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I'm just looking for an opportunity to insert my politics into this conversation.
I think/hope LSU will come away with it, but 13 points is just WAY too high in my opinion. I think Auburn was a bit over-hyped, but still solid. And the only real test our defense has been given so far is Texas, and they dropped 38 on us. 34-32, LSU.
If we can find a way to beat you guys next weekend, and manage to hang tough with Bama, I like our chances of finishing in the top 4. Same with UF. If you finish the season with only 1 blemish and it's a close one against us or UGA,that still leaves you with pretty good odds.
Granted- LSU's D was not spectacular against Vandy. But if I gave to read about how they gave up 38 points again... They gave up 24. The offense provided the other 14. Hopefully, the week off and then the USU tune-up righted some wrongs. So jacked for this Florida game!
Yeah, but 14 of those were against our offense, who traditionally sucks at defense.
I resent this! Counting us out before the game even starts? Do the decent thing and at least wait until halftime.
Breathe easy, everyone. It's just Utah State, not Troy.
Pretty certain LSU and Bama will play at night. If they don't, it will certainly be the first time in a very long time... possibly this century.
Hey, mom and dad: Tell your kid to calm the f down! It's just a game.
In his defense, he opened with "Texas can't really complain about sportsmanship..."
And just like that, Tennessee reminds us that perspective is important. Our hearts go out to you, sir.