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Funny, the last time Minnesota was in the Rose Bowl, they had a former Vol and native Tennessean as their head coach in Murray Warmath. If Jamey Chadwell's minor issues at CCU can be excused and swept under the rug, he's the right fit for this job.
“We’re just doing dumb, dumb stuff." Yes, the dumb stuff was hiring this bozo as head coach when he had no prior college coaching experience and only minor league pro head coaching experience. He can't recruit; he can't make adjustments on the floor during games, and his team runs an offense and defense not anywhere close to what best suits their talent. Meanwhile, the prior coach, who was fired because the Michael Jordan of Vanderbilt had a season-ending injury when the team was 4-0, has moved on to Grand Canyon, where GCU is in first place in the WAC for the first time in school's history in year one. The prior coach also had the number one recruiter in the nation, and he has since moved to Gonzaga where he basically recruited the entire nucleus of the #1 team in the nation. Meanwhile, after they fired the prior coach, they had strong interest from Eric Musselman and Russ Turner, but chose bozo the coach from the minor leagues. I think if you gave Stackhouse the 1992-1993 SEC Champions for a roster, he'd struggle to go 9-9 in the SEC. The talent is bare but serviceable. This needs to be a team playing a 1-2-2 man/zone combo defense keeping the ball out of the lane and getting a hand in the face of perimeter shooters, and not a team trying to trap at midcourt and pressure the perimeter resulting in easy inside baskets and wide open weakside threes. The team totally lacks passing fundamentals, and that is almost all on the coach and staff. Players don't appear to know what to do without the ball. I've seen Middle School coaches teach their players what to do when they don't have the ball. Vandy fans will hate this final comment--Clone Ray Mears and make him coach of this team, and Vanderbilt would be contending for the NIT, instead of 0-18 to 3-15 max. He'd turn Ejeke Obinna into a consistent 12 & 8 player that plugs the middle.
I was actually allowed to monitor from the inside some events of 20+ years ago concerning Vanderbilt subcontracting a research project concerning the future of their participation in intercollegiate athletics. There is a woman currently employed by Georgia Tech that was also allowed this access. The only two viable options that came out of this study and then board decisions were: 1. Stay in the SEC, take the money and continue the academic requirements realizing no change to compete on even terms. 2. Drop scholarship athletics altogether and follow the model of other former D1 private schools that chose D3. IIRC, the vote was a 50-50 tie with the Chairman breaking the tie in favor of remaining in the SEC. A week before the vote was taken, the sentiment was that Vanderbilt would drop scholarship athletics rather than continue the status quo. At the time, even in the SEC, Vanderbilt was losing 14 million dollars a year (on the books) on athletics. But, some of that deficit went from the athletic department to the academic side, as Vanderbilt charges full tuition to the athletic department for every scholarship in every sport. Whereas at other schools, state funding goes into the general budget and finds its way toward athletics, at Vanderbilt athletic revenue is siphened by non-athletic line-items.
I have heard a rumor that Vanderbilt is going to clean house with both its men's and women's basketball programs in March. Apparently, Stackhouse has engaged his legal representative to get him any job outside of college basketball, and he tried hard to get an NBA job last year. He has seen the writing on the wall and knows that his security is about the same as Derek Mason's. This team will struggle to go 3-15 in the SEC, and with the lack of defense due to totally wrong philosophy of how to play it, and the basic shelving of upperclass frontcourt players, going 1-17 may be an accomplishment. The Women's team just quit for the season, and White must go, because there may not be enough scholarship players to field a real team next year. FWIW, I went public when the Vandy uppities chose White over the best female coach in America from my alma mater, Courtney Banghart. Banghart was the obvious slam-dunk candidate from a school that has tougher recruiting than Vandy. Instead, they chose a WNBA coach that didn't even come to Vandy until well past the start of practice. What a joke, and they got exactly what they bargained for. The men's program could have had Eric Musselman or Russ Turner, both of whom wanted the Vandy job. Instead, they hired a candidate with 0 college coaching experience, even as the lowest assistant at D3. The only head coaching experience Stackhouse had was as a minor league head coach. Chris Jans is going to be available in March. Covid has done the NMSU program in, as they are stuck on 3 games played, and they are sojourning in Arizona. Jans will take any P5 job, even the Vanderbilt job in the state it exists today. He would turn the program around quickly. But, the uppities at Vanderbilt will never consider him for one second. He isn't "their kind."
