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Yea that dude is scary. Got, what, like an 8 foot wingspan. Holy moly. Was fun watching him play.
Nah, Ima hit the gas. Georgia got exposed and hosed. Over-rated-azz, ugly-fanbase having-azz, dumbazz-mascot-having-azz, got worked over by the gamecock-having-azz, inflated-ego-azz, sit-down-and-think-about-what-you've-done-having-azz, goodbye-undefeated-season-having-azz. Georgia is the worst. TN aint too good at the foozball right now, but Georgia is existentially the worst.
Haha, thats pretty dang good. Its certainly impressive that a single cup cake can provide a season of meager sustenance for us Vols.
What do we have to lose? Seriously, what?
I know, right, GA will probably beat us now... /s
Haha, its already long gone buddy. But we'll still take your money.
You are not intelligent and nobody cares about what you have to say.
Why you even here? Shouldn't you be talking shyt to AL, LSU, GA, etc...Are you scared of them? Move on loser.
Seconded. G is a tough dude and has taken more than his share of hits. Unfortunately, he shouldnt be a position to have to take hits like that. I respect his toughness but lament his abilities.
Yea, hated to see him leave, but good for him. Hard to see any kind of future here.
Id be interested to read about that, as your response is quite detailed. Do you have a link?
Haha, Im still trying to figure which end is the gator and which end is the boy. Im guessing lizard up top, boy down below.
"He has stepped his game up." Really...? Do you have examples. I agree with the rest. Yea, the O-line is bout as tough and effective as gas station toilet paper, but he still does not seem to be making good decisions.
Yes, yes Georgia will destroy us. Our season is shot. Piss off.
My only question is which end of ya is the gator? Like are you a boy top with a gator bottom or is it a gator top/boy bottom? I know it gets weird down there in the swamps and I dont blame whichever of your parents is a gator so take your time to answer.
America, take a knee for whatever you want. Says more about you than them if ur bothered over something so benign. People love to get their feelies all hot'n bothered. Magic skylord doesn't care, I asked him.
Coach Pruitt cut KY into pieces. I understand your bitterness. And we'll be just fine.