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NotSameOlKy, the Vandy kicker has moved the needle in this case. He took it out of the pump and deflated his footballs. Unfortunately for the Commodores, the #2 kicker cannot exactly move the football between the goalposts. In his favor, there will be very few chances to attempt any PATs or FGs, as the punter is the specialist that must ice his foot after Vanderbilt plays.
I like Bruce Pearl quite a bit, and I have liked Auburn every since watching their little roster win the SEC in 1960, using the old shuffle offense and a man-to-man defense that today would be called a Pack Line Defense. I was also a big fan of Dr. Bob Davis and own an autographed copy of his book, "Aggressive Basketball" that he wrote when he was head coach at Georgetown College in Kentucky. One of my funniest moments in the sports broadcasting/reporting business was interviewing Dr. Bob after Vanderbilt beat Auburn in a game where Auburn won the rebounding battle by more than 15, and they took almost 20 more field goal attempts, but Vanderbilt hit something like 30 foul shots while Auburn attempted around 12. Davis went on an on about Referee Reggie Copeland being on the payroll of Roy Skinner, and Commissioner McWhorter didn't take too kindly to it. The irony is that Copeland is a lifelong Alabaman, and he is considered "Mr. Mobile," for being the President of the City Council for many years. I almost forgot that I also own an autographed copy of Cliff Ellis's book "Zone Press Variations" from when he was head coach in this area at Cumberland College in Lebanon, TN.
It could be because so many of these Yankees have moved out of the Marxist Midwest to escape tyranny. The Union of Soviet Socialist Kasichs sent many Buckeyes to the Hickory nation. These people are okay. They have this funny habit of marching around in script form to remember what state they came from, but sousaphones are outlawed south of Cincinnati, so they cannot do any dotting. Because there are even more Yankees wearing maize and blue in these here parts of rural Williamson County, TN, we need substantial numbers of Buckeyes to make sure we don't have to initiate Wolverine hunting season. I expect a lot of Gophers will be showing up in this zip code soon, since their Great White North isn't so great now that it has become the new Siberia.
You are right with that statement, but Vanderbilt and Missouri can only be added to two other teams' schedules, so they are out. A&M already has South Carolina on its schedule, so that leaves the other four. UK & UT are weaker then UF & UGA.
Might the SEC do the same thing now? Alabama & LSU--Add Vanderbilt and Missouri Florida & Georgia--Add Arkansas and Mississippi State Auburn--Add South Carolina and Tennessee Texas A&M--Add Kentucky and Tennessee
SEC preview in a capsule form 14. Vanderbilt--Loses Saben Lee and Aaron Nesmith, but gets back Clevon Brown and adds Big time Notre Dame transfer plus okay Rice transfer. Recruiting class weak. Predicted SEC record: 2-16 13. Georgia--Loses Lottery pick from a team that was only 5-13. Tom Crean will be in trouble after this coming season. Dogs are not barking. Predicted SEC record: 3-15 12. Missouri--Cuonzo Martin hasn't hit it big with recruiting, where Mizzou should have consistently good classes just from recruiting the Midwest. This could be a make or break year for the Tigers, and I see break instead of make. Predicted SEC record: 5-13 11. Mississippi State has a major rebuild, but Ben Howland is good enough to coach the raw talent to finish ahead of the three weak teams. The Bulldogs will be in a dogfight with arch rival Ole Miss to not play on Wednesday night in the SEC-T. Predicted SEC record: 7-11 10. Ole Miss should be about as good as last year, losing one great player and picking up one great recruit. In another year, the Rebels might be good enough to challenge for a 9-9 SEC record, but this year is going to be tough at the top. Predicted SEC record: 7-11 9. South Carolina always finishes better than where their talent should land them. Frank Martin is worth an extra 4-5 points per game, and even though he lost some talent, he picks up a key transfer from North Carolina. Predicted SEC record: 8-10 8. Texas A&M was the surprise of the year, and Buzz Williams should have been unanimous SEC COY. His second team will be a little more talented overall, but the league is going to be stronger, so the record should drop a tad. Predicted SEC record: 9-9 7. Auburn is the team that could finish 1st through 8th. I cannot get a strong gauge on the Tigers, and Bruce Pearl is going to get all the juice out of the burnt orange. They Tigers suffered some big losses, but the recruiting haul was fantastic. I have them here only because I can rationalize 6 teams finishing ahead of them. Predicted SEC record: 10-8 NCAA TOURNAMENT 6. LSU is in a similar boat to Auburn. There is enough talent to beat anybody in the league on a given night, and Will Wade apparently knows how to motivate his team. It's a number's game that has me placing both Tigers' teams out of the top 5, but in most years, LSU would be a contender for the title. Predicted SEC record: 11-7 NCAA TOURNAMENT 