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America, take a knee for whatever you want. Says more about you than them if ur bothered over something so benign. People love to get their feelies all hot'n bothered. Magic skylord doesn't care, I asked him.
Coach Pruitt cut KY into pieces. I understand your bitterness. And we'll be just fine.
Agreed, I would rather then take their time and do it right. Plus maybe it will better coincide with our triumphant return to glory...
Hillrats? I didnt know you all even had computers up there in KY yet. Speaking of KY, might wanna bring some when we play you all. It will make it a little easier on you all.
That sounds really dumb. Are you a doctor? Why didnt you say anything sooner? Geeze, your mystical powers of knowing "something had to be up" could be really useful if they were based in reality. You really dropped the ball here by not speaking up. /s Really sucks for Trey though, both the short and long term implications.
[holding back tears] Effing A my dudes. They looked like monsters out there. A well earned win. Celebrate accordingly!
You are powerless Gatorboy14. You are nothing but a screen name. You mean nothing and nobody loves you. We will drown in your sad little tears on Saturday. And I roughed your mom and only yelped her 2 stars. Deal with it.
If this dude isn't here (there) to play his arse off I don't know who is. Hopefully he has a chance to work for and earn his place.
Your mom plays the banjo. I know because I taught her. Yeweeeeeh!
Well we "won" your slimey attention Mattmd2. Happy Friday!
Mother of god... We are getting our program back!!! Whoever wants can continue to trash us all they want - its just cliche at this point. Rebuilding starts today. And it s going to be fun to watch... See you in a year or two SEC.
I think like 5Mil or something. We're really killin it down here.
Genuine question; what about David Blackburn draws such strong appeal? Has he done great things other than be a part of TN? I have no opinion of him thus far.
Flynn pleads guilty, Currie gets fired...what a Friday!!
Whatever. Who even cares at this point. SDS is just trolling UT fans.
Yea, like with Schiano... Haha, all joking aside, can we just get this whole thing over with?