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Let’s get excited now because the men playing in these games are already in elementary school!
On my end, that was an autocorrect fail. However, I cannot help but appreciate the embarrassing irony of that mistake. While I do hang my head in shame, I do take comfort that I am not a professional reporter.
“Kirk Herbstreit added a different ankle.” We’re you using talk to text? Autocorrect fail perhaps? C’mon, SDS... please proofread.
I know I'm in a minority here, but I want a full playoff expansion that allows each conference champion the opportunity to play for a championship along with a few at large bids. Just get rid of the bowl system and model a playoff off of the model used in FCS, Div 2, and Div 3. I know, I know... there's not enough money to be made that way. I'll just go sit the corner with my dunce cap on.
Don't forget Notre Dame, Tennessee, and South Carolina. Literally half the schedule is against teams coming off a bye week.
Clean hit. He led with the shoulder; the helmets hitting was incidental. It looks worse because it’s such a powerful hit.
There’s a lot of “Coach speak” in that. CKS has to say those things publicly.
This performance has me seriously worried about Jax. UGA’s O-line eventually wore down UK’s D-line. That won’t happen against FLA. If our receivers can’t figure out how to either get clear or make tough catches in coverage, UF’s D is going crush our one-dimensional offense.
I remember when Lou Holtz grabbed a SC player’s face mask, pulled that guy down to his eyeline, and chewed that player out. The CBS announcers (I think it was Verne L.) who chuckled and said, “ he’s from the generation where that was called ‘explaining’.” Maybe I’m just old, but from what I saw in this video, I have no problem with this, and no... I wouldn’t have a problem with a coach doing that to my son.
Am I the only one who hates the "Blackout" games? Any time Georgia gets different, we just underperform.
I hate to say it, because this hurts as a Georgia fan, but being objectively honest, I do not believe that UGA truly is one of the top 4 teams in the country. We're certainly in the top 10, and I think we can give just about anyone a run for their money, but we're just too inconsistent. Some of that is injuries, some of that is youth, some of that is play calling, but until we can consistently move the ball (I'm looking at you, Goalline Stands) and produce a better defense, we can't match up against Bama or Clemson.
I thought Auburn didn't want transfer players unless they were kicked off another teams for legal trouble or rules violations.
It's UK doing well in football. Safety wasn't an issue; no one was put in any danger; sheesh... just let them celebrate a big win for their program.
This goes along with the other SDS article about Saban having tough time finding things to critique about 'Bama. I wonder if Saban is telling his players this is the one person telling the truth (to give him and his players more motivation) while the other 60 voters are out there spewing rat poison.
I'm surprised that it happened again. I thought that CKS would have ferreted that out of them after the first incident. I'd be shocked if it happens again.
He’s not looking very hard. Yes, we got one punt return for a touchdown, but that was only after CKS chewing out his return men for not fielding the the ball. Also, the sack? I don’t remember getting any sacks against MTSU. There are plenty of things that need improvement.
This is news? Really? Is this some great insight Gary has that everyone else missed? Cool story, bro. Really.
Another reason for the “trendy” upset was because UGA lost some key play makers to the NFL. Those predictions didn’t expect Georgia to reload. This is not meant to downplay Muschamp’s accomplishments. I believe it’s the combination of the two that make so many talking heads call for this upset. I fully expect Muschamp will find more success in Columbia than he did in Gainesville... just hopefully not against Georgia.
Am I reading this correctly? Did you rank Utah #22 AND #24? They must be amazing to be ranked twice.
FSU fans would revolt... and I'd like to see this happen for that reason alone. Still, I think Coach O has earned a solid shot at the job. As a disinterested third party, he'd be my first choice.
This is such a big non story, I'd have expected it to be published in the off season.
Mizzou never made any sense to me. I'd boot them in a heartbeat in exchange for Clemson. That would make geographic sense, the UGA-Clemson rivalry would renew, and if the USC-Clemson game wasn't fun enough already, just make that a conference game! Besides, I think Clemson would add a lot more depth to the relatively weak SEC basketball league.
I should clarify... it's some of the most in-depth reporting and research I’ve seen here on SDS in a while.
"For the record, the Coca-Cola bottle said nothing." This may be some of the most in-depth reporting and research I've seen in a while. Before you ask, I'm not being sarcastic.
As a Georgia fan I would really like to see the Bulldogs ranked again. However, as a college football fan, I know they don't deserve it with the way they've played this season.
Hard to believe UGA is a favorite at all.
I'll bet Penn Wagers is glad to finally see worse officials than him.
This won't be a popular question, but am I the only Georgia fan who is expecting to lose this weekend?
Hey Murf, I appreciate your ability to break this down for people like me. I've never played beyond the backyard, and I don't research plays and formations on a regular basis or anything. That's why I enjoy your articles so much. Now, I have a question about Chubb's style that I think you can answer. We always talk about success between the tackles, but what about his ability to get around the corners, or the DLine's ability to get him there. I don't know the numbers, but it seems to me that Chubb's had great success breaking large plays getting around the edge before heading downfield. Why don't we talk more about toss sweeps and hitting the corners? ...especially when everyone is talking about Bama's ability to close those gaps! And like you have said, I just cannot wait for this game to get here!