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Never happier to be more wrong. Cade destroyed it yesterday with 7 IP no runs 6Ks, sounds like slater did great today.
Cade throwing K’s - bring it on home Gators for a winner takes all rubbermatch!
Neither did the uf one. Ugh. Looks like vandy, lsu, arky are the class of the conference.
Bad time for the bats to go quiet/slump. Sully can’t seem to get out of the regional or put together a complete team.
Dang I wish I wasn’t right. They better tune things up or they’re not getting out of the regionals
Rat poison. Go gators! Stay focused and just beat tech for starters
Better come prepared for tech. 3-0 over famu type play isn’t gonna get it done with the better competition
Whip to your point - looks like the bats went quiet and pitching really won the day. So hard to know which gator team shows up. Hope they put together a complete game against the tougher regional opponents
You’re likely right, I haven’t watched them enough to have a truly well formed opinion. When I do see them lose however it’s usually do to some big defensive pitching implosion. Hopefully they don’t have one of those at an inopportune time in the regionals.
May the bats stay hot! The gator bullpen is the weakness of this team
While I agree in the modern game patience is no longer (and possibly even from an objective standpoint) perceived as a virtue, more churn for UF could be possibly worse. An innovator like Spurrier isn’t on the horizon to walk through UF’s door, neither is a top 5 experienced coach with an impeccable record. The question for the bull gators is what other objective metrics can they look at that Napier is progressing the program for long term success.
BT does it again! Grand slam 7th inning ftw over vandy. He’s a legend in the making. Love the togetherness of this Team. Go make some noise get to Omaha
There is joy in Gainesville when m i g h t y Jactani is at bat!
There Is joy in Gainesville, mighty Jactani is at bat!
BT’s quote after his walk off home run: “I’m so proud of these guys working all year for this. I'm just very blessed to wear this F.” If only more Gator athletes in the major sports, football and basketball, thought like this.
Don’t follow Crews but Cags doubled his hr total and far exceeded his rbi. And Cags is 6-2 as a SP (granted with a high 3.96 ERA). Folks with a broader view might know better though.
Go Gators! Great accomplishment now make it to the super regionals
Don’t follow gymnastics but was reading about Trinity Thomas. All-time gator and NCAA GOAT. 28 career perfect 10s to tie the record. Bummer they didn’t beat ou.
Socratic, very interesting take. My take is gator nation collectively including the decision makers should be patient with CBN. If he upgrades recruiting and the systems as you say, and runs a clean program, then I believe he can have long term success at UF if he realizes he’s a GM/CEO of the program and not an innovative offensive or defensive mind. He needs to hire people better than him for those duties/game day and manage them/keep them accountable.
Always, one can only hope you’re right. He’s stocking talent for the future on offense at the skill positions (lagway, bowens, Mizell, jean …) he just needs an innovative mind to put the pieces together. Disappointingly he hasn’t done well at all with recruiting the bigs on the Oline. No blue chips there unlike all the other positions across the team. Needs to be a top priority this cycle.
CBN has shown the self awareness to make strategic coaching personnel changes - rather than just focusing on the immediate burning need of a transfer qb, he needs to do the needful and fire himself from OC and QB coach. Get either a proven P5 OC or a really promising up and comer like he did with Armstrong as DC. I really liked he and Toney parted ways so now there’s a glimmer of hope for the defense, now do the same on the offense. Till he does that the offensive schemes and playcalling and qb execution will continue to be subpar even with upgraded qb talent.
Just looked at the schedule again and that does appear to be the ceiling. Hopefully the running backs will provide some fun highlights this year at least. It’s possible that Armstrong also produces a top 75 defense which would be a huge improvement percentage wise.
Also per 247 UF has the 3rd highest avg per recruit at 94.6 after Bama and uga. Not saying that holds till next year NSD, but it’s moving in the right direction.
Upstate, right on, I had a small ray of hope that CBN could rehabilitate Mertz with a fresh start but looks unlikely. Are there any decent passing qbs in the may portal? If not, maybe nape should install the option.
‘24 class with 2 five stars. Haven’t seen that in a while, ‘24 or ‘25 could be really good. Too bad the O&B game sounded alarm bells on offense (didn’t watch but 10-7??)
Great work. Sully needs the squad to get past the regional to the super regionals at least this year
Golden rolling, just got Clayton from Pitino at Iona. Now they have a shooter. The team might actually be better next year.