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We'll see. We should really try to enjoy the SEC for the next few years, because it may never be the same.
Maybe so. It takes a 2/3rds vote to kick an SEC member out, so some of the smaller programs will have to be kept to get to the 2/3rds. Kentucky may very well make the cut. My guess is that the SEC will look very different in about ten years, and unrecognizable, essentially non-existent in twenty years. It's a catastrophe. Kentucky will have a home somewhere, but programs like Vandy or Arkansas may be reduced to irrelevance.
Lol. Y'all think realignment is about anything other than football? Baylor just won the men's basketball championship! And you think that a competitive gymnastics or baseball is going to save you!?! This is all about TV/streaming. And there are about 20 or so true football powers that dominate for eyeballs and about half are in the SEC. What I'm saying is that it is only a matter of time before those 20 or so start asking why they're sharing their cuts with Vanderbilt or Arkansas. No offense. I love the SEC from the top to the bottom, but this is a huge step towards its destruction. (My guess is that we still see Alabama play Arkansas or UGA play Vandy, but it won't be a conference game, but more just a payday for the former SEC members.) Trust me, I hate it too!
And you'd have thought they won the national championship....Texas is back! Texas is back!
I don't want it either, but if it's all about money now, it's easier to split a billion dollars 10 or 12 ways than 18 or 20.
lol we'll at least the A&M and Texas games should be fun....
Absolutely. I'd bet a hundred dollars that KY and Vandy will be ACC schools in 10 years. Clemson and FSU "SEC" schools, and Arkansas part of a reconstituted SWAC. This is really a sad development for college athletics.
Lol. Not even a member and already telling us what to do. How about you beat some SEC teams and we'll talk.
Yep. 2/3rds are all that's needed to vote teams out of SEC. The writing is on the wall if this goes through.
It takes 3/4ths to vote in a new member, but only 2/3rds to vote one out. (Google the SEC Conference's Commissioners' Manual if you don't believe me.) It won't be long till the new members (25% of conference will have been added after 2010) and some of the big boys want to quit sharing the pie. I'd think long and hard about this if I was Vandy or Arkansas or Mississippi State.
It’s a good idea. Allows them to expand their brand. Anything to keep them out. I fear it’ll blow everything up.
Is this an actual proposal, or yours? It’s a good idea and I’d pray it works.
Guys, basically anyone below a Tennessee could be in trouble. Google the SEC bylaws. Page 3 shows it takes 3/4s to add new members, but only 2/3rds to eliminate one. Now, let’s say as the ACC’s TV deal gets close to expiring in 2035, the SEC poaches Clemson, FSU, maybe Miami and even Va Tech. The SEC will have 8 teams (almost 50% of the conference) added since 2010. Add Alabama, UGA, Auburn, Florida, LSU and Tennessee, and you now have enough votes to start kicking teams out. Maybe it’s just Vandy and Miss State, or maybe they get rid of five or six teams. Very real possibility.
The fact of the matter is, schools like Vanderbilt, Arkansas, and perhaps Mississippi State and Kentucky should vote against this merger. If money’s the end all, be all in college sports, then it’s only a matter of time until the SEC starts shedding the smaller, less successful programs. A billion dollar television deal goes a lot further divided between 10 or 12 schools than 16, and no one is tuning in for Vanderbilt games.
Lol that’s dabo’s schtick. Clemson vs the world. Yeah, it’s bull, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Go Dawgs!
Negan, I hope you’re right, but Miss St and Cincinnati shut our run game down. In both games, we were totally one dimensional. I pray they can get the kinks out, but Clemson’s strength is their defense next year, so we will be tested. If you watch the first Clemson-ND game, DJ struggled when he was rushed. Otherwise that kid can throw on a dime. Our D will have to put pressure on him to give our secondary a fighting chance. I know Kirby will have them ready, but it could be close.
You are right though about being favored. That DJ kid has an incredible and will be difficult to stop if we don’t get pressure on him, and we have some issues with our offensive line that need to be fixed quick. I’m sure Dabo’s feeding them the line that they’re underdogs to fire them up, but it ain’t “fake news.” Should be a heck of a game.
Dude, you are embarrassing yourself and the whole Georgia fan base with this comment. It literally quotes Clemson’s star LB Skalski saying that very thing: “ We’re happy we get that caliber of opponent so that we can hopefully prove some people wrong.” Apparently you were ready to get on your political soapbox before finishing the article.
