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Sh*t, man, if you can't read and understand a simple SpongeBob meme like that, you should stay off the interwebs. JT ain't going anywhere early.
The amount of money and interest generated by football dwarves all the other sports, combined. If those meaningless-except-to-those-who-participated-in-them team sports matter so much to Vandy, they'll feel right at home in D-IAA.
They're either f*ckin' cowards or f*ckin' irresponsible. If this game can't be played, then they should sure as hell come to Athens next year and be prepared for a beating. UGA doesn't usually run up the score on folks, but this one could and should be the exception.
Don't expect the conference TV money to be the same as previous seasons -- with two weeks of no SEC games on CBS (and no double-headers this year, either) -- the network doesn't appears interested in ponying up for less and lesser product. Sign o' the times.
Yeah, this guy is a f*ckin' genius.