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Can't remember a worse call in my 50 years of watching football. Gonna have to get replay for all calls now, and that sucks too.
Would winning more conference games next year be getting better ? Hogs might do that, all they got to do is win one game.....boom !
Good deal, good luck young man, make the most of next year.
you still crying in your oats about the Heisman winner leaving you young man is rich and successful.....something I'm sure your not......
Could it be all your hate is because ya'll run off a Heisman trophy winner ????
Baseball wants him as a junior in college for millions, football wants him for millions also. Coach Riley would love to see him finish out his senior year. Which ever he decides , he will make enough to be comfortable for the rest of his life. Just be happy and be rich, no worries.
Before my last job interview was complete, I asked for more money, the answer was yes. What was so wrong with that ? Sounds like you got a lot of hate there for reasons other than sports...........I know Murray and he is none of what you speak of .
As a person, BB is a great guy that deeply loves his players , good cook, fun guy to be around. I hope this is his nitch in the football world , no worries about recruiting and plenty of assistants to help ya out, just call the right plays at the right time. Good luck to him.
Are you talking about the QB that might come in or the coach that thinks he can play in this league ? We can agree on one thing, he has more time on a D-1 playing field than all our other QBs combined.....nothing to lose , give him a shot.
OU would be a good choice as their backup has very little playing time and they have a 4/5 star freshman, he could win that starting job, plus they would put him back in the final 4 next year.
Dabo is the man, at this age in his live he is better than Sabin was at the same age, hands down !
Loved me some Ty Storey even before he got on campus, but he's not the man here, sad to say. For no more games than we are predicted to win next year ( one conference game was predicted on SDS) we might as well start a sophomore , that's already on the team or an incoming freshman. They just gonna have to take their lumps during this next season and learn the system.
Out coached, plain and simple, heck my 88 year old mom saw that play
Tua's best shot at the Hesiman just went by this year, Lawrence hands down is the better player and a #1 NFL draft pick when he comes out.
Finally a coach that "does smile" and knows how to laugh and enjoy the game with his players and not act like it's killing him if the corners of his mouth turn up.
My team sucks, probably always will, everybody kicks our teeth in....but....I sure enjoyed Bama getting their A$$ handed to'd dat feel bro ??
Loved every minute of the game ! The Tigers did something no team has done, go undefeated in the modern playoff era. What a blowout ! Left no doubt who is the big dog in college football. Dabo is the man !!!
Must admit I enjoyed the heck out of the game, Dabo is da man !!!
Idiots ! Put a game on the west coast when there is no chance of a team from that region is going to be just can't fix stupid !
Smart move for Sosa and good get for the Hogs. With all the outstanding D lineman around the Big 10 and ACC, not to even think about the tons of talent in the SEC, at best Sosa right now would be a late round pick. Arkansas must improve it's D as teams like Ms St , whom we always held in check overpower our O line with ease it seems, not to mention what the rest of the West has done. Stay home for now Sosa, and cross your fingers for help on defense next season.
This is all about herbstreit's hate for OU and them making the final four, he never got over Mayfield planting the OU flag in the center of their field...right herby, to big a head to walk anything back.
UGA mocks Big 12 team’s Playoff performance, then loses to Big 12 team. Yes, the tweets by UGA players , past and present, were pretty hateful.....don't see any of them walking them back either......what comes around goes around.
Chris, you missed the whole point, I believe the non-power five teams out there are just looking for a way to get into the final four talk and if expanded to eight teams maybe could of got UCF into the playoffs. A lot of what you just spewed sounds like your a hater ????
Congrats on a great, CDM is on his way up, no doubt.