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Bama targeted. A blind man could see it.
Not near as bad as that hit the LSU qb took.
Ole Miss has scored 30 or more in every game.
After Auburn loses in Oxford maybe you will understand more clearly.
That's because of the way you won.
Watching that 30 second you tube video of the hurts hit, the only thing that is really clear is that at the 6 second mark Cam Robinson is clearly holding, just like they did most of the game.
There was a deadball penalty called on this play and it was a bs penalty.
hahaha. your fanbase was in complete meltdown with Ole Miss up 24 to 3 but you were in "control" and Ole Miss was not.
bad mouthing a team they barely beat. pathetic!
Not when you are getting your jock knocked off.
And beat the national champions.......
Nkemdiche is a beast. Did anyone see him embarrass the Alabama Offensive line? You might want to watch the replay.
Tennessee was extremely close to having a very special season.
Chad Kelly not being in this list at all is ridiculous.
The AD is stupid! 9 10 win seasons? possibly again this year?
That won't matter after you lose to Ole Miss.
So I am guessing you did not see the ball hit the ground?
90 yards in penalties for Ole Miss vs Memphis. Especially bogus was the holding call on Still when he pancaked the defender on the long Ole Miss gain. Homecooking is tasty says the Tigers
OMG how can any of you not call that a punch? At the :34 second mark he gives him a round house punch. Please don't tell me because no penalty was called it is not one. That in of itself is silly.