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Lots to unpack here... First of all, a woman is dead. A fetus, who was never even given a chance at life, is gone. So before you start bagging on A&M, try to remember that this is bigger than some petty BS rivalry. That being said, I'm genuinely asking- did A&M not do any kind of background check on this guy??? Nobody thinks that they knowingly brought in someone who MIGHT be a murderer, so how in the hell was this hire made??? How does this slip through the cracks of a background check? I'm not knocking the Aggies. I'm genuinely asking.
If they're gonna win anything, 2024 is their window. They have an insanely easy schedule by SEC standards. They're toughest game is UGA, and they'll likely get 2 shots at them. Even if they don't, 11-1 gets them into the playoffs easily. Bama, Auburn, and LSU are currently "course-correcting," and A&M will eventually stop being a laughingstock. In short, if Texas wants to make a run, the time is now.
The Falcons, huh??? Wow. If he thought he had to carry a team LAST year...
Ah, yes: the same exact names that everyone else is saying. Well done, Pete.
Of course. Just like going from Liberty to Clemson would be lateral. Or going from Oklahoma to Tulane would be lateral. After all, both Liberty and Tulane have been pretty good this year.
Wow. I typed all that sh*t just to be 100% wrong. Well done, Liam. Well done.
I'm of multiple minds on this. First, let me say that Baker is a solid choice. He's worked a bit of magic at Mizzou and I'd be happy to have him at LSU. But even though he's a solid choice, he's certainly not the ONLY choice. And if we don't get him, we'll be fine (my fantasy, will-never-happen-in-a-million-years choice is now and will always be Jim Leonhard. But man, that guy just LOVES the Midwest!!!) From Baker's perspective, there's a lot to consider. But I don't think money will be the deciding factor. After all- outside of "ego", if you're making $1.5M a year and you and your family are happy (which they seem to be), are you going to risk that for $1.8M a year or whatever we're going to offer him? I genuinely don't know, as they make 7 figures/year, and I make 7 figures/decade. I'll ask my boss for a raise so I can better understand this, but writing this essay in my office probably won't help my case. Goals and ambition. Let's not be delusional- Mizzou-to-LSU is absolutely NOT a "lateral move," as they say. DC at LSU is one of the top 10 assistant coaching jobs in the country. You're going to be playing on bigger overall stages with better overall talent, and the annual expectation is to be competing for titles. But it's a pressure cooker, and you're on a short leash. It's one of those jobs where you're on the hot-seat the moment the ink on your contract is dry. There's more room for error at Mizzou. And also, Mizzou seems to be building something pretty special right now. Maybe you stay to continue to be a part of it? At the end of the day, believe it or not, I think Baker says "no" to LSU and stays where he's at. I think 99% of all the coaches we would offer this job to would jump at the chance, but we somehow settled on the one guy who's gonna stay put. I could be wrong, but we'll see. Also- if anybody read this ridiculous novel I just wrote from start-to-finish, you get an "A" for the semester.
I don't think Kelly is going anywhere after LSU. And if he does and we need a new coach, we'll just take yours.
While it is unlikely, it's not out of the realm of possibility. Personally, I don't think it's gonna play out that way. My (more realistic) hope for LSU is to finish at 9-3 and slide into a NY6 after UGA annihilates ole miss and bama. But if LSU wins-out, the absolute lowest they'd be ranked is #5. They'd really only need one break to go their way over the next month to sneak in.
I think if you honestly compare the two, Nuss has the bigger arm. And on his best days, he's probably the more accurate passer. The two issues that come up are that 1) in between those "best days", there's a lot of free-for-alls, and 2) Daniels has the edge in pretty much every other facet. I think Nuss will be ready next year. But yes: he needs to be more careful. Every now and then we forget how skinny he is. Then the camera pans out and we see his tiny-ass legs!???
A few things- We've played one good team and two not-so-good teams. And we lost to the one good team. I'm as happy as anyone that we seem to have righted the ship, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. And let's certainly not rewrite history. We had a whole year of "if we played FSU again it'd be different..." Well, we played FSU again. And the only difference was the margin by which they beat our a**es. If we handle business against Arkansas, that's good. But that's what we're SUPPOSED to do. After that, we've got 3 games in a row against undefeated teams, including the first one at Ole Miss. We win that one, and we'll be back in the hunt. And we'll have done something to get us past the opener.
