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Build the statue already outside of Condron family ballpark! Gator immortal. Thanks for all the great plays in clutch moments.
STL, you probably did already but if you haven’t take a moment to check out Jactani’s exit interview after the loss. Like Skylar Wallace, a great veteran representative of what’s truly important to play for beyond just his paycheck - love of school, his teammates, and appreciation for his coaches. He will indeed be missed
*That was meant for mustards comment on Neely earlier in the thread
Great call mustard. Neely’s been living in the shadow of Cags’ greatness but is just as deserving of accolades as one of the heart and soul’s of this Gator team. Shame on espn announcers. Good luck to TAMU in the finals
Nash you nailed it about long ball, it is indeed fickle. Sully should look at his batting staff and tune things to get more of a Goldilocks strategy - small ball with just enough long ball in key spots. They also need a veteran ace from the portal to complement those young arms. Onwards
I hope he goes #1 now in the MLB draft and gets generational wealth. Seems like a humble young man and team player for all that talent. Maybe he’ll get a World Series ring instead of a CWS one.
Sorry to see it end like that for Cags and this bunch of fighting gators. Great postseason run, nothing to be ashamed of. Next year looks like a rebuild but the young arms now have experience so that’s something to build on. Some staff changes might be needed still.
Superhuman. Generational Gator, just glad got to see him play
There’s the SEC, then there’s SWC SEC, and the Big Eight SEC.
I’m speaking to CFB here and the new 12 team format, nil, profit sharing etc
Great points STL. The sport we grew up has changed irrevocably. It’s sad to watch. Only attachment to school really is left for the fans, which is what the networks and schools are counting on to keep fans no matter what they do to the sport. As long as they have that gators logo on the helmet and play ostensibly for UF and keep the game day traditions, the networks know people will keep watching. Same for the other schools.
Great question STL. I’m no baseball pundit but I get that someone could say Condon had an objectively better season as a slugger and Hagen Smith had a much better season as a pitcher. That leaves only Bazzana, who to my simple understanding didn’t have as a good a season as Cags. I’m assuming the committee is not taking into account 2-way ability since there is the olerud award for that, where he is a finalist and hopefully wins. I hope he takes it personal and puts the team on his back.
Superman. Glad he was snubbed by the powers that be. Team.
Big snub for Cags. Not a baseball expert but he seems more than deserving to be on this list.
Agree about the lady gators Marsh. Hearing Skylar Wallace’s say “being a Gator is the best thing I ever did” holding back tears and a privilege to put on this uniform in her senior exit interview made this Gator team easy to root for.
Congrats to the Lady Gators on a fantastic season. Went up against a dynasty and pushed them to the limit.
I guess #1 strength of schedule did mean something after all. Go Gators!
Dang, I’m sure many of us have made bad mistakes speeding in college and in our 20’s but 150 is an outlier. The program needs to provide consequences and provide the young man resources if he stays in the program regarding how to make better choices. Bad week for UF, rains it pours. Glad the 58 year old driver survived.
Seems an odd about face for cbn who has preached character and team orientation over individually oriented talent. Maybe he knows something prime and the rest of cfb doesn’t.
Much like the lack of defense in both bball and football has been the gators undoing, pitching travels. Last year the Gator bats made up for it but this year that strategy has not worked outside of Cags. I don’t follow Gator baseball quite as closely as football or even basketball but seems like something structural may have changed in Sully’s organization around pitching talent evaluation and development. Hope he makes the necessary structural changes offseason to get the Gators back to the top.
Thanks Truth, reasonable posts on the topic of actual football being played on the field don’t generate much comments
Good call on UF oline. The pocket collapsed from the tackle position multiple times during the orange and blue game, forcing Mertz and lagway to step up in the pocket or scramble for their lives. Thankfully it was touch football. Bigger need even than finding a complement to EW3 at wr.
Doc, I did like the desire by Blue to win at the end and pay it off. These guys need to experience victory at every chance so they can develop that “winning is a habit”. Maybe Mr truth is finally right - CBN realizes he has to win first and be champions of life second.
Seems similar to what the gators showed during the season. QB room is solid, great WR1 (now EW3 instead of pearsall), and deep rb room. Jadan Baugh could be trouble for sec defenses. 3rd level of defense is still soft, and troubling special teams organization on the field. OL seemed to let the pocket collapse especially in second half, with pressure on the tackles. Still given all the changes I believe CBN is ahead of where he was a year ago.
Very leaderly, he’ll make a great coach one day if he chooses. The emphasis on winning for the man next to you is needed up and down the roster. Good luck this year young man and go Gators!
As long as sully has them in shape by regionals and into the super regionals and can develop an ace by then.
Will be interesting to see how CTG replaces 60%of the starting lineup this offseason; next year’s team likely to be very different from this years. He seems to be more of portal centered coach, the high school recruiting is below what CMW did.
Marsh, hate to say it but the gators need to play through bad officiating until they are top tier again. There does seem to be a pattern of bad officiating against them but nothing to do but process the loss and fight through. I do hate it that cfb and cbb seem more and more to be at the mercy of (bad) refereeing, but can’t change that.