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Haha pretty sneaky Michael Wayne Bratton. Called this Tenn grad out for stirring the pot between UGA and UF fans with his obviously incendiary SDS articles and he moved them from the UF page to UGA. Prolly sings "Rocky Top" while reading the comment section. I see you!
I appreciate its the offseason and finding something to write about might be difficult. The last few Florida articles were starting to get stale. But Cowherd's takes on sports make Danny Kanell look like a genius.
They don't start recruiting these kids their senior years. There's always a flowchart of "if not this one, then this" that typically starts around early sophomore years.
The fact that Big10Boy Herbstreit tried to stir the waters in SEC country should be no surprise.
Typical for a fanbase is it not? Same kind of comments from UGA fans about Brenton Cox, Zach Evans, Josh Braun... We didn't want him, questionable this and that, we're good without 'em...
Yeah, this article is chumming for tigers, alligators, bulldogs, and those that volunteer to get in the water with them. Injuries always play a part in the unpredictability of a season. Not too long ago Saban remarked to the press on how even the deepest teams can suffer a rash of injuries to one position and derail a season(I think it was at safety for Bama at the time). I think we saw this with Kentucky last year. All credit to Stoops, he may not be able to get the depth of some of the bigger schools, but his first 22 compete and he's done a great job of getting players from Ohio. When Mullen took over at Florida, every fall press conference he never failed to mention that the NCAA had "condensed" fall practice. This was done to address player safety but it did have an effect on the field. Mullen wasn't asked about it but he was putting it out there as an advanced CYA clause should the team stumble out of the gate and it DID lose to Kentucky, although I don't think there was anything that was going to stop that. However, programs that hired coaches to make significant changes to offensive schemes have struggled out of the gate, sometimes losing momentum altogether, like Taggert, Frost, and Chip Kelly. Florida fans are all too familiar when Muschamp was HC with the elite defenses and the OC rotation. However, Georgia has recruited elite talent on both sides of the ball. They COULD catch fire and light it up like LSU did, although Burrow did have a year at the school, starts against SEC competition, and familiarity with his teammates. The article mentions the #8 recruiting class and when Mullen was asked about it, he said "ask me in 2-3 years". The amount of attrition the team has had from the initial recruiting classes has been well documented. If the transfers do not get approval to play, this could be a team that struggles. Florida's O-line wasn't a bunch of redshirt freshman. To expect the line if composed of the same members, especially at tackle, to sudden turn a corner is more hope than evidence at this time. And if new blue chip guys take their places, there is still going to be a lack of experience and chemistry. Georgia is the SEC champ, sitting on a plethora of talent. Both UF and UGA have question marks going into the spring game. I think you have to give Georgia the nod until it's taken from them on the field. If we are going to listen to Greg McElroy and Danny Kanell, we're going to have to redefine "expert".
You've had Spurrier, now Muschamp, what's next? McElwain?
It's the 3rd or 4th time he's made a "can't recruit" comment in this article's comment section. It's a fishing expedition to look for an opportunity to pull out Kirby's recruiting resume at Georgia.
Oh I see, you're just spamming this "can't recruit" comment. I thought you were serious.
We were speculating which year Florida would have its best shot. Your dynamically expressed opinion notwithstanding, mine remains unchanged.
Not trying to disparage the article, thank you for the update. There was a time when I had the hots for a girl, I mean we were all over each other. But there came a peak in the relationship where if was going to ask her to marry me I would have, and when that window passed we both felt it and she realized I was never going to ask. I'm kind of flatlined on this kid's decision. If he comes to UF, great, I hope he pulls in the same direction as the rest of the team. If not, wish him the best wherever he lands.
Considering how many starts Trask actually has had, it's hard to imagine he won't get better with more experience. Can say that those other two QBs had more support and weren't as one dimensional with Tebow and a stable of backs like Demps and Rainey and Peace with 1st rounder Neal Anderson. If the O-line actually starts run blocking better, Kyle could end up throwing the ball less but with a higher completion ratio. Florida was so one dimensional last year, play action was dysfunctional. Also, body blows in the run game will slow down the pass rush which is exactly what UGA did to UF last year. Too many unknowns to really say for sure, will just have to let it play out.
I'm not weighing in on who was better but I will say having a good kicker is one of those things you take for granted until you don't have one.
Not Florida's fault UGA was slow on the release of Mark Richt. We do appreciate the extra years you held onto him.
UGA fans should be careful using any phrase including the word "choke".
So all players in good academic standing and without disciplinary problems, basically, players that other schools would welcome will be allowed to transfer. Sounds great!! As for schools signing an immediate waiver, they will. Any school that refuses will get it used against them in recruiting.
Not a bad trend to set considering the transfer portal is about to explode when the new rules are passed allowing all players a one time transfer.
RollTide n Colorado, not disputing the existence of big mouth UF fans but from ‘89-‘01 I lived in Birmingham so I was a GoGators_n_Alabama and I can assure you Bama has its share. I’m actually going to say I somewhat agree with you but I think ‘22 will be that year. Mullen will have a team that he recruited including a QB that he recruited and is a returning starter. Also that year will be a schedule where teams that Florida has struggled with lately like Missouri and LSU will be home games. Hopefully by then the new facilities that they haven’t broken ground on yet will have been completed and paying dividends in recruiting as well.
This article is about optimism-of a player.
Ironically, I was just thinking about back in the 80’s when I think the Orlando Sentinel had a post WLOCP article that started with “remember when Florida fans could count on three things: death, taxes, and a loss to Georgia?- Well now it’s back to death and taxes”. If returning players at Florida feel like they can overcome where they came up short last year, I think that just means they’re competitors. Derrick Brown returned for his senior season at Auburn because he felt the team could compete for a title. They didn’t win it all but that’s not a knock on a stellar player competing. It’s what they do.