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Say it ain’t so. Gran would have led LeghumperU back to Vince Dooley student body left, student body right, flanker screen left, punt days. Of course gran would say they offered, how better to force a raise with the 103rd rated offense of 2018. Anywhere but BluefurballU and he would of either been released or forced to take a pay cut
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again...Jalen Hurts is one of the classiest players to ever wear the TrunksnorterU uniform. And now he’s one of the classiest players to ever donn the BoomboomU threads.
My bad. I mistook You homer it up anyway you want as the first shot. An unnamed source from the slang department said you homer it up is code speak for doing or saying something totally moronic. What does your named source say it means?
By the way peckergnat here’s the public statement of the gran OC offer...A source tells KSR that UK Offensive Coordinator Eddie Gran was offered the position of Offensive Coordinator at Georgia under Kirby Smart in the last 24 hours. Smart has offered Gran total control of the Offense and a salary of at least $1.1 million. A decision has not yet been made and Gran is pondering the offer...so you’ll take the KSR source over the Dawgnation source? Bless your heart. As Jed Clampett used to say about Jethro...what that boy lacks in smarts he sure makes up for in determination. Wooo doggies.
Like I give F@c$ how you take it. As I’ve watched you interact with so many of the various posters on this site I get this visual of you my obnoxious friend..with the dog days of summer upon us the infamous Peckergnat comes to mind. A source says if the incessant buzz buzz buzz fits, wear it. See ya!
Sorry TrunksnorterU, every time I try to link an article SDS says fu@@ u the comment needs moderation. Google UGa official offer to gran and look up the ajc and the Wgau articles
Since entering the NFL, Fairley has had a number of run-ins with the law. On April 3, 2012, Fairley was arrested in Mobile, Alabama for marijuana possession. On May 27, 2012, Fairley was arrested by Alabama State Troopers for driving under the influence and attempting to elude police. He was also ticketed for reckless driving, having an open container of alcohol in the vehicle and no proof of insurance. On June 3, 2017, it was revealed that Fairley was diagnosed with a heart condition that could threaten his career. On December 1, 2018, Fairley was arrested on criminal menacing charges when he allegedly threatened a person with a gun. Dirty deeds and they’re done dirt cheap...enjoy the rewards Nick...save room for Suh
You can read the entire article or cut to this part...A source in the Georgia athletic department told DawgNation on Thursday night that while Gran did have discussions about becoming a position coach with the Bulldogs, the offensive coordinator position was never on the table.
I will never forget it. Another decision that makes Saban the best coach ever even though the way my leghumpers were slapping Jalen around it was the only decision he could have made. Whoever your starter is this year, please ask nick to keep him in.
Gotta hand it to Locksley, sucking up to your former boss is never a bad idea especially when it’s college footballs GOAT coach. It paid off for the booger eater.
Not sure what makes something official. In the good ol days a person’s word was official enough but either way UGa officials have made it clear Gran was not offered OC and why would they?103rd offense in the country... UGa has also officially stated. He was, however as you stated, offered a position, just not tge OC position.
Agreed. It’s neutral to the fans but for the players and coaches...not so much
From google Gainesville to Atlanta approx 5hr40minutes. From Athens to Jacksonville 5hr34minutes. Great news if you’re a Greyhound frequent traveler, $14 bus ride from Gainesville to Jacksonville. Gonna cost about the same from Athens to MBS.
Forgive my ignorance BayouU. None of the Leghumperu players or coaches commute from St Marys. Jaxvlle has never been neutral to the teams. But hey, by all means keep up your belligerence.
Try this on for size, Jxvlle is a 90 minute busride from GatorbaitorU. Atlanta is a 90 minute busride from LeghumperU. I’ll let you figure out the rest of it.
If you flipped a coin between Fairley and Suh for dirtiest most classless football players in all of football the coin would land standing up everytime you flipped it. Karma has found Fairley, she’s still searching for Suh
Lol...For some reason I have this visual of you standing at the corner of Gotor Bowl Boulevard and East Beaver Street at around 7pm with a long scraggly beard, a blue and orange robe wearing a sandwich sign with The End Is Near on 1 side and 2 Year Dynasty End Today on the other...only in my visual the 2 has been lined out and replaced with a 3
And there are no GatorbaitorU fans in the Atlanta area? I’m torn because I love the game in Jxvle and love spending the weekend on Amelia Island but truth be told huge advantage to UF. Even you have to admit that BayouU
As disappointing as the CowhornU loss was you bring up a great point. That loss will do nothing but focus this year’s leghumperu squad. I believe whenever our boyz start getting the Bighead again Kirby will simply write 28-21 on the motivation board.
Ok fine. Rephrase... 5 SEC teams play Leghumperu coming byes the week before and YachtCapnU plays my dawgs coming off a 247 day bye versus my pups 242 day break. Better?
Couldn’t agree more. Saw this on another site. Did you know 6 of 8 SEC teams on Leghumpers schedule have bye weeks the week before the Georgia game. TA&M and Kentucky only exceptions. Essentially every team our dawgs will face will be at full speed and full rest with two weeks of prep by the time we play them. At least for Florida and UT the pups will be coming off a rest and recharge week themselves. The game that scares me most is Mizzou stuck in between UF and AU. Go dawgs.
Yeah you’re probably right. I’m ready for some football
Funny how many Gator fans post on Leghumperu stories and vice versa on GatorbaitorU stories isn’t it? Guess mission accomplished if Dandy Dan was hoping to revive the heated rivalry with his jabs and uppercuts. Looking forward to an exciting year.
Dandy Dan states one of Franks biggest improvements was the he now realizes if the middle of the field is open and he can run 20 yards untouched he does it...interesting. I’m guessing no one at UF knew that option was available before the QB whisperer took over or what?
No doubt. I’ve never seen a fanbase excited about losing.
You do it BayouU and it’s called mocking. Someone else do it they aren’t credible and are trolls. Alright then. Thanks for clarifying. And by all means Bambam please get your last word in.
As for you Bambam trolls like me will come and go as you say but one thing I have noticed is your innate need to get the last word in on any thread you take part in regardless of whether it’s with a self perceived troll or just another perceptualized ally blogger. But because Like you My therapist remains at your disposal to get over these life hurdles you feel you need to overcome.
Everyone in Tuscaloosa and I’m not the one credible...alrighty then BayouU. I indeed do see how that works...lots of pots and kettles here