Clark Lea may put together a crackerjack staff. Do you know when Vanderbilt had its all time greatest coaching staff in football? In 1990, Watson Brown put together a dream team of assistants including former head coaches, former NFL assistants, and top-flight recruiters. The staff was without a doubt the best in the SEC that season. Vanderbilt lost 44-7 to an SMU team coming off the death penalty and went 1-10 that year. I personally don't see any way that any coaching staff in these times can lure enough SEC quality athletes that can qualify academically while realizing the incredible liabilities that playing football for Vanderbilt brings. This staff might cause a brief excitement, and winning even one game will be an improvement, but I see this renewing in another 4 to 6 years when this new 5-year plan doesn't work, just like most of the Vandy plans since football became 2-platoon in 1960. Vandy's only chance at sustained success in the two revenue-generating sports is to find a new situation. Remaining in the SEC in the 2020's is the same as Sewanee remaining in the SEC 85 years ago. Vandy should follow the University of Chicago model. Go to D3, re-purpose the expensive athletic real estate to better use, and become a top 10 academic powerhouse. Their fans are dying off as they reach old age with very few new fans replacing those departing. Season ticket sales for 2020 were going to be quite embarrassing before Covid allowed them to save face. The numbers of pledged season tickets for 2020 by March were around 1,500.
Vanderbilt has suffered a significant basketball injury for four consecutive seasons. The last three have been lower body injuries.
Sad day on the hill. If Tennessee was spurned 6 times when this job was previously open when there were no sanctions on the horizon, just how far down the list will the university have to dive to find its next coach? One would think an AD would need to be in place quickly before a coach, because 95% of the potential top-level coaching candidates are going to want to be the AD's candidate before taking a job where since Fulmer was ousted as coach has had a very short shelf life. If the Vols are on the ball, they need to throw a wad of cash to Boo Corrigan at NC State and then let Corrigan initiate the hiring of a coach. How does this affect Kevin Steele? Is he going to be the interim head coach and possibly de facto head coach for 2021 as an audition? Where is the next General Neyland? Is there one?
My favorite thing about the college national championship game is the ability to watch the game via skycast on the ESPN megacast. It puts you in the offensive backfield with on the field audio only. You can see the blocking calls and the defensive gaming and stunting that you cannot see on the regular broadcast. It's the same position that a coach aligns in practice. Play-by-play and color are strictly nuisances for me any way. I only wish there was a look at the scoreboard between plays, so you don't have to have a second window open to see the gamecast stats.
I may be the only one on this forum old enough to remember when teams in some leagues played back-to-back games before Covid forced it. There was a time when the league known today as the Pac-12 scheduled consecutive games against the same teams, and they played on consecutive Friday and Saturday nights.
I was 9 years old that season. I remember it well. Bill Mazeroski also remembered it well. It was Ted Williams' last season, but he still managed to put up incredible numbers with an OPS of close to 1.100.
What's up with the coordinators? One would think that hiring an OC and a DC should be the first two priorities? It makes one think that multiple potential candidates are saying, "No thank you," to offers. Rich Rodriguez is not getting any P5 offers, just a potential one at UL-Monroe. His offenses have always been good quality. Even at Michigan, the Wolverines moved the ball and scored a lot of points. He is the best available candidate and would surely take Vanderbilt over ULM. Jeff Fisher wants to coach. Offer him the DC job to give him college experience for a potential head job down the road.
Breaking News: The SEC has decided to expand to 16 teams and in order to find teams that make the best fit in the league, offers have been extended to the University of Tehran and Taliban A&M. After the past four days of world messed up events, I am happy that I have 9 different tabletop baseball games with teams like the 1927 Yankees and the 1929 Athletics, and players like Walter Johnson and Christy Mathewson pitching to Ty Cobb and Tris Speaker. The good ole days when all that we had to worry about were the Depression, Spanish Flu, and The Great World War look like the Elysian Fields compared to 2021. Even 2020 may look like a great year compared to what's coming.
