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I made a general statement as there were more than with such comments. Didn’t have to chase anything, surfaced on its own. “Haters gonna hate”.
You...almost...made...a valid argument...and then the comments at the end appear to reveal negative bias. Just like when jurors are picked to judge a case, any revelation of bias gets you disqualified. Even with a "HUGE" difference, or even if there was a valid point made, the shade of the poster is revealed and it all appears to be fruit of a poisonous tree. The baby gets thrown out the with the bath water.
Based on the topic of the article, when you make a case against what was done, and then follow it up with “Mullet”, “clown”, or some other disparaging remark, you discredit your own argument.
It wasn’t too long ago at Florida had open tryouts for kicker, and even extra points were a crapshoot. So it has been nice having a string of kickers you can have reasonable confidence in making field goals.
Kicker is one of those positions you take for granted until you don’t have one.
Mullens had good results with promoting skill and name value of previous transfer players at Florida. Makes sense portal players who think they can do/show more would consider the Gators.
Or if we look at the entire post I made... Take this year for example- Oklahoma vs Florida would/could have been a playoff game. Maybe Florida with full complement of players gets by OU, or maybe OU still runs over UF. But this would allow the Big 12 Conference champion that initially stumbled out of the gate but is playing its best ball at the end of the season to compete for title. Same thing for the Cincinnati vs Georgia game- would/could have been a playoff game. Could a UGA team with a renewed offense under Daniels make a run? Who wouldn't want to see those teams against Notre Dame, Clemson, Ohio State, Alabama? As a college football fan, I would love to have seen any of those matchups. And I would bet the final game would have been more competitive that what we saw Monday night.
Yes have to agree. Current system has created a funnel effect for the top tier recruits which has lead to the same teams in the playoff every year. You can just about bet Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State will be in the playoff next year. And the year after... Someone said it’s not about being fair. Maybe not. But in order to generate the revenue that is needed to continue this level of interest nationally, fans need to believe their team, or at least their conference has a chance. Include the 5 conference champions, two highest ranked at large, the group of 5 best team. Blowout or not, let the players settle it on the field. Let’s keep more players from opting out by still believing they have something play for and fans still watching because they believe the same.
There’s some footage of him crushing kicks in some of the recruiting compilation videos for UF. I believe also I read that the kicking program that he went through has also produced quite a few Ray Guy award winners. Mullens always rambling on about statistics, and one of his favorites is hidden yardage so this has the potential to be a great find in that regard. Also take note he doesn’t like for kicks to hit the ground when receiving them. Stats say that you’ll lose more yards over the year than just fielding only kicks with potential for return. He’s a football nerd but you have to appreciate his attention to detail in analysis.
Yes the defense was frustrating this year. And I’m not saying running the ball is the only answer, but it should help. I was half hoping UF would end up with Derek Mason but Auburn got him. At Vandy, his players might have lost battles due to competing against superior athletes or due to depth, but they were schematically sound and lined up correctly pre-snap. That’s something that was sorely missing this season for the Gators and did not improve over the year. As much as memory has shined on Spurriers time at UF, this is very similar. You won’t be able to out score everyone, your offense will come due to have an off day- hence, no undefeated seasons under Spurrier. And he didn’t win a title until he committed to defense and hired the previous seasons best DC in the NCAAF. Bob Stoops. Dan may have come to that crossroad.
I enjoyed the passing offense this past year with Kyle Trask, but I am looking forward to seeing Florida (under Mullen) running some form of spread with 2 true dual threat QBs, having added two 5star RBs, and seeing O-line projects like Ethan White and Josh Braun opening holes. I know modern football revolves around the passing game, but as an old-school fan, I would feel better with "our feet planted on the ground"-game. Being able to chew up clock when you need to is beneficial to the defense. Games like the SEC championship, where UF went down the field in 3-4 plays in under 2 minutes to put the defense back out there-you have to be able to give them a breather.
I know it was a hard spot to take over behind Billy D, but this Florida basketball program has seemed to be diminished a little each year under White. It's like pouring water into a bucket with a hole in it. White looks the part but I haven't seen his system work at Florida. In fact, they have played good defense but this "system" on offense has looked undefined, pass the ball around the perimeter and take a contested jump shot late in the clock. When you look at the coaching hires at rival schools, you have to realize whatever momentum the UF program had has been lost, and it's trending in the wrong direction. They have to make a change.
Yup same here. I think Gators Breakdown on YouTube had a short post that shed some light on the hire. It’s a combo of coaching and connections to high schools.
It’s always a mixed bag when you see someone leave- very appreciative that they committed and played for the university that I root for, but also excited to see the new talent step in and play.
