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Is this the SDS comment section for Florida?
Getting those nicely rated big guys is perfect for what Gators want to do and this is a big pickup! Yeah baby yeah!
Yeah lol, I still have some seemingly benign comments waiting mod..
Considering CBN plans on bringing in more players to a team already over the limit, these type of articles alone will keep SDS busy. I really hope that we don't leave a bunch of young men who had scholarships with no place to go, but with the pressure to win and NIL money in the picture, this is the climate of the sport. I hope players can be honest with themselves at such a young age, to determine if you have any realistic shot at playing pro ball or being a starter at the college level or is the opportunity to get a degree where your real value lies.
Unfortunately, when you call people "turds" while presenting your argument, no matter how factually accurate it might be, the negative bias revealed causes the reader to discount anything you present. This is why you're so often frustrated and typing "MUST I SHOUT IT?" or something of that ilk. Your propensity to put anything associated with UF -down, reveals no objectivity and therefore nothing you post on an article about a rival school will be taken seriously, no matter how long the diatribe. You disqualify yourself as fruit of the poisonous tree.
He's actually really good throwing on the run. He can be a good QB somewhere, given the opportunity.
Unless we get some X-factor wideouts or TEs from the transfer portal I don't think we will have to worry too much about explosive plays in the passing game. Maybe run game. It is projecting, at this time, to be a ball control offense. Maybe CBN pulls a rabbit or two out of the portal. In order for his offense to work, he needs a legit deep threat.
No. Never. But I did see an opportunity to post pre-UGA trolls and set a tone to the thread.
The portal in basketball has it so I don't even know who is on the team from day to day. I guess I will see what we look like at our first tipoff.
Really can't say. Can't compare previous coaches initial full class standings that are pre-Nas the game has changed. Is it possible that some other school skyrockets to the top like A&M did last year?-Regardless of the tireless efforts of traditional recruiting powerhouses? Absolutely. Did Florida miss the boat on bringing in a recruiting workaholic only to undone by NIL? We won't know for a while yet. But since recruits are not committing in droves right now, it's a time to wait-n-see. Even if a player knows where he's going already, there is no reason for them to quit the parade of fanfare, gifts, and royal treatment prematurely. I wouldn't.
By that quote, are you insinuating that AR qualifies because UF is at the "highest level of football"? Hey man thanks!! That recovery took less time than expected!
As long as he doesnt run QB out in a punt formation, he'll be ahead of schedule.
He was adjusting to the speed of the game. I can't say much, when I was his age I liked to go fast too!
"BIG TALK TO SAY NOTHING!!!!! " Did he just kick his own ass?
Would be nice to see someone unexpected to shine when the lights are on...
Great! Looking forward to seeing the guys compete. Hope everyone comes out healthy and the visiting recruits have a good time.
I won't hold his previous questionable play against him but he seems to have been playing our of position much like T Dean. How he holds up in the run defense is his deciding factor. Pass break ups and interceptions do not surprise me with his speed. But he and Diabate were a little light in the loafers for SEC linebackers. Hearing players like Ventrell say that the new system is more streamlined and simplified so they can react quicker. The decision making and gap control has been an issue under previous staff.
Lorenzo has been kind of the "quietly loud" on the field player this spring that reflects his determination to play and make something of himself. He's been on the long path back from injury, he's waited his turn, and he's putting in the work. I'm rooting for the guy!