I realize it's about money, which is why they want to leave. What I'm saying is that it's not just up to OU, Texas and the SEC. Ten years ago the TX legislature got involved, and I fully expect they'll do it again. I think the TX leg would let them leave if they take TTU with them, which only leaves the PAC 12. You're right about WV. They aren't AAU, and Big Ten is big about that. I forgot about that. Iowa State I believe is, though, so I definitely think they'd take them. I'm sure Big Ten would love to extend footprint to Texas, but I don't know who else they'd take from Big 12.
BTW, college football will be better served with more parity between conferences rather than less. Plus, with Saban's retirement on the horizon (fingers crossed), the last thing Georgia needs is another football superpower joining the SEC (and I don't mean Texas).
Calling my shot. OU and Texas join the Pac 12. Here's why: Their absence destroys the Big 12. The Big 12 is mostly Texas schools, therefore expect the Texas legislature to get involved. OK legislature may get involved on behalf of OSU. What makes sense? Texas takes the other big public school in Texas, Texas Tech, with it, while OSU leaves along with OU. The only major conference without 14 teams is the Pac 12, which has 12. Add four teams and you're at the magic 16. Expect Iowa State and WV to then join the Big Ten. I'm not sure who the SEC can add, nor whether they need to. My two cents.
This is the only format that makes any sense. Great idea! Splitting it in two, just sets up a mini Big 12 with an LSU and a true SEC. Hopefully they have the sense to adopt your model.
So the SEC West would simply be a rehash of the Big 12 with OU, Texas and A&M competing to play in the conference title game every year, while the East is essentially the true SEC? No thanks. What drives this will be money. The SEC may take the bait because otherwise the Big Ten will try to grab them. Let them. The Big Ten could use more competition anyway.
It’s true Negan. The stars really aligned last year for FL to win. Hopefully nature will correct itself this season.
That’s how you know it’s a good rivalry. If we feel good about a season where we only beat the gators, or bitter if it’s our only loss.
I’d agree, Aubie. I think it’s also the best rivalry, even with the occasional blowouts. That game 2 years ago was one for the ages. As for pro sports, what Southerner, let alone UGA fan, would say pro football or basketball define the South? NASCAR maybe, but twenty years ago, the only NFL/NBA/MLB teams in the SEC footprint (ie excluding S FL and now MO and TX) was in Atlanta. Even today the only NFL stickers I see are for Steelers and Bills transplants. Sorry, CFB still rules in the South
Sorry, this article just kills me. I get it. SEC dominance fuels jealousy, but this is ludicrous. Connor compares Auburn’s loss to UCF in 2018 to Illinois’s loss in the second round today to take a shot at the SEC during bowls (which is weird, bc the SEC is #1 there too, but ). He notes though that Illinois’s was worse because “It wasn’t like Auburn still had a realistic path to the national championship.” No, Auburn had NO path to the NC. Forget realistic, Auburn did not have a path to the NC. Not theoretical, not improbable. Nonexistent. That’s why so many players opt out and most fans just watch from home. Outside the CFP—college football’s version of March Madness—bowls don’t matter. Compare that to March Madness, which is the only thing that matters in college basketball. So, just like in January, the B1G will likely once again go home empty handed, but hey, Auburn did lose to UCF three years ago, so whatever you have to tell yourself to feel better.
I’m not one to usually criticize, but would anyone write for an SEC site—that focuses on football at that—if you’re going to take really bad cheap shots at the conference and its football performance? March Madness is nothing like the college bowls. Unlike their upset over Texas yesterday, when the Ohio Bobcats knocked off the Nevada Wolf Pack in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, their season was still over. Why? Because the bowls don’t matter. Connor, without looking, how many non-NY6 bowls are there? It’s 33. Which I’m not sure even the most diehard, well versed CFB fan would know. Connor, can you name 10 of those bowls? Of course you can’t, because no one actually cares about those games. Yes, UCF beat Auburn in a NY6 game, but it was notable because the SEC usually doesn’t lose. That’s right, the conference with most NY6 wins and the highest NY6 winning % is the SEC. Sorry, the Big Ten chokes in January just as much as in March. Go back to Saturday Tradition, Connor.
Alabama is the greatest team of this generation and I’m glad as hell they beat OSU. They’re my second favorite SEC team. With that said, my UGA Dawgs played both, with very similar teams except we had a walk on QB behind center in 2020 as opposed to 5 star Jake Fromm. From this, I’ll say LSU was better. LSU carved us up last year from kickoff. They were up 17 at the half as I recall. They had fixed the defensive issues they’d had earlier in the season. This year, we led Bama at half and were in the game until the fourth quarter with our walk our no star QB behind center. With a better QB, maybe (MAYBE) we win. I can’t say that about the LSU game. We never had a chance. LSU could have scored 100 on Oklahoma. 2019 LSU was offensive perfection.