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There are still some G5 teams that have to be considered. This would be the year to consider it. Cincinnati BYU San Diego St. & Boise St. Marshall The Pac-12 still hasn't played, so USC or Arizona State or Oregon could be in the mix. It's too early for this conversation. Wait until Turkey Day.
That used to be true to the tune of near 100%, but unfortunately, that is not the case any more. Not to name names and embarrass some recent Vanderbilt football players, one is working as a brick mason on a local contractor's crew. One has been unemployed this year after losing his job as an usher at the Nashville Sounds games at First Horizon Park. And, almost every football player is in a Peabody program that, while it isn't PE or Hotel Management, it isn't pre-med, architecture, business administration, or engineering like the football players in past years. There is a difference between football intelligence and general intelligence. Players like Ryan Fitzpatrick and Calvin Hill do occasionally fit the bill as genius in both categories, but I have known smart athletes that could not balance a checkbook or how to read a stock prospectus. Lucky for me.
How many of these detractors have ever met Coach Saban? I am not an Alabama booster, but I am a Saban fan for life. I attended a leadership lecture he gave. He didn't receive a bundle of money for this, and he taught the hour-long session like it was the National Championship Game scouting report. He was uber organized, and he didn't need lengthy notes to talk about the subject. It was obvious that he cared deeply with a lot of passion about truly wanting to help other potential leaders or people hoping to find some motivation. I seriously believe that if you polled every Alabama, Michigan State, or Kent State football player that played for him, well over 90% would say that he was the most effective and caring professor they had in college. They used to say the same thing about John Wooden, Woody Hayes, Adolph Rupp, and Tom Osborne. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, and Wrong. I have lengthy experiences with former players with each legendary coach that says otherwise.
Philadelphia at 2-4-1 is the leader in the division. They could win the division and an automatic first round playoff home game with a 5-10-1 record, while the visiting team is 11-5. The NFL should be 4, 8-team divisions with 4 playoff teams only. With the political garbage destroying attendance long before the virus, toss in a terrible team making the playoffs, and it's time to move the NFL down to the level of the Korn-Ferry Golf Tour.
50 years ago, this statement would have been made with no reaction at all. It just goes to show how big the blizzard has been since then, because there are snowflakes everywhere. Like Dana Loesch, I am done with them. A neighborhood snowflake called the local law enforcement to report me for posting a link to a Classic Firearms rifle giveaway on Next Door, and I am sure he cried and had his monthly nosebleed when they laughed at him, or should I say it.
I am late to learn this, but what I learned this weekend just made me super respectful of the Alabama football program. A Tide fan friend of mine informed me that if Mac Jones couldn't throw a football or play any sport, he would most likely be on academic scholarship to a top 10 academic institution like MIT, Cal Tech, or Princeton. When I hear things like this, it brings two thoughts to mind. 1. This is the type of student-athlete that should be a role model to his generation, not just sports fans. 2. This is why Vanderbilt can never compete in the SEC. Jones obviously would have easily been admitted there, but he had no interest. Whereas, Vanderbilt can only potentially recruit about 5% of the same athletes that Alabama and Georgia recruit, Alabama can recruit any athlete that Vanderbilt can recruit. And, if the athlete is really intelligent, he knows that he's going to lose more games his freshman year than he will lose in his career at Alabama; that his best chance to make the NFL is playing with a top program that gets all the pub; and his best chance to be both an Academic and Athletic All-American is to play at Alabama and not Vandebilt.
Derek Mason isn't the problem. You cannot be a chess champion when you are not allowed to have a queen, any bishops, and just one knight and rook, while your opponent gets an extra queen, bishop, knight, and two rooks. What happens with Vandy coaches is that over time, the recruiting process slowly grinds to where the coach goes from getting 1, 4-star every other year and the rest 3-stars to the point where the best recruit is a middle of the pack 3-star, and there are even a couple of 2-stars to fill out the class. A new coach comes in and briefly uncovers one or two 4-star players in the first 3 years. Usually, year 2 finds a slight improvement that stirs up a little interest, and then there is that disappointment year that produces the next recruiting malaise. Vanderbilt is not Stanford or Northwestern. There are many more available quality recruits on the West Coast and in the upper Midwest than there are in the upper South. Stanford plays in the weakest Power 5 league, and Northwestern plays in the opposite division from the top 3 Big Ten programs. Vanderbilt briefly enjoyed success under James Franklin by playing 4 very weak non-conference opponents and then having enough in the tank in October in November by not playing any tough non-conference games. The last year he was here, they played Austin Peay, 1-11 UMass, 2-10 UAB, and 4-8 Wake Forest, whom they barely beat. They also got to play the worst Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia teams in the 21st century all in the same year. Now that VU has less than 5,000 dedicated football fans, and they have a program that cannot pay for a plumber to fix a broken water heater, or an HVAC contractor to repair broken air conditioning, while the non-athletic part of the school makes profits like Warren Buffett, they really need to consider going the way of Washington U and The U of Chicago and go to D3, repurposing the real estate where the football and basketball teams play.
