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Alabama is the greatest team of this generation and I’m glad as hell they beat OSU. They’re my second favorite SEC team. With that said, my UGA Dawgs played both, with very similar teams except we had a walk on QB behind center in 2020 as opposed to 5 star Jake Fromm. From this, I’ll say LSU was better. LSU carved us up last year from kickoff. They were up 17 at the half as I recall. They had fixed the defensive issues they’d had earlier in the season. This year, we led Bama at half and were in the game until the fourth quarter with our walk our no star QB behind center. With a better QB, maybe (MAYBE) we win. I can’t say that about the LSU game. We never had a chance. LSU could have scored 100 on Oklahoma. 2019 LSU was offensive perfection.
I hope UGA beats Bama before Saban retires. Otherwise, it’ll always seem like it needs an asterisk
Or he could do the conservative thing and claim nonexistent cheating and fraud, refuse to acknowledge the score, and finally storm and vandalize the NCAA HQ when he doesn’t get his way.
I hate UF, but to say they didn’t deserve a NY6 bowl is delusional. They barely lost to the #1 and #5 CFP teams. Their third loss came from representing the East in the SEC championship after playing an all SEC schedule. I hate, HATE FL, but you’d have to just come out of a six month coma not to know that UF was one of the best teams in the country when playing with a full roster.
Jesus, so you think he collapsed and was put in a coma to troll conservatives? You really have no life.
LeCounte's accident happened before the Florida game. He didn't play against Florida. It's one of the reasons our defense looked so lost out there that day.
Agreed, but if there’s kids on college campuses, then kids are going to get sick. God willing, we’ll have a vaccine soon and be playing by late January at least (& maybe with fans in the stands)
The CDC reports flu deaths every year. Try Google, genius. The most flu related deaths in one year in the last ten years was 61,000 (out of an estimated 45,000,000 cases).
This makes no sense to me. My family and I have taken this coronavirus thing very seriously, from wearing masks to quarantining, so it’s not like I don’t think it’s serious. But if you’re going to have students on campus, then why does football put these kids at greater risk? From classes to parties to dorms, college campuses are ideal places for this virus spread, so if it’s safe enough for kids to be in classrooms and dorms, what difference does it make if they play football? The virus is going to spread like wildfire when colleges open, whether or not there is football, and many of these kids will get sick bc of the close quarters in college. If anything, the fact they are outside and exercising is probably safer. I just don’t get it. Give the kids the option to forgo the season, but my guess is that 90%+ of these kids want to play. Let them.
My understanding is that the schools are expecting a spike of Covid once school starts, so they are delaying the start so that a bunch of infections at start of school won’t leave teams short handed.
That sucks. No non-conference games and another month without football.
I could see it now. He'd recruit "the very best" players, then they would be gone after six weeks. He would threaten to "lock up" the other coaches and players. And after every loss, and there would be many, he'd tell us how he'd won if it wasn't for the left wing referees.
I didn't know his middle name was Lou, but I also don't think Trump did either.
@tailwhip99 Well, Obama did kill bin Laden, most of us consider that as something good. Crime rates were actually lower during the Obama administration. (I don't attribute crime rates to president, but since you asked violent crime has been going up again). Obama created more jobs over the last three years of his presidency than Trump did in his first three years (before corona). At the end of Obama's presidency, the deficit was going down and was about $600B in his last year. The deficit has only gone up and was near a trillion dollars last year (again before Corona). I'd take that "mess" over the current mess anytime.
Lol Trump has sent out 6,000 tweets about CNN, but, yeah, the liberals are the crybabies.
I thought Vanderbilt was supposed to be the brainy school. Do you really not know that the First Amendment and Bill of Rights are limits on the GOVERNMENT’s control of speech, etc.? This is very basic stuff. WTF are y’all doin’ in Nashville if not going to school? I know it’s not football.
How can a coach lead a team when lies or at least exaggerates what he’s doing for his players? Maybe it’s time to start to start expecting more from the people at the top.
PS,JR, after the draft, Marvin Wilson will pay more in taxes next year than you’ll earn in lifetime.
Lol, JohnnyReb, I’m sure your ancestors are beaming with pride that they crossed an ocean and busted their asses so their decedent could go pretend to be a dead Confederate complaining about social justice warriors on a sports website. You definitely sound super successful and not at all sad or pathetic.
Actually, it’s probably the very fact that he is captain and the best player on his team that he did this. He wasn’t the only one who was mad, but he may have been the only one who could risk criticizing the coach. And, if going public should cost him his captain’s position, what should the punishment be for the coach lying in public to begin with?
Now please don’t make me ever have to agree with a bunch of Gators again.
Also, Dawg of War, if you’d actually watched the video or learned more about what happened, you would know that Marvin Wilson is already incredibly mature and reason-driven. And while you can claim all you want to be worth 8 figures (I’m writing this from my super yacht myself), Marvin Wilson actually will be come next year. But first, he came back to school, not for a chance to win a NC-that ain’t happening at FSU this year-but to get his degree. That’s impressive in its own right.
Dawg of War, you are full of opinions, but short on facts. The coach claimed he talked to each player individually. That’s not what happened. Wilson wasn’t the only person who never heard from the coach; in fact, the team held a meeting and the FSU AD said many players were mad about the coach’s claim. You’ve talked here about brand messaging and maturity, but Mike Norvell is twice the age of the players he coaches and he’s the one who publicly claimed he was talking to his players when he wasn’t. He was the one who “went public” when he made false claims. Maybe if he’d shown the “team first” attitude you Wilson lacks, then he would have actually reached to his players instead of just telling people he did.
He’s a Vanderbilt fan. His team has never been relevant on the football field.
I don’t get that either. I’d much rather play Fisher or Stoops than Malzahn. Stoops has done more with less, but it still hasn’t been that much, while Fisher barely beat Ole Miss and Arkansas last year and could have easily gone 6-7.