5. Alabama is one of two 2021 surprise teams in my mind. Nate Oats' playing style isn't Paul Westhead, but it is far from being Blocker-Mover 60 possessions per game. The Tide is loaded with A and A- talent, not necessarily the best in the league, but their style of play is going to scare the pants off the 4 teams picked ahead of them. If the players are a tad more consistent in 2021, Alabama can challenge for the title. I think they will still have issues. Predicted SEC record: 11-7 NCAA TOURNAMENT 4. Florida would be picked first if Billy Donovan were still coaching and had this roster. I am skeptical about Mike White being the right fit in Gainesville. Too many unexpected losses have hit this team, much like the days of Tommy Bartlett. Predicted SEC record: 12-6 NCAA TOURNAMENT 3. Kentucky lost enough talent to fill a roster of an NBA Expansion team. Sure, they have a load of new great talents, but I think it is a small step backward in overall talent. Plus, I am also just a wee bit unsure if John Calipari is going to be his usual self. Something tells me he is the most distracted of the 14 SEC coaches, maybe even contemplating retiring and entering politics. Predicted SEC record: 13-5 NCAA TOURNAMENT 2. Arkansas is not being picked this high by anybody other than me and the source I get this information from. My friend the analytics genius says that Eric Musselman is the best college basketball coach in the US. He says that if coaches were scored like baseball with WAR, Musselman would be the Mike Trout of college coaches. How it was explained to me was that if you look at the large sampling of D1 college players that played for Musselman and any other college coach, and then looked at their efficiency ratings, Musselman is off the charts the best at improving overall efficiency, whether these players played for another coach first and then him, or they played for him first and then went elsewhere or stayed at Nevada last year. Arky's roster is much improved and lacking the glaring weakness of last year. Predicted SEC record: 13-5 NCAA TOURNAMENT 1. Tennessee has the most overall talent and depth this year, and Rick Barnes is a top 20 coach. With Yves Pons coming back, and then with the addition of two 5-stars, one high 4-star, and one very good transfer, this UT team might even be stronger than the one that was number one in the nation for two months in 2018-19. Predicted SEC record: 15-3 NCAA TOURNAMENT Sweet 16's Tennessee Arkansas Kentucky Elite 8's Tennessee Arkansas Final 4 Tennessee For full disclosure, I am a fan of all 14 SEC teams and not one in particular. The only team that raises my adrenaline to see play is my alma mater, which has not been the Ivy power it was under Coach Carril.
It looks like a large number of potential high draft choices are going to opt out, so it would be the smart thing to do to move the season to late winter/early spring and try to play a complete schedule. Spring Football would give the potential for the maximum revenue generation, so it seems logical that if there are too many Miami Marlins/St. Louis Cardinals/Rutgers/Indiana/Northwestern/Michigan State's, moving everybody to February thru Memorial Day.
More players are going to opt out once this Sports Illustrated post detailing an Indiana football player's severe Covid issue with heart damage gets out. Here is what Debbie Rucker said on her FB page: "I am not one to post about personal family issues because I am not one to ask for help very often! However, in this crazy, chaotic world where a global crisis is not being taken seriously I have decided to post my personal family crisis with the permission of my son, Brady who is struggling with this virus! I am asking each of my friends as a request from my HEART, PLEASE take this serious and wear a mask, excercise social distancing and realize by wearing a mask you could be helping protect those that you love! PLEASE "Here is our story... "My son was negative when he got tested at the beginning of volunteer workouts. Within three weeks he and multiple others tested positive. His university has done everything right by shutting down workouts and retesting the whole team. "Unfortunately this virus hit my son very hard compared to most of his teammates. Here was a kid in perfect health, great physical condition and due to the virus ended up going to the ER because of breathing issues. After 14 days of hell battling the horrible virus, his school did additional testing on all those that were positive. My son even recieved extra tests because he was one of the worst cases. "Now we are dealing with possible heart issues! He is still experiencing additional symptoms and his blood work is indicating additional problems. Bottom line, even if your son’s schools do everything right to protect them, they CAN’T PROTECT THEM!! "I pray my son recovers from this horrible virus and can lead a healthy normal life!! Football does not really matter when your child’s health is in jeopardy!! Think about it!!! My heart is hurting and I pray for all of these kids and for the people making the decisions about the season!!! Please protect all of those around you and please wear a mask!!! Thank you for listening!!
