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Sorry but Chavis is in fact a trash talker. Quite a big one through the years to be honest. He happens to be right this time more than likely. The team just has to get past those bruts at Bama one year. The team manziel played on won but didn't come close to going further than that. I am all for A&M winning the SEC and NC if by some chance Bama doesn't make it.
So what you mean is LSWho isn't worth a crap so you have decided to jump on another teams train? At least temporarily.
Thank you brains, if not for you we wouldn't understand what he meant by "Aggies will win national championship. "It will happen. Not saying this year, but I don’t mind making that prediction." I mean your words are so much more understandable than the meaning of his words which by my interpretation means exactly the same thing as yours.
Really? How long do you crybabies keep this ignorant crap up. It is rather funny knowing that all the fans have to offer is this junk and we once were good. How ignorant. Het over it people. He saw what a train wreck you people are and left. Since day one after he left you goomers have proven his decision to be the right one.
Obviously they aren't near as smart as you pretend. I swear the only thing that compares to this stupidity is the fools that are still whining about the 2000 presidential election. All of them are whiney boneheads and not very intelligent.
It is all about winning human. If you don't/can't win the big games what good are you? Beating Hunky Dory U and claiming the ncaa has never see a better RB or coach is ridiculous but that is what LSWho has done. I swear according to the LSWho masses miles and fournette are the best to ever play/coach football anywhere, any time. Not very realistic at all. People fool themselves into believing anything. Good grief!!
So he let the coaches cheat or do something they shouldn't and he simply said ok go somewhere else to coach? Is that for real? Hmmm, maybe the ncaa should look into your accusations to see if they are real or just bluster from a fan trying to build him up. I tend to think it is the latter because according to you and many more he was the next best thing to Jesus and he would never commit any type of infraction.
They should have fired les and kept Cam as HC. That way they had an insider and very little transition. Change was needed but why cut your nose off to spite your face?
Then you need to stop calling things. Miles will go to Podunk U like Tuberville and other so so coaches do. There is no way they will fire a mediocre coach for another mediocre coach.
Another silly story by a writer who needs something to fill his headline. To normal people they merely jumped or prepared to jump away from getting hit by anyone. That is clearly not a finch. Foster is a hard hitter but the Ole Miss players just got out of the way.
Oh lord, really? So you are some kind of expert on all things football? Look human no one will get penalized now, the game is over. Your feelings shouldn't get hurt by admitting it was a targeting hit. I promise you won't go to hell or lose your Ole Miss Fan card for doing so. Let me show you how to do it. As mentioned by whiney girl above Cam Robinson got caught holding a couple of times and was penalized. He holds every single play and god forbid SO DOES EVERY OTHER LINEMAN ON EVERY TEAM. There could be a holding penalty every single play. Robinson has been called for holding quite a few times last year and this one so far. That's just the way it goes. No flag means NO See. Now, I have not gotten a call from UofA telling me to turn in my Bama Fan Card for telling the truth.
airrebel---He is writing about the 2016 game. The one you obviously didn't watch. Where did you get that pic/video from because many of us are quite sure it was clearly a targeting and even Birmingham said it should have been called. So tell us where you pic/video is so we can see for ourselves, please. Just so you know, a picture can be 100th of a second before or after the hit and would not show it clearly. Did you know that? I promise.
You forgot that ole miss fans were swearing on their mommys grave it would be 3 in a row. The fact that Bama had a true freshman, a very slow reacting QB playing means a lot. No one knows how Bama would do much less against an alleged good team like ole miss, (small letters returned). They, ole miss will not run the table for the rest f their games. They will have the Usual 3 losses at least. Bama will be hard fought to win all of theirs because everyone is gunning for them and that extra uummpphh means a lot. Much like last years loss to ole miss a loss will mean little to Bama because everyone knows their schedule and the toughness they will face. Take the auburn game, it has never mattered who is allegedly the best team. At that point both teams are 0-0 in wins/losses. It is just that way and should be that way mentally for the players. You also must realize that Bama had 2nd and 3rd string players in the game when ole miss scored their last points. When it got close the Big Boys came back in and stop the threat.
Ugly win??? UGLY WIN?? Me thinks some writer does not know his butt from a hole in the ground!! Bama was down 24-3 then outscored Ole Miss 45-19. How in the fudge can that be an ugly game. Bama showed poise and toughness. They did not fold up like Ole Miss did in TWO GAMES. What do you need to write Bama kicked butt and Ole Miss was just Ole Miss, again? Good grief writer, get some help!!
He is a dedicated yet foolish fan. Never act silly until the last tick of the clock, see auburn in the Iron Bowl. He should be hailed a super fan for his confidence. He sure didn't lose the game for Ole Miss. My reaction is Roll Tide Super Fan. I wasn't worried about Bama coming back at all. It was the 2nd quarter not 4th. Life is good as a Tide fan.
