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Well well well.....I thought GA was better than this.
Where can I buy a #5 Hendon Hooker jersey? Been a tshirt guy, but Im ready to drop some cash and step things up. Ima wear it everywhere.
Sweet baby Jesus, thank god. see you losers next year!
Miss them too, but they're obviously a novelty.
Easy buddy. We welcome and appreciate the compliment. They are hard to come by.
H̶i̶l̶a̶r̶i̶o̶u̶s̶ No, Glorious. Lets talk Monday.
We're about to go go Krogering on dat azz
That’s rich coming from an alabummer fan. Bless your heart, you don’t even know, do you?….
Lane Kiffin killed college football. He 'won', but at what cost?
Broseph, our ship has been eating dinner with the titanic for months now. This is just typical post-season shuffling. Hoping for the best for Shrout.
Interesting perspective, hadn't thought of it that way and I'll admit I kinda smell what you're stepping in. Nonetheless, taking fake dives is just ugly and demeaning to watch. We should be better at the game, not the show.
See ya'll next season, I guess. Why do we even do this anymore?
Glad to see the education helping that young mans ability to write and communicate.
First have looked good. Then I guess they corrected.