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It doesn't say his position. I looked him up. He's a WR/CB. Good luck to Bennet brother 2.0.
We have been very lucky to have elite offensive line coaches the past several years. I hate seeing Luke leave. I don't know these candidates but hope that they will be great.
This is going to be great motivation for players next year. I coach kids and this kind of insight and examples from Saban has significantly helped my teams improve their effort.
This probably isn't the best place to ask, but why is Harsin under fire? I get there was a mass exodus, but it was his first year. I expect some attrition. What am I missing?
As a fan, this hurts. I don't blame any player for transferring. I don't care about the reason; they could not like the smell of the locker room. But, I am surprised by some of the UGA transfers. Why would they leave after winning the NC?
THIS ^. I admire Bryce Young is his mental strength to focus and maintain poise. I think he does it better than anyone else in college football. Stetson Bennet's ability to rise above and push though the enormous amount of negativity and explicit criticism is outstanding and deserves more attention.
Call me unfaithful and lame, but I think Alabama wins again. If we don't dominate at the line, they will beat us again. I hope I'm wrong. I would love to be wrong. Please let me be wrong.
Bennet and Pickens haven't had a lot of chemistry any time they've played together...unfortunately. Daniels and Picken got meshed much better. I would love for Bennet and Pickens to start putting some big plays together.
Not a first rounder, but I am continually surprised I don't hear anything about Devonte Wyatt in the NFl draft.
Students should really get massive discounts or some sort of student-priced ticket. Of course they would all sell them, which is probably why they don't get them, but it makes sense that the actual student body would be able to attend.
I hope it comes to nothing. I hope Kalani stays at BYU for a long time. He is a perfect fit for the program.
His highlights look great. He will probably have to slim down a bit. Coach him up Matt Luke!
Good get by LSU. He’s done great at ND with less than he will have at LSU. The SEC west is stacked with great coaches.
Yeah, they don’t always pass the eye test, but it’s hard to argue with 11-1 in the SEC went.
Wow. I didn’t think Auburn had a chance, but they always turn it up for Bama. If Auburn played like that through the season, there’s no way they lose more than 2. Great fight from both teams.
I concede that coach of the year might be a stretch, but it shouldn't be crazy for him to be in the talk. 5-5 at this point in the season isn't spectacular, but the Vols have had a lot of attrition and didn't have a great class coming in last year. He has energized the team and fanbase, and they are playing far better than they have in the past several years.
Huepel might be coach of the year. How he is doing with what he took over from Pruitt left him is astounding. Besides his initial QB selection has done great.
GREAT GAME! Respect to Tennessee. They were far better than I expected. They played up to the competition. Huepel deserves to be a lead candidate for coach of the year. Good game Volunteers. GO DAWGS!
Maybe a blowout, but Tennessee played hard and great the whole time. Respect to UT.
Those looks awesome. I love Tennessee's orange, and the black combo looks choice. I hope we crush the soul out of Neyland, but y'all are gonna look good in the process.
I think some of Tennessee's biggest strengths will be neutralized by UGA's counter strengths. I think Tennessee has some really good linemen, especially on the offensive line. I thin UGA's is even better. If UT's QB can run the ball well, then they will score some points. Mobile QBs have been the greatest weapon against our defense.
I am trying to avoid bashing Florida for having a bad year. But that made me really laugh out loud.