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I knew there was something fishy about this article but I got lured in anyway. Looks like the school and SGA used a two prawn attack and laid them out flat as a mackerel. I fillet bad for them. It was just a little dynamite. Who knew?
I could see him working in at Auburn or Maryland. Good fit for him with their play styles. He pull the trigger on a lot of 3s at Auburn.
Actually I was saying Saban would not have been asked the question by his media room in the first place. He would have gone on a tirade about the variety of ways you cannot quantify last years team with this years, the same as the commenters on this string have pointed out. Dan is a football nerd from “up north”. He has a terminator style readout in his head and when he’s asked a question he follows his flowchart. His humor is rehearsed and his laughter is canned. He does press conferences because on his list of things that good coaches do, press conference is a box to check. Dan has 0 “good ole boy” factor in him and he would not work out at UGA or Bama. He was “accepted” at Miss State because .. well look at what they were before him and look what they’ve done since. He had a shot to work out at Florida because Floridians are used to being around “people from up north “, lol. Dan handles recruiting like another box to check. His crew does their own evaluations and his obstinance in defending his position infuriates some of his fan base and gives fuel to his rivals. Dan does those other things so he can get to what he loves... Xs and Os and taking the players he has and developing them to run whatever new idea he’s been tinkering with in his head. Ask Dan about football stats and they come pouring out of his mouth as the light suddenly turns on. Will this be enough for Florida to win it all? I have no idea. But he did take over a team that was a virtual dumpster fire and turn it around. The media has hand picked a few instances and tried to use them to color his whole tenure at Florida in a negative light, much the same way last year the left and the right constantly showed stories of the extreme to color the whole of the left and right wing. For instance: The Florida media room is full of dead pan “reporters” that refuse to laugh at Dans stale repetitive jokes and attempts to liven it up and on Halloween he decided he’s going to do a press conference in a Vader costume. I highly doubt he had multiple choices available backstage. He had no idea that the opposing team was going to be blasting Kyle Trask with late hits so recently behind Felipes demise that would incite his team to retaliation. Should he have worn the costume after that? Probably not. But to then try to parlay the incident into to some predetermined plan of events that would make a story to call for his head? Ridiculous. Don’t blindly follow the media and lose the ability to reason for yourself.
If you watch the actual press conference, you can see Mullen answered this question off the cuff and that same reporter in his time slot with Mullen commented that he was sure Florida fans would pack the swamp if Dan would guarantee a win over Bama. The fact that this answer “grew its own legs” like Mullen has about some of his other comments lend credence to his assessment. Perhaps he should be more like Saban and berate reporters that ask these open ended questions that can be misconstrued and used as media fodder for speculation. Sagan’s tirades have been a favorite past time of mine and he’s definitely trained his press room to be obedient marionettes. Watching it in the moment, I don’t see the big deal. I do however question Florida’s media room. They seem to be determined to undermine Dan and pull at any thread that might lead to unraveling what he’s done at Gainesville. Georgia has a leg up on us here, as they are ALL pulling in the same direction instead of fanning wisps of smoke, hoping to create a fire that burns it all down. That’s self serving and counter productive.
Food news! UF definitely has openings for future tackles. The footwork and athleticism required to play both sports would seem to be a good omen.
His highlights and stats show why Florida and other teams were interested in him. (He seemed to have some receivers on his team that can scoot too, that always helps). Looks like a pretty good get for the Gators. Nick chose out of state UF over instate TCU, Texas Tech, and Houston, where any of those schools could develop a QB with good arm and wheels and stay close to home. Other offers from schools like Ole Miss(with Kiff) Auburn, Minnesota, Penn State, Cincinnati (coming off of a good year) and Boise. He had a variety of options but took UF. Happy to welcome him as a fan. Appears to be a gamer with a pass first attitude but “willing” to run if necessary.
Agree. Meyer not pertaining to Florida does not belong on UF string.
He’s got to stay healthy. He’s shown he like running ball up between the tackles and he’s pretty slippery, and finishes with power. I’d hope he knows when to get down. Of course he will have prove he can hit those soft touch dump off passes while he’s on the move(something that Felipe struggled with still while at Arkansas even). It’s tough for a guy with a “cannon arm” to make those throws where you have to take something off them. It’s like shooting basketball right after lifting weights. Can he do it? He’s got the right coach if he’s got any shot. The UGA game? No idea what that will look like... if you rewatch last years game, you will see Georgia wideouts getting behind Florida’s defense consistently but UGAs QBs were off target. Conversely, Trask carried out many ball fakes where UGA defenders completely ignored him, especially fakes to the boundaries. Feather in the cap: Mullen will get the best out of Emory. Mullens history as coordinator and head coach have shown that many times players look their best under his tutelage and often timed never look as good after separating, whether because he left or they moved on...
He moves pretty good for his current weight. Typically losing significant weight does make you feel lighter on your feet. He could end up with good mobility and still be low 300s.
SMH. What’s next? “I’m rubber and you’re glue?” How quickly you run back to non-football related tripe. Run back into the oyster shell Daffy Duck so I can snap it shut. Weaksauce
Do a YouTube search for “UGA 5 star problem” and see what one of UGAs biggest proponents says about his own team. Proof: We aren’t the only ones who see it.
Emory was once a commit to Urban at Ohio State. Mullen and Urban with that time of success together, have similar ideals of offense. Probably imagined Emory in a similar fashion to Cardale Jones.
