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2 points: -LSU has more opportunities for picks because they're almost always playing with a lead, so the other team is forced to air it out more. -Because LSU's offense scores so quickly, our defense is on the field a lot longer, and therefore gives up more yards/game. Just food for thought.
-UGA has the #4 defense in the country, right between Utah and UAB. -LSU is giving up 345.9 yards/game, not 560.
Who won the head-to-head? Who has the better overall record? I refuse to look it up because, well, I can't be bothered. SECCG and whatnot...
Well... come on man, what is it??? Don't leave us all in suspense!!! What do you have that he can flip?
Simple- you said LSU plays every home game at night, which is categorically and provably false. So you're wrong. And adding to the irony is the fact that the last time your team came to Tiger Stadium, they got the living dawg-sh*t kicked out of them. So THAT is what it has to do with your question. A$$hole.
I genuinely hope Aranda was just saving his good stuff for this game. Nothing would make me happier than shutting-out A*M to end their already wildly disappointing season.
Yep. A&M and LSU are one of the best new rivalries, as they've beaten* us once in 10 years. *I could explain, but everyone knows.
A lateral move, at best. Why go from a tradition rich program you've got on the rise to a somewhat less tradition rich program that's in the doldrums? Unless they SIGNIFICANTLY outbid PSU, this makes no sense.
This seems like a productive argument worth having. Go, internet, go!!!
I'm incredibly glad he's back. But not at the cost of whatever personal issues he needs to contend with. I hope he's got it all sorted out, and if so- welcome back, Michael.
Well, after some math I realized that UGA beat Florida by a whopping 7 points while LSU scraped by with a narrow 14 point victory. So I guess by your logic that means LSU would therefore win by 3 over georgia??? Unless we can find another common opponent... Did LSU play South Carolina??? I forget...
If Kevin Steele is your head coach, you won't need Brady. You'll need Jesus.
FTR- that's not MY best case scenario... just the SEC's
Or best case scenario: LSU and Georgia both win out, and Georgua wins a squeaker in Atlanta, then they both go.
Why should Bama's loss against Clemson in the NCG play a factor??? Last year, my man. FTR, I don't think Bama makes it this year, but there's a lot of football left. The only way there's not a 1-loss team in the playoff is if Baylor manages to win out, including the BIG12 CG... And that ain't lookin' too likely.
If anyone starts suggesting that Saban isn't an outstanding, legendary coach, they're saying more about themselves than him.
If you can't imagine Saban saying something like that, you need to work on your imagination. He uses bad language. Trust me.
Didn't Saban drop his pants at one of the first practices as Bama's coach?
If you're a Bama fan, this should piss you off. If you're a Tiger fan, this should fire you up. If you're a fan of absolutely ANY OTHER TEAM, and you don't feel that this is objectively hilarious... then you are broken and nothing said here can fix you.
While not technically "garbage time", it certainly was a "last gasp". There was no point that LSU was not in control of the game. And basically every sports analyst/reporter who has written about it agrees with that.
Excuse me, sir, but this is a tragedy. And it is a sad commentary on the state of the nation and the world. It would've been one thing if you'd just made an "okay" joke. But for you to come on SDS with the best joke in the history of this website... Shame on you, sir. Shame on you.
If LSU, Clemson, and Ohio all run the table and finish undefeated I really don't see much of a path for Bama. Too many good 1-loss teams with a much more difficult SOS, not too mention Baylor possibly finishing undefeated...
Well, the good news is that (barring a miracle) you don't have to play us again this year.
In his defense, he also said he'd basically just be watching the PSU/Minnesota game to see how Penn State is gonna stack up against OSU... That's not working out so well.
My best friend of 20 years is a Bama fan. I know. It's gross. But it allows me to know that this "man" is not a reflection of the average Tide fan, who are generally pretty cool for 364 days out of the year. He's a disgusting POS. And yes- despite what he says, he is indeed as dumb as he looks.
Honestly, the guy pinpoints the biggest issue here: it's do or die for Bama. If they lose at home to the 1 really strong opponent they get to play, then that basically closes the door on their playoff chances. Whereas if LSU loses, they still have a better-than-average chance of getting in. Hell, it doesn't even have to be a nail-biter. Just as long as they aren't shutout/embarrassed on National TV, they should be fine. But then who does that help? Does it push Bama more because they know they absolutely NEED to win? Is there a little less pressure on LSU? I just want a really good game. Maybe the inverse of the 2011 game: instead of a defensive slugfest, we get a fireworks display.
"That’s true…he doesn’t poll well with people who are inexperienced in life and who haven’t worked their whole lives to make something." Or people who have read a book.