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True. But Gotta admit, first time I ever heard the wristband snafu.
He hasn’t faced the leghumper defense yet...Florida’s elite receivers were going to torch us too. Trask was going to run rampant. Say Hello to my little friend Mr Davis...LSU’s defense is no where near as good as yours. We got this...lol
I’ll take the W every year in Jxvlle as our consolation prize
#3peat #3yeardynasty #YouOweMeAnExquisiteSingleMalt
We didn’t...I was flashbacking to the good old days of 2006/2008 when we would have been champs after WINNING the SEC Championship and winning against a single BCS challenger and Alabama wouldn’t as losers of the west to Auburn wouldn’t have even qualified. But then someone rudely woke me up...shouting 2nd and 26!!! lol
Rico, spot effing on brother...great post! Go dawgs!
Sad day when our fans are upset after a 27-0 win that Vegas only saw as a 16 to 18 edge... I love our offensive patience and time management, physicality and body shots. I love the way our OC sucks those 8 guys into the box. We aren’t RPO or run n gun. We’re physical. We’re patient. We’re sorely missing a difference making tight end and receivers who can can seperate, so we do what we gotta do. No eye candy, no flash. Just mano y mano old school sluggomatic football, imposing our will, and I love it. We saw what happens when we go helter skelter slinging it all over the yard...23-20 loss. We’ve been given the second most skewed unfair schedule in the history of the SEC this year having to face 5 bye teams, rested and hitting on us, and for the most part we’ve weathered their best shots quite admirably. I’m pretty Sick and tired of the unwarranted attacks on our OC and our offensive team. They are attempting to overcome obstacles unseen since the 2010 Bama team, yet here they are 1 win away from competing for another SECCG. Not even the greatest coach of all time could accomplish that. Alabama finished 3rd in the SEC West that year, 3rd! Our Leghumpers deserve our support and admiration, not our disdain and skepticism. We have to dance with the partner we have this year. No one saw Hardman, Nauta and then Luke and Holloman leaving our receiver corp depleted. Kirby will restock the shelf but until then we’re a snash mouth old school football team and we’ll go as far as our defense takes us. Support and enjoy the ride. In this new age of giddy up offenses this is probably one of the last years you’ll ever have an opportunity to see it, GO DAWGS!
Don’t know what # means but sometimes you just gotta go with it, lol.
Can’t argue with you there, Joe. Beating Mullet again was special...
He happens to be 1-1 in SECCGs. If that’s choking, I’m good with it... LSU had best hope Uga is 11-1 coming into that game. If we’re 10-2 with no CFP aspiration we’ll curb stomp them. That game will be our season.
Our 2017 obe did too. Who did y’all beat in the second round?
Good thing they had to punt 4 times against Bama, that brings it down to a manageable 21, lol
5 things that concern me, facing UT off a bye, facing USCjr off a bye, facing UF off a bye, facing Mizzou off a bye, facing Auburn off a bye... Other than that...WE GOT This! Go Leghumpers!
Uhhhh, Ed. You may want to describe why your DC called for bump n run man coverage at your opponents 15 yard line with a minute 30 left on the clock and a 12 point lead.
You mean Auburn is coming off a BYE week??? Imagine that, lol. 3 weeks in a row against BYE teams. Love you Kirby, sincerely, Commissioner Stankey
Sure looks like him, lol. No way Georgia’s offense keeps up with Florida either. But if your offense only gets the ball 7 times...
2020 - Dawgs by 3 works for me (: Fromm’s coming back, haven’t you heard?
It gets no more stupid than playing bump n run man coverage and giving up an 85 yard gift with a minute 30 on the clock. LSU should have won big, everyone except denial bama fans see that. Aranda tried to gift the game to Saban...
Touche. BTW We’ve decided to claim co-Championship with UCF in 2017 since none of your Nattys included two rounds of playoffs. I hope your okay with that, lol.
Same with ypur GatorbaitorS, but hey, a little banter is fun once in a while, ESPECIALLY since all the Bama trolls left...nothing personal taken mudragon. Good luck against Mizzou. Y’all owe them.
I hear they are as rare as a matching set of wristbands in Gainesville
Mullet Better hurry and lock down the borders Nash, another elite 4star Florida boy just committed to aTm...your bigger issue now is TrunksnorterU, BucknutU, ClemgooberU, BogKatU and AggricultureCollieU coming into Florida for more cream.
Won’t be at Death Valley this year however playing on turf usually benefits an offense, but of course both teams still have to finish the season with a few more Ws first. Anything can happen in college football, and usually does!