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Obviously, Stoops will be the next 10-year coach, but I believe Mason might also make it to 10 years with Vanderbilt because what does it really matter for the Commodores to replace a .365 winning percentage with another coach that will be quite fortunate to match that record and likely to do worse. When you add how much money is still on his contract, and the fact that Vanderbilt not only has a freeze on athletic spending but will also begin to contract its payroll, why fire Mason? It's like replacing the manager of a restaurant when the owners refuse to hire chefs with the same talent as the competing restaurants; a new manager might be able to give better excuses for the inferior food on the menu, but it isn't going to bring customers to the tables, when there are other restaurants in town, including Chez Titan.
Sonny and Wimp; Wimp and Sonny. One thinks he's smart, and one thinks he's funny. They used to be coaches; they used to have clout. Surely they know what they're talking about. Who remembers this?
Woody Widenhofer had incidents at both Missouri and Vanderbilt that sabotaged the progress he had made, and after these incidents, both programs went downhill quickly. The 1987 Missouri team was oh so close to knocking off #1 Oklahoma in Norman, after the Tigers had wasted chances of beating Indiana and Oklahoma State earlier in the year. At Vanderbilt i 1999, the Commodores had a third down play to line up the ball in the middle of the field for a short field goal to beat Kentucky 20-19 and get to six wins, when as they say in Nashville, a Same Ole Vandy play ended with a lost fumble and a 5-6 record after getting drilled by the Vols in the final game. In both instances, Woody lost his teams. It got ugly in 2001, when he was quoted in the newspaper after his team lost at home to Middle Tennessee, that his team "just didn't know how to win." Woody has to get some credit for developing Jack Ham, Jack Lambert, and Andy Russell, making them the top linebacking trio in the NFL for multiple years and one of the top 10 ever.
If Daniels was to get the waiver, I can see a scenario where Smart would use both Jamie Newman and Daniels playing, just like teams with two star running backs use both. Georgia won an SEC Championship with Ray Goff and Matt Robinson getting equal time at QB, as it forced defensive coaches to prepare two separate gameplans against the Bulldogs. Newman is the Goff, and Daniels is the Robinson. Today's defenses are ill equipped to prepare for two separate styles of play, while it wouldn't be all that difficult for an offense to do so when it does it every week. It would be quite interesting to see a coach be brave enough to try this. Maybe, in the future, a college team might have two different units on offense--one that runs the air raid and one that runs the inverted run and shoot wishbone or Rich Rod style spread. Mike Leach hinted last year before WSU's bowl game that he was 100% in awe of Air Force's option offense.
I would like to see a more analytical set of data than wins and losses as well as a longer time-frame to reduce the noise. There are Sharps in Nevada and in the Caribbean that have detailed stats on true home field advantage by power rating points. What really constitutes home field advantage in college football? It is my opinion that home field advantage changes weekly because the road teams do not travel to the same venue every week. If Colorado State hosts Wyoming, the home field advantage for the Rams is considerably less than if they host Connecticut or Hawaii. Then, how do you calculate the SEC home field advantage for Vanderbilt; when they hosted Georgia, LSU, and Kentucky last year, the Commodore wideouts could not hear their QB, who had to go to a silent count on his home turf? Some of that advantage had to be lost. It could be that the opponents had the advantage. A couple of the ratings at the Prediction Tracker, including some done in SEC country, use variable home field advantages for games.
The East for 2020 Florida 0-0 Georgia 0-0 Kentucky 0-0 Missouri 0-0 South Carolina 0-0 Tennessee 0-0 Vanderbilt 0-0 Maybe the records will be something different between February and May of 2021, but I have this feeling that just before the first games are scheduled to be played, the other shoe will drop, and it will be back to watching videos of games from the past.
It will be downright catastrophic if both Floirda and Georgia lose 0 games. I still have my doubts that there will be games in September or October. Or, it could be like the Big East Basketball Tournament at MSG between St. John's and Creighton. Can you imagine if thousands and thousands of fans from Alabama descend on Jerry World for the game against USC or TCU, and it's 14-7 Bama at the half. Then, more than one of the players on the team registers a 102° fever in the locker and says he's in a ton of pain. All of a sudden, the scoreboard announcement reads, "Ladies and Gentlemen, this game has been cancelled due to illness. Please exit the stadium at once in single file line and stop at one of the CDC tents to have your Covid tests." The NCAA needs to grow a pair and come out and announce that for the good of all athletics, all Fall sports will be postponed until Spring. Allowing more time to find things that will destroy this microscopic combative enemy is the most rational way to go. On this Memorial Day in 2021, it would be just fine for New Year's Day Bowls. A late May Rose Parade and Bowl would be the perfect start to Summer.
