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I think this is fair and deserved praise for Dan Mullen. I'm late to the Mullen train, having only really known about him since Mississippi State, but I now consider him one of the elite coaches ...Which is really unfortunate, cause I would rather see Florida drug through the mud every year. Really, Florida has no excuse for not being a top program every year. With Mullen and Smart leading the biggest programs in the east, we should have some consistently entertaining cocktail parties.
I agree. I think Trask is a much better player than Franks. I would rather face Florida with Franks at QB than Trask.
Kirby learned from playing Manziel. Kirby never underestimates his opponents, even when its Murray State at home. I'm glad to see that he is respecting Book and not underestimating anyone.
I agree with Brian Kelly. That's my biggest criticism of our team. It seems to me that our defense relies on superior personnel and position playing than creativity. We run very few schemed plays on the defensive line and with the line backers...There are few loops, twists, delayed blitzes, etc... But, as someone else commented, we may not need to do much else. While I think we could be more productive with a more aggressive and creative defense, the defense is doing well.
Tennessee should have crushed BYU. SHOULD have... both programs are in severely deficient states, but Tennessee has more significant advantages over BYU. But let's give BYU some credit. They showed up, played hard, and didn't give up. Go cougs!
Dang. It sucks to lose him. Hopefully UGA somehow manages to re-recruit him.
That's rough. It sounds like the decision was made for him. It's disappointing to work so hard and not be able to play. At least he has the opportunity to remain on scholarship at a great University. Good luck to him.
Oh my goodness. This is not the fridge or Dontari Poe lining up to crash through the line. Homeboy can legit run the ball. Put him in!
This is reminiscent of Zamir White. It just sucks for the young man. Luckily Alabama has been ahead of the game and cutting edge with their rehabbing.
Good for him. I think Kelly has the skills to be a starter in the NFL. If he hadn't made some dumb decisions that affected his draft so much, I believe he would be starting somewhere.
That is disappointing. I respect Coach Smart for maintaining high standards, but I wish the young man could have kept things together. I wish him luck and success wherever he goes. He has a lot of football ahead of him.
That stretch for Florida was legendary. Winning football and basketball national championships, not once, but twice is amazing.
I want Zamir White back so bad. I hope he comes back 100%, but I expect it he will be like Chubb, he might get some touches next year, but it will probably be another full year before he's really in the game.
Never, never, never, never mess with a pregnant woman, except to say congratulations and offer support. You'll always piss off someone. It is almost impossible to treat someone the exact way they want to be treated, especially a pregnant woman.
It's no surprise, and I can't blame him one bit. It would have been great to have him as an athlete, but he probably wouldn't have much of a chance at getting any real time at QB. Good luck to him.
Am I the only one that thinks Mel Tucker needs to go ASAP? I'm not a huge fan of Cheney, but I think he is at least being a little productive. Tucker's defense is stagnant, predictable, and has no creativity or surprise.
I like the yellow and black uniforms, but that decal is no good. Complex designs don't belong on helmets.
I was concerned about our WRs going into this season, but not any more. After that Missouri game I am concerned about our D-line. We looked terrible. I'm hoping it was design and Mel Tucker is keeping his best for later, but that sounds ludicrous.
I’ve commented the same thing here on sds like 10 times 10. Anybody can beat anybody, especially in the sec. Of course Missouri can win. It will take brilliance, luck, momentum, and tiger blood tenacity, but it’s possible. We’ve all seen some shockers. Still, I expect the game to be over by the end it f the third quarter, if not earlier. If it weren’t for lock, I’d say but halftime.
HAHAHA. Ouch. Ok. Mel Tucker, pleeeeaase put some pressure on that QB.
Despite the all the supposed hype this QB competition receives, Saban is handling it very well. What I really appreciate as a fan is the positive attitudes of Hurts and Tagovailoa. “And I think it says a lot about both kids that neither one of them has ever said a bad word about the other.”
I am glad to see that Kirby Smart read SDS. HAHA!
Bull crap. That is amazing. He must be a horse to be given those kind of touches. Good for him.
I hope so. No doubt we'll need it, unless Kirby has a plan for how to get after Lock.
"Missouri’s defense leads the SEC in rushing defense, and the Tigers do things that Georgia doesn’t see, which makes it tough." I think Kirby and company have been holding back some in terms of creativity and will also come out with some things that Missouri hasn't seen. I think Drew Lock is the best SEC quarterback. We better get after him hard. Go Dawgs!