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He’s in an almost impossible situation. He’s going to have to be the 2nd best coach to keep his job. As other Florida coaches have found out going against Kirby both in recruiting and on field.
Yes any program wanted him but surprised he didn’t pick us or Bama. Those two programs are stability, all things proven as far as being able to win a title. Sark is as unproven of a big program head coach as there is, I.e., winning 8 games or so at Wash and USC. Just think it’s a huge risk for a recruit that one would think wouldn’t make that type of choice.
Multiple mismatches with our Tight Ends. Can beat Alabama or Ohio State if we play them because of them and our offensive line play.
King Kirby. When he’s done coaching we will be 20 wins ahead of florida in the series.
Not defensive at all and nothing to be worried about. It’s just a number of your low brow brethren are school girl giddy about a guy that’s proven zilch. It’s just silly and premature. Just putting into objective framework what it’s going to take for Napier to succeed. He’s going to have to be what Nick Saban was to Urban Meyer. And no one including me is saying (yet) that King Kirby is better than Nick. But what’s unarguable is no one else is better than Kirby, no one. That’s the facts.
King Kirby in 6 years has taken his team to 2 national title games, winning one and secured the top recruiting class in 3 of those 6 years along with having the most NFL Draft picks of all time in one draft. It won’t matter that Billy is the third best coach in the game because that gets him fired in four years. For anyone at this early juncture to think he can out do Kirby is an absolute pipe dream.
Offensive Line Play at nick Saban university may hold them back; both lines for buckeyes don’t think holds up to UGA or bammer.
He seems to have a dedicated plan but he’s going up against some powerhouses in the coaching industry (Nikki, Kirby, Kelly, Jimbo). Can he win enough? It’s a super tough ask to catch up enough in soon time to keep his job.
So you’ve confirmed you’re low brow existence. Just as I figured.
Big deal. You are on national TV. Don’t drink as many PBRs the night before after your sweeping jobs at your factory jobs.
He’s 70 and wears a diaper on the sidelines and kids don’t want to play for an ancient coach. Recruiting has already dropped off. This is the last year he “maybe” wins a title. 33-18.
Geez you bammers are room temp iqs. Let me be clear for you: YOU. Are. Out. Of. The. Arch. Manning. Sweepstakes. You have to settle for the cast off quarterback. Good luck with that. 33-18.
But what is little Nikki whining about today? 33-18
little sunbelt Billy is in over his “scared money” head. He will be the third Florida coach that King Kirby retires.
Bye. You had a good run. Us Dawgs will take it from here. 33-18.
Nick has lost his fastball. He’s entered the too old for coaching phase, I.e., Bobby Bowden.
Little Nikki the new Dan Mullen of the sec; clown show!
Wouldn’t expect any less from a bammer.
Translation: I picked a poor ass state (loosely) when I lied my way back to college football that can’t compete against the “NIL Big Money” programs so I’m at a sizable disadvantage. Had I known this I would have taken the Texas job 10 years ago.
It’s an open marketplace for all the recruits, plain and simple. Nick being the strategist he is would likely have left a “not as much money” Alabama for one of the Texas schools had NIL opened up 10 years ago. Now, he’s 70 and landlocked at a school he’s built that is being marginalized by the new open market. Oh and by the way, 33-18.
33-18; if you don’t like your poor ass state you coach in where they can’t compete with other schools then leave or retire and sit around in your old man diaper.
33-18; little Nikki now whines more than wins in recruiting.