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He literally just said not including tuition.. I'll tell you right now books about $800. Room and board about $2500 if you live in a dorm. Then I know they give them around like $1500 for groceries and supplies and what not. Then tack on the $8000 a semester for tuition. I think they should be able to sell jerseys and things like that to get a little extra cash but they shouldn't be on any type of salary until they get to the pros. If one sport does it then all of them have to and that would just be Chaos....
all of your losses came to teams that finished 7-6 8-5 9-4 and 10-2 other than alabama.. so 2 teams finished with double digit wins.. the overtime win was extreamly lucky a play that will most likely never be done again.. you had a good end to your season.. be happy about that.. Georgia went 10-3 and didn't make the top 25.. which is the first time a team with 10 wins in one of the power five conferences has not been put in the top 25 in the history of the game. So stop whining
Christopher Smith, I'm curious did you just roll out of your bed today and say hey today I am going to stir up a bunch of crap for the University of Georgia. Yea, I know they are in a damn tornado right now with Richt leaving and supposedly Smart coming in but McGarity won't let Pruitt stay even though Smart requested it. Sure that's exactly what I am going to do. I'm going to go out on twitter and find some little piece of trash that has 1300 followers and publish an article on SDS that said now Eason is Leaving Georgia too. God man its people like you that cause bad things to happen to good people. Do you know who Graham Hall's "Sources" and where this "very good information" are coming from. I mean Honestly you have been given a little bit of a power position being able to write for this sight. Don't abuse the privilege. That is the equivalent of me going out and seeing someone post Christopher Smith wears adult diapers and posting it to a big site. Don't abuse your power buddy. Report these stories when they actually happen not when some nobody on twitter post 2 things about it.
If Dan Mullen comes to UGA I'm going to throw all my UGA stuff away because all that guy would do is cause a giant dumpster fire. Mark my words.. with no Dak next year state doesn't break .500.. the only reason dan mullen still has his job at MSU is because he had Dak. He probably begged him to stay his senior year so he could keep his job and salary for another year.
I would burn all of my UGA stuff if mullen came over and ruined Georgia football.. I hate to break it to you but next year with no Dak yall will be lucky to break .500.. you can keep mullen buddy.. he's all yours
im sorry 68% not 52% my math was all messed up but still worse than Richts in the first 15 years
So in vince dooleys first 15 years he was 118-56 so he won 52% of his games... why didn't we fire him?
I'm a UGA fan and as one it kills me to see people with attitudes like yours. First of all Richt is 55 he is not 70 so the spurrier, o'leary, beamer thing is a mute point. We do not have a reliable qb we lost our Heisman hopeful RB for the season, and our other top running back has a broken hand. It is hard to play in the SEC gauntlet to begin with and then you throw those factors in on top of that.. its damn near impossible. UGA fans like you have gotten your heads blown up and i would say that it has to do with how HCMR has turned the program around. From 1989-2000 we were 86-53 pretty damn mediocre for an entire decade. Since richt has come in we are 141 and 50.. A vast improvement but that doesn't give you the right to "Expect" national titles.. I don't know if you know this but vince dooley didn't win his first national title until his 16th season as head coach and the year before that he went 6-5.. should have fired him too.. then maybe we wouldn't have a damn NC. Get over yourself.. seriously
yea well here's a fun little fact. The only team that you played that was halfway worth a crap is MS state and you scraped by in that game by 2 points. There minimal defense was also able to hold Fournette to 159 yards rushing. I would, you know, maybe wait to start talkin someone up like that until you actually play a ranked opponent. So far you have struggled with everyone you have played except for Auburn.. and well that's Auburn and they suck this year.
Bold prediction: Brad Crawford has a brain and uses it.
yea if this guys job was based on if he got any of these "bold predictions" correct his career would be a huge dumpster fire.
God bless this guy just genuinely hates UGA. Every week his bold prediction is that one of their stars fails and they lose. I hope UGA stomps alabama so this guy can officially take the "L" he deserves. #comeonman
yea hailstate.. that was annoying to hear for a year.. #itsover
well this guy was right last week when he predicted chubb would be held to less than 100 yards and that the cocks would eek out a win agaisnt UGA so maybe we should listen to him.. oh wait never mind none of that happend.. this guy is an idiot
Don't take vandy lightly.. they are better than you think..
how's auburn doing this year.. good luck losing to state this weekend
That looks a little bit more realistic
Haha.. wow coming from a state fan.. that is hilarious..
Well if it makes you feel any better im sure 50% of the reason yall are number one is because there are so many band wagon fans that like alabama. Not to mention they sell Alabama merchandise in like ever walmart in the south. I live in Mississippi and there isn't a walmart here that doesn't carry alabama crap. Those band wagoners aren't gonna go out and buy a $80 jersey when they are gonna have to order another one whenever they figure out who is best this year.
Did you watch Vandy lose to Western Kentucky last week... once again WESTERN Kentucky. We have an offense that at the very leased should put up 35 ppg this season. If we can get out secondary to tighten up a little we will have one of if not the best defenses in the SEC of not country. UGA roles 55-10
boy i guess when you haven't won the SEC in almost 8 decades you'll take any trophy you can get.. what an honor this should be..
3 groups out of 10.. not bad.. Go Dawgs!
You have to be brain dead to not put Nick Chubb or Fournette on this list. Obviously you don't watch football.. i mean really Jalen Hurd over the other two.. I'll have what ever your smokin.
Ok.. so where are the Memes for Alabama or LSU or MSU or Florida or Tennessee or USC or Vandy... hopefully on the way because there are alot better memes about them
I think you might be a little more concerned about UGA.. in athens.. Idk that might just be me..