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Thank goodness for Arkansas that the SEC doesn't throw out the trash every now and then..................
Well he didn't have to do to much to get an A&M uni , and how long has it been since we have beat them ??
Lots of schools started Spring Practice this week..........normal stuff.
Give em time to put some SEC strength and speed on the young man.
Jerry Jones grandson put up huge numbers in high school and was also rated a 3-star. Does anyone really expect him to get much playing time at Arkansas ? Probably a good idea to look at other schools, save a lot of rumbling like there was when the Allen boys were here (and I'm not saying they were bad players, just connected).
Career Earnings‎: ‎$1,782,60 Hope he's got some of that left.............
Seemed like a good kid in school, three 1000 yard years in the SEC. Who knew he had a poster of Ricky Williams in his crib.
Your hate for this fine young man will never end.......sad for you. Like I've said before, another fine young man, Sam Bradford, even with his height has made 113 million in the NFL....some might call that success even though he is no where on any record books.....Mr Murray will have some fun in the NFL and have his millions also...he never said he would set records "like he did in college".....just that he wanted to play football, and he will. Right now , yes I could see him doing just as good as Manning playing for the Giants or whomever picks him, just need to get that rookie year out of the way.
First off you have to ask yourself , who are "they" ?? Is this NFL talking head your brother in law or something. Let me see, I like playing football more than I like playing baseball, I am one of a hand full of people that can do either, I will make millions in a career in either. So what if I make less playing football when that's what makes me happy, how much money does it take to make one happy ...... a few million with either sport should do the trick......He will be drafted in the first round but most important he will be don't worry mon.
Let Sosa run the ball........didn't he return kickoffs in HS ??????
Hurts getting the Heisman would make my day
I tell it like it is you get excited about 2 conference wins a year.......well, maybe 2.......sorry but I don't, yes I'm not to happy about how the program has gone down the toilet the last few years and am darn sure not afraid to say can call me what you want, I'm not a hater , just putting the facts out there, we suck, and until we don't , that's how i'm going to preach it. Remember N.Texas St. brother ????? Is that what you like ?????
Someone on this website predicted one conference win next year, and now someone from ESPN is predicting "two" ....... I'm getting goose bumps !!!
How many went in the first I said before Sam Bradford, OU, has made 130 million in the NFL and other than making a lot of money can we name his "successful" moments ..... Kyler will be just fine money wise and everyone measures success differently ......
Hey Kirby ....not so come back on here with that crow and a little salt and let us all know how it taste after that 5 mill looks small to his NFL
Hurts is a better QB than fields any day, plus OU recruiting is better than Ohio St, .......sounds like the sports book guys are into losing some coin.
Great get ! I love to see more stories like this about solid 4-star O lineman !
Rivals has the Hogs with the #20 recruiting class in the Nation. With a first year coach that only won 2 games last season to land a class like that , I would say it is a winner !! Connor.......come on man !!!
No worries, he can go fishing, travel, just enjoy life with his wife and daughter on the millions that the good folks on the hill gave worries.
The total beat down that Clemson put on the Tide was the best game I watched all year.......loved it......i recorded it and watch it every week !!
Another young man from OU (Sam Bradford) has made $134 million in his career, and some might ask, what has he done to make that kind of money ? Kyler is going to make his money , way more than MLB will ever pay him. Go with the money, that's the smart move. Who knows if he will have a career in the NFL or not, plenty of QBs have failed in the Pros, he is probably the best 5'10" QB to ever go in the draft, plus he has the hardware that says he is the best college player of 2018. He is a first round draft pick, no question, and he is another NFL millionaire many times over. Lets not forget, he is just a junior in college also.
I still see your still cola_cock_butt_hurt over Dabo......I bet you go to their website and troll around over't ya......loser
and mr shadid says: if Morris does turn this thing around. also assuming Morris is the right fit Now if he wins that one conference game next year as predicted and maybe all the non conference games, five wins, does this make him the right fit ?? Trent, Come on Man, make a command decision for once, this is killing us ....... is he or is he not the right it bro......