HS football and baseball coach for 28 years. Wanted to attend the University of Florida, but I ended up playing collegiately at Western Carolina. Didn’t play a great deal, but learned a lot from Coach Bob Waters, who was instrumental in convincing me to become a teacher and high school coach.

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Agreed! There will also be coaches that will prove themselves and eventually find themselves in position to move on to positions as coordinators and even head coaches at other programs. Coaches like Saban have prepared many other coaches to move on to bigger and better things for themselves and their families. Napier’s hire is solid proof of another example of Saban being, not only a great coach, but a great teacher of the game and all of the qualities that make it the game that we love.
You should back him. He’s your head coach and you have double digit wins. Be a happy camper with what he’s done and continues to do for Georgia football. Without him, it wouldn’t be in the position that it’s in. He’s done a very good job getting it back to relevance.
Who’s running away doosh? Don’t get upset over this game, after all, it’s just a game. Could’ve happened to anybody, but it happened to you and your team. You’ve needed a good helping of crow all year for flapping your gums.
Don’t be upset with him. He’s the head coach for crying out loud. He gets paid for making these decisions, regardless of what crazy Jawja fans think. Be happy with him. You have double digit wins. He’s still a great coach. Lots of coaches would switch places with him. He ain’t going anywhere so support him whether he gets you a natty or not.
I know, right. I’ve heard it all season long and kept my cool, but right now, I just can’t stop laughing. It was an absolutely mystifying game……..
You’re correct. I’ve read this on numerous message boards as, unlike some unnamed fans, from the school north of us don’t do any research or never “learnt” to read prior to leaving elementary school for to work.
Say it “is joke” comrade. Yet UF continues to live rent free in the tiny little minds of some bulldog fans. The FDS is strong with some of you.
Mom let him go to the basement again. She even gave him the Wi-Fi password just so he’d leave her alone.
You said it! UF continues to live rent free in their shallow minds.
Are you back down in mama’s basement. Does she know you’re using her Wi-Fi again? The FDS is definitely real within the empty heads of some bulldog fans.
Agreed 100%. As a former coach, I’ve followed Napier’s coaching career. He has built the Louisiana program. Florida is definitely a rebuild. Riley was handed the keys to the Sooner program by Stoops. BK just wouldn’t fit in Gainesville. He’s from Boston and looks like he just wouldn’t wear jorts. Hogtown would eat him alive.
Still surviving in your mom’s basement, I see. I’m surprised she even gave you the password to the Wi-Fi account. Or are you piggy backing off Kirby’s account? Nah, he’s got too much class to even associate with someone like you.
CBN was born in Cookeville, Tn. He grew up in Murray County in North Georgia and played high school football for his father.
Just as Ben said. Dabo changed the plays on him. CBN was young and intense. He has matured and moved on from those days. Learned a lot from those he’s worked for and with.
That’s why it can be very difficult being part of Gator Nation. :(
And yet, here you are like a gnat on a donkey’s derrière.
Agreed. I’ve followed CBN since he was the OC at Clem’s Son. He has worked hard and paid his dues. I’ve been happy since finding out his name was connected with the task of rebuilding the program. It will take time and patience by the fan base. He knows what he’s doing and it seems like the university administration are “all in” as well. Splashy hires don’t always work out and BN is blue collar guy that, if given time, will set the Gator Football Program back on course.
Which, in and of itself, is sad and a reflection of 2/3 of our fan base. That’s why Spurrier and Meyer both moved on.
Agreed. A difficult season for the Gators. I never understood why we didn’t run the ball more with the RBs that we have. Pierce set the tone by refusing to lose yesterday. I was a bit concerned until their kicker whiffed the kickoff. A first time for everything.
Hope not! Just don’t see the fit there. The SEC is not the PAC 12. Yeah he could steal a few recruits, but he’s been out west for awhile.
Napier has a plethora of connections in the college ranks and in the NFL. If he his the HBC for UF, he’ll assemble a staff and they’ll hit the recruiting trail running. He knows the value of recruiting when building a program to compete for championships. Gator fans just need to be patient. Having grown up with UF “in my blood,” a lot of our fan base grows impatient and want immediate results. SS needs to hire BN and let him do what he does best. Let him run the program totally. He spent five total years with Saban. He knows how a program is built from the ground up. We all know what difficulties Bama endured prior to Saban being hired there.