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Beating UGA is everything. If UF does win the WLOCP, everything else just falls into place. The three programs that are clearly above UF in recent history all have significant issues to address with major player losses and coaching changes. UGA has arguably the toughest schedule in the conference and Bama will be a huge hurdle for the Dawgs so early in the season. I'm thinking UGA loses to at least one - and very possibly both of their western division foes this year. Although UF is likely to lose at least one before facing UGA. It's possible though that either team could go into Jax with the East division crown already assured, and UF has the easier path to that point. I calling UF at 11-1 or 10-2.
I believe the Gators went 12-0 in the regular season back in '95, only to be skull dragged by Nebraska in the NCG. Danny was absolutely transcendent that season. That Fiesta Bowl beatdown still hurts.
I think you're being a little hard on ole miss.
A lot of ifs all the way around. UGA IS uber talented and their D will be beastly. But the offense must come together quickly with games against Bama and AU. If they struggle early and UF gets past UK, UT and LSU the battle for the east could be over before the party in Jax is ever played. Of course Beating UGA is a "must" to some extent, but 11-1 with a trip to Atlanta would still be a great year for DM and UF. UF needs an east div championship and a shot at the play-offs as much or more than it needs to beat UGA.
The 2021 class is shaping up nicely, a big year on the field wouldn't hurt either. Also, my regards to the classy UGA fans that respond to the success of others with good sportsmanship and intelligence. Your input gains credibility even when you are critical of UF and I appreciate your views - one way or the other.
You and Kirby (I'm sure there are others) are class acts. You represent your school and yourselves with dignity and fairness. Keep up the good work.
I'd put the number of times that the SC troll is likely to say something incredibly goofy at infinity +1.
And if SOS were still at SC you would be winning a lot more games.
There is cause for concern for certain. But with no arrests or other publicly acknowledged misdeeds, it's hard to justify the opprobrium this kids is catching from all quarters. I Evans does come to UF and turns out to be a trouble maker, or worse, then DM should and no doubt will be held responsible. If Evans behaves himself and excels on the field then good for him and UF - that is if he even chooses UF.
Making a patently false claim of a criminal act, that decent and reasonable UGA fans seem to want no part of, is not funny or clever. Hating another school so badly that you would slander a young man just for showing an interest in possibly going there is just sick and disgraceful. If anything, your nasty little lie makes me pull even harder for this young man to "grow up" and fulfill his promise - whether he ends up at UF or not. Shame on you.
Tim's running out of time do anything at all in pro sports. The XFL just might be the path that would let him go out with a bang and not a whimper. It's better than AA BB and MLB ain't gonna happen. Sorry Tim but that major league curve ball is a byatch, and none of us is getting any younger.
First time poster here - all BS aside, that sucks for us, no matter how you slice it. Will it "cripple" us? No, but losing a very good player to a program that may very well have a new coach/staff after next season is a bad look - DM needs to upgrade the staff in multiple areas - starting with recruiting ASAP. On another subject - you're a class guy and an actual adult Kirby, and I appreciate your input.
We played them back in 1980 in Tampa, whupped 'em 41-13.