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Alright, boygator, where are you? What juicey burn ya got for this article? Lemme guess, TN sucks...etc. I'll go ahead preemptively tell you to GFY.
Dont care. We'll be just fine. Georgia state and BYU does not sting as much anymore anyways.
You are not funny, cute, sly, or clever. You are the worst, just go away.
Yea, I said some mean things about him early on, but Im eating those words rights now. Glad to see him find success.
I think the most offensive thing is TB makes a bagjillion dollars and still goes with the shty walmart stormtrooper costume. TB gonna TB.
This is stupid. No one (from TN) is mad about or cares about an AL student paper and their headlines. Boofrigginhooo, they talking smack. I guess I fell for this clickbait article. IMO that classic video is awesome and funny. Can’t take this too serious, especially with the state of TN football.
Agreed, they have gotten to sit home and watch national title caliber teams play for the title since sweet sweet 1998.
A tip of the hat to this gentleman
OOOOOoooraange britches, b1tches! 56-10
Yea that dude is scary. Got, what, like an 8 foot wingspan. Holy moly. Was fun watching him play.
Nah, Ima hit the gas. Georgia got exposed and hosed. Over-rated-azz, ugly-fanbase having-azz, dumbazz-mascot-having-azz, got worked over by the gamecock-having-azz, inflated-ego-azz, sit-down-and-think-about-what-you've-done-having-azz, goodbye-undefeated-season-having-azz. Georgia is the worst. TN aint too good at the foozball right now, but Georgia is existentially the worst.
Haha, thats pretty dang good. Its certainly impressive that a single cup cake can provide a season of meager sustenance for us Vols.
What do we have to lose? Seriously, what?
I know, right, GA will probably beat us now... /s
Haha, its already long gone buddy. But we'll still take your money.
You are not intelligent and nobody cares about what you have to say.
Why you even here? Shouldn't you be talking shyt to AL, LSU, GA, etc...Are you scared of them? Move on loser.
Seconded. G is a tough dude and has taken more than his share of hits. Unfortunately, he shouldnt be a position to have to take hits like that. I respect his toughness but lament his abilities.