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It amazes me how it seems like most qb's that were really good in college seem to disappear when they go to the league. Maybe the nfl puts to much stock in measurable's and 40times? Its seems like guys that were good in college and at power 5 schools go to the combine and some guy from a small school run a better 40 or benches 225lbs.a couple more reps and they declare him a better draftable prospect. Unless they are like freak of nature size and ability like Cam Newton.
I agree they are some awful qb's in the NFL..Someone should give him a legit shot. He did good a couple years back when Dalton got hurt I thought.
This dude isn't to bright. Just because it was (sount) from Birmingham doesn't mean it was anyone connected to Bama. So he might need to brush up on geography and maybe a remedial English class .
You missed one huge thing kirby,no dumbass fake punt calls. But other than that good game plan....lol. Quite possibly the dumbest play call in the history of football.
After the comment about having a lazy river,I can't think of any sec team that would line up to play ucf. That would definitely strike fear into all the sec teams! Seriously
Someone give coach stoops a freaking pair of clippers and cut the rest of his hair off. Coach you ain't fooling anyone!
Lol looks like it was a rough night. I thought he was a bad diabetic? Alcohol and diabetes don't work good together
I don't remember if they were such a uprising when Saban spanked Aj Mccarran . Its seems like every year we get softer and softer. Parents and coaches arent allowed to toughen up kids anymore. And it is absolutely hurting these kids.if you are offended by this chances are if your a parent then your kid is more than likely a snowflake.
What the hell is finna? You illiterate bastard. Ever heard of this thing called english? I know your old lady knows English because she tells me how little of a man you are.
You're homosexual, no way you f'ed anyone's wife. Maybe your child but not his wife. I mean we know Georgia likes taping players taking showers where they can have a big circle jerk with you as the clean up guy....thanks I'll hang up and listen.
How do you guys think coach Locksley is doing running the offense? For the most part I think he is doing a good job. One thing Coach locks has is he got to call the plays with the best qb we have had since Saban has been at bama (imo).
I will go ahead and say it before a Georgia dildo I mean bulldog says it."its the refs fault"
Take a bow, I'm sure your mother is proud of your mastery of the english language..... this is what happens when your mom bangs her brother. You end up like this guy,speaking in broken sentences that are half english,half ebonics.
Here's an idea,worry about your sorry ass team and your special ed coach
Nope confused me with the Georgia assistant coach who was getti g off on taping men in the shower.The only head I have been involved with was getting it from your nasty ass mother.
I know they usually have young players and I understand what kind of defense Bama runs but most of the time it's guys who graduated highschool early or at least was in school at the start of the summer semester .I can't think of anytime that Bama had a guy who hasn't been in school but 2 or 3 weeks at most start the year out 2nd on the depth chart.
If i remember correctly wasnt Mark Ingram about the same size in high school?
Ok ,is the new guy that good or is Bama that thin at LB?
Why do guys do this crap,you would think by the time you get to college they would be smarter.....but I guess when your coach does dumbass stuff it just rubs off on you
Vols are getting a good player who works hard and stays out of trouble. I wish he would've stayed at Bama but I can't be to upset he wanted more playing time and from what I understand UT has a really good sports psychology program.Vols are getting a guy who would most likely start on any other team. Good luck Brandon.
Your mother was also,but I didn't come on sds and tell everybody...
Has anyone thought about the qb battle that will be coming in a couple years? Tyson vs little tua,(sorry couldn't think of his name) I know that neither has signed yet but if both still stick to being a commit. I dont know if it will be as big a deal with the players and coaches but the fans.....holy cow it will be crazy.
Didn't Jalen's dad start all this crap? I think his dad is the one who is pushing this transfer stuff. I know his dad is a high school coach but when people can plainly see how to win or at least compete with Bama was to load the box to slow down the run,and take your chances with hurts trying to beat you through the air. They were alot of games where we had recievers running wide open and Jalen didn't have a clue. I can remember watching Ridley at few times looked pissed because he would be wide open and jalen would check down with a throw that would be way off target,either high or around the ankles. I mean the dude couldn't even put a check down in position for the anyone to make a play,and now he is crying because he is being pushed for the job.
How was he treated badly? If I remember correctly he was struggling for really the last 3 or 4 games last season. The coaches showed more confidence in him when it was clear he wasn't getting it done. Bad play gets you benched. As well it should,better play by jalen and this isn't an issue. I like the kid but he didn't show much improvement from the prior year to last. And I don't know where your from but with my job I travel all over the country and to make a d.a.comment like you did about racism shows your ignorance not anyone else's. Go to Ohio, Michigan,or any other northern state and you will see as much if not more racism . Coach Saban is gonna play the best player regardless of skin color weather he is black,white,brown,or blue.
Disappointed in Jalen's comments it seems like he is trying to blame the coaches,but the coaches weren't the ones who put him in this position, his play put him in this situation. Now he is trying to put the blame on someone else. Come on man your better than that. I have a feeling g this is gonna divide the locker room. And it sounds like if he doesn't get the job that's what is gonna happen.