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We've all got some trash fans. I've always had a great time in Bama because of the fans, win or lose (more of the latter, lately)... But couldn't this "reverend" get charges pressed against him?
You go on a tirade like this and then call others delusional? Nice. You are loving in a dream world. Houston is having a nice run. Congrats on that. So did Hawaii. So did Boise St. So did Temple, South Florida, Rutgers, and the Jamaican bobsled team. Maybe your man doesn't take the job. Maybe he does. But here's what's certain: while everyone is really happy for Houston, at the end of the day, remember: this is temporary. And Houston will never be any coach's "destination job".
Remember that when we continue to destroy your team every year. Regardless of who our coach is.
But I've never really had that much of a problem with the UT orange... except when Dooley wore those pants... Jesus.
I think Bama's crimson Jersey/white pants is actually the best combo in the sec. But every year the same article comes out about Bama, OU, Penn St, etc. about how "simplicity is the best"... I think they're just trying to change it up this year.
I've never been a fan of the "aTm", logo. But it's so iconic at this point I can't imagine it's going anywhere. I think a&m looks solid in the all-white look.
The greys are a big improvement .
As irrelevant as this is, Geaux Tigers! I have to say I love our uniforms, but I really like it on the rare occasions when we mix it up with white helmets or actual gold instead of our usual "power yellow" or whatever. I like it, but straight gold is better, IMO.
Here's what the NCAA should really be investigating: could SDS have found a worse picture of Hugh Freeze? Are you guys actively trying to make him look like an inbred? And believe me: I know a thing or two about goofy-looking coaches, coming from Hat-Land and all, but this picture is record-setting stupid-looking.
So assuming that they committed a few egregious violations and a few so-so violations, what's the worst they can expect?
Now Mullen and Fulton, then done.
Something tells me they have a lot more than we think about to commit.
Yeah... That was pretty dumb. Like, absurdly so.
Let's have a mock draft to see who gets all the Ole Miss recruits!!! Dibs on Shea Patterson!
You caught him! But it's too late. Bama has already read his suggestion and decided to eliminate Rammer Jammer... Along with the football program, the band, and just for good measure, the math department.
I actually kind of like it. I mean, I don't wanna hear it anymore. But as far as taunts go, it's not bad.
Yeah... That's something that's said at LSU. Sure.
Yeah... Because conservatives aren't whiney at all. Why do people insist on bringing their nonsense politics onto sports sites?
Settle down, Francis. The national press is in the middle of the canonization of St. Nick, the 2nd coming of Bear Bryant and/or Jesus... Maybe wait a few weeks before you dive into the whole "Us against the world" bs.
If LSU has B+ talent draw, then what's an A+ talent draw?
So Jimbo, who has stated that he wanted to coach at LSU for ages, all of the sudden DOESN'T want the job yesterday? That makes sense??? When it became clear that they COULDN'T fire Miles, THAT'S when Jimbo started his backstep dancing. If they'd have fired Les, he'd have been on the first train from Tallahassee... Even though most actual fans in Louisiana don't want him here anyway.
But, in reality, it was most likely some big money boosters, a handful of politicians, and the mass of fans that forced Alleva to keep Miles. They've beefed since day 1.
I think this may come back to bite us... Fingers crossed.
Did you read the article? Most fans don't want him gone. A lot of fans are on the fence. It's only a handful of fans, board members, and apparently the AD who are committed to his firing.
The bottom line is simply this: if we are content being perennial "also-rans", then we can stick with Miles. There's always the off-chance that we catch lightning-in-a-bottle like in '07 or '11, but it's not likely going to happen again. I doubt we'd ever have a losing season with Miles, and I can remember back when that kind of assurance would have been worth its weight in gold in Baton Rouge. But I believe we're past that. We need to be competitive. I believe we need to make a change. The man is a helluva recruiter, but he does nothing with these recruits. He's an amazing motivator, but can't gameplan at all. He's the football program's answer to Dale Brown. Just my opinion.