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My prior comments were censored for no apparent reason. Let's try it again. Belmont received 9 votes, and I expect the Bruins to make it into the top 25 before the end of the year. Belmont is the best team in Middle Tennessee and probably as good as Tennessee or Memphis. Casey Alexander should be high on a short list for big time jobs.
I hope Mr. Vitale experiences a full recovery. That said, he's no worse than all the other commentators. I would much rather have no announcers at the games and be able to hear the PA announcer. All you need is to know who enters the game, who leaves the game, who scored and made the assist, who committed the foul, the score, and the time. Who needs somebody to yell, "what a great play!" when you see a player make a great play? The special camera at big football games where you see the game like you are in the offensive backfield and with no announcers is way much better than the normal experience. The same would work in basketball and definitely in baseball.
He decided he could make more money doing Dr. Pepper commercials on Saturday while jumping through the transfer portal. Maybe, Bama will get a few cases of pop from the punter jumping through the other way. There used to be a statement that "quitters never win." I guess that went out with "support our flag", "respect the police", and "my country right or wrong." The question is where can a 70-year old enter the transfer portal and come out to get away from Wokesville.
The terrible events at Neyland Stadium did not end the terrible night for the fans. The game lasted over FIVE HOURS! At least one family leaving the stadium after 11:30 PM Central Time, was driving back to Middle Tennessee in their SUV and suffered a severe traffic accident between Cookeville and Lebanon. I hope there were no fatalities, but it looked rather dire. There was also a fatal crash on I-40 in Knox County after midnight. It happened a couple hours after the end of the game.
Just for the halibut, can anybody come up with a SEC football hire that was on the early top list? Usually, these early guys were never in the mix to begin with, and then somebody breaks a story that so and so could be emerging as a leader, said so and so having never been on the original list. He's the guy that's been hired. Here are some potential so and so's for LSU 1. Billy Napier, U of Louisiana 2. Dave Aranda, Baylor 3. Jeff Taylor, UTSA 4. Kalen DeBoer, Fresno State 5. Jay Norvell, Nevada Out of the Box Chip Kelly, UCLA Curt Cignetti, James Madison Bill O'Brien, Alabama OC
Bradshaw should have said, "Let's go Brandon." Funny how Ms. Andrews didn't dress in baggy jeans with a long-sleeve dirty shirt, a straw hat, and with a front tooth blacked out. It is now woke to compliment a person. So, I guess I cannot compliment all the tofu-eating vegans that weigh 120 pounds and have no capacity to comprehend past the propaganda they are fed for achieving an almost triple digit IQ?
The only way Vandy confuses South Carolina is if the Vandy players are so out of alignment and confused themselves that USC doesn't know what to make of it. How will The Gamecocks handle that 3-3-4 defense when they don't know if the 11th Commodore will get on the field? Carolina will most likely roll down the field for a touchdown on their first possession. Vanderbilt is also overdue for an early serious turnover, like a pick six, scoop and score, muffed punt, or something that gives USC a short field. Both Georgia and Florida could have topped 100 points against Vandy if they had left their starters in the game, so the 50+ average pointspread in those two games is a gross understatement of how far apart VU is from the rest of the league. If South Carolina doesn't win by more than 21 points, the honeymoon is going to be close to over for Coach Beamer. He is forced to basically keep his starters in the game until the Gamecocks have a 28 to 35 point lead. Vanderbilt should finally score some points in this game, but 14 is tops. I would guess 42-10 as the final score but wouldn't be shocked at 56-10 and at best for Vandy, a 28-7 loss. Multiple football experts including people at CBS, and the top local sports people in Nashville lobbied hard for Coach Monken to bring his system from West Point to Nashville for various reasons. Vanderbilt also had feelers from offensive geniuses like Jamey Chadwell, Sean Lewis, Jay Norvell, and Curt Cignetti. Of the candidates for the job, only one was a lackluster, play it close to the vest, boring defensive coordinator, and that's who they selected to continue the malaise in Nashville. Maybe, they can seek out Bo Pelini next.
Correct me if I am wrong, which is highly likely, but in the prior round of musical conference chairs, didn't the Big East Conference make this grandiose plan to add a bunch of teams 3 or 4 years down the road, and in the end none of them joined because those 3 or 4 years created a lot of counter-movements? The SEC wants Texas and Oklahoma for the 2022 football season. It matters not that the SEC already has a schedule for 14 teams. Look at last year, as schedules changed just 4 or 5 days prior to the games being played. The SEC might already have a different schedule ready with 16 teams and 9 conference games and is keeping it under wraps. Here's something interesting for all of college football and the NCAA. An acquaintance of mine from the past recently emailed me that after being involved in NCAA athletics for 26 years, he can say with expertise that compared to the teams competing in the upper division of FBS football, the Teapot Dome Oil scandal was like jaywalking.