Here is a little bit of proof about what this dreaded virus has done to some youth. And, except for the first part, the rest is all related to the Sunshine State. Teenage neighbor lives one street over from me. He was on a ventilator for almost a week. He has permanent organ damage. He's seeing things that aren't there. His father says he may need psychiatric counseling for a very long time, as he is suffering PTSD like symptoms from being in a drug induced semi-coma for 6 days saying that he had visits from Jesus and Satan. Two of my relatives between the ages of 20 and 22 have had symptomatic Covid. One was hospitalized, sedated, and placed on a ventilator for 40 hours. The other has been negative for 2 weeks+, but she has no energy and actually was too tired to go to the bathroom and soiled her bed. Seven minors have died in Florida in recent weeks, that included: A 9-year old girl from Putnam County An 11-year old boy from Dade County An 11-year old girl from Broward County A 16-year old boy from Lee County A 17-year old boy from Pasco County Two between 11 & 14 no county given The Florida players aren't the only ones. Vanderbilt's incoming 5th year senior all-conference placekicker just opted out. Nashville is still a hot zone, and a bunch of juvenile imbeciles, several hundred strong was held illegally on Fern Street over the weekend. One of my closest friends' daughters responded to a fire as part of a volunteer group called "Box 55." She has now been warned through contact tracing of potential exposure and will have to test Wednesday to see if she must quarantine. She's 23 years old.
Vanderbilt's women's bowling team is like Alabama in football and Kentucky in basketball. Unfortunately, it generates no revenue; it costs money to travel and bowl; and most importantly, the bowling team is a member of the Southland Conference. The SEC does not have bowling. Women's softball is a major Southern sport, and 13 SEC teams field a team. Vanderbilt cannot afford to do so. Of course, Vanderbilt has enough money to field every sport and create several new ones. The could add team handball, paintball, capture the flag, yachting, fly fishing, curling, bobsledding, Finnish baseball, etc. and not evenput a scratch in the endowment. However, student intramurals takes precedence over intercollegiate athletics, and the new German-born chancellor, most recently the provost at D3 University of Chicago, has already made statements about overall student health while only giving lip service to athletics. Vanderbilt would receive heaps of praise and respect if they did the right thing and dropped scholarship athletics, further encouraging health and agility among its entire enrollment. FWIW, maybe all educational levels should begin teaching students in the fine points of strengthening their immune systems, as that might be just a tad important these days. Yours truly was at Vanderbilt Medical Center yesterday visiting his GP. She told me that my health is light years better than it was 2 years ago when I was pushing 280. I am 235 today, at 6 foot 2. My goal is to lose another 20. That's where Vanderbilt succeeds. FWIW, intermittent fasting and modified keto did it for me. I am cooking BBQ Country ribs as I type this.
