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Just saying my honest opinion which is Terry isn’t a QB capable of leading an SEC team to anything great. By all means if he proves me wrong this year and against the cocks then I’ll eat my crow, but we’ll see
This will come off as comical considering Kentucky’s success against my favorite team, but I don’t see it with Wilson. His numbers last year weren’t jaw dropping by any stretch and he had a lot of help form Snell and that defense to mask his flaws. He should be called Mr. Flat because his completion percentage is so high from the fact that’s normally what he threw. I don’t think Kentucky fans can trust him as a downfield passing threat this year and it’ll show its ugly head, he was benched for a guy who ended up eventually transferring out of the program for gosh sakes.
Tennessee has a good staff, Pruitt has the the right ideas, and y'all have performed quite well in recruiting. I think Carolina will win this year because I believe when it comes to the talent and experience in the trenches there's still a gap. I understand help is on the way with Morris and Wright (plus Smith getting back in good health which I hope happens because that situation is just awful what's happened to him), but Guarantano was getting annihilated last year in this game, and many others for that matter, plus some guys for the vols who were supposed to be starters or top backups have gone on medical hardship. I think our game will be tight and you guys will be improved, but I think the LOS is where Carolina will win the game.
We will go 7-5 with losses to Bama, Missouri, Georgia, A&M, and Clemson. Big win of the year will be against Florida, and tight (could go either way games) that I feel we will win will be Tennessee, Kentucky, and App State. If the good Jake Bentley shows up most of this season, our offense will at least be a challenge to whomever we’re facing.
It’s only our third, and guess who’s teammates with Huntley... Jordan Burch
And Grimes is the only guy we in my opinion, based on your previous list, don't lead for right now. Some call it dreaming, others call it optimism
Recruits and Parents especially seem to have taken note about how the Steele/Jones situation has unfolded and are having second thoughts.