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Heard. Also, he didn't set the world afire last season. That doesn't fall entirely on his shoulders, but it also doesn't bode well heading into a "Heisman campaign".
Anyone inside the Louisiana state line knew LSU was gonna have a drop-off last year... Of course, no one really knew just how incredibly far that drop would end up being. That said, Brennan was on fire before the injury. Not quite Burrow numbers, of course. But still strong. Obviously, he's not likely gonna win a Heisman. But he'll be a top-tier QB in the conference.
I know I should be over this (especially after last year), but Jimbo's "1-5" needs an asterisk next to it. As in... *should be 0-6
To the best of my knowledge, Florida and Texas are the new "epicenters". Which sort of makes the entire south something of a s***-sandwich. Between this and the social climate around the country/the situation in Mississippi, i dunno... As much as i don't like to, I'm kind of seeing Finebaum's point.
Maybe he should've been super classy like Bama fans, huh? Would you like a laundry list of the things that y'all have done in the last 10 years?
And of course, that's how i meant to spell "expansion". All the kids are doing it that way.
I'm simply talking geography. Not culture. And honestly if we're talking about culture, Tuscaloosa and College Station may as well be different planets. Same for Baton Rouge and Starkville. Bottom line is that any epansion is going to be to bolster basketball and will consequently water-down what makes us "us" (football). And any of the Florida schools you mentioned won't bring anything to the table anyway. I honestly think the only real options are Ga. Tech and Memphis. I'd say Louisville, but come on... that's basically Ohio.
Because Clemson ain't giving up the cakewalk to the playoffs they currently have.
I hate to be the buzzkill here, but at some point geography has to come back into it. Oklahoma is neither in the South nor the East. I was opposed to adding Mizzou for the same reason. No disrespect to the program, it just isn't in the South. And A&M isn't in the East, but they made a bit more sense given the past rivalry with LSU. If you wanna expand, here are your options: Georgia Tech, Miami, UNC, NC State, FSU, and MAYBE VaTech, but even that's getting up there. If we felt like slummin' it, there's always Memphis, USF, UCF, et al...
Actually UCF made the initial offer if i remember correctly. They approached UF with a home-and-home and the Gators said no (which is the right move financially). Maybe we'll see it in a bowl game.
As amazing as this story is, i doubt the "what a story it could tell if it could talk" angle wouldn't play out very well... "Hey! Why am i wet and cold all of the sudden????" Five years later... "So this is Ireland, huh?"
Wasn't Carson a brain surgeon? He better stay the hell away from hearts.
Jimbo, whose coaching wisdom consisted of repeating the phrase, "Yes, Jameis."
Good lord, this is annoying. A few things: As his former place of employment, we always get singled out. But absolutely NOBODY has had any real, sustained success against Saban at Bama. His 10 year run from 2008-2017 was arguably the greatest in the modern era of college football. He beat up on the entire conference. But life is cyclical. And thankfully it appears that cycle is over. Secondly, we won a National Title 3 years after Saban hit the road. 3 years!!! Life continued after he left. Finally, there is one thing the article failed to mention. Not only did this year's team surpass any Saban-coached LSU team. This team had a better season than ANY Saban-coached team. Period.
Don't be ridiculous. First of all, Clemson can't help that FSU, VaTech, and Miami all decidedly to be garbage at the exact same time. Also, they DID schedule ND. And say what you will about ND, that's a quality (if perennially overrated) OOC opponent. Akron and The Citadel? Every P5 school schedules 2 cupcakes.
Wow. Totally agree. And you should be the one to spearhead this movement. Seriously. We're all behind you 100%. Let me know when you set-up the letter-writing campaign so we can all help out. Do you have a Facebook or Twitter page set-up? What about a "hashtag"? You're the champion of this movement, so just let us know and we'll all follow your lead.
What us the problem with this: "Yes- the scoop-6 was a terrible call and should not have been overturned... AND Ohio State blew several opportunities." Both things happened. And both things contributed to the loss. PS - I absolutely HATE OSU, and their whiny fans. But that doesn't mean they're wrong about that call (the fumble, NOT the targeting. That was absolutely targeting)
Give it 2 years. Ole Miss will be back in the thick of it.
Are you just gonna click on every story in order to comment that Clemson is going to win?
I maintain that no matter what anyone says, Iowa State will NEVER be "true SEC".
I wouldn't pull for us either if my team just got embarrassed by us on national television.
2 points: -LSU has more opportunities for picks because they're almost always playing with a lead, so the other team is forced to air it out more. -Because LSU's offense scores so quickly, our defense is on the field a lot longer, and therefore gives up more yards/game. Just food for thought.
-UGA has the #4 defense in the country, right between Utah and UAB. -LSU is giving up 345.9 yards/game, not 560.
Who won the head-to-head? Who has the better overall record? I refuse to look it up because, well, I can't be bothered. SECCG and whatnot...