I worry that the records for all 14 teams could end up being 0-0/0-0, but if the season actually takes place at some time in the 2020-2021 academic year, I can see the division champions in both leagues going 6-2 with tiebreakers used to determine the championship game participants. The East could really be interesting, and if the teams are not totally organized to start the season, an upset or two early could even lead to something like a 4-way tie at 5-3 between Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. I had this sneaky suspicion that 2020 was going to be Jimbo Fisher's breakout year in College Station, so I still believe that the West could also be a multiple tie at 6-2 between 2 or 3 teams that include Alabama, Auburn, LSU, and A&M. What happens if a full season is played, and the SEC champion has two losses, and there are four power conference champions with 0 or 1 loss? Does the SEC get left out? Clemson, Ohio State, and Oregon apparently have somewhat easier paths to 13-0 than any SEC team, and if Oklahoma, Notre Dame, or Penn State go 11-1 or 12-1, while the SEC champion is 11-2, imagine the stink if the SEC champ gets in.
Is it true that this candidate received the promotion because Vanderbilt didn't have the funds to pay a headhunter to conduct a search for them, and they didn't have anybody internally that wanted to spend the time looking? I believe Vanderbilt had a chance to hire Boo Corrigan from Army when they hired the liberal spender that spent the department into bankruptcy, but that is par for the course when you consider past candidates that were not chosen. In January of 1967, they hired Bill Pace as head football coach and told "no thanks" to some guy named Bo Schembechler. In March of 1979, they hired an assistant from Virginia named Richard Schmidt, just two years after he had left high school coaching, when some guy named Krzyzewski was ready to accept the job if his wife liked Nashville, but the AD told him he had to accept the job without visiting if he wanted it, and he pulled out. When they fired Melanie Balcomb, the coach that wanted the women's basketball job like it was the equivalent of Kentucky's men's program was Courtney Banghart, but they chose Stephanie White. Just last year, when the men's basketball job came open, Eric Musselman was highly interested and had his agent request an interview, but the search firm had one candidate on the list and chose Jerry Stackhouse, who had zero college coaching experience of any type, and who has already lost the one assistant on the staff that has any positive recruiting history. Stackhouse may have already seen it is impossible to win at Vanderbilt when the school made it impossible for Romello White to accept their graduate admissions terms. Kermit Davis had no trouble getting him into Ole Miss, and White will be a double-double machine for the Rebs.
If the season does get to be played, and it is played without fans, please also do it without announcers broadcasting the games from their living rooms. It's bad enough that when the QB drops back three steps and fires a quick stick pattern pass to the tight end that the announcer at the stadium pressbox tells you that the QB passed to the TE, but having him do it from his living room, is a joke. Please just pipe in the public address announcer and show the scoreboard between plays. Better yet, broadcast these games from the camera that floats over the field so that the real football enthusiast can see the plays like they are standing behind the running back or QB in the shotgun. When you can see that the left guard missed his block on the pinching linebacker, which is why the running back got stopped for a 2-yard loss and also see that the left tackle had pancaked the DE, and there was a hole large enough to drive a Zamboni through had the guard carried out his assignment, you don't need an analyst telling you everything but this, because he didn't see it. A Tony Romo type is okay, because he can look at the field and tell you what the offense and defense is about to do and what to look for, but the typical announcer is little better than the girl on the sidelines telling you about the right tackle's sister that draws great artistic pictures of fruit in bowls.
I am sure the people on this board that have seen six decades can reminisce with me about some really great rivalries no longer played. Alabama and Georgia Tech Arkansas and Texas Auburn and Georgia Tech Florida and Miami Georgia and Clemson Kentucky and Indiana LSU and Notre Dame Ole Miss and Southern Miss. Miss. State and Memphis Missouri and Kansas South Carolina and North Carolina Tennessee and UCLA Texas A&M and Texas Vanderbilt and Tulane My favorite non-conference rivalry was Tennessee and UCLA, because I used to be a big Tommy Prothro fan. Those games in the 60's and 70's were great. The Arkansas-Texas rivalry was every bit as wonderful as the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry. Maybe if future FBS playoffs include more incentive to play tougher non-league games, this rivalry can return as an annual affair. As a general fan of good games, there is nothing in an Alabama vs. UL-Monroe game. Alabama could leave their starting 22 in street clothes, and it still won't be interesting. Alabama was playing Nebraska, USC, Penn State, and Notre Dame many years ago, and these games were the type you cleared your schedule to see.