Tennessee football reminds me of Loyola Marymount basketball under Paul Westhead. As a generic SEC fan, watching the Vols play is extreme fun now. Ditto Ole Miss. Thus, when these two teams play this week, it could be the football equivalent of when LMU played LSU on the hardwood in 1990.
Three 4-stars in a class now means that Jerry Stackhouse will have to prove himself as a college head coach. Vandy has enough talent this year to move up from #14 to as high as #11. Next year, if they don't move into the league's top 10 and compete for an NCAA bid, Stackhouse needs to go. There are a lot of Mid-Major head coaches that can win in Nashville.
The Raiders need to do the right thing and bring in Daryle Lamonica as a consultant. Bring back the Mad Bomber and make the Raiders Great Again!
What I learned about Vanderbilt this weekend: According to Jeff Sagarin, the Commodores would be a 4-point underdog to my FCS alma mater Princeton on a neutral field. If the game would be played in Nashville, then Princeton would receive 2 1/2 points away field advantage. Carolina should win by 3 touchdowns or more. Hopefully, Vandy will actually score 7 points and not get shut out a third consecutive conference game. The won-loss record is different from last year, because of the easy non-conference schedule, but last year's team would wipe the field with this year's team. This is the weakest Vandy team I have seen in my lifetime, and that includes a couple of really pathetic teams in 1962, 1963, and 1966, plus 1979, plus 1989 and 1990. Vanderbilt has now lost 15 consecutive SEC games. The record for consecutive SEC losses is 33. Oh, Vanderbilt holds that one too--1976 through 1981. It should be 21 at the end of this year. After next year, it could easily be 29 or potentially 30 if something happens to move OU and Texas over with a 9th conference game added. This roster is so depleted and so lacking in SEC-level players, that it could take another three years before Vandy sneaks up and beats a conference opponent. As depleted as the roster has become, it is well-stocked compared to what's left of the fan base. The overwhelming majority of fans, the ones from 2013 when James Franklin had won 16 of his last 20 games and had consecutive 9-win teams that finished ranked, have now stopped supporting the program, and 90-95% of them will never return.
You do a great job on the bowl projections. The new bowl alignments are totally fractured with ESPN having the right to move teams about in the bowls they control. Looking at the won-loss records and schedules yet to play, it looks like maybe 6 teams with losing records will be necessary to fill bowl spots. I imagine Missouri could be a 5-7 team in that final bowl spot?
That security guard will be starting at defensive tackle this week. If this had been USC or California, and the coed had suffered this accident, the local police stations would be on fire this morning like the Summer of 2020. At A&M, the girl will be encouraged to start pumping iron.
Georgia's defense has the great combination of physicality and quickness. The team that beats them will have to have equal physicality and quickness with an incredible game plan. I have seen all the top 20 teams play now, and there isn't another team that can match the physicality and quickness. Only something like a massive number of breakthrough cases that leaves the Bulldogs too sick to play is going to beat them this year. Imagine how much better this team might be if they had all their wide receivers and a healthy QB.
Florida didn't look all that organized, or the players simply didn't think they had to put out any real extra effort to win this game, which they were right. How inept is this Vandy team? They have now played two SEC games and have scored 0 points. Today, winless UMass, arguably the very worst FBS team played UConn. Last week, playing with their #2 QB, UConn came very close to beating Vanderbilt, leading until the last minute. Today. hapless UMass blew UConn away, totally dominating in the stats with a much better defensive showing than what Vanderbilt showed last week. Any team that doesn't score 2 first quarter touchdowns against this worst SEC defense in the 89 year history of the league. Even Sewanee had better defenses in the 1930's, when they repeatedly lost every SEC Game. At least they had to play all their SEC games on the road. Vandy lost 62-0 at home; actually Georgia was the home team at Sanford North.
And with a running clock once the Vanderbilt coaching staff waived the white flag. Georgia is 2 or more TDs better than Florida if the game is played today.
That kid's father created his own new drill--how many 7.62x39 can the coach dodge in rounds of 15?
Supposedly, when the Jaguars were huddling on an offensive series today, instead of clapping and yelling, "Break," they yelled, "Grind!"
Where are Texas and Oklahoma rated in this, just to see what the new 16-team league will look like? Do they make it 11 of 16?
Now, Sage Steele is getting suspended for a week for her statements made to Jay Cutler, basically saying she was scared. She got sick from the virus after she had two doses. It's not being allowed to be reported that something like 45% of all critical cases in hospitals have had their doses.
