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If you think your a “real man” and can be a QB on a D-1 college football team, you don’t wear a Justin Bieber freakin t-shirt !!! And then you throw 5 picks ……..hello , thats karma for wearing that POS shirt, and your loser coach with half a brain cell doesn’t have a clue to get your a$$ out of the game ……… please…..close the football program at Arkansas……..please !!
If you think your a "real man" and can be a QB on a D-1 college football team, you don't wear a Justin Bieber freakin t-shirt !!! And then you throw 5 picks ........hello , thats karma for wearing that POS shirt, and your loser coach with half a brain cell doesn't have a clue to get your a$$ out of the game ......... please.....close the football program at Arkansas........please !!!
Tough road game ??? When was the last time we had an easy one , lol........
Very nice ! Welcome Mr Turner, Woo Pig !
Gotta have a reason to go to a game......have fun call the hogs. Hope to go .500 in conference play in the next few years. You never know , it could happen again .......maybe.......
I'd take a one point separation at the end of the game in our favor ;)
Good luck coach, I know one thing for sure, we will see some fire and active enthusiasm from Mr Musselman, interesting season this fall.
OU and Clemson have 5 star QBs waiting......
LOL I'm sure Finebum scared a lot of folks when he puffed his chest out...........
On a 1-1 pitch from Matt Cronin (2-2), Grenier popped the ball high behind first base and toward the stands. There was plenty of room to make the catch, and second baseman Carson Shaddy, first baseman Jared Gates and right fielder Eric Cole converged. No one took charge and the ball hit the ground. “I was running and didn’t hear anybody call it, and I overran it,” Shaddy said. Going back to last year, Shaddy we still remember..........
That was just one game ! Geezz Louizze bro we had to put up with him for 4 plus years......OMG ! Can ya feel me !
Boom ! Yes, we all know we should be defending national champions, but boneheadisum does show its ugly head every now and then.
With the rise of the Mississippi schools the last 4 years and A&M stepping up, I really don't see Arkansas doing anything other than maybe an 8-4 team at best and thats once every 5 years, other than that we are below .500 every season. Hopefully basketball will come back under the new coach. We are the Kansas of football in the SEC.
Looks like it was about the same for the Bball and football teams this week....o well easy come easy go.
Just a few numbers over the years: Baum Stadium was the site of the most-attended regional during the opening round of the 2017 NCAA Division I Baseball Championship. A total of 67,704 fans were in attendance for the Fayetteville Regional which ranked first among the 16 host sites around the country. ****** Baum Stadium hosted nine games during the NCAA Regionals and Super Regionals over the past two weeks, welcoming more fans than any other ballpark in the nation with 89,852 packing the stadium during the two rounds that saw Arkansas advance to the program’s ninth College World Series. ******* Fayetteville Regional led nation in attendance By: UA Media Relations Published: Thursday, June 10, 2010 FAYETTEVILLE — Arkansas’ total paid attendance for last weekend’s NCAA Fayetteville Regional baseball tournament was the best in the nation. Arkansas also had the best single-game attendance figure in the country, and posted the top figures in the nation for games four, six and seven. The seven-game regional, which included the Razorbacks, Washington State, Kansas State and Grambling State, drew a total of 44,904 fans, which was the most among the 16 regional sites. Texas was second with 40,793, followed by South Carolina with 33,964 and Virginia with 29,136. Through the years Arkansas stands with any team in attendance , hands down. Every game of this years regional sold out, 10000 plus as will every game in the super regional, and i'm sure if Baum held 12000 it would sell out just the same. ***************** For the fourth straight season and the eighth time in the last nine years, the Arkansas baseball team finished in the top two in national average attendance, as 8,290 fans per game packed Baum Stadium during the 2015 campaign. ***********
The Best of Arkansas Sports has a great read on this young man and the team in general....sounds like coach is getting it done.
2.2 million in 5 years...... hope he didn't spend it all.
Best of luck to a fine young man who has made all the right decisions in life. Win or lose in the NFL, he has 35 million in his piggy bank, pretty sweet.
Wow ! I'm really excited.....that will do wonders for our non conference strength of schedule.....great job !
Comon Bratton, what is high in the draft in your book ?? top 50, top 25, top 10..........come on man don't leave us hanging, what is a high draft pick in your book........while your at it , where would Agim go if he stayed outside at another school......huge bucks for the young man next year no matter which position he played.......Come on man, (Bratton) get out of the middle of the road and tell us what is high in your draft ??
I wonder how much the talking heads in the ACC talk about Bama, on good ol boy SDS it seems like they are always talking about Kyler, or Dabo or Clemson......why is that ?
It's a business, get over it, they got a new coach and went a different direction, nuff said.
First off Connor, who is we ??? Is the whole SDS crew CM haters or just you........ Just cause your Bama boy didn't get the Heisman..... LOL.....CM just went #1 in the NFL Draft....... Ya'll just keep on hating.......what ya'll do best......