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That and 1.79 will get you a big gulp at the zippy mart...Bryce Young is 0-1 in national championship finals, that's pretty high level competition
CBN vs Mullet equals respect, just in case we humper fans confuse you...Napier is very likeable and seems like a straight shooter of a coach...if he ends up locking down the more of the state in recruiting, things could get very interesting very fast.
The numbers don't lie palley, attack me all you want. He's had more time on the job than Kirby did his first year as Kirby was dealing with Bama in the CFPs (that stands for College Football Playoffs btw)...time to get real. Excluding Vandy, the only new 1st year SEC coach that has done as poorly as CBN at this juncture in his first year, is Drink at MIZ...but on the plus side he did beat y'all his second year, so keep the faith...at least CBN is starting with better talent than Drink did...
Well done Mr India...kudos. First class all the way. You now have two HUGE fans, cheers.
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BamaTime 4 HOURS AGO Shouldn’t you be getting embarrassed on a Florida article somewhere? You’re a waste of oxygen.. Stfu troll
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Awww bullkrap, Coach, If Burton leaves it’s because he got a better free agency offer, welcome to nil
If Kirby makes him earn it and Stetson is good enough to win the starting job next season, so be it. Welcome back SB4...
I’m excited for you Cojines mee palley, I have full confidence CBN will lead FU past Vandy in recruiting this season...it’s conceivable he could raise the bar all the way to 9th in the conference, keep the faith my friend....
Lol, he did spend way to much time after the game in Indy talking to that slimeball salesman from Dream Motor Group!!!! Damm nil
Phil, just curious about previous comments you made about UGa’s 1942 football team...why do you diss on them as war evading deferrers while glossing over the fact that the Army, Naval Academy and numerous Air Force academies fielded teams as well? Did you know the 11th ranked AP team in the nation that year was the Second Air Force Bombers with a sparkling 11-0-1 record and a victory in the Sun Bowl? It seems, according to your standards, that our entire armed forces deferred getting killed in WW2...sad
Which of your team’s failed to get their participation trophies, truvol? 1980 is over, we don’t really care about your conspiracy theories, btw 9-11 wasn’t an insider job...thermite does not cause top down demolition.
Ouch, hate to here this kid may be leaving, really think he’s going to break out wherever he goes, sure hope it ain’t in Tuscaloosa...
This is the part I don't get...with ALL the elite talent in the state of Florida escaping to Ga-Al-SC-LA-TX-OH...why would you hire people to open doors in other areas? Napier seems like a very smart coach, I think his effort (and eventual success) will hinge on recruiting FL successfully like SOS and ignoMyer did...
Sounds like a great gig...Can he work remotely from home?
Agree completely...JT needs a solid Oline that can give him time to make his reads, solid arm but not a run n gun QB for sure...I like the thought of him at a Baylor, or a Clemson, perhaps a ND or even Cal. The only fits I see him at in the SEC, maybe a Kentucky or Arkansas imho
Awww come on lizard, toughen up. Of course you should post on any article you feel fit to post on, all are welcome. ..For the most part you are a very cordial poster G8Rfan, feel free to drop in on our yard anytime. This is America still, at least for a few more years. Free speech is welcome...
We played the Big10 Champ and steamrolled them... Bama played the king of G5s and steamrolled them... By all means who did we avoid? I certainly would have preferred my Dawgs play the 2 and 3 loss losers of the snubbed conferences and certainly Bama would have preferred to as well, but that being said, the two best teams played for title, as it should be...
So this week you're a saint all of sudden eh? gatorfan8115 1 WEEK AGO Well We can def ask Kirby if they give runner up Trophies as he is def the person who knows the most on finishing 2nd gatorfan8115 2 WEEKS AGO And again your dumb ass Still Is talking … let’s see what your have to say after Monday when it is 42 Years and counting chump... gatorfan8115 3 WEEKS AGO Win a natty and talk chump!
Hires a QC Analyst from OK = RISING STAR ASSISTANT...lol. Yes sir, it has been a very rough year for my lizard brethren... Welcome to the new ULL – Gainesville, Ty...home of the Rajin Cajin Swamp Part deuce...
That would be incorrect Gator73...my negative comments never involved the starting QB, it was directed at the Coach...I will try to quote them once again for your comprehension purposes...when you are trailing by 17 points late in the game and it is obvious you have to pass, why wouldn't Kirby at least give JT a chance to put down the clipboard and pickup the pigskin if what he has been saying the past several weeks is true, that he has FULL CONFIDENCE in both Stetson and JT. The difference between Kirby and Saban is that Nick would not bat an eye when it comes to making a QB change if it gives your team a better chance to win. Do something different Kirby, please don't do nothing! ...or similar. Now kindly point out the negative Stetson comments please?
You are welcome TrueGrit... Imagine in your scenario another (Bama or Georgia) vs the winner of the Baylor-Arizona St Cotton Bowl. I'm guessing (Bama or Georgia) 55 - Arizona St 3...instead, we got to see an incredible game of smash mouth old school defensive football until our Oline finally wore down Bama's Dline in the 4th quarter. It was epic and more importantly...no more 1980!
Key destination for JT - play for another premier program that is built well on the offensive line, after all he is a pocket passer.
line thru not ^have been ; WLOCP^ Where's that edit button (:
The unknowledgeable fans can what if this Natty to death if they want...football is a season full of games of attrition. Georgia did deal with hobbled Burton and Bowers at various times during the season. To reverse quote you: It would have been a lot easier to win the championship and Bennett’s performance would most likely not have been even more crisp had he been able to work with the number 1s all year long. That's football. Here is a little excerpt from a post WOLCP pre-MIZ ZOU article, enjoy: Blaylock could be an impact player if he can return this season, as the No. 1-ranked Bulldogs remain relatively thin and inexperienced at the receiver position with a noon home game against Missouri on deck. George Pickens is returning to post-surgery full speed but is still wearing a black no-contact jersey. Receiver Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint has been dealing with various ailments but was running routes and looked up to speed after dealing with cramps during Georgia’s 34-7 win over Florida last Saturday. Speedster Arian Smith, the fastest player on the field who played a few limited snaps in Jacksonville, is looking healthier running routes, too, and might soon be more involved in the game plans as he continues to progress. Receiver Jermaine Burton was limited last week by a groin injury and also played very few snaps against Florida. Darnell Washington has been dealing with post-surgery and working himself back into playing shape as the season progresses. Forgive me if I don't cry for Bama, those two wide receivers are not why Georgia shoved their defensive 7 around late in the game, our Oline was.
DGD...best wishes moving forward big John...