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JTF what’s one more year bud..I’m sure you can find y'all's last natty to watch on VHS somewhere.
That’s what I’m getting at, hard to believe there will be playoffs and a natty. You can’t possibly determine 1-4 playing the season like this.
But how does that work in ranking? Say the SEC plays a full schedule..BIG10 plays 5 games...can you really rank them with the rest of the pack? Could cause some controversy..
First Clemsons schedule gets cut in half due to ivy leagues canceling their season now this...2020 can kick rocks..
I read that it will limit the travel distance and they will be able to monitor COVID testing closer as per ESPN article.
Ohhh okay I see..So your a mustard and ketchup kinda guy..I'll have to remember that..
Situations like this are always tricky to handle, alot of danged if you do danged if you dont cause there will always be some that dont think the situation was handled correctly. Seems like it was addressed pretty quick and dealt with i agree
If he was only committed to a football team like he is twitter he would be ok..
When I saw the headline I was thinking JR now Ruggs! But its good to hear its minor..
Hate to hear this..Hope he makes a full and quick recovery
Could not agree more. I am all for the peaceful protest, but 80% of whats happening is just mind blowing
Don't mention UF winning the East, They don't take that very well...
That's the way its been for the past few years. If you have an opinion and someone doesn't agree with it your automatically an idiot are a dumb@ss
That's fine if my opinion is bad to you and everyone else, I voiced my opinion on a public article and was called an idiot. But I wouldn't expect anything different on SDS, very few have the ability to have civilized conversations..
There is nothing that suggested LSU would do it either. Its just my prediction
As an LSU fan anyone who sets their expectations according to the 2019 season is asking for a letdown..Its not fair to any of the coaches IMO to hold them to that standard
Appreciate the classiness 94, nice to have a decent covo on here every now and then..