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That is true. Our QB can't hit the side of a barn. Shutting out Arkansas was impressive though.
That's true with some teams but seems most schedule patsies to pad their W column. Look at Missouri, Arkansas, and A&M, they have 3 patsies which inflates their record. I give UF credit, they play FSU every year, Clemson plays SC every year. I'm just surprised the other conferences haven't caught on.
The Georgia defense is among the best I've ever seen up to this point. Georgia can certainly beat Alabama only if they don't get behind. UGA won't be running the ball as well on Bama so they will have to get a passing game. UGA's lack of a mobile QB will also play a factor.
Being in the ACC, there's an advantage of playing only 8 conference games. It's benefited both the ACC and the SEC. Most of the champions and playoffs have been dominated by both conferences. Conference games are hard no matter what conference you're in. It may be too late at this point but the other conferences should go to 8 games as well to help even the playing field.
What's the prediction for when Saban retires? My guess is 3 to 5 years. His successor will probably keep them good for a few years before there's a drop off. I would bet he would continue on as an advisor of some sort to keep it going.
Agreed, but from 2002 recruiting ranking was 18, 2003-14, 2004-10, 2005-11.
If I recall you guys always recruited in the top 20 and at times in the top 10. One thing has changed, although you've had favorable matchups, you all are winning bowl games now.
The starting QB looked lost before the injury. The results would be the same with or without him.
This probably should've been the year to at least have a shot at the sec title game with a new qb at Alabama, LSU and Auburn down. LSU and Auburn won't stay down for long and with OU and Texas on the horizon, recruiting will become much tighter for the aggies. The way it's looking now, Alabama and Georgia will be almost unbeatable for several years.
Their move to the sec opened the state of Texas up which has mainly helped the top tier teams become dominant. The CU game showed this team was overrated. King looked lost even before the injury. After Alabama this team may only win 2 or 3 more. It is disrespectful that no credit is given to MSU given their series history and the lack of big conference wins from the aggies. While in the sec, they're 2-7 vs LSU, soon to be 1-9 vs Alabama, 5-4 vs Auburn, 5-5 MSU, 0-1 Georgia, 1-2 vs Mizzou.