I can remember when there were so few bowl games that a 9-1 LSU team didn't get a bowl invitation, even in a time when the Big Ten and Pac-12 only allowed teams to play in the Rose Bowl, and a 10-0-1 Michigan team had to stay home, and at a time when Notre Dame refused to go to bowl games, until they bumped that 9-1 LSU team out of the 1970 Cotton Bowl.
The only person on this list that I care to hear is Dawn "Babs" Davenport, because she is an incredibly nice person off the air. This is not a knock against the others, only a statement in support of Babs. She was a star volleyball player at Auburn, and she was once the top babe on local TV as both a sports reporter and news anchor. As for any games watched in our domicile, not a single one will have the volume above 0.
Oh the irony, it would be if Fields is injured in the first half of the Nebraska game and misses the rest of the season, and then he isn't healthy by NFL Draft day in 2021. It would also be quite comical if the Cornhuskers play like the Huskers of old and pull off the upset. Then, if Minnesota knocks off Michigan and takes the jug, the Big Ten office would have a rash of digestive issues.
Alabama preparing for multiple Tennessee quarterbacks is like Sandy Koufax preparing multiple sub .200 Mets hitters in 1965. Jarret Guarantano is Chris Canizzarro; J.T. Shroutt is Hawk Taylor. Harrison Bailey is John Stephenson, and Brian Maurer is a 40-year old Yogi Berra. No matter which choice or choices are made, they are going 0-4 with 3 strikeouts and a slow dribbler to second. I saw Koufax pitch against the Mets in 1965, and he threw a 5-hit shutout giving up 5 cheap singles, as the Dodgers won 3-0. Whatever the equivalent of a 5-hit shutout, 3-0 win is what will happen at Shields-Watkins tomorrow.
I think that Coastal Carolina-Georgia Southern wager is going to win for you, because CCU is weak against power and misdirection running plays. If you remove their QB sacks, CCU is terrible vs. the regular run. GSU should rush for 300 yards and control the time of possession. I know some big time handicappers making this a 4-star pick this week.
That Memphis VFL sounds exactly like a lot of people in Middle Tennessee, and this isn't just about football or sports. A return to civil discipline is going to need to be enforced on those that choose to be uncivil, and it could need to be enforced beginning in two weeks, when the possibility of the most civil unrest in US history could commence.
This isn't as odd as it may sound. Heated disagreements during a game can lead to the head coach not appreciating what he feels might be a lack of loyalty or a threat to his leadership. Most likely, the DL coach disagreed with the decisions on games, stunts, alignments, and blitzes, and he said something to the effect that the plays being called wouldn't work against the UK play likely to be called. He might have had a better grip on what UK was more likely to do. If you are old enough to remember the 1993 Houston Oilers, you know how heated coaches on the same team can get when they disagree. DC Buddy Ryan threw a punch at OC Kevin Gilbride. Ryan then made a statement that he'd be a head coach in the NFL within two years, while Gilbride would be selling insurance. The most elite coaches are not immune to this either. The best of the best, John Wooden, and his top assistant Denny Crum, used to argue like dysfunctional spouses headed to divorce. It even was visible on the bench, especially an NCAA Tournament game in 1971, just before Crum took the Louisville job. But, Wooden being the true Wizard of Westwood, made a statement that he hired Crum to be exactly what he was--the opposite of a "Yes Man." Yes men inflate egos, while Devil's Advocates help the head man win games.
Today's lone running back in the backfield may not be called a fullback, but when you look at the ways this back is used by most of the college and pro teams, they are more 20th century fullback than halfback or tailback. How many teams today send this back into the A or B gap on almost every running play? There are no power sweeps and few toss sweeps any more. Stretch plays are just as likely to hit the B gap than go off-tackle or wide. Most of the times that a running play goes off tackle or wider, the QB is the ball-carrier.
"The team with the better players almost always win." John Wooden Auburn's overall talent is middle of the pack in the SEC. They are a middle of the pack team. Who will be able to replace Gus and go head to head with the monster in the room in recruiting wars? Auburn is what it has been since I was born in 1951. When Alabama was down before the Bear came home, they were dominant and on probation for recruiting violations. When Bear started to make Bama great again, Auburn dropped down to a 4-8 win program for a decade. Then, Bear had his "lean" years of 1967 to 1970 where he went 8-2-1, 8-3, 6-5, 6-5-1, and Auburn became quite strong again in 1970 and 1971. The 1972 team was the most uniquely incredible squad that went 10-1 and never scored 28 points in a game. Then, Bama became totally dominant from 1971 to 1980, and once again, Auburn took a back seat, even though they had the best running back depth in the SEC with William Andrews, Joe Cribbs, and James Brooks. Bear retired and went to heaven, and Auburn became dominant again for the 1980's until Gene Stallings came along and built the Tide back into a national power. Auburn had the great team in 1993, once again on probation, and then when Stallings retired and Bama went downhill for a little bit, Senator-to-be Tubs made Auburn the big power again. Once Saint Nick came to Tuscaloosa, Auburn was relegated back to where they were in the Bear's dynasty years. Gus cannot overcome the odds, and he might be forced to walk the plank. However, until Nick retires, no coach is going to make it any different on the Plains. The luck of the coach on hand when Nick retires, and Alabama drops to a 9-3 type of team for awhile is when Auburn will become great again.
