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Nice! Daniels ran for over 2,000 yards and 24 TD’s as a Junior. Had offers from Alabama, Auburn, Texas A&M and Oregon among others. Averaged 10 yards a carry as RB, but also played some QB & WR. Go Gators ✔️
7 Kicks returned for TDs and a 51 yard average KR average? We've needed a dynamic KR for a while. On that alone, I'm good. Go Gators
Love the passion you ALL have for Florida! It's Great to be a Gator!
TE coach. Trolls excited to comment on Tight End coachimg hire. I do enjoy your passion for my team and it's still Great to be a Gator.
There's a cliche' for every occasion. If someone says "fortune favors the bold", someone else can counter with "good things come to those who wait". Perhaps whatever snippet we use to support our narrative is more of a revelation of the narrative we want to push than any bearing on what's actually happening.
Agreed. I would rather he took his time in making the decisions over making hasty calls.
Gators are outspoken, good or bad and you're right, involving the UF fanbase directly leads to more views/clicks.
Napier said (when replacing a position coach)if they have someone on staff already they feel is ready for the position, they will make the decision quickly. Since they haven't replaced TE & WR coaches at this point, they must be looking outside the program.
Nice job by AR. Wish him success in the future.
If FSU joins the SEC, he won't have to worry about cheering for anything. Problem solves itself.
Interested to see who he hires as the replacement. Go Gators!
Always good to see others confirm the value of your coaches.
That's a bummer. The kid is a gamer and I would rather compete next year with a fully healthy Utah team. Hope he makes a rapid and full recovery.
I'd he doesn't show improvement next year, his seat will start to heat up. If the program shows significant gains, then it will not. That's fairly true for any coach.
In my opinion, social media fans are not representative of the overall fan base. I don't know too many fans that express the same concerns and impatience in person but there are squeaky wheels online that make it seem like there is a larger amount of discontent than reality. But it's good to know that former Alabama quarterback Greg McIlroy is concerned about our fan base. Go Gators
Do you recall ever seeing them on the field at the same time?
Hope the player finds his opportunity wherever he ends up. Still VERY optimistic about the players that we have and the ones coming in
He started 7 games but he was losing his spot to Freshman All American Austin Barber. Tarquin is good, he will start somewhere else.
DJ commits and immediately starts hitting up other quality recruits in the '24 class. Said he wants to build and be responsible for leading the class. But the last SDS article and this one full of Gator fans comments talking about "if he sticks". You've got your legacy linebacker and a 5 star QB setting the table early. That's how it's done. "If he sticks"? It would be great if Florida fans acted like they're Florida fans. He's gonna stick. Go Gators! Go Gators!
He was all class as a Gator. Good luck young man.
Travis did teach us something. Florida needs DBs that can catch the football. Unreal how many times they made a play and had it in their hands only to leave it unfinished.
Don't overlook FSU's greatest coach ever was Bobby Bowden. 17-18-1 vs UF. Greatest ever & losing record vs Gators.
Agreed. Film study over the last 3 years shows a lack of development in positional fundamentals. Linebackers that don't know how to navigate traffic at the line of scrimmage, DBs flipping their hips the wrong way, safeties lost on the field. Let's be real, Dameon Pierce is doing well in the NFL because he doesn't have to run through imagined holes. Last year we were sold the idea that we barely had a starting 5 offensive line and in less than a year the new staff yields a virtually serviceable 2 deep. Mullen complained of the team making big plays but lacking in consistency. That's because despite the fundamentals missing, the desire to make a play resulted in hero ball all over, with sometimes positive results but more often in spectacular collapses. That reliance on hero ball plays comes from a good place but it's bad football. And it seems to be a hard habit to break once started.
When Napier keeps saying "I like the fight in this team", that's coach speak equivalent to saying a girl has a "nice personality". "Certainly room for improvement" means "I know the D sucks".
Spurrier used to downplay his outlook for the team each preseason. The one time he actually said something like "I think we might be able to throw and catch some", Florida won a title.