Wiffle Ball is the beer-belly National Pastime. The upper Midwest has multiple great Wiffle Parks, some of which are replicas of classic parks like Ebbets Field, The Polo Grounds, Old Yankee Stadium, Comiskey Park, League Park, Crosley Field, and Baker Bowl. There is a guy that built the best replica Fenway Park for Wiffle Ball too.
Alabama may have the best overall talent in FBS, but this may be a difficult year for the SEC for a couple of reasons. First, the West is going to have four really talented teams with Bama, LSU, Auburn, and Texas A&M. I think this might be the year that Jimbo Fisher moves the Aggies up a notch in their competitive level, and it is possible that the SEC West champion goes 6-2, and more than one team finishes 6-2. In the East, look out for a potential surprise with Kentucky challenging Florida and Georgia. South Carolina and Tennessee will have just enough talent to pull off an upset apiece, so the East champion could also be 6-2. At the same time, Ohio State, Clemson, and Oregon may lap the field in their leagues. I wouldn't be shocked at the Buckeyes, Tigers, and Ducks emerge at 13-0, leaving just one more team to make the Playoffs. What happens in the Big 12 will then determined whether the overall SEC champion makes the playoffs or ends up in the Orange Bowl against the #2 ACC team. Alabama could be 10-2 or 11-2 and still better than the three potential 13-0 teams from weaker leagues. This is why I believe the Playoffs need to be figured so that every team that wins its conference has a chance to become national champion, even if that team has to play 4 playoff games. FCS has already figured this out, and eventually, the $$$$$ will make it so in the FBS.
I highly doubt Vanderbilt will be functioning at a point where they can have a real presence with returning football players. Nashville's mayor has a lengthy process in place that still prevents mass gatherings. The first date where more than 25 people can assemble in a gym or similar facility will be well past June 8. I think the earliest possible date would be June 22, and that's only if the moving average of cases does not increase in any part of the next four weeks. Vanderbilt could work out off campus outside of Davidson County, but housing would not be available. There is no guarantee that Vanderbilt will have on campus classes in August either.
The premise that ESPN featured the GOAT of NBA history because they had a lot of footage of this particular person is about as accurate as naming Justin Verlander the greatest pitcher ever because they had loads of video on him. Anybody with a basketball IQ better than a grapefruit knows who the GOAT is. Only one player ever scored 53 points, pulled down 32 rebounds, blocked 24 shots, dished out 14 assists, and had 11 steals in one NBA game. Only one player averaged more than 50 points a game in a season and averaged more than 25 rebounds per game more than once and still led the NBA in assists in a season. Only one player at the age of 50 was still dominating NBA All-stars in pick-up games. Wilt is the GOAT by far. There is no comparison. My favorite moments of watching him at the age of 36 get mad at a 25-year old Kareem Abdul Jabbar and totally dominate him in a playoff game at Milwaukee, going so far as to block three of his unblockable sky hooks, and stealing the ball from him 7 times, as the Lakers went on to eliminate the defending NBA Champions and win the Championship over the Knicks.
