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Not too ridiculous for the SWAC...assume Caddy was on hydraulics and reeked or weed as he exited...
Why don’t you and the rest of the COMO libtards do us all a favor and go on another hunger strike?
Is that the most clever comeback you could come up with? Why don’t you back to your basement and continue mourning the death of the ugliest woman to ever walk planet earth? Surprised you’re not outside of Blunt’s house right now. First Amendment doesn’t apply to trespassing on private property. All trespassers should be shot on site.
Florida will go to Trump. Nobody gives a f*ck what you and west volusia have to say.
Dixie cross up, yankee flag down, countrymen take your guns to town.
No! We can’t say “redskins”, we have to be PC and pretend that never happened. I think they should call themselves the Washington Fighting Pus#ies.
Bill, Hill-Dawg, Mo-shelle and Barry do the exact same thing. But you don’t have anything to say about that, right?
That’s funny. Liberals are some of the most disgusting people on the planet. Take ol RBG. Like most feminazis, looks like she was beaten with the ugly stick. I mean, come on. Why whine about feminism all the time when it’s pretty clear that the only man willing to have sex with you would have to be blind and probably mentally retarded as well.
No, you’re right, I would much rather vote for a guy who finished last in his law school class for plagiarism and then apparently not learning his lesson decades later by plagiarizing campaign speech. Glass houses, my friend.
So you’re mad because of one article not openly pandering to the left? You literally have CNN handing Joe Biden the questions they intend to ask him ahead of time which doesn’t raise any red flags for you in terms of shoddy reporting, but you complain about this?
You’re a moron. He’s not from Chicago. He’s from literally right across the border in Antioch. Try looking at a map sometime. I don’t know how you come to this conclusion about “peaceful protesters” when the mob was literally causing mayhem throughout the entire city, lighting car dealerships on fire and if you watch the video you clearly see that a BLACK protester pulled a gun on Rittenhouse, after another “peaceful protester” beat him in the head with a skateboard. Now we can argue that it was stupid to go down to a dangerous area where all the animals were running amok, but this is a textbook case of self-defense, and the fact you think that these protesters are “peaceful” is absolutely laughable.
I know you’re allergic to personal responsibility, Volman, but as far as relating, I’ll give you this: nobody in my family ever owned slaves. Despite all the kneeling, as it turns out, none of those athletes ever picked any cotton, either. My parents great grandparents were immigrants who came to America for a better life. Rather than sitting around and expecting a handout, they got off their @sses and taught their children to work hard and value education. Instead of sitting around and whining about what you don’t have and how much whitey puts you down, why don’t you give that a try?
And you’re right about my ability to relate. I don’t have the benefit of being able to blame all of my shortcomings in life on my race, despite the overwhelming heap of evidence suggesting no such mistreatment exists.
Bull. That’s exactly what streaming services like Amazon have done. And did I suddenly miss the news about UGA no longer playing the song at games?
Easy, how is my mortgage “subsidized”, you idiot? You do realize that not everyone in America has a HUD-backed mortgage, right? What a retarded statistics comparison. Yes, there are more white people in America. Thank you for that, captain obvious. Now let’s talk about a statistic that actually matters, like the percentage of each group on government assistance or statistics comparing generational welfare and the effectiveness of these programs which were supposedly designed to redress these past wrongs.
You’re a moron. That’s why you stupidly defend an alleged sexual assailant who attacked the cops trying to arrest him because his skin was black, which frankly sounds pretty racist to me, given that you’re effectively arguing that anyone who is black should get off scot free when it comes to their crimes. What does watching black athletes have to do with anything? Somehow I owe them something? Ironically, it’s my time, money and energy that affords them the opportunity to make millions playing a game. Let’s assume your ridiculous assertion of “systemic racism” is real. What, exactly is it that you want to happen? Ironically, the answer always seems to revolve around taking away from one group to pay another for no reason other than their race, which is pretty much the definition of privilege.
I guess we can consult the ratings from last week, can’t we?
How is choosing not to buy tires and asking like-minded people to do the same anywhere close to the logical equivalent of tearing down statues and preventing people, who are not you, from watching Gone with the Wind?
What do you call “equal rights?” See, I would have thought that after 50 years of subsidized housing, food stamps, free healthcare and Obama phones, I would have been paid up by now, yet it turns out that’s not the case. Is equality letting criminals walk as long as they have a dark complexion, because that seems to be what you’re advocating for when you talk about “equality.” I love when LeBron and the rest of the woke athletes want to talk about “equality,” making millions of dollars and living in predominantly white neighborhoods while lecturing us all on “privilege.”
He gets his news from Twitter. Poor guy can’t figure out why St. Louis is a war zone.
And yet you defend an alleged sexual assailant who tried to pull a knife on the cops after being tased twice. What happened to #MeToo? Oh, yeah, I forgot that doesn’t apply if you’re black. In that case, rape whoever you want, and f*ck the “racist” cops trying to stop you.
Pretty sure, like you’re family, you’re the same blue collar trash cleaning up toilets for the “republitards.” Low class trash who doesn’t pay anything into the tax base. We get it.
What’s the difference between Krap and Tebow? Krap only started his social justice crusade after it was painstakingly clear he wasn’t good enough to stay in the league, thinking he would be the NFL’s version of Jason Collins.
Really? Pretty sure it’s your side that wants to constantly whine about “fairness.”
And yet you think Krap was persecuted. Idiot.
First of all, how can someone who, by their own admission is “not a Christian” pontificate about what the “tenets” of the Christian faith are? And if your issue is him calling attention to yourself, your argument about a bunch of entitled @ssclowns who make millions to play a silly game kneeling during the national anthem in the name of “injustice” is what, exactly? Just like Tebow, Krap was a second-rate QB. The difference is that when today, people want to argue how Krap was “railroaded.” Mm’kay. Textbook hypocrisy.
If it’s Craig Sager looking like a dumb@ss, no big deal, but women are totally off limits and any discussion of appearance immediate leads to the sexism and misogyny cards being drawn. Must be nice having a set of double standards as your weapon.
Do you know what a “snowflake” is? Based upon your failed use of the pejorative term, it appears evident you do not.