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Probably see all three in games this year as there is no fear of redshirt with extra year of eligibility. And Emory and Anthony are the kinds of QBs that gave Saban troubles back when Kirby was his DC. Good stuff!
In the same vein that UGA fans say their offense can’t be any worse than last year, UFs run game should improve. Based on the starting 5 reports from camp I’m seeing for the O-line, 5? choices at running back, they should see an improvement. This and the SEC schedule make me lean towards Trask not getting 3k yards. He might very well improve his completion percentage because of viable play action. However, I expect we will see a good bit of Emory Jones and possibly even see Anthony Richardson in situationally in many games this year since everyone has been granted an extra year of eligibility and there is no need to redshirt this year. Playing with the QBs to keep their heads in the game will be hard for Mullen to resist.
@Afan. New OC, lots of fresh faces as number 1s on the O-line even if they had snaps or not, new starting QB and let’s not forget new O-line coach. That’s a tough ask. It’s not a matter of talent there, it will be a test of cohesion in an odd year. I will be happy to just watch football.
If this had been a normal year with a normal off-season etc... I might be more inclined to a close contest with UGA. It’s not a normal season. Coaches have their strengths. Some are X’s and O’s, or player development or recruiting. Dan is supposedly known for evaluating players for their strengths and game planning how to use them. Kirby is an elite recruiter. I think the lack of time on the practice field will hurt Dan more than Kirby. If ever there was a year to win on raw talent, this should be it.
There's a bit of a bottleneck here. Of the various hurdles of sustained success Georgia fans expect, rightfully so with their self-proclaimed Fort Knox of stockpiled talent, the only one they have been able to break through so far is beating Florida. (sustained success). Until other desired results are obtained where the fanbase can flood out elsewhere, Georgia fans will continue to be "dammed" up here. The rub is Florida fan doesn't care. I don't get any hatred from fellow UF fans towards UGA. FSU and Miami, yes. Alabama, maybe once upon a time. UGA no. Florida fan knows we've lost 3 in a row to the Bulldogs but believes not because Georgia has improved but because Florida hasn't been doing what it should. And once Florida goes back to doing it-beating Georgia will come with it. No amount of jaw-jacking, stat quoting, foot stomping until your blue-in-the-face antics will change Florida fan's belief. And that looking down at UGA, even after losses...it chaps a redneck's ass when he has to deal with snobs.
Considering the source, that fact that this baffles you comes as no surprise.
"So yeah, the Floriduh ‘turds are “number 1” in recruiting now, but that and a $3 bill can get you an offense wearing the correct wristbands." As opposed to the #1 class on signing day getting you what? Going to a major bowl and getting bent over by Texas like a scene cut from Oz? Or the next year representing the SEC East worse than Florida under coach Mac? How many elite players Kirby needs to win a Natty is like getting to the center of a tootsie roll pop- The world may never know.
LOL well let's get all fired up about NC's won when Oklahoma was still giving away free land! Or titles given out by Readers Digest or was it Popular Fishing Magazine? The dust on the scrolls makes it hard to read. Just be glad inclusion for NC merit doesn't cut off at the invent of the internet or cell phones.
It isn't in the article, but it is in the comment section.
Yes the injury situation is a possibility. Always need luck when making a title run. Who can forget that nasty leg injury Carson Palmer suffered against the Steelers- probably one of the best Bengal teams fielded in their history.., and I would bet there have been player injuries suffered by 1 seeds vs 16s in the NCAA tournament. That’s a matter of coaches making the call when to pull players but sometimes tragedy still strikes. And I see below in the thread someone saying we just need to seed the “best” teams. Yes that would be ideal, but maybe I see things through SEC colored glasses but in the past 20 years I bet 2-4 of the best teams in the country were all in the SEC. If we put them all in the playoff it becomes regional again and the sport will continue to slump. It would be how we differentiate college from pros.
I thought so too but I recall Tennessee’s Dobbs fumbling a football forward into the end zone that was recovered by a different Tennessee player for a touchdown against Appalachian State?
As the current system is functioning there are more and more reports of attendance in stadiums decreasing significantly. The four team playoff system has created a funnel effect for talent via recruiting perpetuating a continually increasing gap in talent for the teams that are perennially already making the playoff. There are TV markets that are marginally tapped compared to what they could be, if a guaranteed representative from each conference will make the playoff each year. And there are teams that stumble out of the gate with an early loss, especially now that fall practices hav been “condensed” but could be on fire by the end of the year and make a run. Same as is seen in other college sports and in the pros. The door has been opened with this small playoff. Are we rewarding a team for overall wins and losses based largely on quality wins stemming from preseason rankings? Giving a group of 5 team a shot also gives them representation and a shot. Quells any speculative argument and paired against the number one team in the playoff gives incentive to being number one for that power 5 team at the regular season conclusion. Maybe all conferences are not equal, I don’t know any sport where they are? But inclusion may boost those that are lagging behind further and further in the current system and when the question of the article is asked of me, I think the sport was more enjoyable when many teams the have fallen by the wayside somewhat like USC, Texas, Nebraska.
Maybe expand the playoff to include all the Power 5 Conference champs, 2 at large bids from rest of Power 5 and the top Group of 5 contender.
This might be the year Georgia wins the Title in football- shortened season will require an * by it.
