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1) I still can’t get over the fact that he hired Muschamp. 2) That the AD, President nor the board didn’t say NO..not happening...
Yep. Well coached and motivated.. A great combination. I think Clemson walked in thinking a typical ACC cellar dweller was the opponent.. #11 dabo?? Really..
I have to agree...The school never learns. The spurrier ending was handled completely wrong by a guy who should have never been given the AD job. If you’ve been around as long as I have this has been a redo of 1988 with the hiring of a man for AD with zero experience. Who hired Woods..
He needs to get muschamps agent to negotiate for him.............
With Tanner in charge God only knows where this will go..
From the Sporting News 11-16-14 "Florida owes Muschamp more than $6 million for the final three years of his contract". A multimillionaire for a being a complete failure at his job. This just wrong...
Whatever big money donor's USC has are going to have to do what Alabama did with Saban. Rumor was get rid of Shula and the money will be given to get Saban. Keep Shula and we're not giving another cent. No marquee name coach is coming here unless its a Saban or Fisher type deal.
Muschamps the smartest person in the room. Florida was still paying him off when he came to Carolina. Now he has another huge multimillion dollar pay day for being a sorry coach.
Funny you said that. Watching the last three seasons reminded me a lot of his teams. Turning the opposing QB into an An All American as they run up massive offensive yards. Terrible tackling. Defensive secondary non-existent. Thank God for Youtube. I can go back and watch Clowney....
This mistake has been dealt with. Now get rid of the AD. Email the presidents office. He should have never been promoted to this gig and the baseball hero status ended when he took the AD job.
From the State: Muschamp was not a widely popular choice, having not found success at Florida across four years. He managed to earn a lucrative extension at USC after winning 15 games his first two years. And Tanner hired him anyway
From the University Football website.. ‘Our search for a new head football coach begins today, and I have every confidence that Coach Tanner will find the right person to lead our program," added Caslen.’ Tanner does need to be part of this. He needs to go also.
Add ray Tanner being completely oblivious as an AD.
This is in today's State Newspaper...."South Carolina’s Will Muschamp says he’s not worried about his job security"" Of course he's not. He never has to work again..Not that anyone would want him
Muschamp.. Please do the right thing and resign. Yesterday
Tanner has got to go also. I can already hear the whines "He's our baseball hero..They can't toss him out" He stopped being a hero when he became the AD
From 24/7 sports: "Muschamp on Sunday touted his early success at the program and said he is "frustrated" that people have seemed to forget he won more games over his first three seasons than any head coach in program history." I'm not even sure how to respond to this.
Do a package deal. Send Tanner and Muschamp packing at the same time
Muschamp needs to do the right thing.. Do a "Tommy Bowden" and work out an exit deal and leave.