I have a perfect system that has never lost in all the years I have followed it. It's called, "Don't bet on it." I never wager, and I never lose like 98% of the wagering public does over time. The only way to win wagering consistently is to have inside information, which includes Arnold Rothstein's style of inside info. As opposed to Gambling, if you invest in a diversified portfolio and consistently add to your account through dollar cost averaging, and invest for the long haul for decades, your chances to win are just about 100%. Rather than try to emulate Billy Walters, which is impossible unless you are in insider, try to emulate Seth Klarman and Warren Buffett, who openly teach others how they do what they do. If you can do the math, compound 8% over the course of 50 years with DCA included. I began investing when I was 13 in 1964 with a buy and hold strategy after reading Benjamin Graham's books. I chose finance as my field of study at Princeton and at Wharton School of Business. Learning how and then growing rich slowly is almost as inevitable as losing everything slowly in wagering on sports. Think about the odds.
I have this sort of weird thought that certain teams were meant to succeed playing a certain way, even 50 years into their history. Alabama is once again playing basketball like they did in the 1970's under C. M. Newton. Nate Oats is getting Leon Douglas, Reggie King, T.R. Dunn, and Charles Cleveland type players into the program and utilizing them the way that Coach Newton did when Alabama became a national power. The current team reminds me very much of those Newton teams, and the Crimson Tide are the most exciting team in the league. Tennessee is playing incredible team defense and relying on one or two main stars to give them the offensive power. If you are old enough to remember the pre-Ernie and Bernie days in Knoxville, Ray Mears' Vols relied on the same method to win games. Arkansas looks similar to the Razorback teams of Eddie Sutton in the late 1970's. If Arky can avoid a rash of injuries, which has been the bugaboo there for a second season, Eric Musselman will have a Final Four team sooner rather than later. Missouri under Cuonzo Martin plays more like Purdue under Gene Keady for good reason, but the current Tiger team reminds me a lot of the 1970's teams under Norm Stewart. The current Texas A&M team reminds me of the 1970's A&M teams under Shelby Metcalf, always better than the sum of its parts. Most of the other teams don't perfectly fit their fingerprints of the last 50 years, but Alabama's current fingerprints are close enough on to match on points in a trial. I wish the Tide continued success and thank Coach Oats for bringing this exciting style of play back to the SEC.
Big news story is whether Sarkisian will be at this game. Rumor has it that he is about to have an Austin, TX, address.
I am hearing that Texas has just fired Tom Herman, and they have Steve Sarkisian lined up as new coach. Will Saban dismiss Sark for the Championship Game, and if so who does this affect the offense?
This is like all the players that left the Kansas City Athletics and went to the New York Yankees in trades. Rinaldi is leaving a loser and going to the best sports network, where he become the media equivalent of Roger Maris.
The way Tennessee came out of the gate at Missouri looked just like the John Wooden UCLA teams in the long run of national titles. So many times, UCLA played a ranked team and led 18-5 about six minutes into the game. The only problem is that Gonzaga looks like the 1984 Olympic Dream Team. Arkansas is going to be a tough out for anybody. In a 68-team tournament, the Hogs look good enough to be a Sweet 16er. Florida would be Elite 8 potential if they had their star back, but for his sake, I hope he does not play again. We don't need another Hank Gathers. Kentucky's woes will end next week. Vanderbilt is as weak as a D2 team, and the coach there looks like he attended the Greg Williams school of coaching. On just about every possession in the first SEC game, Vanderbilt did the equivalent of sending 8 after the QB and leaving a 3-deep man in the secondary. They kept trying to trap as the ball came over the half-court line, and they may have forced one turnover all night on this move. They sacrificed about a dozen dunks and easy shots, making an All-American out of the Gators' weakest starting link. Meanwhile, the only somewhat decent defender in the paint has not played in recent games, and he's not in any Covid protocol. Stackhouse is yet another example of why you don't hire a pro coach with no previous college experience, unless he is a favorite son alum of the school he is coaching. Bryce Drew was fired for not making many adjustments on the floor and getting beat bad. Stackhouse is no better, and he doesn't have Roger Powell bringing in McDonald's All-Americans. Maybe Rachel Phelps has secretly acquired Vanderbilt athletics and is trying to make them so awful that nobody objects when she wants to move Vanderbilt to Miami.
Somehow, I forgot Clemson, but they would have to be there.
It's time that the top 16 programs leave FBS and start their own professional university league. Divide into 4 divisions of 4 teams and then play 14 games in the regular season and have a 4 team playoff with no voting necessary; have set parameters to break ties. The Eastern Division Penn State Ohio State Michigan Iowa The Southern Division Alabama LSU Florida Georgia The Southwest Division Texas Texas A&M Oklahoma Utah The Western Division USC Oregon Washington Arizona St.
