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UCLA and USC must hate this. It is turning into a soap opera.
Branson Robinson is the player I am most excited to see this year. He was nearly unstoppable when he got in the game last season. I hope he is ready by the start of the season.
I wish every top-tier recruit would come to UGA, but Beamer seems so dang likable that it is hard not to cheer for him a bit. Good get for the Beamer bus.
This guy has a good attitude. Respect the opponent and put in the work. Good representation from UM.
Totally. I bet 80% of the country tuned out after the first quarter, but Georgia and SEC fans loved it.
Great game by Georgia. That was almost as bad as UGA @ Vandy in 2021. TCU looked so good against Michigan. I can't believe they fell apart like that. Kirby and Monken really had TCU figured out. Event Georgia's seconds and thirds were running TCU back. Go Dawgs.
Yes. And I see that kiffin is not going to Auburn.
Time and time again I think I know something and then stuff goes down and it becomes clear that I don’t know squat. But, I just don’t see Kiffin going to Auburn.
That sucks so bad. I hate it for him and for Tennessee. initially I looked for reasons to not like Hooker, but he is an outstanding player and young man. I wish him a complete and speedy recovery.
I think the committee is going to give #1 to Tennessee. I think the committee puts more weight on their multiple top 25 wins and UGA will be #2.
Amen to what JTF said. Nolan Smith makes a big difference. His presence carries more weight than he did last year. Our Defense does not look the same without him.
Hooker is the real deal. Watching him play reminds me of Teddy Bridgewater, except Hooker is much more athletic. I want to dislike him but he seems like a legitimately good young man.
Agreed. This was HUGE for Tennessee, but that is too much and looks bad.
WOW. Mizzou played a great game. Either we are overrated or Mizzou’s record does not reflect how good they really are. Good job toughing out a win. Go dawgs!
Georgia is getting a lot of praise right now, but Bama, Ohio State can take us down. A hot game from Hendon Hooker took take us down. I don't want UGA or the UGA fanbase to get too caught up in their own fanfare and praise.
Those look sharp. The orange face mask looks better.
Maybe Vandy is actually following through with what they said and are doing things different for once. It's still way behind the rest of the SEC, but it's more than they have done for a long time.
It's college football. ANYTHING can happen. I have no delusion that UGA is an absolute shoe-in to win. While I expect they will win and even dominate, crazier things have happened. But, I gotta say, I watched BOTH of the Oregon-Utah games last year, and their linebackers are NOT my biggest concern. The Lanning factor may be their best advantage.
It doesn't say his position. I looked him up. He's a WR/CB. Good luck to Bennet brother 2.0.
We have been very lucky to have elite offensive line coaches the past several years. I hate seeing Luke leave. I don't know these candidates but hope that they will be great.
This is going to be great motivation for players next year. I coach kids and this kind of insight and examples from Saban has significantly helped my teams improve their effort.
This probably isn't the best place to ask, but why is Harsin under fire? I get there was a mass exodus, but it was his first year. I expect some attrition. What am I missing?
As a fan, this hurts. I don't blame any player for transferring. I don't care about the reason; they could not like the smell of the locker room. But, I am surprised by some of the UGA transfers. Why would they leave after winning the NC?
THIS ^. I admire Bryce Young is his mental strength to focus and maintain poise. I think he does it better than anyone else in college football. Stetson Bennet's ability to rise above and push though the enormous amount of negativity and explicit criticism is outstanding and deserves more attention.