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Nick is doing quiet well in the car business. He may eventual get rich.
McCarron is so inked up, it is ridiculous. He is a nice looking man, but he is a freak.
How dare a sports writer write anything negative about Alabama. They should always praise them, even when they get beat. Saban is not a very nice man but of course we knew that.
Auburn benefited from turn overs. That is only reason they won.
This weeks winners will include, Auburn, Texas am, Florida, Mizzou,Ole Miss and Alabama.
JJ makes too many mistakes. He is not going to win in an SEC game.
I thought Arkansas was going to be a top 5 team
It seems that a lot of the press has award the NC to Alabama.
This could be Georgia's year if Richt does a better coaching job than he has done in recent years.
Auburn v Louisville and Alabama v Wisconsin should both be close games. Bama and Louisville QBs are still unknown.
Of the games remaining, Auburn has the highest chance of getting beat of any team in the SEC. I find that amazing
Auburn and Alabama are both on upset alert.
Georgia seems to be the team that will excel this year.
There will be upsets and a lot of crazy scores this week end.
I like Auburn or Alabama to win the west, but I have to admit that ole Kirk knows his football and therefore he is probably right, so LSU will play for a NC this year. I think their qb is a little weak, but may be has improved.
The key for Auburn is the defense, which has performed well in practice. Muschamp should put some spark in a defense that was bad last year.
I saw the interview and did not think Petrino was especially complimentary of Auburn. He did not mention the Auburn defense. He mostly talked about Louisville.
Saban is wearing out. He has had a great run at Bama but I think he is about ready to leave. He is tired and ready to go.
A sports writer says that Louisville has one of the best defenses in the national. I was not aware of that. Johnson will therefore get a early test. We will need to throw some long balls to keep them from stacking our line.
Ohio State v Auburn in Orange Bowl should be a great game.
Georgia did not make the list because they eat bologna sandwiches.
I believe that Auburn will lose only 1 regular season SEC game and will go to the playoff for SEC.
Georgia's Samford Stadium---what is outstanding about it? The Dawg barking? Big deal!
Auburn's jumbo tron score board is far superior to any other school.
Its not an SEC game, but I like Wisconsin over Bama
Tennessee stadium is old and not in good conditions.
Wow, he did not mention the Bama qb, but of course that is a secret right now.