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Is this website going to shut down chat like CBS Sports because BLM comments are more important than sports on a SPORTS WEBSITE ! BLM or any kind of politics BS has no place on here......get a life people !
Excellent slot receiver, good catch coach !
I hear nick handed out justin bieber t shirts to the whole team.........
No worries Red80, at least he brings an offense, that's more that the last clown here had.
Dabo is a sly fox and is using what he can to fire his troops up, those of you that think he is whining are not as smart as that fox..........
Rattler has the OU starting QB job for the next 3 years unless he leaves early.
Reaching a little on that one son. To ask if the U of A checks out it's hires , really.
Good luck young man, in time CSP will put a road crew in front of you to open some holes.
Is he taking his justin beblier shirt with him ?
First year, recruit, and redshirt lineman. Second year, get redshirt lineman on the field. Third year open some holes on the line and protect the QB. Something we have not seen in a few years. Sam, will put this dumpster fire out, just gonna take time.
Great Hire !! Everyone I have spoken with loves this hire...a little excitement already !
Hands down, this is a great hire for Arkansas, Sam is an all around great person, great character on and off the field, knows the SEC in and out. Great recruiter ! When he left Arkansas last time that’s when the wheels started coming off. Arkansas’ fans love Sam and he wants to be here. Hunter, you got one job, and like in Basketball it looks like you made one heck of a hire. Woo Pig !!
My wife is a Oklahoma Alumni, and I support her team, but I will totally turn off Razorback Football and just cheer for the basketball team. I can root Sooner least they play big boy football. This move will totally destroy football for Arkansas.
Seriously !! Are you a$$hats on the hill out of your freakin' mind !! Kiffin is gone and that's all you got left in your nationwide search. Just shut down the program, shut it down !!! It sure the heck looks like that is what you want !!
LOL.... Who cares .... Besides RB, it's an F in everyone's book..... For the third year in a row.........
In his first season, our basketball coach has put excitement back in the go out and land a football coach that can do the same....and a couple of conference wins along the way.
Musselman is turning the program around and its not taking long......can we not make a home run hire like this in football too......on the hill, hello......
Thank god this joke of a season....another over. It was just plain sad to see a group of young men struggle to look somewhat like a D-1 squad. Did I see where it is at 18 or 19 Conference losses in a row. Houston Dale Nutt looks like a god now , and if the holier than thou would not have run BP off things never would have got this bad ! I say we have a statewide vote on the new coach, heck the fans can do as good if not better than those asshats on the hill. The basketball program on the other hand looks great ! Exciting new coach, home run hire, games are fun to watch again......what took so long to make that move ? Hopefully the football program can turn around next three conference wins too much to ask for ?
I agree nashvillegator, right now the Hogs need 3 or 4 conference wins a year and a little excitement on the field. Butts in the seats would be nice to see next season, and a conference win.....the first in over 2 years..........
WTF people, every year we play The Tide, Two Tiger teams and now some Aggies whom we have not beat since they joined the league, That's 4 top 20 teams most years, that equals 8 wins a year tops....and that is not every year...get use to it Hog fans, even the Mississippi schools are better than we are now......If you want to win games .... move out of the SEC WEST, its where the big boys play folks, and for years now we have no clue how to compete, ZERO CONFERENCE WINS IN 2 YEARS....Happy Thanksgiving All....
My guess is he is off to join the Sooner Nation.
Dang, more interest in the Hog's coaching search than any other read on SDS.......Leach is the man for the job.
National recruiting rankings don't matter, it's the SEC rankings that tell you if you have a SEC competitive class or not. Before this kid decided to saddle his horse Arkansas was ranked 13th in the SEC. Not much difference between 13th and last now is there. Arkansas had 10 4-star recruits and got blown out at home by Western Kentucky.......the man can't coach in the SEC , plain and simple, one less four star is just part of the deal.
One more thing, its not how high our recruiting class is in the nation, its how high it is in the SEC, not much difference between 13th and last place.........