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if a conference championship does't give an automatic bid, then it shouldn't matter at all, it's just another game. Since there are more conferences than there are playoff spots, then this is true. If you take away the "OSU won it's conference" argument, then I don't see how you put in a 2 loss team, regardless. Alabama for #4 is really the only choice that makes sense in a 4 slot playoff. The committee should really stick to the idea that you don't deserve a 4 team playoff spot with 2 losses. there are just too many teams playing college football for that to make any sense.
I'm really surprised at the resistance to go to 8 team playoff. With 8 team, then you have room for the 5 conference champions (automatic bid), a group of 5 representative (selected), and still have room for butt-hurt blue-bloods that couldn't win their conference that would have been left out. Any elite blue-blood with 2 or less losses would be in most years. If you have a year when the blue-bloods all win their conferences, then you get a nice mix of other teams that had a great year. If weirdness happens (like 11-1 Alabama not winning their conference) there is still room to fit them in. There's still plenty of drama, but the drama spreads out to more teams. I think you end up with MORE meaningful games at the end of the season, not less. Teams like UCF could get a shot, and team like USC that won its Power 5 conference would be in, and teams like Wisconsin, Penn State, and Miami would get looks, or a second Power 5 school if you had 2 crazy good ones one year. if there are no Power 5 schools that qualify, then put Notre Dame in there because feelings.
this is fun though eh? I'm not going to concede 2 victories over about $50 and a car ride in the 70's if you get to keep your victories over us after 15 major violations and whatever else was going down. If they had taken wins away from you today I wouldn't count them towards us anyway. Every program pays players. They should be paid. The NCAA is the rat here. Half of Ole Miss's wins in the series were before 1963. that was almost 55 years ago! This is an old rivalry. I do think the team that won on the field that day is more important than caring whether the NCAA decided to punish a random team at a random time with a random penalty for something that all schools do to some degree all the time. agree or disagree, but the record on the field is what I decided to reference. It doesn't make much difference to my overall point. The series is closer to even than you suggest outside Vaught's run, and in the modern era neither team has had sustained success over the other. 19*-24 since I've been kicking' it. And I hate what the NCAA just did to your program. It sucks for everyone in Mississippi.
Ignoring NCCA forfeits/vacancies because everyone cheats all the time. 1. Incorrect. Ole Miss has won 62 out of 114 Egg Bowls played, or 54%. That's a lead, not a "commanding lead." Alabama has a "commanding lead" over MSU winning 80 out of 101 (79%). Alabama has a "commanding lead" over Ole Miss winning 53 out of 65 (81%). 2. Incorrect. 70 years ago was 1947. MSU have 22 wins before then and 24 since. MSU has won a majority of its Egg Bowl victories the last 70 years. Ole Miss has won a majority of the last 70 Egg Bowls. These are both true statements! Since 1990 the series is tied 14-14, the most even era of the series since 1911, when the record was 5-5-1. Then MSU (A&M at the time) won 12 in a row (17-5). The series was still in MSU's favor in 1946 at 24-17-2 when Ole Miss went Kung-Fu and won 14 of 16 with 2 ties to make it 24-31-4 in 1962 (Ole Miss gained the lead in the series In 1955 or so during the Vaught era). So overall an even rivalry up to the early 60's with each team having one long win streak. Ole Miss built its lead in the series from there to 1989, winning 17 of 27, bring the series to 32-48-6. This was partially Vaught, but mostly due to MSU being a complete dumpster fire during this stretch. Add in the even rivalry from there and you get to 46-62-6. 3. Misleading. Since 1962, there has been only one stretch where one team won more than 3 in a row in the series (Ole Miss from '83-'86). Since 1990 MSU has 2 "back to back" and 1 "back to back to back" win stretches, while Ole Miss has 1 "back to back" and 1 "back to back to back" win stretch. Ole Miss had Jonny Vaught in the middle of the last century, and I'm glad they did. Otherwise we both suck evenly bad, and the history of the rivalry is fascinating and much more complex than one dominating the other. Statements should be truthful and not misleading, unless you are trying to propogandize. Also, don't let the NCAA 1984 your are. If you haven't read 1984, read 1984 this weekend.
Kiffin is such a troll he might take the job and then quit the day before the first game of the season...via Twitter. Dude is crazy and immature and a disgrace and a legend. UT fans are acting like a girl who wants to get back with a dude that beat her up or something, but I guess when you're a dumpster fire, you act like trash. I'm not calling Kiffen a wife-beater. I'm calling Kiffen a kung-fu ninja. You want a "ball coach" for your coach, not a kung-fu ninja.