The Vandy fan has a prior appointment today. Or, maybe, all of the former Vandy fans are now cheering for the Vols, and in response, UT has chosen to wear black this week, so the new converted fans don't have to buy new clothes.
If you look at the most accurate computer ratings, Georgia is #1 in about 80% and Alabama in about 20%. All but two have these teams 1 and 2 in one order or the other, but two have Georgia 1 and Iowa 2 with Bama 3. However, if you listen to the three professional handicappers I know, not the guys you would ever see selling you guaranteed winners, but the guys that try to remain anonymous, Alabama would be a 2 or 2 1/2 point opening line favorite if the two teams played this week.
It's just laundry to me. I'd watch this team if they wore plain white with thin orange numbers and a plain white helmet with one orange stripe. This team is super exciting to watch; they are the Loyola Marymount of the Hank Gathers/Bo Kimble era, and even if they have no chance against Alabama and Georgia, it will be interesting to watch. Seven wins are not impossible now, if this team beats South Carolina, because they will slaughter Vanderbilt for a third SEC win and maybe have a shot to knock off Ole Miss. Even a loss to the Rebels would leave the Vols 6-6 with a bowl bid, probably to the Music City Bowl, where they could get that 7th win. A few more 60-point outbursts, maybe 70 against Vandy, and more 4 & 5-star recruits are going to want to wear orange, gray, black, or even pink if the Vols choose it. What they will definitely wear is "defenses out."
If I were a Florida fan, I'd be super worried this week. Not that the Gators have a chance of losing, but of the 18 Vandy fans that come to Gainesville, only 3 will have their shots. It figures that somebody loopy enough to follow Vanderbilt all the way to the Swamp has to be one of those "way out there conspiracy theorists." Don't be downwind of them when they cough 50 times. As I type this, the local news mentions that multiple schools in my county and the next one south may have to close because they need more than 100 teachers, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, etc. Nobody over 30 apparently wants to chance it. 40% of those in critical care in area hospitals are breakthrough cases, so sitting with 90,000 others may not be worth it.
If Kentucky beats LSU this week, it sets up their most important game since the 1950 Tennessee game. LSU looks like a 6-6 team these days. Losing Joe Brady and Dave Aranda has been rough. Look at what Brady has done for Sam Darnold, and Baylor has turned it around quickly. Billy Napier isn't going to be in Lafayette for the long run. LSU might have first dibs, but they might have to play that marker this year.
The game coming up next week might give the Tide a chance to pitch a shutout. A&M's offense has done the biggest about face since Steve Blass's pitching accuracy with the Pirates.
Surely, that's not Jared Goff. That has to be George Plimpton.
One son played football at Centre College. One daughter played two sports at Alfred. One daughter played basketball at Rhodes. The other child, my older son, actually played at FCS following my lead and going to Princeton. I think I am a rather decent D-3 expert. I started three years at Princeton when we were still technically D1, when Dartmouth won the Lambert Cup as the best team in the East in 1970 and Cornell had Ed Marinaro. I am sure you know a lot more about D-2 and NAIA. However, I am sure I know a lot more about Vanderbilt's consultant study of 20 years ago that recommended only 2 options--to stay as is or drop scholarship athletics and go D-3. Considering that Vandy will NEVER relax admission standards for athletes, and they throw in the towel on 95% of the potential SEC athletes, and of the remaining 5%, very few care to put themselves in the situation like the players faced last week, and with new things like NIL and adding OU and TX, Vanderbilt has no business skimming Welfare from the rest of the league and then not contributing to the kitty. You can talk all you want about bowling, soccer, la crosse, and baseball, but none of these sports contribute revenue, some are not even SEC sports, and the incredible baseball program still loses a lot of money. SEC means football and a tiny supplement of men's basketball. You are a large cancer on the rest of the league on the football field, and your basketball program has sunk to the level where being picked to finish 13th in the league is something to cheer about. Look at West Virginia, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, or even Notre Dame. The SEC East has a weakness compared to the West, as it has for more than a decade. Dismissing Vanderbilt, where the revenue generation hurts the rest of the league, and adding one of the big schools, makes the SEC the super league it desires to be. Maybe Ohio State and Michigan become future members as well. Nashville is a crucial market, but Vandy only has maybe 2% of the fans in the market. There are many more Tennessee, Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Kentucky, and Ole Miss fans in Nashville.
Let's weight the lifestyles--the beautiful town of Oxford, MS, with real people, and low crime versus one of the worst cities in the Western World, with runaway costs of living, the homeless becoming the number one "ethnic" group, having to get a map to see which streets not to walk on this week due to the human waste, people as fake as artificial plants, and where you better be ware when you lose a game and fly back to LAX. Even Kim Jong-Un is bright enough not to take the USC job.