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I like it dirty... Sexual inuindos aside, I like the behind the scenes dirt of college football. I'm not over here screaming about reform because the formula works. People get caught eventually, and their program suffers. Always remember, the goal of college athletics is NOT efficiency, perfection, or justice. The goal is entertainment. That's why we're talking about a middle of the road P5 program in Febuary, and not baseball spring training or the NBA.
I realize that you need ads to make money, but they've gotten a bit out of control. The Acura popup prevented me from being able to access the Charlie Strong video. Not only does this make me less likely to buy that crap car, but it creates disdain for this once great site.
Aside from every other factor, we also weren't set for the snap. This team and staff has no one to blame but themselves.
If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, or lives in Auburn, and doesn't wear LSU colors, it's probably not one of LSU's ducks.
Hey, I'm back, they kicked me off reddit. This is small, but Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake ran for LSU this year, not 2013-2014. He actually became the 3rd NCAA athlete to ever go sub 20 in the 200m.
That, plus play off cov on the outside receivers. Most people know that LSU's outside receiver route tree is simplistic and deep centric. Arkansas sort of wrote the book on how to defend us. They just play cover 3, and turn what would be that low saftey into a defensive linemen. Basically a 5-3-3 defense, with the corners 7 yards off.
Y'all trash talk like you're in middle school.... STFU...
You hit the nail in the head.
I've found much more civil conversation on reddit than here. Though I will admit, they are a mischievous bunch. During the voting process a portion of the community was constantly voting for the state's smaller schools. For example, Wisconsin-Whitewater almost won, and Temple actually won Pennsylvania.
I have to admit, I was one of the redditors who spearheaded the campaign on UAB's behalf. Why you ask? Because Alabama can go to hell.
Those are two of the deepest positions on the team and in this class. Not the end of world.
We truly are in the darkest depths of the offseason.
It's a coach's job to produce quality young men, not just draft picks and championships. Believe it or not, common sense isn't very common. Sometimes it's better to state the obvious, rather than have young men make mistakes that hurt women as well as themselves.
*He was vital* Samsung's auto-correct is out of control. It changes correctly spelled words to other, similarly spelled words.
RB, Keiland Williams (Virginia) is the only addition I have for the list. We was vital to the 2007 NC. He had a hell of a game against Virginia Tech. Deondre Clark of OKC still has time to make a name for himself as well.
Dude is a warrior. His senior year at SC was one of the most underrated seasons in the last 10 years. 24 TDs, 1 Int if I recall correctly. He deserves a chance with a better franchise. He'll be successful in whatever he does next.
Alonzo Moore (Winnfield) whos's now starting WR at Nebraska is another. He wouldn't have started over Dupre, Dural, or Johnson, but he's among the fastest receivers in the country.