Nice anchor for the D-line with experience from one of the better conferences.
If you look up and watch GNFP on YouTube and watch some of the film studies of Florida’s defensive evaluations this year, you’ll see there were some highly questionable philosophies employed this year. Did UF play off coverage on short yardage because of lack of faith in personnel to cover? Why did Florida not play goal line D on 3 or 4th and less than 1 yard situations? Film study’s shows Florida played well when it lined up presnap correctly. But the defense had up to 50% of the plays played with issues and it was persistent all year. Was this a coaching gaff or an inability by players to process? If the players are failing to comprehend, then is this a failure to recruit to your scheme? Is the scheme too complicated?- preventing players from using their athletic abilities because they are thinking too much? Is this why underclassmen came into the game and seemed to flow better? Because they were given simplified instructions? Under Mullen the improvements in recruiting are mostly reflected in the defensive commits. Dans been trusting his ability to develop players on offense and pushing up up the initial quality of recruiting on D. Maybe he is hesitant to pull the plug on Todd because this could unravel whatever is already lined up to come in, and recruiting tends to be a domino effect, positively and negatively. Have to wait and see... Go Gators
Carter has shown improvement every year. Can’t wait to see him next year!
Really enjoyed watching the team play this year. Felt like playing with house money and nothing to lose and everything to gain. That said, really hoping to see more of a mix of upcoming talent with established starters on offense AND defense.
Probably see all three in games this year as there is no fear of redshirt with extra year of eligibility. And Emory and Anthony are the kinds of QBs that gave Saban troubles back when Kirby was his DC. Good stuff!
In the same vein that UGA fans say their offense can’t be any worse than last year, UFs run game should improve. Based on the starting 5 reports from camp I’m seeing for the O-line, 5? choices at running back, they should see an improvement. This and the SEC schedule make me lean towards Trask not getting 3k yards. He might very well improve his completion percentage because of viable play action. However, I expect we will see a good bit of Emory Jones and possibly even see Anthony Richardson in situationally in many games this year since everyone has been granted an extra year of eligibility and there is no need to redshirt this year. Playing with the QBs to keep their heads in the game will be hard for Mullen to resist.
@Afan. New OC, lots of fresh faces as number 1s on the O-line even if they had snaps or not, new starting QB and let’s not forget new O-line coach. That’s a tough ask. It’s not a matter of talent there, it will be a test of cohesion in an odd year. I will be happy to just watch football.
If this had been a normal year with a normal off-season etc... I might be more inclined to a close contest with UGA. It’s not a normal season. Coaches have their strengths. Some are X’s and O’s, or player development or recruiting. Dan is supposedly known for evaluating players for their strengths and game planning how to use them. Kirby is an elite recruiter. I think the lack of time on the practice field will hurt Dan more than Kirby. If ever there was a year to win on raw talent, this should be it.
There's a bit of a bottleneck here. Of the various hurdles of sustained success Georgia fans expect, rightfully so with their self-proclaimed Fort Knox of stockpiled talent, the only one they have been able to break through so far is beating Florida. (sustained success). Until other desired results are obtained where the fanbase can flood out elsewhere, Georgia fans will continue to be "dammed" up here. The rub is Florida fan doesn't care. I don't get any hatred from fellow UF fans towards UGA. FSU and Miami, yes. Alabama, maybe once upon a time. UGA no. Florida fan knows we've lost 3 in a row to the Bulldogs but believes not because Georgia has improved but because Florida hasn't been doing what it should. And once Florida goes back to doing it-beating Georgia will come with it. No amount of jaw-jacking, stat quoting, foot stomping until your blue-in-the-face antics will change Florida fan's belief. And that looking down at UGA, even after losses...it chaps a redneck's ass when he has to deal with snobs.
Considering the source, that fact that this baffles you comes as no surprise.
"So yeah, the Floriduh ‘turds are “number 1” in recruiting now, but that and a $3 bill can get you an offense wearing the correct wristbands." As opposed to the #1 class on signing day getting you what? Going to a major bowl and getting bent over by Texas like a scene cut from Oz? Or the next year representing the SEC East worse than Florida under coach Mac? How many elite players Kirby needs to win a Natty is like getting to the center of a tootsie roll pop- The world may never know.
LOL well let's get all fired up about NC's won when Oklahoma was still giving away free land! Or titles given out by Readers Digest or was it Popular Fishing Magazine? The dust on the scrolls makes it hard to read. Just be glad inclusion for NC merit doesn't cut off at the invent of the internet or cell phones.
It isn't in the article, but it is in the comment section.