I think Derek Mason is safe even at 0-10. The school isn't likely to buy out his contract and hire another coach at a 7-figure contract, when they won't spend 3 figures to fix broken air conditioning and water heaters or supply ample calories to athletes. Vanderbilt is so far behind the #13 school in the SEC in revenue-generating sports. If you look at the only thing that counts--making money for the league, 95% is football, 15% is men's basketball, and -10% are the other sports. Look at Vanderbilt football since the advent of 2-platoon football becoming like it is now. That's 60 seasons, 1960-2019. In 60 seasons: Vanderbilt had 0 conference wins 19 times, almost 1/3 of the seasons Vanderbilt had 1 conference win 22 times, more than 1/3 of the seasons 0 or 1 conference win 41 times in 60 years. Last place finishes: 35 times in 60 years. Winning SEC record: 2 times in 60 years. Top 5 in SEC: 1 time in 60 years. If you take a look at the other SEC teams, combined they have fewer 0-win SEC seasons than Vanderbilt. Looking at the weakest teams in other P5 leagues: Kansas has won or shared their conference title 3 times. Oregon State has won or shared their conference title twice. Northwestern has won or shared their conference title 4 times. Duke has won or shared their conference title 6 times. But, what is most embarrassing is the picture of the crowd at the start of their final home game. How can the SEC allow a black eye of 385 fans in the stands at a football game, when the FCS team brought over 100 fans, and free tickets were given out all week? Derek Mason isn't the problem. The next coach will not be the problem either when he strings together 0-8 and 1-7 conference seasons. James Franklin went 11-13 in SEC play and was deified as the savior, at least until the Vandy Gang of Four Rape Trial caused the school to greatly rein in the recruiting requirements. Mason has a 10-38 SEC record in 6 years. In half of those years, Vanderbilt won more than their usual 0 or 1 conference game. That is above the norm at this school. Rather than contemplate firing a decent coach, Vanderbilt should admit that they are only in the SEC to collect welfare and pimp their football players to be screwed for the money and just give Mason tenure like other professors on campus. Require him to write a book every 7 years on football like other professors. OR, stop this insanity and admit that intercollegiate athletics have near zero importance and move to non-scholarship athletics. Raze the football and basketball venues to be re-used for new revenue-generating purposes. For D3 purposes, there is a Middle School within walking distance of the campus that can supply 1,000 football seats and 500 basketball seats.
thatsrite, now that you are a fan of the team formerly coached by your head coach for a few hours in the past, you should plan on going to a game in Pullman. The stadium itself is nothing to write home about, but the Palouse definitely is. I love that area and have enjoyed a lot of outdoor trips there. Since a majority of the SDS fans tend to tilt to the right side, if you want to buy Sean Hannity's new book that comes out Tuesday, you can get it at 34% off Monday through Amazon. Mark Levin today said that the first chapter may be the best US history summary he's ever seen.
Alabama will be one of the most exciting Power Conference basketball teams this year. The way Nate Oats coaches, the Crimson Tide are likely to threaten 90 points per game of offense. The fast pace may cause them to lose a game or two that a slower pace might have won, but the fast pace may also allow them to win 4 or 5 games where the opponent suffers physical and/or mental fatigue playing at their pace. The best part of this type of up-tempo style is that the top players in the nation will develop an interest in playing this way. Eventually, Virginia and teams like the Cavs will have a hard time convincing McDonald's All-Americans and high 4-star players to come play a 60-65 possession game. The 75-80 possession game teams will start to take more and more of these top players. This pace of play worked quite well for the Tide during C.M. Newton's reign in Tuscaloosa. His 1972 through 1980 teams were always exciting to watch. With just a little better foul shooting a couple of those years, 'Bama could have made a Final Four. The 1975 team actually looked better to me than any other team in Alabama history.
If the price of 100% of one's education isn't satisfactory for these kids, then they can always forego college and get a nice job picking up trash, fixing issues in the sewer, and asking drivers at the drive-thru if they want large or small fries. A free 4-year ride to college is worth 6-figures and is tax-exempt. Additionally, if taken seriously, it leads to the opportunity to make considerably more money and with a chance to earn that money for 50 years into the future. Rather than meet any demands of these overgrown youth, the demands should be put on them. Go to class and compete in the academic world like your coach makes you compete on the battlefield. If you cannot beat the 20-year old 140-pound party-animal alcoholic in waiting in biology, then you should not continue to have the privilege of representing the university in athletic competition. Let these morons walk. Who wants to hire an agitator? They will find out that life can be quite cruel, when most of them can't earn $15 an hour doing tedious, meaningless work. My education was so valuable, that I send checks annually to my undergraduate and graduate schools. I was not exploited as low-level football player at the non-scholarship level. My school made some money on tickets and concessions off my labor, but that school also prepared me to be a success for 47 years, so the way I see it, I came out way ahead. Somebody needs to explain to these misguided youth that they are getting one of the best bargains they will ever receive by getting a free ride to the place where they can enjoy a wonderful life.