Now dang it Fournette is the best running back in the world ever so why do you people print such false info about him. He is the Heisman leader, he walks on water, his feet never touch the ground so stop being mean by writing he isn't as good as other runners. It is a conspiracy against LSWho and him. Right LSWho fans, right? Vast conspiracy!!!
How immature.. So you actually think one player WILL/COULD/SHOULD make a difference in any one game? You cannot be serious. I am taking your comment as a very funny joke because there is no way ONE PLAYER can make that much difference on any team for game any time in the past, now or in the future. So that being said, you just wrote a really funny joke.
You do realize that Cincy would more than likely beat Tennessee if they played this year don't you? As a Bama fan I wouldn't take Cincy as a sure win. I would want it but I sure as hell wouldn't bet on any points over 3.
Look Lady, if your thingy is hurting get some meds. Or change your panties. I agree with #17. We all agree with that comment huh?? It is kind of funny you have to choose another team to support instead of blazing your team. But that's ok, at least you will soon be wearing a read colored jersey, sort of a CRIMSON color. Just for fun how much do you feel Burn will beat Bama by this year, 30, 45, 53 points?
Clemson beating SC St is not impressive and this writer thinking they gave found their stride is ridiculous. IT WAS SOUTH CAROLINA STATE human, SOUTH CAROLINA STATE!! When faced with REAL competition they sucked. So if Bama beats Kent State by 40 points will you crown them Gods of All Football, Damn??? Yeah you probably will....
queenbree---- Discriminatory "laws" to where people don't want MEN pissing in the same restroom as their daughter or women pissing in the same room as their son, YEAH RIGHT. IT WAS ONE BILL NOT LAW and it is not discriminatory when the majority is against the regulation but the boneheads choose to go with the minority and pass the regulation. What are the LAWS you are writing about? You wrote LAWS... Just how many companies have moved out of North Carolina because of this issue? I bet you can't and won't name 5 companies. You wrote COMPANIES.. Name the LAWS and COMPANIES...please...
This is the stupidest most politically correct bullsh-t ever. I would fight like a sin of a b to keep one friggin penny from going to the ncaa, acc, sec, whoever if they did this to my school, state, city, county. If the asses want to take my money and treat me with disdain they can shove their PC crap up their rears. How can this possibly be fair. Give me most of your money and overlook the blatant discrimination against you because we are special kinds of idiots. Why should any university pay to be treated unfairly?
If D is not on your mind it is in your mouth!!!
verne my main man verne.. CRAP!!! Come on 2017!!!
Florida is going to embarrass the hell out of the lackluster Tennessee team. But don't feel too badly, Georgia is going to barely beat Florida, 2 to 5 point win. I hope Del Rio locks ass with Florida. I have rooted for him since he came to Bama. He only needed/needs a chance to shine. Just as three QB's at Bama needs also. Cornwell, Barnett, Bateman. Hurts has time to shine later just not now. But again Florida will do good things with Del Rio and get back to Atlanta probably.
I'll be here to eat crow I can assure you. Of course winning 7, 8 games is not a good reason to celebrate is it? I know, as do much of the realistic people, that all the hype about Tn being the best team in college history came from the writers and fools that talk about college football. BUT, when the team and its fans start mimicking the BS that is the problem to many of US. I never ever bet for or against my team, Bama. I hate eating crow. I just sit back and watch them play. Fortunately they do well. Tennessee will not have a NC until it gets a legit Head Coach and not a buddy or Pal or a good coordinator. Just as Auburn, LSWho, USC east and west and many others. Michigan has a good HC but his ego and off field BS will stop them from winning a NC.
Mommy, mommy, those mean ole Alabama people are making fun of Tennessee for winning a second week trophy. Mommy, make them quit cause we won. We won the largest attended football game ever and it was played at a race track not in a FOOTBALL stadium and they still make fun of US. Look at our pretty lil trophy. (now we know what Alabama feels like holding that HUGE National Championship trophy up year after year). Maybe one day mommy, maybe one day!!!
This list is BS. I will bet most anything Dooley is not the worst coach EVER at UT. I would almost bet every team listed has had worse coaches than these listed. I will do my own research just to prove this crap wrong. To the ones claiming Bama is the worst, that comment and $3.00 will get you a cup of coffee or $8 at starbucks. that means it is worthless. Even some commenters have mentioned worse coaches. Just some lil guy needing to fill some space.
rebel92, who the hell do you think you are telling someone what to say? CHRISTIAN CHRISTIAN CHRISTIAN CHRISTIAN CHRISTIAN GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD No one is preaching here lady. They simply made a simple comment about a mans way of acting. So I suggest, suggest you not demand someone not write or think certain words/ways. Just mind your own bidness. Oh yeah, CHRISTIAN CHRISTIAN CHRISTIAN CHRISTIAN CHRISTIAN !