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Yes he owned us, but we certainly got our shots in on Spurrier. UGA shut him out in a game in 2006. That was the first time he had been shut-out, I believe. Secondly, and most importantly, we broke his will to continue coaching in 2015.
@unaffiliated I hope you are referring to the 1983 Auburn Tigers. The 1984 Auburn Tigers lost 4 games and first 2 of the season. I think Auburn did get the raw deal in 2004, but then again, Auburn takes credit for a National Championship in 1957 when they were on probation.
It's funny to hear an Alabama fan criticize Georgia fans for calling the refs out following the 2017 Championship. I seem to remember after the 2016 National Championship listening to the Paul Finebaum show and every single Alabama fan was calling the refs out. Pot calling the kettle black...
Honestly, hasn't been to much to be butt hurt about against Auburn. 11-3 since 2006... I will take a loss occasionally so that Auburn will keep Malzahn..
I see the passing offense as better simply because of play calling. I see more downfield passes under Coley and while Fromm's completion percentage may go down a tick, overall the passing numbers will be higher and more explosive. Just my opinion..
@King Negan: Are you reading something that has you saying UGA has an advantage over Alabama? I see 2 very evenly matched teams. UGA has the revenge factor, but Alabama has the mental edge in these games.
Its a shame that Auburn isnt higher than they are. It should easily be a Top 10 job in America. I went a read the main article at Athlon and while it doesnt give any negative reason why they ranked lower, I can't help but wonder if it had to do with the schedule plus the under-handed, shady nature of the administration and boosters.
FYI: Dan Mullen is like 1-12 against teams that Kirby Smart has been either Position Coach, DC or Head Coach. His only win was the 2008 SEC Championship Game when he was the OC for Florida. The two times they have played as head coaches. 28 point win and 19 point win. Just a little dose of reality for the UF fans..
If I was Malzahn, I would make them fire me. I wouldn't amend anything. Auburn "should" be a Top 10 (or at least Top 15) job in the country. Now with what is going on, there not going to get any "high profile" coach to get anywhere near this job. Malzahn will probably get another year regardless because there isn't anyone better that would be willing to join that circus. Have a backbone Malzahn.
In the LSU game, did Greedy always cover Jeudy? I thought I heard them say that he was always covering the receiver on the field side. I could be wrong..
Where is the cryptonite when you need it? If D Baker can lock down on Jeudy (like he did against Ridley in the Champ game) hopefully that gives Kirby the ability to overload coverage to the other receivers. We will see.
The key to this game is between Georgia's ears. Georgia's mindset will be the #1 indicator of a win or loss.
Nice Job Gators. You made 2 bowl games..
I think one thing that gets overlooked. The new faster-pace offense of the Gamecocks. If the dawgs can get some 3 and outs and keep the SC defense on the field. It will make the UGA depth advantage that much more beneficial. The 95 degree heat will help as well. Close game until midway through the 3rd quarter and the dawgs start to pull away with a big physical offensive line and a tired defense.
You can bet that every coach in the SEC is saving that tweet for use to recruit against Tennessee. I would.. Look at how these coaches turn on an 18 year old kid, who made a tough decision for his future. Not to mention that his father played there. As long as that coach is at Tennessee, that tweet will be used against the Vols.. My guess is that was the coach that was recruiting him and he may have got a little complacent, and didn't recruit him as hard, because Cade was such a big VOLS fan.
Every team in college football has fan's like that. Don't kid yourself. We also have rational, well-spoken, humble fans who are just enjoying the ride because it could all end January 1st. We may get "waxed" by Oklahoma. If we do, I will still be proud to be a dawg fan. Please don't let a few trash talking fan's define a fan base. Every team has them...
In 2008, Alabama was 1 year removed from losing to Louisiana-Monroe. I'm fairly certain that a lot of Bama fans were doing the same things.. Bulldog fan here. I take the Ric Flair adage. "To be the man, you got to beat the man" Alabama is still the best until someone beats them..
Yes, they showed the showers and the proper technique for giving a Sandusky style "tickle monster."
The dawgs have only lost 1 fumble this year. In the Vanderbilt box score, UGA has a fumble lost that I do not believe happened..