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It was def a different scheme which included 2 new guys in it. Mashburn and Martinez.
Social media rumors? It was said during his talk show at TJ ribs when someone prank called him pretending to be J-Boy. Move along..
I guess you didn’t hear the fishing hole comment did you?
What are you talking about? Reaching an agreement usually doesn’t mean he’s getting the full 17mill buy out
LSUMC the dude is sleeping with blondes at an unhealthy rate and is a PR nightmare ever since the UCLA game.
Hmmmm, may wanna check that number again
Program is on a downward spiral and it’s not just coaching. Off the field issues are starting to come to surface..
When your program has been a disaster since winning the NC I’d imagine it’s pretty easy to have problems with people within the administration. This was inevitable and it’s been in the works for some time now
How’s it ridiculous? I believe a new head coach in BR is inevitable..
Kinner made positive yardage every carry despite the lack of push by the offensive line. I'm not saying that LSU would have a great running game if they ran him more but it would certainly be better then it is now.
LSU isn't the place you come to get on the job training and it certainly shows in our offensive production and play calling. They burned all timeouts with 9 minutes to go in the 2nd quarter because Peetz cant get a dang play in..Thats what happens when your head coach hires someone that has never been an OC before. 7-5 this year and Scott Woodward is making phone calls that is if he isn't already.
You talking about an OC are the run game lol
Burned every timeout in the first half with 9 minutes to go in the 2nd. Isn't that pathetic?
Heard it live during his interview earlier. He even said "good idea" after. How about just leave him there to begin with cause frankly I liked the offense under slinger better then this check with me bs they running now. Burned a timeout after a kick off on the first play of possession because you couldn't get the play in! Its pathetic..
You seriously think he is going to take advice from a reporter into consideration? Come on man..
They literally rushed 2 and dropped 9 into coverage...that's how confident they were that Peetz wasn't running the ball. Sad Sad Sad
Give the rock to Cory Kinner and you will have somewhat of a run game. 5 carries for like 25 yards and they gave up on him. He is the clear RB1 not TDP. All BARN literally rushed 2 and dropped 9 mofos into coverage a few times and we could not get a yard!!!
I feel like there is an article about ole Gary every Saturday.
Dang injury bug, two major blows in the last week. Hoping for a quick recovery!
May have to watch the game on mute with those god awful cowbells..
This game is going to be under a microscope. People are going to be looking for any and every change if there is one..
If he’s so good in coverage why wasn’t he playing last week
On an LSU article? You must be one of those Mississippi BAMA fans..
I’m not saying that at all but I see nothing wrong in the two clips above besides him doing what a coach does..
It wasn’t nearly as bad as it is now..wether LSU is winning are losing has nothing to do with the amount of trolls because it’s on every article regardless of team.