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Here in Kentucky IGA grocers have great fried and rotisserie chicken. If you haven't had it you should try it. Popeyes is good until the third or fourth piece, then not so much. KFC is OK but not my goto anymore. BUT fried chicken at a family reunion is the best there is and there are 160 different recipes---all great! I will say if it wasn't for fried chicken I'd be a dead man.
Have to agree with all of this. Alas there have been some who haven't stepped up like some were hoping. Hope to see the Cats offensive line jell in the next couple of games.
Whatever you think of Drink, it is UT that has been proven to be the lying cheating sleazy program they are. I think most every school has done some cheating to some degree at some time, but UT should be made an example of just like other schools (Baylor, UK, SMU, UL, USC,....) that were caught and had to pay a hefty price. I expect UT to slide because like nearly every institution today corruption is excused only in these times even moreso.
I was not impressed by Rattler last year. Of course Rodgers also said Joe Burrow was the only SEC QB that was as accurate as Will Rogers. I expect Mac Jones found that to be surprising.
Jordan Rodgers never ceases to amaze me Mac Jones was an extremely accurate QB that threw a great many more passes down the field. His statement doesn't make any sense when you look at Jones completion percentage.
Barnhart has been a great AD for Kentucky. I'm frustrated with recruiting this year but our main man on the recruiting front has given his full-throated support for Barnhart so I'll trust his judgement here.
Going by the Kentucky beer somebody simply picked a beer without any knowledge of the state.
So did SDS take away one of Nich Richardson's stars?