Driving into Nashville this morning, I passed one of the drive-in Covid testing centers. It looked like the traffic exiting a College Football Playoff game in a regular year. The church parking lot near where we shop at Costco had about 40-50 cars in line waiting for tests. Rumors abound that the new British strain may already be in this area. I hope they are just that, but if it is the more virulent strain, Lord only knows what is going to happen. Sports might be right back where they were in March.
My friend sent me the best concise statement that can be made concerning Vanderbilt's two revenue producing sports--football and men's basketball. In his email to me telling me why he hasn't watched one second of Vanderbilt sports since 2019, he said, "Vanderbilt is a perpetual expansion franchise in the SEC from the days when expansion franchises were like the 1962 Mets." As I watch the basketball team look worse than the football team, with talent that would not be third string at middle of the pack SEC teams, and with a coach that cannot make adjustments and continues to play a perimeter pressure defense when it merely leads to wide open looks within 1 foot of the basket, and with a new football coach that will try to implement what Notre Dame does but with 2-star and 3-star players, Vanderbilt will remain the 1962 Mets of the SEC. 1969 may be decades away. Monken might have given the football program a chance to compete. As for basketball, Chris Jans isn't ever going to be hired. They could have had Eric Musselman, but when they didn't act, Arkansas knew what it was doing getting the best college basketball coach since Dean Smith.
Current and former players are sending out cryptic tweets today than sort of imply that the Tennessee football coaching job is going to become vacant before Friday. There's no corroborating verification from legitimate sources to this.
Just a perfect way to end 2020 for the Music City. Killer tornado that caused over a billion dollars damage Worst rioting outside of Seattle, Portland, and Minneapolis One of the hardest hit Covid areas Terrorist bombing Now this There are still 4 days for a satellite or comet to crash in the city. Or, an earthquake is still possible.
Does that tumor in his head not hurt when stressed out in the NFL?
Kentucky will get better, and it will happen this year. The thing that worried me watching them play was Coach Cal himself. He does not look healthy. It looks like he's gained 30-40 pounds, almost like he's pregnant. When the front side is bigger than the back side, that is bad news. Louie Dampier and Pat Riley had lousy senior seasons at UK. They were blown out on their home floor by Cornell. They lost to Georgia for the first time in decades and only scored 40 points. They were swept by Tennessee and Vanderbilt, and there were calls for Adolph Rupp to retire, as this was the second bad year in three. Kentucky rebounded to win the SEC each of Rupp's last five years afterwards. The Cats will rebound and be quite good again.
The Renaissance and not the Double Tree. You need a scorecard to keep up to date with the hotel names.
Has anybody heard anything about the possible cancellation or movement of the Music City Bowl after the terrorist bombing just across the river from the stadium? As of now, there is a 24/7 curfew in a several block area on the west side of the river until tomorrow night. The last time I saw the TV, the football stadium was being used for parking federal and local law enforcement and other personnel vehicles. The initial evacuation was at the stadium as well, but they have all been relocated into shelters or hotels. But then that brings up the possibility that the hotel space intended to hold two football teams may not be available. The FBI has brought in several workers, and they are in the Doubletree. There is limited access to that hotel, and I know that the SEC stays there during the basketball tournaments.
You know you are old when you see a picture of Coach Ensminger and his retirement from the field and remember when he was the young QB at LSU playing for Jolly Cholly. I already had children when he was at LSU. Of course, I can also remember when current Yankee manager Aaron Boone's grandfather Ray was traded from the White Sox to the Kansas City A's for Suitcase Simpson.
Derek Mason is an excellent coach. His failure at Vanderbilt was all about talent not being up to par compared to the rest of the league. Vanderbilt has a long line of failed head coaches that went on to be great assistants elsewhere. 1. Bill Pace became Georgia's offensive coordinator and built top-rated offenses under Vince Dooley 2. Watson Brown became offensive coordinator at Mississippi State and Oklahoma, producing top-rated run/pass success at both schools 3. Rod Dowhower became QB coach of the NY Giants and OC of the Philadelphia Eagles and built playoff offenses at both teams. 4. Robbie Caldwell has been the OL coach at Clemson for a decade, and you know how good the CU offensive lines have been. Mason will end up improving the defense wherever he lands. He will have real FBS talent to work with at all 11 positions. Personally, I would love to see him at Michigan working with his old boss, Jim Harbaugh.