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This may be the best SDS article I've read. I didn't know Wilson started at Oregon or that he did a year in JUCO. The only thing I've cared about was him ending the streak against Florida. I think I just became a lowkey Wilson fan.
If the lions can get their Oline together, they could have a great run game, which Stafford would love.
I have the worst record judging QBs, the opposite of a QB whisperer. I thought Manziel was gonna kill it in the NFL. I thought the Chiefs were completely bonkers for letting Alex Smith go and relying on questionable-at-best Patrick Mahomes. I still think Chad Kelly could be a star. I thought Baker Mayfield would be a 100% bust. I thought Aaron Murray was going to be the next Drew Brees ..And the list goes on. I wouldn't risk it with Tua Tagovailoa...unless I was desperate for a QB. So, someone should probably draft him ASAP.
I like the idea. Yes, it would create other loopholes, but I agree that it would significantly reduce faked injuries.
I think a more realistic question would be "What schools should be removed?". I live close to Vandy and go to a bunch of games, and they have some great sports teams, but from a Football perspective, they don't add to the conference, and their promises to financially increase their support for Football have not been realized (yet?). They should go. I think the SEC should add Clemson and UCF. They are both in the heart of the SEC and have good-or-great programs. They have strong fan-bases and student bodies.
Where is that bandwagon so I can jump on? Cause Burrow is the most impressive QB I've watched in a long time. Good luck to him in the NFL. Good luck to LSU following up on such an outstanding season. I don't know how you follow that without disappointment.
I can't argue with that. Respect to Burrow and LSU; they have been truly next-level all year. Texas was probably their worst game.
On the contrary, Arkansas has had some tremendous o-lines, specifically when Pittman was there. He had several of his players get drafted.
Good for Bulldogs-west. I love watching Leach's teams.
Ok. Ok. I'm joining the feud cause I have a strong opinion about this. A) this is a stupid conversation and I'm stupid for chiming in. B) I teach PT at Vandy. I have also hired people from Vandy and local community colleges for the same roles. There are only a few fields where your school matters. Person > school 99% of the time.
I was completely convinced he would choose to stay. I guess he got good feedback from the NFL. Good for him, too bad for us. Good luck to him!
Good for him I don't blame him for capitalizing on his opportunity. I think he would do well to come back for this senior year...but maybe he got good draft reviews from the NFL. Good luck to him.
I agree. I think his future is brighter if he returns and has a better senior year.
While I think Luke still deserved time at Ole Miss, I am glad he is with us now. Pittman was so good in his role, I was scared that we would suffer a real drop in OL coach, but Matt Luke is good. I hope he's as good as Pittman was; He did good work at Ole Miss and Duke in the same role.
Wow. Good save kirby. I really like Pittman. He's a real loss, and I was wondering who we could possibly get that would be as good. I don't know that Luke will be as good as Pittman in the same role, but I definitely like and respect him. Good job coach Smart!
I think Arkansas made a great decision with Pittman. He's been so good here are Georgia. He did a great job when he was at Arkansas. I'm disappointed to see him go. I'm a little surprised he didn't get snatched up sooner. Good luck to him and the hogs.
I really hope this is not a one time thing for Orgeron. I would love for UGA to have an Alabama-edaue dynasty during Smart's tenure, but it's really not what's best for college football, and I love college football. I think this is the most interesting year in College football in several years. Excuse the leap here I'm making, but I think of Coach O like coach Ferentz at Iowa. He's the right guy, right cultural fit, for the right job, for the right school. He does an outstanding job of building his mid-tier recruiting classes into good competetive football players. If coach O can be for LSU what coaches like Ferentz does for Iowa, LSU will be a contender regularly.
Wow. I am really surprised by this. I loved following Boise State when Peterson was there. He has so many offers and he turned them all down cause he wanted to be at Washington. I thought he would be there for many years to come. I wish him the best.
I don't think we have the firepower to compete with LSU, Ohio State, Clemson, or Oklahoma two games in a row. I think we are more realistically 5th or 6th. Of course we could beat them. UGA is at a level where they could beat anybody, but I agree that we are missing one or two players that would make this team a reliable national championship contender. We're stuck in the -we have the potential- club.
I think this is fair and deserved praise for Dan Mullen. I'm late to the Mullen train, having only really known about him since Mississippi State, but I now consider him one of the elite coaches ...Which is really unfortunate, cause I would rather see Florida drug through the mud every year. Really, Florida has no excuse for not being a top program every year. With Mullen and Smart leading the biggest programs in the east, we should have some consistently entertaining cocktail parties.
I agree. I think Trask is a much better player than Franks. I would rather face Florida with Franks at QB than Trask.
Kirby learned from playing Manziel. Kirby never underestimates his opponents, even when its Murray State at home. I'm glad to see that he is respecting Book and not underestimating anyone.
I agree with Brian Kelly. That's my biggest criticism of our team. It seems to me that our defense relies on superior personnel and position playing than creativity. We run very few schemed plays on the defensive line and with the line backers...There are few loops, twists, delayed blitzes, etc... But, as someone else commented, we may not need to do much else. While I think we could be more productive with a more aggressive and creative defense, the defense is doing well.