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paris10... I'll give credit to your coach; he's a Stoop. He will have a good run at UK. However, with the cats losing 16 seniors and your sure-handed RB, 6 in a row isn't happening. Probably a closer game than I would like, but I think you guys lost too much to pull it off again this year.
We've got 7 wins IMO. Our boys need to step up and get us to 8 with this schedule, and we will have accomplished something. We were unfortunate with the number of injuries last year, so hoping to keep our guys healthy this year! A LOT riding on Bentley to get the job done at QB for us this year also
The world is high on Bentley because of his composure, execution, leadership, and proven ability to win given his lack of experience. (He chose to forfiet his Sr year of HS) Considering the fact that he completed almost 66%(65.8%) of his passes (1,420YDS/9TD/7GS) as a grey shirt FR in the SEC says a lot about his potential. Posting 215YDS/3TD/1INT against the same NCState that missed a FG to upset then No.3/now reigning NCAAF champ Clemson is proving he is "one of" the best QB options in the SEC. MIZ has the home field advantage and will put up points for sure, but I truly believe my Gamecocks are a more balanced team. SC 42 - MIZ 28 GO COCKS!!
Agreed; NCState always seems to play to the level of their competition. Remember this was the same NCState team that missed a FG last year to upset then No.3 and now reigning NCAAF champs Clemson at the end of the game. They are no pushover and could very easily win 9+ games this year.