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Typical BAMA fans to make this about LSU after winning a Natty..go enjoy a perfect season and a national championship instead of trying to figure out if this years tide was better then last years tigers. Who gives a sh!t?? Does that really mean more to you guys?
Not a snow balls chance in he!! They afford him more then what LSU was willing to pay him..north of 3 million is what had him coming to Baton Rouge
Let’s Geaux!! Time to get to work..come on down to gods country!
She will always be a Saban regardless of who she married. She's obviously living through her dads success the way she post nonsense on twitter all the time
She should have stayed off twitter..Just because you last name is Saban doesn't mean you know what your talking about..
It wasn't BS when papa Nick had it.. Saying they are doing it just to get JF back healthy is low hanging fruit. When has more time to prepare for a game ever hurt Saban? Get off twitter..
The same mutts that sent a Heisman candidate QB to Ohio State a stuck with the "elite" one that could never get the job done.
Throw the bank at him! I love the 3-4 3-3-5 defense he runs at Cinci. I believe that if O is a hard azz and is dead set on a 4-3 it may steer him away due to not being able to implement his own scheme.
I hate to see him go. I felt like he was gonna do big things at LSU..
Calm down fellas it’s gonna be ok, he will do better on the next one..
It’s crazy to think the spread is 19.5 points in a semi final game.
I would have liked to see A&M play BAMA again..
Wtf was he thinking? I believe he had like 35 yards in penalties by himself on that one drive..