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Wow. PICKED second in the East. That will sure look good in the trophy case. Wait till you visit Knoxville before you blow that particular horn too much. Not saying you won’t finish second; but something about chickens and hatching comes to mind
Recruiting is indeed really good hat will make or break Heupel long term. I am amazed by how much he got out of what he had to work with coming into the season, but we still need a lot more talent, and we need it in DEPTH. The one thing that really helps Heupel though is the portal. It lets a thin team fill some important gaps much more rapidly than in the past. If Heupel can fill some critical needs in the off-season, especially at Linebacker and a couple of veteran pass rushers, next year they might make things uncomfortable for a few teams.
Nope, I have seen the future. Trust me on this one.
I can almost guarantee that he enrolls at some school that Tennessee will end up playing against and he will chalk up 500 yards of passing and six TDs against us. It’s just the kind of luck we have at UT
I am not trying to „justify“ anything. I am just trying to point out that every fan base has its crazies and that Alabama cannot go around ludicrously pretending that their fans are as pure as the freshly fallen Snow.
And of course you totally breezed over the fact of the all too frequent Bama fan Shootings. Do THOSE endanger anyone perchance?
„Endangered“. Ah yes, I keep forgetting the THOUSANDS who die annually from thrown plastic water bottles. And mustard is of course deadlier still. Thank you for the reminder
And the number of fan related post game homicides is still pretty low too
When Jeremy Pruitt is your coach, it really doesn’t matter what does or doesn’t get called, you are losing regardless
I was trying to watch my recording of the last Georgia National Championship the other day…..but I found out my Betamax player was busted
Yup, we should all be reasonable, well grounded fans who do not take the sport too seriously and wrap our entire identity as human beings around a football team. We should all be heathy well balanced persons like Alabama fans.
No, the worst punishment IMAGINABLE would be to force them to listen to Paul Finebaum every day for an entire year. But then again, the constitution DOES BAN “cruel and unusual punishment”
Most effective solution would be to ban alcohol sales at the stadium for one year for every such infraction. THAT will hit the troublemakers directly. And everyone identified as throwing stuff onto the field should get a two year ban from any athletic events at the University
And the solution to bad fan behavior like Saturday night is pretty simple too. If fans start throwing stuff onto the field, no more beer sales in that stadium for one year. That would stop it at multiple levels
I have nothing to apologize for or be contrite about. I wasn’t even at the game. Yes I am embarrassed by it and if they identify individuals who took part, ban them from future games. But quit acting like this is the greatest infamy in the history of college sports, especially when your own fans have done the exact same thing. And yes, I would expect the number of items thrown in a 102,000 seat stadium would probably be substantially higher than the number thrown by maybe 12,000 in a basketball arena.
Or simply this, publish the confidential reviews the league does of each officiating crew every week. The public exposure will eventually force the incompetence out.
Cool. Does the same rule apply to Ole Miss in basketball when you folks pelted UT basketball players back in Feb 2019?
Did anyone ask him about all of the fake injuries in the game?
That’s probably a given already with the recruiting violations
Okay, I can remember at least two post Alabama game arguments in which people were actually shot and killed. So does that count?
Actually I finally figured out what happened and the SEC owes us an apology. The fans were not throwing water bottles because they were angry. They were merely being good samaratins trying to HELP the Ole Miss players with an obvious hydration problem. Their poor players were so starved for water that they were cramping on every play. Our kind hearted fans finally just couldn’t take it anymore and just had to do something about Kiffin’s obvious disregard for his players’ well being.
We still haven’t killed any trees Bamer. Get your own house in order.
And your players faked more injuries than a third world soccer team. What’s your point?
It’s ok Pawl, at least no trees were killed last night. Take care of your own crazies before lecturing others
Talk “bad” eh? You mean like using an adjective like “bad” when an adverb like “badly” or “poorly” is needed?
This Vol fan is weary of „narrowing the gap“ and „improving since last season“. I want to flat out beat Georgia and I want to do it NOW. Seize the day boys! Go VOLS!!!
Whatever the outcome, this is the kind of game that makes people love SEC football. I expect a hard fough smash mouth game decided in the trenches. It will come down to which line wants it more. This is the way it should be. Play ball!!!!! Cry havoc and lose the dogs of war (not an endorsement of Georgia here)