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Frank Thomas and Bo Jackson two of the best 2 sport stars ever. Both Auburn greats but let’s not forget about Charles Barkley! Basketball and Golf.....
Nice house, I think Tubs and Chiz kept their houses in Auburn. Not sure what Gus will do. Terry Bowden had a hard time selling his after he was fired. Nobody wanted a house with 6’ ceilings!
I thought Tutt was going? Got him on defense.
Let's look at some smoke. Last year 12 Bama players had on their personal Facebook page, pictures of their cars. Hummers, caddy’s and Chargers. Someone put these 12 on a video and YouTubed it. Two days later the personal pictures were off their Facebook page, all 12 of them. I guess nobody here saw the Bama Fever pictures of Tide players signing stacks of helmets, jerseys and other Bama stuff. How much they cash in from that gig? What about the text book scandal. Bama players getting new text books from their scholarship and walking down the street and selling them to another bookstore. Some players made a dozen trips selling 35-40 books. Good work if you can get it. Your Wide out walking in 10 elephant walks on game days had pictures and video shown to a wardrobe expert. Had Gucci loafers and Armani suit. A different one each game. Total of over 25 grand worth. The list goes on, if you don’t think the Red Elephant club has infiltrated the NCAA your dreaming. From chopping pineapples in Hawaii one day to 85k jobs in Alabama the next.
The Red Elephant club can’t protect Pruitt like they did at Bama. Kirby is next at Georgia. The Red Elephant club has contacts & Bama alum, on the infractions committee. They have been sweeping the evidence under the rug when somebody reports a Bama wrong doing. Just ask Ole Miss, beat Bama twice and the hammer gets your a$$.
Napier tells everybody that he has turned the job down. Even those who never offered.
Great news! Talk your son into transferring to pitch for the Tigers. Best pitcher in the SEC. Plays at Vandy now All American
Rocker is back, great news! Maybe he will talk his son to transfer to pitch for Auburn.
I like the way you used “ bypassed the opportunity “ and not they turned the job down. Getting a interview or a call to interview is not a offer. Your colleagues seem to act like (you too) this hire is the 4th or 5th choice. Do you know that for sure? No you don’t. You try and sugar coat later in your article that this is a good hire with a few positive statements. But the opening statement and the title are to catch the eye, for all the readers who like to bash their opponent no matter the real truth. Fake news during this search is about as bad as Russia.
Auburn then Alabama law school. Gives me the right to pull for wtf I want,
Just like a few of us posted. The press had it all wrong with stories about boosters and pee wee coaches turning job down. They never mentioned coach Bryan Harsin. Finescum , Marcello and that 10 year old for Talty. As we say in the south “ Auburn had the press running rabbits”. Press as always adding juice to a story, Auburn has last laugh today, only time will tell.
You are the guy that’s team lost by almost a 100 to Bama & Auburn
It takes Yahoo sports to break the story, all these sports writers down here just want to turn something into a big messy story. They are trying to be like Finescum. The two that interviewed were never offered the job but yet the coverage over here had them turning it down. I guess you call that Fake News
Marcello should be in the know but he's not. Freeze was contacted days ago. At least his agent was.
Coming from a Bama fan. Nobody really knows if anybody has really been offered the job. Interviews don’t mean offers, name mentioned in DA sports articles, don’t mean offers. Until one of these so called candidates said “ I turned them down” don’t drink the kool-aid. Finescum likes to muddy water . .
None of these sports writers which love to bash the SEC no matter what the topic is,, know the real facts! Do any of them mention that Auburn offered them the job? Just because you had a interview doesn’t mean you were offered the job. Do any of these bashing articles state that they got offered ? No ! A good way to bow out gracefully is to claim you are not really interested so take my name out of consideration.
Maybe Auburns 3rd choice for a coach will turn out be be like Alabama’s 3rd choice. Saban,, Remember 1. Roll baby roll coach in Destin, Mike Price 2. Rich Rod turned them down 3. Saban
Name 10 better than Auburn. Consider money and facilities. While thinking look at the total package of the whole sport programs. Last 10 years Football NC played for another Final four World Series Softball finals Golf top 10 men & women Swimming top 10 men & women National Champs Equestrian 1st pick in NFL Draft 1st pick MLB 5th pick NBA Could list many more, how many D1 schools have done same ZERO
Who turned who down? Hard to believe he really turned it down. Unless he thought his chances were slim. Why would he interview? Regardless of what some sports writers want you to believe, Auburn is a top 10 job, his current job top 75 at best.
Jimmy Sextons sister-in-law, twice removed from your double 1st cousin. Does the media these days tell you about where they heard about Russia and Trump? For Gods sake reveal a source on a sports talk board?
Paul always likes to muddy water at Auburn. I guess Phil at Nike doesn’t get in Oregon’s business. The Under Amour guy have any influence at Maryland. T Boone Pickens never said anything at OK State. Paul Bear Jr never at Alabama?... Now the guy at Paul’s school Tennesse,, wasn’t he the star of the movie Deliverance. “Got a pretty mouth on him”. Don’t he
Steele was not the 1st choice! Auburn contacted the agent for Freeze, before Gus was fired. Freeze was interested. Sankey found out, called Auburn and suggested they didn’t . Auburn backed off. Sources in the know have commented that the agent has sought legal advice about suing Sankey and the SEC. I hope they do.
Sources close to the situation claim,,,, Freeze agent was contacted about job; Freeze interested Sankey found out and called Auburn. Advised not to hire Freeze, Auburn backed off. Agent has now seeking legal advice to Sue SEC and Sankey