“Give another try” is something you’d be familiar with
It’s underreported news. Zach started to come on in the latter part of the season. He had a good game vs Alabama and that was against the future Outland Trophy winner, Leatherwood. With more bodies coming up in the system and by transfer portal for DT, he should be able to focus on the outside and only alternate inside as an option instead of necessity. Get your degree man! That can never be taken from you.
Here’s to hoping a nagging injury is finally put to rest and he can play uninhibited this season. Best of luck to him!
We can pick up players on the transfer portal???
Yes advanced metrics actually graded Delance as a much better run blocker than pass, which should fit better for what UF will have next year.
Fan expressed optimism and this rant comes out? Emory Jones listed as a negative as if we have any real idea how he will shake out. 3rd and Grantham I will concede. 2020 number 1 player from the state of Georgia is now on UF’s roster. And player wanting to play in his grandfather until grandfather died is a “malcontent “? Coach that understands his team plays better when they are charged by the crowd. Kid threw a shoe. I’m sure he regrets it, I hope he’s able to put it behind him. Blanket statements about OLine, “etc etc etc” as if there’s more of these “grasped straws” into this paper tiger of evidence. “Turd” nation. A fan of a rival school expressed hope and you try to rain on his parade. I feel bad for you, it’s not a good look.
65% is better than the previously quoted 56%. So Emory got better in the span of a conversation. Emorys completion percentage went down as a QB in high school which is odd and either points to development of bad habits or loss of receivers. To make the statement he “never” had the talent simply means you didn’t know his history. Making the argument of comparing Emory to Nix is more about what you want it to be than what it really could. I get it. As a UF fan I would use your argument to say JT Daniels propensity to throw picks will never get to where UGA needs it to be and will cost them when it matter most. Sounds more like hope and wishes. Maybe even prayers.
If you’re pointing to what you perceive as “trends”, Emory’s completion percentage in sporadic exposure NOT improving with more live game experience would be contradictory to what Mullen has done with QBs under his tutelage. The declarations of “Transfer Portal U” were many the past couple of seasons but UF under CDM has taken advantage of the situation and many of the transfers have shined brighter, been emphasized more at UF than previously. It would appear that getting a jump on what the staff saw as an avenue to improve the team has started to pay dividends. It doesn’t look like the transfer rate on CFB will be slowing down anytime soon either.
That’s more “what I want it to be” than what it could be. Could be a great move for an employee whose resume shows a variety of experience and exposure. Saban hires assistants like Sark, Kiffen, Butch, Strong, all of which were with negatives at the time of their hires. That excellent barometer broken or is it just a desire to create negative spin with choice of words.
Yes, Spurrier said something like that, "it's our job to score and yours to stop us", or whatever. And if you want to be specific about when the actual "hate" for Spurrier from the Bama fanbase generated at that time, 90? 91?-it was leaked that Steve told a Florida booster meeting that he felt they could be the Tide by 30 the upcoming year. The Finebaum callers were outraged, and when the teams played later, Steve added a late touchdown to make it 35-0, it was as if he had heard the Bama umbrage and gave them the finger. But, I was more specifically referencing Finebaum. He's had a spur under his saddle about Florida that sometimes leaks to the surface. Mullen's first year back and UF was winning games and Paul got annoyed with the callers saying "Gator fans are some of the most arrogant", and this coming from a team that had to have a late pick 6 just to win the game against LSU. Actually, UF ALREADY had the lead in that game, the pick 6 just ended any hope of an LSU hail mary attempt had they been able to get in position. Follow him long enough, and you'll see he will word things to support the way he wants them to be rather than actual facts. Its media spin. To be fair, I don't mind it altogether. Teams that are not relevant, or projected to be relevant, do not get as much publicity as Florida has under Mullen. When media types with a story to spin post, negative or positive, and the comment sections are full of detractors, it means they sense it too and that's why they keep showing up.
All depends on perspective I guess. The history of coaches at UF show they typically take a dip in year 3. So to have the offense and year that UF had, during the strangeness off COVID issues, it was pretty entertaining and certainly could have been worse.
Living in Birmingham in the 90s, as a Gator fan when Spurrier was making his run, I remember Finebaum’s radio show coming out of Gadsden?, Alabama. Back then Finebaum, most of his callers, and the Birmingham News used to trash Spurrier for “running up the score” on teams. Years later, when Saban goes to Tua and Alabama starts doing the same thing- not a peep. Back when Shula and Dubose were coaches at Bama, Finebaum was outspoken about the dumpster fire there. Now he’s accused of long time Bama bias and a Saban suck up. If you follow him long enough, you’ll see Finebaum sails whichever way the wind blows.
Really like some of the cross conference games this year. Penn State vs Auburn, like a mid season bowl game. Alabama vs Miami- wishing King had not gotten injured for Miami, would have generated more interest. Georgia vs Clemson, that’s awesome. I’m leaning UGA in that one. LSU vs UCLA, here’s to hoping it’s a good outing for the tigers. Enjoyed this years all conference schedule but the renewal of out of conference in state rivals was missed. Florida vs FSU always fun for trash talking here in the state. Season can’t get here fast enough.
Not everyone is expected to understand genius.
It was a mixed bag this year for UF. Biased commenters will point to “3 game skid”, and I will agree the team seemed to reserve most of what it had for the Alabama game. I think the 7? SEC games back to back without any bye week because of the early Covid postponements also contributed to the problem when combined with the loss of the normal “Savage” conditioning. Would that have made a difference? Maybe. Situations that lead to assistants being released are almost always negative and Florida had that as well. But also, having assistants “poached” for other gigs is often viewed as doing something right. Saban seems to have to replace assistants every year.