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Didn’t UCF and UGA play in 2010? How did that turn out? Really? For all your dog yapping the last time these two teams played UGA lost.
Spectrum is 13 years old but an expansion of the stadium is on the drawing board. We make 4 mil per game. Bigger is not always more profitable just ask FSU.
Ridiculous but true. UCF sells out every home game. There are less than 70 season tickets available now. If you hurry you can still get yours.
Of course Gus said before and after the game that they were prepared and ready and there was no let down in preparation.
So you know this isn’t a 2 for 1. It’s a 2.5 to 0. 2 games at the swamp and one at the citrus bowl. That is NOT the Knights home stadium. This is a great deal for UF but sucks for UCF.
He got seperation because he has a bigger arm. The right call was a no call. He could have call it both ways but that is not allowing the players to play the game. It was a ticki tac contact that should not have been called.
From an ex official, it was a horrible call. The official should never have pulled that flag out. My guess is he is a rookie or young official without much experience at this level. He will be debriefed after the game, if he make another one like that he will be working the Emory & Henry game next year.