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Has Oklahoma won a CFP game ever? By your math you would have to put Clemson ahead of Bama if they were joining the SEC, makes no sense. Best teams in the conference play for the conference championship...
On a post SC losing bad day I'd agree with that comment G8rMarsh, but in this case I humbly throw my bs flag. Win or lose this game is exactly how we need to start our season off...underdogs, on the road, unfriendly environment, nothing to lose. We win, we're more than relevant, we lose, we go home, re-evaluate. adjust, motivate and move forward with all our goals still ahead on us. Can you say the same thing after your game 3? Our trip to Tuscaloosa was disheartening to say the least and the results played out accordingly, you guys get to try those shoes on this season, try not to throw it all away...pun intended... Marco?... ...Shoe throw?
In the two years preceding Mullet Daffer Dan of Carvana took over a program that averaged 5.5 in the SEC and he proceeded to sell used cars to the tune of bringing them all the way up to their gaudy position of a 5th place average in the SEC... 2018 4th SEC (UGA 1st) 2019 5th SEC (UGA 2nd) 2020 6th SEC (UGA 1st) 2021 5th SEC (UGA 3rd with 5 less recruits than the 2 teams ahead of them) Contrarily, with the MUCH BETTER pre-Kirby ROSTER that averaged a 4.5 team recruit ranking in the SEC the two years before he took the helm, good ol' Kirby sold cars to the tune of bringing them all the way up to an avg of 1.5 in the SEC. Can't beat buying a certified used car, I say... I forgot, what was your point? Oh yeah, so in 4 short cycles Used Dan has moved the needle up two pegs from a 5.5 roundabout in the SEC to a solid 5 in the SEC average team recruiting rankings (with, of course another impending 5th rated class this year hopefully, new building completed or not)...I sure hope he's a better coach than his measuring sticks SOS and Urban of faintville, because he's going to need to be a hail of a lot better at this rate of improvement, those other two coaches were not only brilliant coaches, but expert recruiters as well. I was thinkg, Dan would probably do great in the ACC, maybe replace Dabo when he leaves ClemGoob to replace Nick in Tuscaloosa, that way he doesn't have to recruit and he'll basically only has to prepare for one or two big games a year...but hey, I regress...I'm sure you'll join me in a toast and say it with me...Lifetime Dan at the Hill in the Ville, yes? Cheers Nash...
You left out the bestest part...and leads the all time series since 1937 and a half
Why would I? I love romantic fantasy novels, this place is a gold mine
Uhh no. obviously they don't all count in a perfect revisionist history world, that is not how series work Nash
And what do you mean now, btw, Nash? When have I not used the the term used car salesman
Yes...much to honest, lol. It couldn't be that recruits and their families just plain don't like his anticgoofiness. Gotta be because he's toooo honest and should lie to them more...Good one Nash, I needed some midday humor. I left out the greasy haired slick used part because today was self imposed be kind to dorks and Mullet day...
Yet Oklahoma and Heisman winner Baker lost to UGa, so there's that missing from your unbiased formula
Hard to argue with your assessment with one exception G8rBen...since Kirby Bama clearly still tier 1A, gotta give LSShoe the 1B slot at this moment only because of the SEC and Natty titles. Humpers and Okies tier 2 but based on LSShoe being ahead of UGa head to head, you'd have to give the Pups the nod over Okie...aTm, BovineU and FU tier 3 until they all learn to at least spell CFP and claim a conference Championship...
Sure hope he recovers fully, sounds really bad. When I was 21 years old a story like that usually involved a cold beer and a "Hey y'all, watch this!"
During the recent game with Florida, Switzer said the Gators could make as many excuses as they want, but, “we kicked their butt pretty good and went out and played well that night in the bowl game.” Yes, why yes you did Barry, but please please please quit rubbing it in (:
Or the frigid temperatures of the Cotton Bowl...sorry Imp, couldn't resist!
Couldn't agree more Rocky...Myles certainly had the making of this season's Kyle Trask award winner...so sad Somewhere high on the Auburn plains I can't help but wonder if TJ is asking his transfer portal advisor what he was thinking to talk him into leaving a program with 3 now 2 QBs on the roster versus transferring to a program that has 7 QBs listed on it's depth chart...serves him right imho
I agree bogtigah, it doesn't really matter, but just thought that was an odd comment. Yep RockyKat, I'm sure he kid was in no shape to take calls, sounds like he screwed up really badly, I hate to hear it for him and wish him nothing but the best in overcoming this major setback. Any info on exactly what happened?
10 and 2 That should be good enough to keep Todd around and get Mullet another I'm leaving for the NFL raise...win - win
Terrible loss, was looking forward to seeing the Max-Myles battle play out, wishes for a speedy recovery. Was I the only one that found the statement "I didn’t get to talk to him yet, I called him yesterday..." very strange? Did he not answer or did he just not hear the phone ring?
Funny thing about Texas and Okie joining the SEC for you Mullet sucking lizard lickers...all that hard work Car Salesman Dandy Dan and his crack staff of wall builders did these past 4 years to raise the FU team recruiting rankings all the way up from 7th in the SEC to 5th in the SEC will sadly result in them being ranked 7th in the SEC in team recruiting again...two words of saving grace...transfer portal
So basically what you're saying is...if they were Bama
Well figure this one out azo... According to this well written puhlitzer winning article LSU has less chance of defeating Bama than - Ole Miss. Miss St, Florida, aTm, Auburn and Miami...what does your statistics course tell you the odds of that are?
Right now we're just TEU...QBU will take place next preseason
And Jamie quitting wasn't on Kirby no matter how many times you say it palley...
But just like the Tight End room, Kirby has now made that deficiency a strength...RBU meets DBU meets TEU meets QBU meets OLU meets...and all in one tiny little city in Georgia, who would've thunk it?
Speaking of moving goal posts, how many of those 3 "enters NFL training camp as his team’s starter"?
You have no choice Nash...for what it's worth...but you're probably right, I'm sure Mullet could have done no damage with, say, a Justin Fields instead of a Emory Jones...or a Jacob Eason in lieu of...ahh never mind...y'all will be fine You'd think if you were right Cojones the 5*s would get the message and quit listening to Kirby's sales pitch...but yet two more on the board and rumor has it another one is very interested...I'll give you this, you're coach's play calling and scheming was better last year, next year is almost here, we'll see...
Seems to be the consensus...Bama is 18% more likely to beat Auburn and 21% more likely to beat FU than my Leghumpers, and they are 17% more likely to defeat the pups in Atl...that's a disappointment, we can't even win the preseason SEC championships anymore...fire Kirby now...lol I'm ready for some football!
And yet the 5*s keep signing up for more...choke on that for a minute while you look over your QB roster...
Speaking of old tired and tried...slap yee mum on the bumm an tail er 'ello fer mee palley...and ask her fer sum nu material whilst ya at it, you're ol material is worn n dated, much like yee boyfriend