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Barrett was never an option for this season. The plan was to RS him from the start and an injury in fall camp pretty much solidified that. So he was never actually in the competition. JF3 would be smart to stay and run Wildcat packages and play receiver. He'll never be a QB at the next level. I fully expect Stidham to win the starting job, though it won't be announced until next fall. And we could do a lot worse having Sean as our dedicated #2.
Healthy, Auburn can win this with its defense and ball control run game. But it's yet to be determined if Sean White will really be ready to go. I hope he is!
Agreed. Stability in the ACC vs turmoil in the SEC West - I think that's an easy choice to make. At least for now.. with Florida back in the Championship game and Mark Richt down in Miami, he could end up struggling to get the recruits he's been stealing away from those programs in recent years.
Alabama only covered last year because Auburn had to go for it on 4th down and failed giving them an extremely short field. Still pisses me off we held Richardson out of the end zone the entire game only for him to score at the end of the game when the outcome was already decided. This year our defense is even better but due to the injuries on offense, we will look more like last year's team (unless by some grace of God we have Pettway and Sean both playing healthy). There won't be a lot of points scored in this one. Bama won't cover. 10 point win at most.
For some Auburn fans, winning the Georgia game is starting to become more important than beating Bama. The last decade has been anything but kind to Auburn in that rivalry. Losing to a bad Georgia team this year, despite the West division implications, just put an exclamation point on the need to end that downward spiral. Sure, beating Bama will help ease that sting, but it won't go away completely until next November with a win over the Dawgs. ;)
Go back and watch those two again and tell me Auburn didn't give him those. The worst DEs in the NCAA could've gotten those.
I agree. If this game was played in October, Auburn would be formidable. We just have too many injuries, specifically in our backfield, to really challenge Alabama for a full 4 quarters. Our offense without Sean White (who is probably not playing), is just not good enough to move the football consistently against a defense that good.
Georgia also only had to face one (hobbled) Auburn RB which forced the play calling to go more one dimensional to the air with a QB whose shoulder has been injured since the Ole Miss game. But still, what you say is true enough. Forcing Auburn to throw the ball with the QBs we have plays right into the defense's hands. I'd be shocked if Auburn threw for more than 120 yards against Bama.
Alabama has also not played an offensive team since Texas A&M. That helps. lol Auburn hasn't since Ole Miss, but Vandy did manage to score on Auburn (which was just a poor game all around for my Tigers). If both teams scores combined goes over 40, I'd be shocked. If Auburn plays without a healthy Sean White, Kamryn Pettway, and Chandler Cox and it goes over 30 I'd be shocked. This game is going to be about ball control and field position. Don't get too risky with the calls, make them earn every yard, and minimize mistakes.
I've been griping about him for a while. Auburn GAVE him 2 of his sacks, otherwise he'd be an absolute bust this season. Not to mention he's garbage against the run. There are far better DEs in the league.
I think it's more based on Auburn's rushing attack vs Arkansas' rush defense and overall ball control (TOP and turnovers lost) and Auburn's much improved defense holding strong after a BYE week where Arkansas just had to play Bama and Ole Miss and could be a bit worn down.
I don't think either Bama RB deserves to be on the list yet. Let them prove something on the field first. Brandon Harris is a stretch based on prior performance but you never know. I don't think Sony Michel is really a contender either, even if Chubb goes down before even taking a snap. I'd put Jovon Robinson as a Dark Horse mainly due to Auburn's streak of 1000 yard rushers and lack of between the tackles depth behind him currently. I'd move Dobbs up to #5 ahead of Ridley just because the voters favor the QB/RB positions over any others.
Okay, what's the deal with Kentucky? Are they "retired" and then "unretired" so they make the list?
The calendars are made out in advance of the academic year so it's no surprise.
If they DO make more mistakes, then Coach better show these boys the bench. There's no excuse for riding around with pot (or anything illegal) when you're a student athlete on scholarship at a major university. Keep your crap together for your 4 years then you can make all the stupid decisions you want but don't waste the team's time and the university's dime.
I remember the confusion from that. It's a good adjustment to the rules to make things a little more fair and competitive. Kudos to the rules committee.
Sounds more like off the field help and encouragement, which is fantastic. I doubt Cam is over there telling Watson how to scheme against Auburn. lol
You mean there were Bammers waiting for Gus to arrive? Shocker!
I'm glad we all agree on this. lol I wish Coach Craig all the success in the world at LSU and where ever else he ends up coaching in his career. Hopefully one day that path leads him back to the Auburn family. But until then, WDE and Geaux Tigers, Coach!
"Top returning pass rusher: Cassanova McKinzy (5.0 sacks)" Ehhhh.. someone didn't proofread their article. lol I guess that would be Montravius Adams with 2.5 sacks?
Hate to hear that. Hopefully he can land a contract with a team and get some support to her.
I love Muschamp but I honestly don't want him back, especially that quickly. At some point you have to put down some roots and show that you can build a program and he hasn't done that yet.
I give him 2016 and 2017. If we're still sitting around 8 wins or less, we'll need to move on. The foundation is there. If you can't build on it now, you don't belong as HC at Auburn or anywhere in the SEC. That said, I love Gus Malzahn and everything he has done for Auburn. I hope he rights the ship and we sail on to 10-14 win seasons with regularity. lol
Meh, Craig really doesn't fit. He's more of a pro-style offensive coach.
I'm sorry but losing Craig only hurts us on the recruiting side. With the receivers we've had the last few years he either can't coach them or they just weren't as good as they advertised. Gus won't be going anywhere next year. The year after, if we have another poor season, then yes. But who do you bring in? That always worries me.
O-line and linebackers. Depending on how our young guys do this season at LB we might be really bad off for 2017. lol Also noticed a lack of DTs but plenty of DEs, unless they are moving some guys around on the d-line.
You sure about that? Being that he is already enrolled and his sheer athleticism to make plays with his feet, I'd not be shocked to see him start against Clemson. If he can learn the system as quickly as Nick Marshall did anyway. I won't be shocked if JJ starts either but my expectations for the Clemson game and the rest of the season will be dampened if that happens.
Not that I doubt the guy's motives, but why hasn't he sent in his LOI? Has he said why?