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FACT:. Most of what you post is pure hysterical babble and arm waving, foot stomping "I want it to be this way!!" and if I post enough words and post "FACT" in front of it that hopefully nobody will notice its unsubstantiated projection and not statistically accurate.
I thought even the article pointed out that 2 experienced tackles transferred into UF?
Lol using UGA terms:. Sideshow clown 3 star recruiting machine Dan Mullen with a 2 star QB and the worst defense in 100 years spotted UGA a 14 point lead and still game was over by halftime.
I thought even the article pointed out the 2 defensive tackles that transferred into UF.
Trask once said if he saw 1 on 1 coverage on Toney, that Toney was going to be open. They had chemistry from hours of reps together. When all those 1st string options were taken away in the bowl game, Trask struggled. Emory has come in and played with those same guys but that familiarity wasn't there. This year he will be playing with the receivers he's been repping with for a couple years. They should be on the same page and that will help with anticipation throws, etc.
There's a video out of Lorenzo pulling a full sized truck loaded with players. He's finally 100% healthy. Hopefully the competition brings out their best.
If you're only as good as your last game, he needs to be reaching in his wallet.
Unflushable: Term for a person who continually pops up despite your efforts to get rid of them.
Perspective is interesting. 3 consecutive NY6 bowls immediately after inheriting a 4 win team and program that was in disarray.
The evidence supports this ^^^^. This year's D will be telling. After watching player interviews since seasons end, I think the returning defenders are feeling salty, in every sense of the word. The players have pointed their fingers at themselves and, because of criticism, for better or worse, have rallied around Todd. If the defense plays salty on the field, which they have the players to do so, we'll be fine.
You know the scam that's been around for years- an email from some random claiming he/she is stuck in Africa and you can make a chunk of money if you help them by using your bank account to make some wire transfers? If there was zero return on it, it would have disappeared long ago. That means somebody, somewhere is still falling for it Yes, last year was a election year, a prime example of the press, both sides, using examples of extremes of the left and right and repeating those clips as representative of the entire base. Cherry picking to support your narrative is not new but it must still work to some degree because if it had zero returns they'd use something else. Sports media is the same. Author of this article didnt put in the effort to write it, publish it, if he felt it would fail it influence. The vibe of the overall article posted now, coinciding with the end of the Dead period and UF hosting, I consider negative recruiting. As a fan, I will call it out. If you can't see it, as the author says, "that's on you".
Shaun Alexander had great feet in traffic. He made it look easy.
The articles author clearly knows there is a flip side, hence the repeated "that's on you". Mullen wore a Vadar costume on Halloween. He was trying to inject some life into a typically dead pan UF media room. They act like he had a closet full of choices and picked that one. He went after the refs after a late hit on Trask. The players were already reacting prior to that. A&M did have more than what was supposedly allowed in attendance. I noticed it myself during the game. Coach got aggro over it, that's his job. I think UF fans would have done the same if they could get away with it. So good on A&M. Yada yada yada There is pushback here. The closer Florida gets to returning to prominence, the more articles with negative vibes, the more 3000 word posts from frothy-mouthed trolls and the more they will try to make small potatoes into a 4 course meal.
Ask her to marry you on a Labor Day weekend. The most you'll miss is teams playing opening week cupcakes and as an avid college football fan you'll never forget your anniversary. And you explain to her you want that date so you always have a 3 day weekend to celebrate.
"PS y'all don't really believe you are beating Alabama in week 3 do you?" PPS: You all don't really believe you're winning a Natty this year, do you?
Uh following Neegan logic sounds like he's listened to Ray Steven's "I am my own grandpa", one too many times.
What does the UF v Bama game have to do with this article?
A comment thread that looks normal! Can we take a picture or cut off the thread now, please?
I have to agree. There is other subject matter they could write about if they would only try to be creative. It's already a long summer-in May.
Colin Cowherd would "lash out" at his wife if it got him views. He's a sports windbag.
Maybe he makes the team, maybe he makes some plays, maybe he gets pancaked on live TV or gets cut...either way the Jags are already pocketing money off him and there's no giving that back regardless of result.
I would like to see what they come up with as a result. There's been a debate that college football rewards teams for their overall record making every game count vs teams that might actually be peaking and playing their best ball at the end of the year. Oklahoma stumbled out of the gate last year, would love to have seen them in the mix. Or the title game of Notre Dame vs Bama. Was that the best 2 teams? UGA getting in as an at large and another shot at Alabama after coming up in the conference title just a yard or two short? Who as a college football fan wouldn't want to see that? Will they come up with a rule that prevents an all conference title game somehow? If the SEC ended up repping both sides in the title game the crying would start again. But at least in an expanded playoff you could say "hey, you had your shot". As a fan of college football, I would love to see it. Hopefully they could break up this horrible bowl game conference alignment they have set up too.
Comments grew legs of their own. I was remarking on this obsession with posting all things Urban Meyer as UF articles. They had one with Alex Smith considering working with Urban at Jacksonville. How is that a Florida article? Are we getting play by play of Spurrier, Muschamp, Zook, Mac? As to their moves unrelated to UF or former UF players? No There's plenty to write about if you use your brain just a little, even during these long summers. You want to grow the site? Put in a little more effort and see what happens. But some of this has squat to do with Florida now.