Give them their money, but then charge them for their tuition, room, and board, and make sure they understand that they will get W-2's. When Uncle Sam, Governor Newsom, and Mayor Garcetti all get their cuts, the USC and UCLA players will have to donate their blood and hock their expensive shoes to pay for it all. What do the Pac-12 schools teach these athletes--Moron Development? Could a single Pac-12 player outside of Stanford solve a simple math question, like: If 2A + 2B = 100, and 3A + B = 90, and A + B + 2C = 140, then what does A + 2B + C = ?
I expect Arkansas to challenge for a top 10 spot and be a Sweet 16 and Elite 8 contender this year, if there is a year. They have some incredible depth and have solved their lack of size. Plus, they have the best college basketball coach in the nation and best overall since Al McGuire and Jerry Tarkanian. This according to my analytics guru friend and neighbor.
Unfortunately, 2020 may be wild for bad reasons. 2007 was wild and fun. For me, the 1970-71 season was the funnest, wildest, craziest year, for all sports. They don't make bowl seasons like 1970-71 any more. On New Year's Day morning, 1971, Texas was 10-0 and defending national champions. They were number one. Ohio State was 9-0 and number 2. Nebraksa was 10-0-1 and number three. Notre Dame and Tennessee both had one loss, while three other smaller teams were undefeated and having such incredible years that they were all ranked in the top 15. Arizona State was number 7 or 8 depending on the poll, as they were still in the old WAC and not considered as strong as the Pac-8 teams. The Sun Devils did not get invited to a major bowl, which would cause the folks in Tempe to create the Fiesta Bowl the next year. ASU went to the Peach Bowl and quickly dismissed and thoroughly dismantled North Carolina. I thought this ASU team could beat anybody that year. Toledo totally demolished everybody on their schedule. They had already won their bowl by 4 touchdowns against a team coached by Lou Holtz, and Lou said this was the best team that he had coached against up to that point. But, the craziest of all was that an Ivy League team was ranked high in the top 15. Dartmouth went 9-0 and was without a doubt the greatest ever Ivy League team. They won the Lambert Cup as the top team in the East beating out Penn State. Dartmouth shut out 6 of their 9 opponents and beat Columbia by the largest margin in Ivy league history 55-0. They beat us 38-0, and we didn't cross midfield until the last two minutes of the game. I was a sophomore 2nd team guard that year. Dartmouth had this super-quick rover that lined up stacked behind the DT and DE on the weak side. His name was Murray Bowden, and he was a Texas escapee. He could have played in the SWC, and he made us look like our feet were nailed to the turf. He made 4 or 5 TFLs, forced two fumbles, and he had 15 total tackles that day. We were undefeated with a blowout win over Rutgers, and they toyed with us. It could have been 78-0 had Coach Blackman not put his scrubs in after the first drive in the third quarter. On New Year's Day, Tennessee and Air Force kicked off in the Sugar Bowl on ABC at the same time Texas and Notre Dame kicked off in the Cotton Bowl on CBS. Notre Dame became the first team to solve Texas's wishbone, and they pulled off the minor upset to end the Longhorns' 30-game winning streak. Meanwhile, Tennessee slaughtered Air Force and looked like the best team in the nation. On to Pasadena and NBC. Ohio State was now in control of winning their second national championship in three years, where a senior-laden group could be considered the best college class of all-time. But, Jim Plunkett and Randy Vataha led Stanford on an incredible second half run to pull off a monumental Rose Bowl upset. Now, all eyes turned to Miami and NBC at the Orange Bowl. Nebraska played an LSU team that had two losses, including a 3-0 defeat to Notre Dame. This was before Bert Jones became a big star, and he was only a platoon QB with Buddy Lee. LSU took it to Nebraska and led for most of the game until the Cornhuskers took control in the final 10 minutes to sneak away with a 17-12 win. There were no playoffs or BCS formula in 1970. Who was #1? Nebraska won the AP & UPI postseason polls, but this was not the 1971 team. They were not the best team. Notre Dame had lost to a 4-loss USC team. Tennessee had lost to a very strong 9-2 Auburn team. It has always been my belief that Arizona State was actually the best team of 1970. They rushed for almost 300 yards per game and passed for more than 200 yards per game with an unstoppable offense. They went 4-deep at quality running back, combining power and speed. Their defense gave up less than 120 rushing and 120 passing yards and finished near the top in takeaways and probably near or at the top in QB sack%, had the stat been kept. 1970-71 was the year of Baltimore as well with one particular hero on each pro team. The Orioles, with Brooks Robinson earning his nickname, "The Human Vacuum Cleaner," won the World Series. The Colts, with placekicker Jim O'Brien hitting a field goal on the last play of the game in what was called, "The Kick Heard 'Round The World," won the Super Bowl. The Bullets almost pulled off the unbelievable triple, led by the inimitable Earl the Pearl Monroe, upset the Knicks to make it to win the Eastern Conference Championship, but they lost to Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Oscar Robertson and Milwaukee in the NBA Finals. It was a crazy sports year all around. Add to it that the Kentucky Derby was won by an unknown horse that had to be quarantined and only earned a spot by winning the Derby Trial a week before the Derby. Cannonero II almost won the Triple Crown.
