Appalling Greed

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This is just the beginning. No depth in any position. Not good
Agreed. I draw the line at 8-4. They did it last year. 5-7 this year. Smh 5-7 Thats like ‘everybody gets a ribbon. There no losers’ whatever….
Smh. Hopes its truly an incentive based contract… Last year. 9-4 overall 5-3 conference This year. 7-5 overall 4-4 conference
They should have gotten rid of the AD when Fisher was sent packing. You don’t give a guy who already made one disastrous hire to do a potential repeat.
Expect whatever talent he has to leave . i.e. portal….
Has ‘Fire Billy’ gone up yet? I figure if they come out the gate slow next season he’ll be gone soon after. The program gets set back several more years.. smh
Two OC hires since his arrival. Bobo left after one season. These last two he chose… He needs to do a better job at vetting these potential hires…
I like his answer. I don’t care whose there either…Nor do I care about what color scheme / uniforms either team will wear.. I want a good competitive game!
He put everything he had into each game. Made it a true competition and a hell of a lot of fun to watch. I was watching one of his Clemson victories at Williams Brice..After Dabo congratulated Spurrier he did not go to the locker room. The camera was following him as he was obviously looking for someone. It was Connor Shaw. Thought that was a classy moment and so did Shaw as they spoke for a minute or so..
You got that right. Those things called loyalty, dedication and ‘there is no ‘I’ in team’ are fading away fast…Nothing but respect and admiration to him for keeping that tradition alive.
Sorry but it’s beyond the abyss.. Been down this road of ‘next year’ since the Carlen days. Whatever talent is there will be gone before next season…
I truly hope the best for Beamer and the team but if he ends up getting canned..whenever that is.. please God send AD Tanner out with him…Do not let him do another hire….
Wow. I thought the same… A few weeks ago is when I noticed what you memtioned. (believe they will be drafted “protecting” themselves), Can’t remember the player (s) but I thought the same. Thanks to the ncaa and NIL/Transfer Portal there is no loyalty. Welcome to the minors…
Absolutely agreed. The few talented guys he has will transfer out at seasons end.
And when Beamer is sent packing make sure Tanner is behind him….
Agreed. Like watching a Brad Scott, Sparky Woods or Holtz team… All rolled into one…
Agreed. How bout just prepare for the game. Uniforms don’t mean a thing. Especially when they’re 2-4.. The way its looking soon to be 2 -5
Agreed. Tackling or lack of comes to mind…
Things don’t change this could be one of those 2 or 3 win seasons….But the new Helmets look sharp….. smh