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Kirk still salty about Ohio State losing you Clemson..
Good for him, wish him the best of luck. May have to watch a little of da bears this season.
However I do not think that this will be Coach O’s last natty appearance..
I’d be thrilled with 10-2 next year honestly with the amount of talent leaving..
Nicely written article. Prayers to him and family.
Always giving credit to his teammates...Love this dude..
LSU may never see another QB like Joe. I wouldn't say their offense cant be explosive again next year though. They will build it around Myles. Plus 3 true freshman running backs that can all start next year.
I have been following pretty close all season and I haven't seen this during the doubt behind the scenes but not during an interview..
My lord what is up with these dude talking all this mess, be humble and take care of business. OU is the last team you wanna overlook..
IMO he is the best all around back we have. Havent really saw the others in pass protection enough to give a comparison. Coach O stated that the others are better at certain things then one another where as CEH seems to have it all.
This match up is going to be epic..looking forward to it!
You think I don’t know he won a title in 2003? His career really kicked off at Alabama is what I was getting at. Your here bashing another teams coach with paragraphs of BS....troll
Clearly the only reason you have an account is to troll judging by your history..He took over in 17 and is in the CFP in 2019..stop being ignorant..Nick Saban was the same age as O when he won his first NC @ Bama so im not sure what point your trying to make...He still has a long career ahead of him. This is just the beginning! Good luck against Michigan..
Class act right here..Always liked this guy
I remember watching this game at home with my Mom and Dad. Good times!
Merry Christmas to you as well! #beatbaylor
Where is the Christmas spirit?? Thought it was pretty impressive myself..
Work nights so this is my’s always over when you show up..
Why call someone out with a smarta$$ comment before researching it yourself??
Agree 100%, the other backs can get the job done in this one..
Jalen is possibly the best QB the LSU defense has faced thus far. Its going to be interesting to see if they can slow him down. Stingley vs CD is going to be one for the books..
You think he has a picture of daddy Saban on his night stand?