Winning the West AND going 10-2???? I don't think that's incredibly likely this season. I suppose he's predicting losses to FSU and a team who isn't Bama? I could see a loss at MSU (11AM kickoff) or at Ole Miss, maybe. But we get Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, and A&M all at home, so forgive me for thinking taking an L there isn't likely.
This all seems reasonable, although I'm surprised they gave us such high odds to beat FSU. I think LSU is the better overall team, but given the location, our recent history against OOC opponents, and season-openers in general, I'm glad they have that level of confidence in us.
Remember- "Bama dominating college football with stellar QB play" is a fairly recent phenomenon. While in recent years they've had Young, Tagovailoa, and Hurts, they've also won titles with Coker, McCarron, and McElroy (who were all fine QBs, but certainly not on the same level as the more recent guys)... Same coach. Same program. In short, as long as the QB play at Bama is "adequate", they're still a title threat.
Hate to see any player transfer out. But I'm sorry LSU wasn't what he was looking for and I wish him all the best on the plains. I hope he does really well in 11 of 12 games.
Everyone getting their panties in a wad over this need to take a step back and take a breath: It was unprofessional. It was not the place for it. People don't wanna hear political sh*t while watching football, regardless of what you believe. Just take a second and imagine if he'd said something that you disagreed with. I promise you'd be singing a different tune.
While I appreciate the vote of confidence from Takeo, I think suggesting we can hang with Georgia because of our defensive front is a little short-sighted. We can disrupt all we like. We can have our best defensive effort of the year. But UGA and SB are gonna make some plays no matter what. A herculean effort on defense is what it will take for LSU to keep the game moderately close (ish). The big question is which LSU offense is gonna show up, and WHEN will they get there? We're notoriously slow starters, and you can't do that against Georgia. We've improved a helluva lot in the last month, and I think we'll show up and show out. But I also think by the time we get rolling, it'll be just a little too late. UGA 34 LSU 23 But in the mean time, we're gonna beat the absolute sh*t out of A&M.
Both stunned and incredibly happy that we're here. Looking forward to the herculean task of taking on Georgia.
Definitely NOT wishing to play Georgia !!!? But you guys are the ones who are gonna be there, so I guess we're stuck with you. Good luck!
Let me help you out, Rick- If LSU beats Bama, wins out, and then wins the rematch with UT in the SEC Championship, then guess what... They'll be in the playoffs. That's the "best outcome" for LSU. Is it likely? Probably not. But two losses or not, I assure you they won't keep the SEC champ out of the playoffs.
I said it during the UT game, and I've said it since the game ended: that loss was not the "man-handling" the final score made it look like. Self-inflicted wounds like the muffed opening kickoff, and some of the inexplicable coaching choices like repeatedly going for it on 4th down just killed us. Three completely avoidable plays were responsible for a 13 point swing in the first half alone. People forget Daniels threw for 300 yards that day. We just made too many mistakes. I mean no disrespect to Tennessee. To be clear: they were the better team, and are the best team in the country right now. We weren't coming out of that game with a "W" in any scenario. I just don't believe it was the disaster people make it out to be. And we've only gotten better because of it.
Can't tell if this is serious or not, so I'll assume you must be joking. If not, I know of a long-haired, peace-loving, hippie carpenter who'd like a word.
LSU made so many easily avoidable errors that day. I watched the game start-to-finish (as difficult as that was). And while Tennessee was clearly the superior team, it just didn't seem to me like LSU was "27 points inferior", if that makes any sense. Coaching decisions, like repeatedly going for it on 4th down as opposed to punting or going for a short field goal, repeatedly cost us. Self-inflicted wounds, like fumbling the opening kick-off. That's just lack of focus. To be clear: I'm not suggesting there was any scenario where LSU walked out of there with a "W". I'm just of the opinion that we weren't as far-off as a lot of people thought we were, based on the outcome.
Really? Because if that's a factor, the economy actually started "cratering" in mid 2020. So that really wouldn't be a leftwing/dem situation, would it??? Or, y'know... it could be a global thing, seeing as how prices are sky-high in every corner of the world right now, and to put the blame on either American political party may seem pretty arrogant.
Another day, another person who doesn't understand what "freedom of speech" actually is.
Okay, of all the nonsense burns on each other's teams and fan-bases, this one is the best. Well done.
Relax, Mizzou. You and Vandy are in the clear. Thanks for classin' up the joint.