look at where our sports programs stand right now. Men and women’s golf playing for a National championship in the next few weeks. Baseball going to host regional and some sports writers think Auburn could see a spot in the World Series. Softball going to a regional. Gymnastics was nationally ranked. Basketball nationally ranked. Tennis had a great run both men and women. Ranked. Equestrian nationally ranked almost Natty. Swimming and Diving both made improvements this year. Every Auburn sport made noise this year. Allen Greene is good for Auburn as he listens and does what is best and takes the rap from media and yellow fellow and stands his ground. Where does your program rank compared to what Auburn has done? Comment and rank your programs next to Auburn and post. I’ll always give you a thumbs up if it compares.
Just a update on what our Spring and summer sports programs are doing under our AD Mr. Greene. Both the women and men’s golf teams are headed to play for a National Championship. Baseball also has a good chance to host a regional and most sports writers think they will make a World Series appearance. Women softball headed to a regional too. Not bad for a AD that is suppose to be toast at the end of his contract. I vote to keep Allen Greene. Where do your sports programs stand in these categories?
TBone you are nothing to Auburn but Reduced for a quick sale Hamburger meat. Harsin had a minor problem with his coaching staff but has that fixed. The team seems to have come together since the gossip train and message boards jumped on the Auburn football program when there was some blood in the water. I’ve been and watched 1st hand the attitude of the team and coaches and think Auburn plays as one and wins 8 games or more. Picks up a few more transfers and has a great recruiting year in 2023. Allen Greene is still our AD and the majority of us who really are legit boosters and donors are pulling for him to stay. Just look at Auburn and it’s sports programs in all categories. As strong as any school in the conference. Do you even know where we stand? I guess you need to look it up in the rankings. Get off Harsin until after the season and then you pile on if you need to. But right now, he and staff are doing a great job, with the hand he was dealt.
That’s hard to believe as Florida has been a power house in many sports. Another unbelievable stat is that there is only one Hall of Fame MLB player from the SEC. Frank Thomas from Auburn.
Vols have the most talented team in the nation. They are loaded! For sure the best pitching staff and pretty close to the best hitting team in the nation. For sure a ringer to win SEC tournament their regional and most likely a super. Should be favorite to win World Series. No disrespect to the Tennesse nation but your coach might be the biggest prick in D1. Should be called on the carpet for throwing the bat yesterday. I know the Auburn player flipped bat after a homer but your head coach has got to show some restraint. Go ahead a post your excuses and that it’s just sour grapes. But your coach is known by others to be a turd.
Things of every life cycles, Auburn will cycle right back into a contender in this conference in a few years. Regardless of who is in charge. “ Dumpster fire”. Was the word of choice. Just be careful when you use the word fire. You can start the fire and yet be the one who gets burned. I’ll take this as a step in the right direction. Auburn will get their fair share of elite players.
If Finley is the QB, Auburn is in trouble. Somebody will step up and Auburn wins 7-8 games. Finley your man maybe 5-6 wins
Roll Baby Roll at Bama better known as “ put that on my Room Tab”
Ole Miss is just like Auburn, pitching is going to get them. Hitting is not their problem for both. Auburn has to many errors to over come a close one. This weekend shows they both can hit or they have gaps in pitching.
Go hogs! I’m still proud of the SEC. The SEC is still the best in all sports just look at the rankings in any sport there is. Of course we don’t play cricket. Hog fan today
Your right pig, Wes needed to be on the bench most of the season. I guess Bruce plays him because of daddy. As cold as any game this year. Auburn played scared the 2nd half. Our all Americans looked like honorable mention in a high school. Bruce is someway right, hard to get up twice a week to play in this conference. But not a excuse for the butt whipping we took. Bruce is still one of the best not only in the SEC but the country.
Bamabone What planet are you on? Look it up DA! Not just a few sports just about all sports in the top twenty. Don’t cry your softball team is ranked.