Vanderbilt's roster is not close to 53 available players. The 10/31 Ole Miss game is in serious jeopardy of being postponed or cancelled. The cancellation of the entire season is remotely possible, because getting to 53 available scholarship players is going to be tough.
Vanderbilt is still well under the 53 minimum number by upwards of 10-15 players as of 10-20-20. They would have had to cancel this week's game had there been one. The Ole Miss game on the 31st is still an iffy situation. As I have heard from someone closer to the program, there is no guarantee that Vanderbilt can get to 53 scholarship players ready to play at any point in the rest of the season.
The SEC football season is looking a lot like the old AAWU, Pac-8 Conference basketball seasons when even the second best team in the conference lost by 20 to UCLA. Alabama has an entire roster full of players the equivalent of Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Lucius Allen, Michael Warren, Walt Hazzard, Gail Goodrich, Bill Walton, Henry Bibby, Curtis Rowe, Sindey Wicks, and Jamaal Wilkes. Steve Sarkisian could write his offensive plays on sheets of paper and have fans draw them out of a hat, and the offense would still gain 450-700 yards and score 45- 70 points a game. The league's best defense, possibly better than Clemson's defense allowed 41 points, and it was sort of like an off game for the Tide. I think this team is capable of scoring 100 points against a weaker defense, but Coach Saban is too considerate to do something like what Bill Yeoman allowed to happen in 1968.
Unfortunately, that recruit's quote was actually in response to his being told that it was time for English class.
How much of Alabama's defensive woes have come about because the offense scores quickly and forces the defense to be on the field for about 15-25 more plays per game than they used to yield when their defense was #1 in the nation? 2020--77 opponent scrimmage plays per game 2011--55 opponent scrimmage plays per game 1992--61 opponent scrimmage plays per game 1979--56 opponent scrimmage plays per game 1966--62 opponent scrimmage plays per game 1961--52 opponent scrimmage plays per game
Trevor Lawrence is the Dan Marino of this generation. He will be the first player taken in whatever NFL draft he chooses to enter. He will take an NFL team and improve them by 3-5 wins per year. I am sure he's rooting like heck for the Falcons to finish 1-15, and the Jets to sneak past two teams to give Atlanta the first pick. If the Jets have the first pick, he might decide to return to Clemson. Imagine this scenario: Trevor stays for his senior year to avoid having to live in NY and play for the Jets. The Falcons select Jaylen Waddle with their first pick and top 3 overall. Then, they trade away Matt Ryan for a first round draft choice and start a nobody at QB, as they decide to be clever and suck for Trevor. Trevor is taken with the first pick in the draft and with the extra 1st round pick, they get the Penei Sewell who played an extra year after Oregon only had 7 games this year. The Falcons would control the NFC South for 15 years. FWIW, I am not a Falcons fan. I am a fan of creating incredible situations like this.
One more potential big loser. A nearly silent rumor is circulating that Vanderbilt may be below the 53-minimum number for the rest of the season, and if the SEC sticks to that number, they will have to cancel the remainder of their season. Additional player defections have left the team with a razor-thin window to have 53 healthy players. Vanderbilt will win the same number of games if they play the last 7 or play no more games. The program is in such a dire condition. They couldn't pay for HVAC or plumbing this past summer, and they jettisoned dozens of athletic employees. Now this. The SEC needs to encourage the school to find another situation, because the academic excellence doesn't make up for the huge black eye the athletic program gives the league. The board of trust needs to pull the plug on scholarship athletics and use the University of Chicago model to compete in D3 and stress health and exercise to the student population rather than have the 14th best football and basketball programs. That dynasty baseball program still loses 6-figures a year and draws less than half of what the Nashville Sounds PCL team draws per game.
Jeremy Pruitt: "Brian, you're starting Saturday against Alabama." Maurer: "I'm getting outta here."
Gregg Williams might be available mid-season. But, he will then throw the offensive coaches under the bus, and he'll award defensive players who carry out his bounties.
The play-by-play and color analysis for the Alabama-Georgia game were the best in the business. Of course, I had the game muted and provided the PBP and Color for myself. These jobs are about as worthless as the greeters at Wal Mart. If somebody entering the store doesn't know they are entering Wal Mart, then they probably cannot figure out how to buy something.
Did he pick that he would rush for 212 yards today including a 94-yarder?
Notre Dame may be a top 10 team on defense, but they are not to 50% on offense. Ian Book's arm is like a knuckleball pitcher in baseball. His passes beyond 15 yards stop for lunch on the way to their destination. It looks like there really only needs to be a Top 2 at least until Ohio State plays this week.
The smell of Kent State University is in the air. It could happen again. I won't shed a tear if it does. These radical leftists are no better than supporters of Kim in North Korea. I am 100% in support of debating the issues civilly, but if your choice of action is rioting and interruption of the American Way, then you deserve to have some of your favorite bones broken and end up in the ER or the morgue.