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Haha, why though? Gators have a longggggg road back to relevancy. Our era is beginning. Chomp Chomp sucka!
Ya done real good kid. You'll be a legend at UT and hopefully wherever else you go.
It was a beautiful throw and everyone is just jealous. They just shouldn't have let us do that to them.
Well Failurda could prob learn a few things if they watched.
I didn’t suggest anything was wrong with it. You just need to get back to work son. Quit jabberin by about football, there’s buckets that need fillin. It’s what ur good at.
Im so dang high off this Vols team I dont even care what happens. Its gonna be a bloodbath no matter what and Im here for blood.
Why are you even here? Didnt you get the message? Pick up your shovel and get back in the coal mine!
I wanna like the NFL, but its just deflated. As well/anyway, these Vols got me hooked like nothing else will.
Still, kinda a silly tradition, and not a good look considering the tragedy. Besides whomping Kensucky isnt really worth clamoring over.
Haha, yea I didnt think we've beat anybody notable yet. If they vacate a win, how would anybody know?
98 gets it. Eryone just chill.
"The talent at Butch Jones’ disposal included, but was not limited to: Alvin Kamara, Josh Dobbs, Emmanuel Mosely, Marquez Callaway, Shy Tuttle, Jauan Jennings, Derek Barnett, Jalen Reeves-Maybin and Cameron Sutton." Mother of god, what Butch failed to do with that roster is miserably criminal.