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Ditto on the lighthearted take. There could be some really weird scenarios this year.
Ohh, Justafan22, you are sooooooo close to seeing the point of the protests.
Media is really building us up. Fans are excited, but I believe remaining reasonable. Writers seem to think we are going to win the superbowl this year.
Idk, beating Indian for the Gator Bowel win to cap off a "turn around"season was pretty rad.
I ToOO cAN USE caPS and !!!!!! exCLAMATion poiNTS, bUT It DOEsent maKE mY STAteMEnt aNY bETTER!@!!>!>!
"But some of you Vol fans are acting like you have a title guaranteed here shortly." Name some names. I'll wait.
Starting to sound less 'hoax' and more 'holy shyt.'
Not a good look to implement a username to disclose your wife's favo position.
French ya Mamaw’s fart box while you watch in the corner. Gimp.
Your mom still has my UT shirt, btw. She can keep it though.
Awww, look! It found how to use the internet. Fun!
Intelligence (brainpower, like horsepower, but with that thing behind your eyes) can be assessed in part by vocabulary (the words you know). You've dropped "hillbilly' almost more than pronouns and prepositions (you can look these 2 words up). I suspect you are devoid (without) of the cognitive fortitude (look this up too) to comprise a compelling argument. I do feel sorry for you, but if you try reallllllly hard you could probably still get your GED. Oh, and GFY.
I dont think any Vol fan thinks we're ready to overtake UGA. Yet.
Pull yo mamas dyck outta ur mouth if ur gonna speak, son. Cant understand you.
Nobody says that anymore. Live in the past much?
Haha, exactly. Drives the clicks that get the $.