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Pollack is perceived as too close to Herbstreit in personality and analysis. When you are trying to build a resonating tv team you are trying to gather different personalities to draw all the eyes you can, from the casuals to the “I want to see a weirdo”. They already have their Pollack. They think they need a popular weirdo.
It says it all when no bammer players are in the top 10. Misses in recruiting amd development over and over.
It’s a double hit. Milroe isn’t working out yet but also the Simpson kid can’t play at a high level. He’s a miss. He just doesn’t have any high level traits, I.e, arm strength, mobility, quick decision making, to make a difference. Next years cube at Bama isn’t on the roster.
Let’s get this straight: bammer may be an ok team or a bad team at moment but they are not a good football team.
Hush fakecajones. You don’t know anything or bring anything. Bring something remotely competent in your posts. Or maybe you just are a room temp iq.
You are the moron fakecajones. You stick your head in the dirt and refuse to see anything. Florida hasn’t improved week by week. There is no one but you that thinks they can beat UGA, LSU and FSU this year. All are light years ahead of your Billy led program. You win one game and you troll it up. You never come with any data or insight. You are just a wannabe troll. Act like Mr. Truth. More him, none of you.
Oh please fakecajones. Your predictions are off Each time. You have this adorable blue and orange tinted crystal ball that actually thinks Billy is going to be great when until this Saturday all signs strongly suggest otherwise. But you keep up the faith little fella.
May want to slow the roll on Billy just a bit. He’s won one game of real note - and we don’t know how great of a win this really is. Big losses against LSU, UGA and Florida State are headed his way with likely slip ups to a couple others. He seems to be coaching basic offense where all the other wizards are twenty points ahead. And when is he ever going to beat King Kirby? Answer: once or twice every ten years. And that’s not going to keep his job long term.
None of them can play at a level that Nikki needs to salvage the season. Regardless if they had a good cube this team was never going anywhere. They don’t have one position group that is considered good. And the O line is awful. Nick is destroying Kadyn Proctor. The kid is awful at tackle. He needs to go to guard or the bench.
Simpson can’t play and was one of the many overrated 4 or 5 star prospects that are a fraud on this bammer roster. They are nowhere near the most talented roster as you are basing that comment on a 247 “where were they then” recruiting ranking when everyone was 17 years old. Or when the dumb ones were 18 or 19. The most talented rosters reside in Athens or Columbus or Austin. There are only three or four players bammer players that could start for UGA. That’s the hard truth for bammer.
What Truth said. His comments are always apex. Nice win tonight Truth.
Nick is not the coach that all have thought he is. I can go replete with examples but all these smart people know them already.
Tale of two halves: UGA much better in second half; Spencer Rattler played quite well; UGA not ready yet for a big time opponent; confident they will be.
No cube, o line is the around part of “pushed around”, no game breaking receivers, Mia on Dallas Turner, D line has roller skates, secondary that has drank way too much Kool Aid and a coaching staff that can’t coach and can’t recruit plus a head coach that seems to be on a ceremonial last season as he clogs the pod casts and radio spots. Other than that, all is ok.
While Nick is jumping on every radio show talk talk talk Kirby is busy getting his team amd coaches better without distraction amd winning titles.
Tdow and she’s a Florida gator. So make no mistake she cheers for UGAs demise deep down. That’s another factor too.
TDow yes she’s very good looking. I was being a bit tongue in cheek bc she is off the market. Any woman to me is hotter when she’s single than when she’s married with kids. That’s what I was meaning with the “she’s not that hot” comment/joke.
Nikki has to say that for obv reasons. Recruiting for bammer is down this year and will continue to decline. The sport is not kind to plus 70 year old coaches. Frankly, Julian Sayin should be looking elsewhere.
Oh the ironic and accurate phrase after UT manhandled them is “all hat no cattle”. This bammer team from Latham to Kool Aid to Nikki just talk talk talk about how great they are and how as Latham put it “we are going undefeated and going to win the national title” or as booker said “we are going to make teams quit”. But nick is mad right. And that’s how they were going to be good this year.
Not hating but you aren’t relevant at moment. Your coach is a big miss and your say-all-the-right things AD would be better off having his young kids or grandkids pick a coach instead of him.
You are way late Hayes. They’ve been in decline. The little magician covered up most of their flaws: misses in recruiting over and over, not a good coaching staff as a whole, complacency, entitlement, an offensive and defensive line that’s just not that good. It was all there.
Meaning whatevs to the thought of arch going there with some old man fussy diaper coach. Yes Doug they’d be better off recruiting Puglisi.
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