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Kind of like how you believe anything your precious president says is true??? And you believe whatever he says is fake, is fake?? you don’t have the capacity to think for yourself, I can see.
As of now, based on this year, not years past, and this years schedule and performances on the field, Bama doesn’t even deserve to play on a neutral field against Minnesota.
It don’t matter if you think Alabama would best Utah, Oregon or even Minnesota on a neutral field. That’s not how the teams are supposed to be ranked. It’s supposed to be what you’ve done to this point, what you’ve done on the field, and Minnesota’s best win was against the #4 team in the country, who is still in the top 10 now. Alabama doesn’t have a win close to what Minnesota just did. Minnesota should be ahead of Bama based on their on droid performances. Both schedules aren’t the strongest but Minnesota has done more with theirs, but if you want to go with the whole, “Bama would beat them on a neutral field, that’s why they’re ranked higher,” argument, then you’re basically saying Bama could go 8-4 but you still believe they should be ranked higher than those teams cause they are “Bama,”. once again proving, it’s all about the brand names.
No excuses for Fromm or uga whatsoever. Playing against a 3rd strong quarterback for almost half the game, and he continued to not adjust to what was being thrown at him. poor coaching and game planning. uga thought this would be a cakewalk, and it shows that’s the mentality they went into this game with.
I know that the Vandy players should have hit their free throws, but this game shouldn’t have even gone to overtime. this game ends in regulation if that flagrant is never called. Plain and simple.
That flagrant foul at the end of the game, really changed things. that was a horrible call. The NCAA really didn’t want the upset tonight and it showed. every time Vandy, looked in Williams way, it was a foul. And Bowden throwing an elbow at the end, and nothing called on that. A complete disgrace of officiating.
In no way shape or form do I condone the acts of those fans if that I’m fact true. but to assume Florida has the worst sec fan base is a reach. Each fan base has a few idiots that don’t represent what it means to truly be a fan of their team. I’m just making my comment based on what I saw, but if they did in fact make inhumane type comments, I would probably acted the same way as a young adult in college.
congrats on the win, Tennessee is good this year. I just wish they would act like they’ve been here before...but clearly we all know they haven’t. who knows, maybe they’ll make it to the final four this year, for once in their history.