This is an interesting discussion. I enjoyed reading it from first word to the last. This could be discussed all day and night, and a consensus could not be reached. How do you compare players like Babe Parilli, Harry Gilmer, Charlie Conerly, or Bill Wade from an earlier time? Where would you put the great single wing tailbacks that were their teams' primary passers? Johnny Majors might be in the argument. Statistics alone do not give you a great answer. My expertise is actually the pre-merger NFL and AFL, and there were quarterbacks before 1970 that were incredible talented. Think about a few things. Pass blocking rules have greatly changed. The football itself has even changed, as it became more tapered through the years. Then, you have the philosophies of the offenses of the past with those of later times. Look at Joe Namath versus today's NFL. Both QBs might have passed the ball 30 times in the same game. Namath might have attempted 7 to 10 passes longer than 30 yards down the field. He might have attempted 5 to 7 passes between 15 and 25 yards down the field. He might have attempted another 5 to 7 between 5 and 15 yards down the field, and then the rest would have been dump passes and screen passes behind the line to 5 yards downfield. This could have been the outcome Long Passes: 2-9 for 100 yards, a TD and an INT Medium Passes: 3-7 for 60 yards, a TD and INT Short Passes: 5-7 for 40 yards Dump Passes: 4-6 for 20 yards Other Pass: 0-2 for 0 yards What is the other pass? In Namath's days, a QB could not spike the ball in the ground to stop the clock. He had to quickly take a step back and throw the ball over his receiver's head out of bounds, and the stats counted this as an incomplete pass. Today, the spike is a team play not counted against the QB. This comes to 14 of 31 for 220 yards with 2 TDs and 2 Int. One of those Int was a long bomb, most likely thrown on 3rd down 40+ yards down the field and better than a punt. The most important part would be that Namath's day would lead to 30 points scored, which is what the Jets averaged in 1968. Today's QB may not throw 10 long bombs in a season. Here is a typical 21st century passing QB. Long Passes over 30 yards down the field: 0 of 0 for 0 yards Medium Passes: 3-8 for 70 yards Short Passes: 12-17 for 115 yards with 2 TDS Dump Passes: 5-6 for 35 yards Total: 20-31 for 220 yards and 2 TDs. The QB Ratings do not differentiate between a 1-yard TD pass and a 75-yard TD pass, nor does it differentiate between a 45 yard interception with no return on 3rd and 12 and a pick 6 interception thrown into the flat. What matters is that the QB can move his offense down the field to score points. Whether it be on three or four quick scoring bursts or three or four sustained drives, a TD is still a TD. It is my personal opinion that QBs like Johnny Unitas, Otto Graham, Bobby Layne, and Norm Van Brocklin would put up stats similar to Drew Brees and Tom Brady today if they played in today's game. I believe that QBs like Daryle Lamonica, Len Dawson, John Hadl, Sonny Jurgensen, and Roman Gabriel would be superstars playing today. For that very same reason, I cannot be convinced otherwise that Parilli, Gilmer, Majors, Wade, and Conerly wouldn't be prime contenders for best ever QB/Single Wing TB in SEC history.
Vanderbilt will not be allowed to return on June 1, because Nashville is still in Phase I and will only move to Phase II next week. Sports returning in full would be Phase IV, and according to how I read the plan, it would be four weeks minimum from May 25, before The Titans or Vanderbilt could conduct full operations. That would be June 22, and that is only if the rolling average of new cases continues on a downward trend. Cases have been trending slightly upward, so that is not good news.
They could still play in London, just change it to South Laurel High School in London, Kentucky. That gym has a better home court advantage than Memorial Coliseum and Rupp Arena combined.
Ole Miss got the best SEC basketball transfer. Romello White will lead the Rebels to the Big Dance if there is one next year. If Mark Pope gets this guy to come to Provo, being a former Rick Pitino player, I'd have to start wondering about what is making his player acquisition so successful.
This isn't the Texas of Darrel Royal, where he could shanghai stars like Jim Bertelsen away from Murray Warmath and Minnesota through unscrupulous means.
It would be interesting to find out the process used to make this list. How much did recruiting count in this ordeal? Coach Jones might consistently recruit the #25 class each year, while Coach Smith gets the #10 class every year, and still that doesn't tell you which coach is a better recruiter. Likewise won-loss record and conference position at schools doesn't really tell who the best coaches are. John Wooden once admitted that there were numerous coaches that were better than him coaching at schools with .500 records, and that if they coached at the right places, they could enjoy a string of championships. Casey Stengel was a boob and a clown when he managed the bottom feeders in the National League. When he became the Yankees' manager, he was the best of the modern era. I don't think his short time with the Oakland Oaks in the old PCL educated him from an F- to A+ baseball genius. Nick Saban has only one undefeated season at Alabama. Bear Bryant had three. Saban has three regular season undefeated records. Bryant had five. Saban has had numerous top 5 recruiting classes. A lot of Bryant's teams had moderately above average talent but nowhere near the best talent. And, still, that doesn't mean Bryant was better or worse than Saban has been. Ask NFL insiders who the best college head coach is, and the majority will reply, "Kirk Ferentz." I'd say the SEC coach doing the best job given his situation is Coach Stoops at Kentucky. He's far outdone what would be expected in Lexington, just like Bryant and Blanton Collier.
