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I wouldn't say one very poorly officiated game doesn't make a rivalry. But, Jimbo might change things. Last year was nothing but highway robbery.
If Canada does his job, next year's recruiting on Offense should be much better. Don't kid yourself, these defensive recruits are coming to be coached by Aranda. LSU's offense picks up, and recruiting Offensive talent with improve immediately.
Stoops has been done for years. Big Twelve is second rate conference. No defense, no change at the ring.
How many OU players have been arrested in the last two years? They are approaching U Miami and U Florida numbers for criminals in cleats. More BS from a perpetual bridesmaid. Big Twelve is a garbage conference - no defense. Garbage
I'm with Booger, nothing like loving your job to bring out the best in someone. Hoping for the best for O, he deserves a chance. They are good, smart coaching prospects from Louisiana, let's see if we can't keep our talent home.
You can tell by the off-field incidents with the Nkemdiche brothers, and Tunsil, that the Ole Miss program is full of problem children. Talent alone won't get it in the NFL, work and professional attitude are a must. Up to him, he might be an All Pro, or out of the league in another year or two.
Talent as good or better at LSU now. No other FBS school to compete with for LA talent, unlike Florida where UF and Miami compete. But, there is no real difference in caliber of job between LSU and FSU, relatively the same. SEC West is the toughest place to coach, for sure. Do he want that challenge, or not? Evidently not. He's not the savior for LSU. They need someone vested in the program, Orgeron perhaps. OR, a young coach ready to make a name with the energy and vitality to challenge Saban. Aranda, perhaps. LSU is fine. Miles was done. We may not get that program defining coach immediately, patience. LSU needs to conduct itself professionally so it can attract the right caliber coach. A program with unrealistic expectations, history of treating coaches badly, or intrusive admin/alum will turn-off many coaches with the right stuff. We don't need a Petrino or a Briles, and we don't need a Fedora/Holgerson/Gundy, who are no better than Orgeron. Patience.
I'm afraid he's over his head. Hope not, but that's my gut.
If you don't think Florida Gators get $100 handshakes, you're a buffoon. That goes on in every major conference in the country. Finding disgruntled ex-players to admit would not be hard, all you have to do is look.
Herbie is just trying to add some life into the season. What else can he say - SEC/BAMA on its way to another Championship? Not much drama in that. The spread hurry-up offense is misleading - points are cheap. A&M with JF are the best at it; Oregon looks great against cheap competition. Play a season in the SEC and see what life brings them. My Tigers shut that crap down two seasons ago. They are still Oregon and the PAC 12, they might win one-in-ten games against the best of the SEC.