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Best of luck to a fine young man who has made all the right decisions in life. Win or lose in the NFL, he has 35 million in his piggy bank, pretty sweet.
Wow ! I'm really excited.....that will do wonders for our non conference strength of schedule.....great job !
Comon Bratton, what is high in the draft in your book ?? top 50, top 25, top 10..........come on man don't leave us hanging, what is a high draft pick in your book........while your at it , where would Agim go if he stayed outside at another school......huge bucks for the young man next year no matter which position he played.......Come on man, (Bratton) get out of the middle of the road and tell us what is high in your draft ??
I wonder how much the talking heads in the ACC talk about Bama, on good ol boy SDS it seems like they are always talking about Kyler, or Dabo or Clemson......why is that ?
It's a business, get over it, they got a new coach and went a different direction, nuff said.
First off Connor, who is we ??? Is the whole SDS crew CM haters or just you........ Just cause your Bama boy didn't get the Heisman..... LOL.....CM just went #1 in the NFL Draft....... Ya'll just keep on hating.......what ya'll do best......
Hawgs took some names and kicked some flabby booty this
So if Clemson beats 13 teams including the national semi-final and final teams by more than 2 touchdowns in 2018 does that mean they had an easy schedule that year too ???
The players that stayed are the lucky ones, this man is the real deal. Dancing we might be next
Replay is on SEC Network at 11pm Wed night.
If these guys are dropping during practice, what is going to happen when the real wars start , defense lineman moving to offense ?
I would try not to hire a coach that is in his mid 60s. Beard would be a better long term coach.
don't be a hater wolfee, worse yet don't spread fake news......ya'll don't have peds at ol mizzu ?
I didn't know that CKS was in his mid 60's. Is this his first trip to a sweet 16 ? Has he ever been to a final 4 ?? I sure hope they know what they are doing on the hill and not making a lateral move......
It was time for a change , Mike was just loyal to his "hit and miss" style of play and his assistant coaches to a fault, it just caught up with him. Next season would of been his last anyway, I doubt he would have went .500 in the conference. This change will be good but the players are young so next season will be a rough one too.
Hello ? That's a normal reaction from players. I don't really recall a time when players were jumping up and down and throwing a party when their coach got fired. It would be a huge get to land the Houston coach.......
Thank goodness for Arkansas that the SEC doesn't throw out the trash every now and then..................
Well he didn't have to do to much to get an A&M uni , and how long has it been since we have beat them ??
Lots of schools started Spring Practice this week..........normal stuff.
Give em time to put some SEC strength and speed on the young man.
Jerry Jones grandson put up huge numbers in high school and was also rated a 3-star. Does anyone really expect him to get much playing time at Arkansas ? Probably a good idea to look at other schools, save a lot of rumbling like there was when the Allen boys were here (and I'm not saying they were bad players, just connected).
Career Earnings‎: ‎$1,782,60 Hope he's got some of that left.............