If there are no Golden State football teams playing in the Fall, there also will be no Rose Bowl on New Year's Day, and that happens to be one of the Playoff semifinal sites this year. If some states do not allow sports this Autumn, it will cause mass chaos. I can see a scenario where the majority of the SEC, ACC, and Big Ten, and Big 12 want to play in September, but the Pac-12 and some of the other states with Power 5 teams will be forbidden to play. How many schools in D1 can cancel a football season and avoid bankruptcy? How many top NFL prospects will transfer to schools playing in the fall when their school isn't allowed to play? If Mark Emmert weren't a spineless coward, he would force the 130 FBS teams to agree on a starting date that they can all have a reasonably strong chance of playing in its entirety. The season could be re-scheduled to start the week after the Super Bowl and played through May. The bowls and playoffs could easily be scheduled to coincide with the New Year's games being played on Memorial Day. The other alternative is for some schools to seek one-year emergency memberships in other conferences in order to play in the Fall or the Spring, depending on the circumstance. If the Big 12 decided to join the Pac-12 in a spring schedule, the Rose Bowl could be the destination for a championship game between the two. Teams from other conferences that wish to play in the Spring could become temporary members for the season. Group of 5 powers like Houston, Cincinnati, Memphis, Fresno State, San Diego State, and Boise State could join teams like Kentucky and Vanderbilt to give the two power 5 conferences 16 teams each. I actually watched the XFL every week rather than NBA or NHL games. College football would tower over the other sports with a spring schedule.
I might go with the under only because the Gators may only play 8 or 9 games. I would take it as a strong possibility that the goons in Vegas would not pay out on Under 9.5 if Florida goes 8-0.
FWIW, I live in a suburb just outside of Nashville and have voted GOP in every Presidential, Gubernatorial, Senatorial, and House race since I was old enough to vote. Tennessee is a very red state, and if some jerk trespasses on my land and ends up getting hurt, he's going to sue me in this red state, and I will have to pay an attorney a lot of money to get it tossed out of court. I am still out the money. The best probable scenario that gives 130 FBS teams the best chance to have a bankruptcy-saving season at the same time is to start the college football season the Saturday or Sunday after the Super Bowl and go to early June. Let the NFL have Saturdays this season, so that they can show 3 national games on Saturday and 3 on Sunday. Then, when there is no other football, colleges can either play on Saturdays with basketball moved to a Friday/Sunday schedule or on Sundays but with BYU playing on Friday or Saturday night. The only drawback would be the top players possibly not wanting to play at all. I would then allow all players eligible to be drafted in 2021 to apply for the July, 2020, NFL Supplementary Draft, and be able to return to college if they go undrafted. Trevor Lawrence and maybe a couple others would be worth losing a draft pick in 2021.
darthA, that is the most ridiculous college stat rule of all. The NCAA morons need to wise up and move QB sacks to the passing yardage total like in the NFL. While I am at it, college football needs to return to the old pass interference rules so that maiming a defenseless receiver to limit the gain to 15 yards isn't used as a strategy, especially late in games. And, when a college ball carrier falls down without being touched, he should be able to get up. A sloppy field should never be the leading tackler in a game. And, get rid of the first down stoppage of the clock and go to a 2-minute warning in both halves. There is no need to have 180 play, 4-hour games. And, there should be a way that every FBS team has some real way of making it to the playoffs. Imagine if the Pittsburgh Steelers won the AFC North and then were left out of the playoffs because the third place Indianapolis Colts and second place Houston Texans had a better computer ranking in the AFC. I say break up the FBS into Large and Small with 64 teams in the large class composed of 8 teams in 8 conferences. Crown champions in the 8 conferences and then put those champions in the playoffs. Do the same thing for FBS Small.
C21, how do you not waste time when society is under house arrest from the oppressors? I guess my playing 50+ games of Bowl Bound football and half a season of Strat-o-matic baseball must really be wasting time, but you cannot homestead 20 hours a day.
Maryland coach Mike Locksley has been a head coach for 5 seasons, and he won 0 or 1 game in 4 of them. His best year was last year's 3-9 with Durkin's talent. Stan Parrish wakes up every day thanking the Lord for Locksley having an every worse career winning percentage than his .156.
Lawsuits can quickly bankrupt a defendant. We live in a litigious society. Billy Fivestars gets Covid and comes out of it with permanent lung scarring. He was a sure Lottery Pick in the NFL Draft, and now he needs lung inhalers for the rest of his shortened life. Do the math. Greasy slimeball ambulance chasers will be swarming outside the stadium, at least 6 feet from the gates, like the sharks they are. This post sponsored by the legal firm of Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe.
Review in opening game: "Upon further review, the left tackle coughed on the play, and the game is cancelled."