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Totally confused about the 5-7 teams comments at the end. What? No hesitation about what?
You do realize OSU changes the dates and years for each category to skew in favor...lmao c'mon ppl
Rotten food as in, what I had been tasty boudin balls, jambalaya, and shrimp&grits 6 hours earlier..had now acquired a new texture, and smell.
Would love to go to this game, being from new orleans. Went in 2011 and 2013, the fans were so bad before, during, after the game.. without provocation assaulting our group, hitting drinks out of our hands while walking to the stadium, throwing rotten food at as us afterwards. I had never been so embarrassed to be from louisiana
...And he notes that this was the last day he every saw a titty that belonged to someone he was not related to by blood
lsu fans are absolutely the worst kind of people in the college football realm. As a Saints fan I hate that for the most part I have to associate with such scum
This was an incredible show. However, I will never return to the Swamp for a non-football game ever again.
Yes. UCF lied. UF should now tell them they blew it, see ya around kiddo.
This was extremely lazy writing compared to the article on the Gator page "Top 5 reasons Gators will win." In that article, the author gives 5 valid reasons the gators will win with stats in each to back it up. Here, it's all "i feel like", "i think", "earlier in the season", "jawja is just better". it is quite pathetic frankly. FL 28-26 win.
Usually its #5 and #6 that b**** about the playoff. So how about expand to 6 teams? 1 and 2 seed get by's. #3-6s slug it out week 1. Then week 2 the winners play #1 and #2. I like it.