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Our offense is going to live and die with our WR’s. Besides our RB’s and OL, we have a couple of positions with a lot of depth from a numbers perspective but lack experience. Doty deserves a fair shot at QB, we will be a run first pass second offense more so then we will probably like but Doty can help big time with his legs by extending plays and running some read option to keep guys guessing.
Dude, we had to play LSU and Florida, two top ten teams on the road right after our game against you guys with no bye week! You guys beat Florida by 8 on a neutral field and had no other good wins while we beat you guys and Clemson and you beat up on poor 3-9 Auburn and Georgia Tech. You guys didn’t earn that title game appearance, you lucked out with your schedule, in the current format it would have been no contest as to who had the better team and resume between us two.
Yep, he obviously has no clue how good those teams were, both those teams you can put them on the list, hell in 2012 we had a gauntlet of schedule while Georgia had cupcakes all the way to the SEC title game and that did us in.
Not sure how this could work, Josh’s offenses are normally pretty stout but is very high risk high reward with up tempo, either you go 3-and-out or you drive down the field and gas the defense in the process, believe it’ll be more difficult in the SEC in the latter, lining up fast can only do so much. Now if he gets a great DC to build up a solid defense then things will be very interesting.
It’s Derek Mason’s job if he wants it, but he’s mulling offers from NFL.
With Bobo, personnel and COVID was the issue, not him
Maybe Beamer actually knows we don’t have personnel to run the Oklahoma offense and is going to adapt to the current roster and slow phase it in overtime...
Yeah... go ahead and hire Muschamp, no shot it will backfire at all...
If you guys hire Kevin Steele it will 99% likely backfire on you guys. Would y’all rather have him or Gus who at least won his share of big games?
You wish they would look into them? How do you think we feel on the matter
Media yes, high schools is depends on counties and such but Carolina can take the state in recruiting especially based on the relationships Beamer has with High School coaches. He will also help with our media relations, not as stubborn as a brickwall like Muschamp was while he was here
I’m going to be honest, not trying to troll and will certainly knock on wood since we play the Tigers this weekend, I don’t think Bo is that great of a QB. He can get the job done against teams Auburn is more talented than, but in games where he plays a legit team or a defense with half of a pulse, he seems to falter and let pressure get to him. It’s a cool story how he grew up an Auburn fan and then became their starting QB as a true freshman, but Auburn will be capped with him at the helm from an execution perspective.
Can very well see Kentucky bearing Auburn especially in the trenches on both sides of the ball. LSU I think wins against Miss St., I would be more inclined to Miss. St. if they weren’t putting in a new system with a new coach and had more talent to go against the star power LSU has on their roster, COVID-riddled or not.
No misdirection, this is the direction unless Hill proves otherwise or god forbid injuries/COVID take hold
How about working on having full team practices and scrimmages before you worry about us Jeremy
I got one, Doty is the starting QB by seasons end.
Stoops should be ahead of Pruitt in my opinion, but otherwise have no disagreements with this list
Never seizes to amaze me how someone like yourself can take something like suicide and turn it into a joke because of our performance in football.
If you’re mad I left him off that’s totally fair but if you think he’s the best QB in the entire conference without playing a game, that’s a whole ‘nother conversation.
My bad forgot about Mac Jones Put him at #3 and move my original 3 and 4 down a spot, that’s my top 5
I can tell you as a fan despite the fact Muschamp can recruit the fans are sick of seeing his abhorrent stubbornness in philosophy and for the most part an inability to keep us even competitive against the top teams around the conference and the southeast. He has to go at least 6-6 next season if he wants to keep his job, if it wasn’t for the buyout we woulda fired him after last season.
They had just traded Deforrest Buckner earlier this offseason, Kinlaw will help to offset that loss.
Good game vols, our team has a lot of soul searching to do. Good luck the rest of the way.