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I dont see them putting up 34 for sure. Ole sunshine hasn't seen a D as sound as Bama's all year.
Dont agree with the NC score though. Clemson had alot of close calls this year. I think 38-17 Bama
Agreed, and then Bama will move on to beat Clemson in the NC.
Oh no is it BamaTime on a UGA article???? It cant be.. Any of these guys comment on a Bama article your blood pressure spikes.
Cause he didnt win the Heisman and everyone is crying about it.
Everyone is a troll on SDS but you BamaTime we know. This website is going to give you a stroke with the way you troll police it. So you go head and "Carry On". If you dont like comments people make on an open discussion website then find a Bama only site.
I think he will prob play the first half and thats it. I agree, he is arguably the GOAT
If Jalen was healthy I would start him. But beings he isnt 100% either i think its a risky to move to play him against an opponent like Citadel. But I am no football coach.
If Jalen was 100% I would start him no question. I think its a risk that doesn't need to be taken IMO. But hey im no football coach.
Fact is a gave Bama's O-Line a compliment as well as Tua and you still salty. Wasnt trolling at all.
Bro do you honestly think I was being serious? If I didnt think Tua was better I never would of made that comment about trading QBs it was meant to be a joke but i guess i got your salty ass at the wrong time of the month.
So Tua is better cause his O-Line is better? I was just talking. Wasnt taking anything away from his talent
I was just trying to have a convo about Tua. Was not knocking him by any means. Guys a great athlete. Always gotta bad mouth someone. Poor Joe.
Gotta give the O-Line a lot of credit for his success this season.
Trade Joe Burrow for Tua..Joe is healthy and ready to go lol