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I don’t think the oline was as bad as people thought last year. With the experience there is on it this year I don’t think it will be a concern at all. Max Johnson is the better option in my opinion due to the offense they are trying to get back to.
Don’t forget about the NCs they have in the last 40 years as well….believe that’s also zee-ro
Good luck to him! Word on the street was that playing LSU highly played into his transfer destination..Strong words if true considering how he looked in the spring game..
If he could actually stay healthy for at least one season we may be able to see how he “grows” and “improves” as the season goes on. What he said is factual info..just like him being hurt every year he has been at LSU. People always bring up Joe Burrows 2018 season when talking about Myles and I have no idea why.
You missed spelled Bo Pelini for DC..
Honestly I thought our defense looked sound but considering how historically bad it was last year any little improvement is going to be noticeable. I really liked what I saw out of the secondary. Dwight Mcglothern was all over the field. It’s nice knowing you have a stud like him that can contribute at a high level behind Stingley and Ricks. D-Line gave our O-Line fits most of the game I thought. As far the QB battle if I had to pick after this one, Johnson, Brennen, Nuss, Finley. It’s clearly a 2 horse race and I think that just because of Coach Os loyalty to Myles that he will be QB1 come fall. RBs need to get healthy..not much more to say about that other then KOY MOORE IS NOT A RUNNING BACK! On the WR side I think Boutte is going to be hard to be a hard man to cover, look for big things out of Jenkins and Kirklin at WR2-3. Really didn’t see much from the TE position. Would really love to see Arik back on the squad. We saw very very little of what Jake Peetz has in the bag, not even one RPO was ran. Pretty excited to see what is in store for this years Tigahs!
Return the favor LOL..what are you 12?? I didn’t know FFG had you like that but I guess I was wrong..
His old a$$ can’t throw anything but a headset..jk..gotta love when Saban cracks a joke cause they don’t come often
I think Max looks better in my opinion..will be interesting to see what happens come fall.
By now reporters have to be scared to ask this man a awwww boy here goes nothing
Typical BAMA fans to make this about LSU after winning a Natty..go enjoy a perfect season and a national championship instead of trying to figure out if this years tide was better then last years tigers. Who gives a sh!t?? Does that really mean more to you guys?
Not a snow balls chance in he!! They afford him more then what LSU was willing to pay him..north of 3 million is what had him coming to Baton Rouge
Let’s Geaux!! Time to get to work..come on down to gods country!
She will always be a Saban regardless of who she married. She's obviously living through her dads success the way she post nonsense on twitter all the time