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My Thoughts: Week 1 vs UNC - W Week 2 vs Char. Southern - W Week 3 vs Alabama - L Week 4 at Missouri - L Week 5 vs Kentucky - W Week 7 at Georgia - L Week 8 vs Florida - W Week 9 at Tennessee - W Week 10 vs Vanderbilt - W Week 11 vs App State - W Week 12 at A&M - L Week 14 vs Clemson - L Final Record 7-5 (4-4)
And those guys are what we call haters
Our November is brutal, but at least it’s sorta toned down from this year haha
He also had career highs in Completion %, TD’s thrown, and passing yards in a season last year, but no one talks about that. All he has to do is show up in bigger games and everyone will back off of him.
It’s almost like we should just forfeit the entire season, why are we even practicing right now?
If he gives us 800 plus rushing yards I’ll be happy, the thing that makes me excited is the possibilities of him helping Bentley in the passing game with decent hands for a RB
I respect Danielson for the fact he’s a straight shooter with everyone. Don’t have any issue with his comments, find them to be mostly correct.
Here’s what I’ll say, we aren’t as bad as some people make us out to be, but we also aren’t as good as some of us make it out to be. We win more big games, we’ll get more respect. Period. End of story. Go Cocks
There’s a ton more reasons as to why attendance has dropped, not just phones.
You come to Columbia for a prime time night game and let us get ahead we will let it be known
SEC East 1) Georgia 11-1 2) Missouri 10-2 3) Florida 9-3 4) South Carolina 7-5 5) Kentucky 7-5 6) Tennessee 6-6 7) Vanderbilt 5-7
I agree 100%, but to see so many people put us at 6th is a slap in the face in my opinion, just feel we’re better than that.
I get us sending Bentley cause he’s our veteran QB, but personally think we should’ve sent someone else, Kinlaw would have been good in my opinion.
My honest opinion, those are fly and should be kept with white road uniforms in the same design.
The rise of the programs around us will automatically make Champs job much harder, but I trust he’ll get it together on the field starting this year and next season
I agree with that, we lost a game between 2011-2013 which we didn’t show up. 2011 and 2013 especially were supposed to be years we could’ve made it to Atlanta but we lose to Auburn 2011 at home and lose to a 5-7 Tennessee team on the road in 2013. We had our chances admittedly.
This is what frustrates South Carolina fans, we were a consensus top 15 team for the beginning of the decade through 2013 and were beating the majority of everyone we faced. Then Spurrier got lazy with recruiting, his staff, and the overall way he operated. I’m still thankful for everything he gave us as should every gamecock fan, but he should’ve retired after 2014. Hopefully we can bring back years like 2010-2013 on a more consistent basis and regain the national respect we had.
Remember his game winning hit in the college world series finals vs UCLA, 2010, like it was yesterday. One of my all time favorites, glad he finally will get a chance to shine on one of the biggest stages.
Like Horn a lot, agree that Bama, LSU, Florida, and Auburn have some of the better all around secondary’s in the conference
Mississippi State isn’t a top 25 team in my honest opinion, but how is that Missouri isn’t in Steele’s top 40?
If he can just cut down the turnovers, we’ll be fine
Injuries or not, we need to perform better this year especially against the run which our inability to stop costed us in some games or let some games get away (mainly Georgia, Florida, Clemson, and Kentucky). If rush defense from front seven is better the teams performance as a whole will be better for it. Secondary is definitely talented but experience is concerning to me considering the receiving corps we're facing this year. LB's need to do better all around, including Brunson.
Offer list says he’s better than the rating portrays, keep em coming Champ!
Our offensive MVP will be Bentley, Breakout Offensive player of the year will be WR Shi Smith.
Just saying my honest opinion which is Terry isn’t a QB capable of leading an SEC team to anything great. By all means if he proves me wrong this year and against the cocks then I’ll eat my crow, but we’ll see