I haven't seen this mentioned in any media, but what happens if the officiating crew gets sick the day before a scheduled game?
I'm sorry there was a breech in the confidentiality of this meeting, but just about any sports afficionado could have predicted this news was discussed. If there is a super secret meeting tonight in Miami to discuss that there is a good chance that a hurricane might hit the East coast of Florida this weekend, and the fish wrappers report that there is a chance there will be a hurricane near Fort Lauderdale, was this a breech of confidentiality or just an easy educated guess.
Did you know that the last SEC sporting event played was the Arkansas vs. Vanderbilt men's basketball game at the SEC Tournament? I second the notion that these two teams should play in football and kickoff the football season by playing on Friday night, September 25. Then, the loser, facing a possible 0-10, can claim 20 positive cases and cancel their season.
Princeton isn't on the list. So, in order to be fair to every SEC team, and to show my support and love for those that protect us, I will periodically switch between Army, Air Force, and Navy.
BTW, why is an Alabama logo appearing after my posting name? How do you get one with the Orange and Black "P" for my alma mater?
This is probably the first of many that will follow suit. If the SEC and Pac-12 play as late as December 12, and the Championship Game is December 19, then the December 19 through 26 bowl games will be virtually impossible to invite teams from those conferences. Logistics would make it impossible for teams to be invited on such short notice unless these games were played in empty stadiums. If the games are still having to be played with nobody there, these bowls aren't going to spend millions to recoup nothing. With no tourist dollars, the bowl cities will see their 5 to 7 day economic boost destroyed, so really only the playoffs would be worth playing. Maybe, the playoffs can be extended so that all conferences have a team, because there will be no real way to determine if the ACC Champion is better than the Big Ten or Big 12 Champion without cross-conference games. This is way premature. With baseball in major danger of not even making it two weeks before the Commissioner shuts it down, how is it possible that 65 P5 schools with 85-100 players and another 25-50 essential personnel go from September to January without having a virus outbreak?
What about the eyes? I keep hearing that total face shields are needed when a considerable amount of body fluids are dispersed.
After watching the St. Louis Cardinals having to take a powder, that's a lot of cancelled games in just one week of MLB. College football has so many more players than an MLB roster. It looks ominous to me. What are the chances that 14 college teams with 85 man rosters and another 25 personnel involved will avoid having an outbreak in 12 weeks of time? It's like having an entire platoon walk through a minefield. Who won't make it across to the other side? And when the first two are unfortunate, will the rest retreat?
I think you did a really good job coming up with this list, but maybe the SEC is thinking money first and balance second. What games will bring the top national tv ratings? With no fans in the stands, the popularity of the games will be the prime objective if the SEC doesn't use the next two up or the two farthest away.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but just about everything you do, including living in your home, has been infected by politics. Even buying a box of Tide detergent and a roll of toilet paper makes you a big-time supporter of the legal crime syndicate known as Uncle Sam, Inc. I hope you find peace and tranquility. Maybe, if you try something like mountain hiking on Saturday afternoons, something good will come out of this for you.
This was a horrible incident, but in favor of Alabama and Auburn fans, nobody has ever come close to doing what Giants-Dodgers fans have done. There has been at least one homicide and one attempted homicide from this rivalry, as well as numerous assaults.
There might be one other positive out of this. Starting the season later eliminates a lot of the hurricane and severe weather days in September. There were very few postponed games back in the days of 10 game schedules that began at the end of September. The majority of postponed and cancelled games are in the first two weeks of the season.