Might be right. Mullen could be using his coaching experience to avoid a rookie mistake like Kirby made with the Fields-Fromm “fiasco”. More like Farmers: We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two.
I think the top 5 recruiting class is a huge ask. Florida is ranked highly right now because they’ve signed more bodies than most everyone else but the class is almost dead even with where it was last year at this point. During Mullens early signing day press conference he was asked if the promise of new facilities helped the class and he responded something like “I think it will help when we can show we’ve broken ground on it”. Any and all coaches make the same promise of competing for playtime and starting but showing a 16-17 year old something tangible is hard to overcome. As long as we are losing the facilities battle with those top ranked schools ahead of us, we are handcuffing our staff. Nothing speaks louder to this than someone recently anonymously donating 5 million to get the facility started. Couple this with Mullens firm belief (or obstinance) in their own evaluations and making a top 5 recruiting class a make or break point seems like a setup for disappointment. It’s possible but the university needs to stop dragging a$$ on the promised improvements.
Come on guys, I’m sure he’s just joking. It’s the 3rd or 4th time he’s posted that UGA fans have to remind UF fans that while UGAs talent level has gone up, their production on the field has gone down. The gap truly has gotten larger in that regard! No Florida fan has forgotten this. He’s just playing.
You know what's really odd is we can come up with more competent and professional candidates for ADs at colleges than we can for President of the United States.
That actually makes sense! Crean accumulating top level talent to beat Florida. That's what Kirby has done, isn't it? Accumulate (on paper anyway) the best collective of college players on the planet!!!- and beat Florida. That's why UGA fans are constantly on articles about Florida. They've got no where else to go! What's it going to take for UGA to win the title if world's best players only gets you by Florida? Hiring a one day retired Nick Saban as an analyst? Just sayin!
Skipping the part where that wasted talent is 2-0 against Georgia with their top recruit.
Work with 20+ Gator fans and none of them really talk about Georgia beyond the week of the game. I don't sense any real animosity towards UGA from them, no more than Tennessee or Kentucky. Most of them don't talk about Urban anymore either. That's a topic most are happy to distance themselves from these days. Once Florida fields a team that passes the "eye test" as a consensus title contender and Georgia beats that team(something that hasn't happened in the modern era of college football; ie-divisional play, BC championships, playoffs, etc...) until then, would probably have to pick Meyer.
@upstategator: no I wouldn't lay the blame solely for the "lost decade" at Urban's feet. But as King808 stated, the downward momentum of the program was already there when Meyer left. When I say "making payments", I'm not just referring to the losses on the field. For years afterward, the negative publicity stemming from the Meyer tenure also gave Florida detractors not only ammunition on message boards, but also in recruiting. Urban DID do a fantastic job when recruiting blue chip "athletes" and hybrid mismatches at skill positions. He DID NOT however, account for the sheer number of quality linemen he would need to account for attrition and depth needed for the SEC. (This is why, if nothing else, Mullen started stacking bodies year 1 in the trenches at Florida.) Please look again at the actual roster for 2012 and what their classes were vs the players that were outstanding for that year. Also, keep in mind, that year the football bounced Florida's way quite a few times, including a late 4th quarter blocked punt caught in mid-air and returned for a TD that was actually NEEDED to beat Louisiana Monroe. Florida actually backdoored via record their way into a bowl game (much like '95) that was above their head in quality of opponent, as was evidenced by Teddy Bridgewater and Louisville cruising to an easy victory. This SDS article was about Urban Meyer offering his opinion as an "expert' about Florida football in the now. When McElwain and Muschamp do the same via media coverage, I will absolutely hold their feet to the fire then as well.
I've seen people ask on these boards, "If Mullen was such a good coach, why wasn't he approached about UF before?" There was quite a bit of fallout from Urban's departure. Former players were in and out of headlines for problems with behavior and the law. The team was floundering with an imbalanced roster that would take a few years to rebuild. The shady way Urban took leave of Florida and then landed quickly on his feet at Ohio State. I think Mullen, understandably and unfairly, was depicted as fruit of the poisonous tree. The blowback from boosters and alumni for a promising but unproven Mullen possibly failing and somehow perpetuating the Urban Meyer debacle would have been too much. Time had to pass to show Mullen could run his own "clean" program as a HC. And Foley had to be replaced as AD. Not saying Foley had anything against Dan, but I bet he grew to find the whole Urban conversation exhausting.
Yeah Yeah… Urban... Thanks for failing to recognize the depth of recruiting and development in the trenches needed for the SEC!! (This is why Muschamp called the team "soft" when he took over). Watching Old Urban when his team is getting beat, bent over, hands on knees, white as a ghost, I'm sure he was having heart palpitations. When he realized the error he made at UF wasn't going to be a quick fix and many more losses were going to be hung around his neck, he bailed. "Health condition", I bet. The Florida fanbase, myself included, was more than happy to purchase those National Championship trophies on the Old Urban Meyer credit card but making the payments has sucked. Could care less what this guy has to say about Mullen and UF when he claimed under oath "memory issues" about wife beating but I'd bet money never missed a text or tweet to a 5 star recruit.
How quickly the barking sounds like bleating.
"Then why did you respond to this post???" The answer is in the response. You mad dawg(bro)? I will spell it out for you. You opened the door with your previous trolling comment and I used it to extinguish this next exhaustive typing exposition.
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