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I think BYU will be in the top 25 again.
Sermon at OSU > Sermon at UO. He has killed it in the last few games and really has looked unstoppable. He didn't start out great this year, and I think he will be kept under control against Bama, but still expect him to get some critical yards. I really think that OSU can't win without Sermon having big gains or that OSU can rely on their run game. Najee is better, but if you watched Sermon in his last few games, you have to ask where the beast came from or where he was hiding.
Yes Tenneessee has. But like CVOL sais, they were not allowed to play to their potential. I think Tennessee has plenty of talent to be #2 in the east (Not a dig at TN, GA is simply loaded). TN has been cursed with second rate coaches. Which is surprising, because I thought Pruitt was a homerun hire.
3: Did Florida blow its best shot? I really doubt it. Their second string QB looked like the real deal. He looked look a scary dual-threat. I mean... I hope they blew it. And yeah, Pitts is gone, but if Mullen stays (as there are rumors he might leave), they should reload with minimal problems...unfortunately.
The worst thing we can do is overlook Cincinnati. I have only watched them a little bit, but they are a good team that deserves to be in the game. Go dawgs!
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That’s not a bad idea. Players and coach would hate to miss out on the bowl game, but they really don’t have anything to gain from the game besides a fun trip.
Call BYU. They will play "Anyone anywhere". I doubt they could get it together, but I would love to see that game.
I can’t think of many penalties that have more directly gifted the other team a win. There are sure other bad ones, but this one has to be up there. I’d really hate to be the guy in the locker room or at practice on Monday.
If we had Trask or a qb like him, I think he would make our receivers and tight ends a lot better. I don’t think our receivers are as bad as they looked. I think The gap between Bennet and Trask is much bigger than even Pitts and our TEs, which is saying a lot because Pitts is a beast. You’re just trolling. We played Bama already, unfortunately.
I disagree. I think the biggest difference between Florida and Georgia is at qb.
Good game Florida. We are a QB short of winning. Beat Bama in the championship game!
They should stick with those throwback unis from the Mizzou game. I loved that look.
I just want to know if I'm not alone in this. Mathis does not look like he is a starter. In every rep he's taken he looks very slow. Slow to get the signal, slow to the huddle, slow to the line, to snap, etc... I hope that he doesn't get put back in. If he does get back in, I would love to be wrong about him, but I haven't seen anything encouraging from him. Just like everyone else, I wonder what Daniels and Beck look like.
It may result in a fine, but I think this will build his team's confidence and trust in him. Calling out the league is a bold move, and his people will follow and support him for it.
Heck. Those are slick. Those look better than the current regular unis.
Craaap. I hope he isn’t out for the season.
I am terrible at grading QBs. I have a long and consistent history of being wrong about who will or won't do well in the NFL. However, I will say that I was never afraid of Florida when Franks was their QB. In the first minutes of Trask taking over, it was clear that he was a different beast. I think Trask is a natural baller who can move the ball and change the tone of game. I don't think he is a first round, or even a second round, QB, but I think he is definitely a top tier college QB. I would take him at UGA.
I agree about Bennett. He's stepped up and played well, but he isn't good enough to lead us past teams like Alabama, Clemson, and possibly some others. I respect him. I really do. But, he can't/doesn't make throws that we need to make the most of our tools. He's a competitor and fighter, and that gets us pretty far, but not where we want to be.
Good game Bama. I’m fine with a loss in a great game. If we lost but played like we did in the first half, I would have been proud of a hard fought game. That was not a great game. We beat ourselves almost as much as Bama.
I have been a Franks doubter. I have always thought that he was over-hyped and more of a risk than an asset. I think he is playing better now than he ever played at Florida. He isn't making the same mistakes and looks much more efficient and reliable. Good for him. Reportedly, he is a great teammate and good guy, so good for him for playing up and improving.
I generally think that if an offense and defense are equal, the offense will win the battle. Offenses have the advantage by default. I am amazed by our defense so far, and I hope they shut down Alabama. Alabama will score points, but if we can keep them low, we have a real shot.
Man, this game could go any which way. I think Alabama wins this because despite the hype our offense has received, our offense is adequate at best. Alabama has allowed some points, but unless we get creative and Zeus plays better than he did against Tennessee and Pickens gets more involved, we won't score enough. However, I hope I'm wrong and Kirby is the first former-assistant to get a win against Saban.
Miami could be back, and they are playing better than when they were supposed to be back in 2018(17?), but they're still not gonna touch Clemson. IMHO Clemson is the clear-cut best team in the country. Trevor Lawrence, Etienne, and their top-notch offensive and defensive lines are going to be a wakeup call to Miami, regardless of how explosive D'Eriq King is.
Two years ago Ohio and Virginia played at Vandy due to storms. Vandy offered their stadium and free admission. USC or Missouri could host them... I don't think that's gonna happen, but I like the idea of the game being relocated.
No, this is not as good as it gets. I don't think they have the depth of UGA or Alabama, and they will be fighting for 2nd place in the west, but Auburn has a frustrating trend of showing up in big games every 2-3 years and taking down teams that have more talent than they do. They have some young guys. They have multiple true freshman starting. Auburn isn't on the verge of a dynasty or anything, but they're not down and out.
Auburn looked terrible tonight, but they have some young guys who are going to be a big deal for the next few years. And I hope that 300 lb tight-end/QB of theirs gets more action against everyone else and runs some people over.