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Tony Tony Tony...Jakey boy completes less then 50% of his passes again UGA losses by 17...
Aint no telling how many mean messages this poor fellow received after the game..
Well excuse the heck outta me Coach Pitre..What did Myles do that was so impressive besides throwing the ball like 4 times and handing it off? Its bold because when you say something like that you better back it up..
Special team this year..its been great watching them thus far and they still aren't finished.
I don't mind your post, its pretty comical to see you losing your sh!t
Go drink some milk and go to bed, tomorrow is a new day bud..
Wonder how many keyboards he has been through over the years?
Looked like he was calling for someone before the play and then couldn't get no ones attention so he just fell.
About as funny as BamaTime going at it with everyone on this page..someone needs to reset him..
They still had a leg up on Ole Miss if you know what I mean..
Excuses as usual, Guess if Tua was playing yall would have won also..cant wait to hear that one..
I have to use Safari instead of Chrome. Don’t know if you guys have an iPhone but it helps a lot.
I think Mac is going to come out an play well. He would be a starter at most any other college out there. With Tua healthy he never had his moment to shine.
They outta get along just fine in Death Valley then..
The best part is he was on the sidelines with that belt acting like everything was cool..they would have maybe even had a chance to go for 2 and win it..
Did he not think he was going to get a flag for this? Completely immature and classless..he let his team down.
Speaking of Egg Bowl how the heck you do something you know is gonna cost your team 15 yards knowing you still have to kick an XP to send it in to OT..pretty comical
Hopefully the defense that showed up in the first half of Alabama is there Saturday..
That's exactly what I said. I'm talking to the people that think LSU is being disrespected when someone chooses another team over them are gets jumped in the polls. Its stupid to think they are being disrespected.