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Nash, I gotta believe it’s because as Kirby also stated “JT is not cleared as of now,” Smart said. “He’s with us here on the trip. We’re glad to have him. This kid has worked really hard for this opportunity. He’s been competing with three other guys.” Was there a chance a medical breakthrough takes place in the next four hours? “You never know,” Smart said. “The world we live in today you are always measuring things and trying to figure it out. That’s for sure.” My take on that, JT earned a seat on the plane whether he could play or not (speaks volumes for his practice attitude) and based on his measurables a clearance was near. Maybe Kirby just wanted his future starting QB to feel the SEC environment. Personally I just wish Kirby would quit effn around and go ahead and put all his eggs in Stetson’s basket. (:
Well I’m just glad your richard cranium trolling arsss finally figured it out. Oh by the way, in case I forgot to tell you earlier, bite me turd
If you guys (at least the dawg fans) were listening to Kirby on the tele during the game he explained it pretty well. They (drs) measure his bad knee, width girth range of motion etc to his good knee, they take strength measurements of both knees, they take flexibility and twist measurements...they take...lol. Bet you’re sorry you asked! Long story short, when the measurables of the bad equals measurables of the good, he’s cleared. Kirby stated measurables very close on Friday was hoping for release Saturday but it didn’t come in time.
Nailed it.. You left out Stetson did nothing to hurt his Heisman chances, lol
I am not worthy Connor. You have certainly perfected the art of self argument... Remember bold numero 7...Mathis will start more games than JT? If indeed Kirby takes your advice and starts JT, well... Btw bold numero 4 is off to a slow start as well...Wydermyer might be trailing Pitts by just a little bit after game 1 That being said, as a man of many words myself I must admit...you blow me away in the “most words to say the least” category. Congrats, interesting article!
He was. I thought all 4 of the scolly qbs traveled. Pretty sure I saw Beck on the sidelines as well
Kirby is not JTFs head coach. Get off my yard, legacy troll and look up the words I imagine, it’s right there beside opinion...and in case I forget to tell u turd, bite me...
I was thinking more about making him the cover guy against Pitts...lol, but yeah, that too
It's not that hard, ask Bryant about Trevor or Hurts about Tua or Franks about Trask...if in 3 years a phenom is not your starter, he probably isn't going to be...Emory, like Dwan, should consider the WR position...imho of course
Like I said palley...You should take a break from the sauce, alcohol makes some people inexplicably angry and aggressively annoying... No narrative about "receivers" bailing out Trask, just Pitts, which he did on two of the TD catches, the other ones Trask threw were on dimes. Trask has always been able to deliver when given time and he had plenty of it against the Landfish Rebs. There's a few teams that won't give him enough time to run the same play 20 times and make it thru the progression each time. If you want an unbiased read here it is, your offensively line did a great job of forming a pocket for Trask against an undersized opponent, however I did not see much backward movement at the line of scrimmage by that same line, possibly because they didn't need to. One game does not make a season, just ask my Jacksonville Leghumpers last year... I've said since day one when Trask was being promoted for Heisman that it should be the other Kyle, nothing to date has changed that opinion. I will admit I said Pitts was the second best tight end in the country, I was wrong, he's the best. But reality check, Certainly 1 great game against a 1 deep secondary isn't enough body of work to change course. Tell ya what, palley, when UF plays LSU and if Stingley is available and Trask has similar results...I'll start thinking about getting in line to buy my ticket on the Trask train...but right now I still have reservations on the Stetson for Heisman bus...lol, jk...relax palley, everything gonna be alright.
I agree that Dexter looked really good. Did you guys see our Freshman version of Pitts? I’m betting he’ll be ready for a breakout around game 6...any takers?
We are talking about a 3rd year player here aren’t we? We’re not talking about someone new to the system. Unproven is a word I’d use for a redshirt freshman.
I don’t mean that inva trollish way, it’s my opinion. I guess we can agree to disagree, against over matched opponents Emory has gaudy numbers...by all means please share a game against elite competition that he has done much of anything at all?
I think there are two coaches in the SEC with the defensive mindset to minimize the Pitts threat. I also think there are two teams with the defensive talent to accomplish that as well. GatorbaitorU will play both of them if they beat the first one they face. If Pitts wins the one on ones, y’all will prevail. If he doesn’t y’all won’t. What Task does won’t matter. Pitts is the weapon that great defensive minds will scheme against. Btw if you saw our game what did you think about our little TE wearing #0? Washington may be raw but wow, y’all had best take care of business this year...
Sorry but Emory seems like a great kid but he is horrible. Y’all are in serious trouble if Trask goes down.
Kelee isnt far off tgat body type but I hear ya kirb. Speaking of body types, Your thoughts on that #0 on our offense???
For the record If it was my choice, Stetson would have started, but then y’all already know that
It was 1 game. We’ll see how he shakes out. Btw You drinking without me again palley? You should take a break, alcohol makes some people inexplicably angry and aggressively annoying...me on the other hand becomes a cuddly teddy bear. You need a hug palley? Come here you
I agree he’s not going to “lead” us, our defense will. He’s smart cool and collected and won’t throw it away for us. I also believe he’s the best fit for the Monken system at this time...you guys have been piping the “experienced QB” song all season, he’s the most experienced we have in the Leghumpers system, he knows the other players strengths and weaknesses better than the other 3 options. But hey, I recognize I’m a one legged man in an arsskicken contest, I understand your skepticism Marsh
James Williams wouldn’t be defending him this year anyway and I believe Pitts is a Jr and won’t be around next year, so moot point.
I agree Dan, Trask is an average QB with an incredible resource at hybrid TE. Whomever matches up well with Pitts will expose this to be true. Better defenses will be coming soon enough, I’ll hold off buying my ticket on the Trask hype train until then...
Not saying Stetson is the 2nd coming but Drew Brees was a B team backup and had 2 college offers, Purdue and Kentucky. At 5’11.5 185 lbs. the big boy interest wasn’t there. I think Bennett deserves a shot until he fails, that’s all I’m sayin.
I can’t believe my fellow humpers are still calling for JT to save us...wtf is wrong with these people. Stetson is our 2020 version of your 2019 Trask, they’re killing me here. Stetson for Heisman!
The Sundance Kid: "You just keep thinking Nash, thats what your good at". Nash: "I got vision and the rest of the world wears bi-focals".
Actually like I told Nash...LSU had more yards this year than they did last year with Burrow. Obviously the bones of a good defense were already in place preLeach
For now. Time will tell. For what it’s worth Nash...LSU had more yards this year than they did last year with Burrow. Barely
Perhaps I didn’t spell it loud enough for you, turd. B I T E M E...better? Now get out of here and go make your legacy proud troll. OH yeah, in case I forgot, bite me