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Man, come on. You're just throwing crap out there hoping no one will question it. TWICE? TWICE the athlete? Go look at Kellen Mond's pro day numbers compared to Dak Prescott's. Really, go check it out. Kellen Mond has better numbers in most events that they both did. Does that make him a better QB or prospect? No. Prescott had significantly better passing stats than Mond. But his stats and performance demonstrate that he is widely underrated.
Kellen Mond could be the next Dak Prescott. He is underrated, won games, and also didn't lose games for his team. I think he is underrated, but I also think he is not better than Lawrence, Fields, or Wilson.
I would move for a lifetime of free wafflehouse. Just sayin.
I laughed multiple times reading this and watching his highlights (like when he just picked up the running back and HELD HIM IN THE AIR!). If this dude can find the right role, he could be invaluable. He reminds me of that Moeaki guy at BYU who was over 400 and a good athlete, but he never turned into a good player. This guy might have a chance.
I was surprised to see he STILL wears his LSU pads. I'm surprised those things aren't in pieces yet.
Dang! This has to be one of the worst times to get injured. I doesn't really give him enough time to recover for next season. It will be hard to make a roster without enough time to recover to demonstrate your ability.
Good point. You're right about Tua, Hurts, and Eason. Really I don't know what could have been done to keep Fields besides starting him.
My biggest complaint about Kirby (and probably every UGA fan's) is his failure to manage QBs and keep them around. He can bring them in, but we've had big players leave. I have no idea how Bama keeps top QBs around for years with no/little playing time. If he can figure that out we really will be on track to be competing for championships.
After that last mess of a coach search, I thought Pruitt was a grand slam. I don't think they need a grand slam, I think they need a quiet, solid coach who can work with his hands tied. Barry Odom comes to mind. He might not be a great winner in the SEC, but he's a stand up guy who can keep a clean program.
This isn’t kicking a man while he’s down. This is the man who is down shooting himself in the leg.
I think BYU will be in the top 25 again.
Sermon at OSU > Sermon at UO. He has killed it in the last few games and really has looked unstoppable. He didn't start out great this year, and I think he will be kept under control against Bama, but still expect him to get some critical yards. I really think that OSU can't win without Sermon having big gains or that OSU can rely on their run game. Najee is better, but if you watched Sermon in his last few games, you have to ask where the beast came from or where he was hiding.
Yes Tenneessee has. But like CVOL sais, they were not allowed to play to their potential. I think Tennessee has plenty of talent to be #2 in the east (Not a dig at TN, GA is simply loaded). TN has been cursed with second rate coaches. Which is surprising, because I thought Pruitt was a homerun hire.
3: Did Florida blow its best shot? I really doubt it. Their second string QB looked like the real deal. He looked look a scary dual-threat. I mean... I hope they blew it. And yeah, Pitts is gone, but if Mullen stays (as there are rumors he might leave), they should reload with minimal problems...unfortunately.
The worst thing we can do is overlook Cincinnati. I have only watched them a little bit, but they are a good team that deserves to be in the game. Go dawgs!
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That’s not a bad idea. Players and coach would hate to miss out on the bowl game, but they really don’t have anything to gain from the game besides a fun trip.
Call BYU. They will play "Anyone anywhere". I doubt they could get it together, but I would love to see that game.
I can’t think of many penalties that have more directly gifted the other team a win. There are sure other bad ones, but this one has to be up there. I’d really hate to be the guy in the locker room or at practice on Monday.
If we had Trask or a qb like him, I think he would make our receivers and tight ends a lot better. I don’t think our receivers are as bad as they looked. I think The gap between Bennet and Trask is much bigger than even Pitts and our TEs, which is saying a lot because Pitts is a beast. You’re just trolling. We played Bama already, unfortunately.
I disagree. I think the biggest difference between Florida and Georgia is at qb.
Good game Florida. We are a QB short of winning. Beat Bama in the championship game!
They should stick with those throwback unis from the Mizzou game. I loved that look.
I just want to know if I'm not alone in this. Mathis does not look like he is a starter. In every rep he's taken he looks very slow. Slow to get the signal, slow to the huddle, slow to the line, to snap, etc... I hope that he doesn't get put back in. If he does get back in, I would love to be wrong about him, but I haven't seen anything encouraging from him. Just like everyone else, I wonder what Daniels and Beck look like.
It may result in a fine, but I think this will build his team's confidence and trust in him. Calling out the league is a bold move, and his people will follow and support him for it.
Heck. Those are slick. Those look better than the current regular unis.
Craaap. I hope he isn’t out for the season.