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"Kentucky can easily play Bama to a one score game" I like the confidence! Especially from a perennial conference bottom dweller. Did UK figure out a way to resurrect the Bear and lure him back? Just wondering... I sincerely hope the season lasts long enough to test your proclamation... *since we're apparently talking football history, you might want to avoid the Bama-UK series record, average margin of victory, ya know - stuff like that
"Our players"... "we are"... "we got" Ummm, no, there is no "we" that involves you when it comes to Alabama. You have to be more subtle if you don't want to be immediately outed as a troll. (and Anoma got himself booted and is seeming pretty remorseful about it -I wish him well)
Awesome to see the love from other fan bases for this incredible young man. Thank you, Tua, for everything and may God bless you as you heal and play in the NFL!
You realize we play LSU and Auburn every year right? And every year that we make it to the SECCG we are playing Georgia or the likes. Heck, we even played OU last year and beat them by 11 right after they beat Texas by 12. Yes, the opener against Duke was not against as impressive an opponent as we usually slaughter in the first game, but we can only play who will play us. I guess Texas doesn't have any trouble finding teams who aren't too intimidated to play them.
Exactly. Your tin foil hat has to be pretty impressive to believe the refs are looking to make calls to benefit a team that's NOT EVEN IN THE GAME. Sheesh people.
I'm curious about this as well. He seems very level-headed every time I've seen him interviewed, so this was surprising.(especially for a senior)
We may not have won the SEC last year, but I'm not feeling terrible about our consolation prize.
Love all our backs this year. To me, however, it just seems like Najee is the one most likely to come up with a combination powerful AND shifty, explosive run. I don't think we go wrong with any of our guys handling the rock though.
While more information is usually helpful, I don't know how helpful it is to know your opponent's new starting QB is even more versatile and dangerous than the last guy you went up against. I suspect we'll see Tua have human moments as we see him face better defenses, but man I'm excited to see what he does with four quarters. (and if Bama is really lucky, maybe we never find that out)
FSU nearly beat Bama? That's the first time I've heard that game described that way... Look, I think A&M is headed in the right direction and have found their guy. Having said that, it might be best to slow our roll just a wee bit and see how good Clemson really is and how A&M fares in a few more games. I think Mr. Hayes must be president of Jimbo's fan club. Sheesh.
Agreed, there are some interesting possibilities there, but I don't think Saban is a huge fan of offensive "trickeration", as the ESPN guys like to call it.
Every guy on the roster is competing for a spot. Every guy at every practice and game...
Was surprised how much pressure the Card's D was getting on our QB early. I hope that is a testament to them and not an indicator of potential O-line issues down the road. RTR!
Interesting. That wouldn't surprise me at all either, really.
I think that's likely as well. I believe he starts Jalen, based on seniority, trading every series or every other. Whomever ultimately proves more productive, will start getting more time. I think this is how he gets to Tua without seeming like he was unfair to the guy that went 26-2 for him. Having said that, I suspect there's a strong allure to Jalen's track record of taking care of the football. But unless Jalen's passing game has taken a large step forward, it'll be Tua sooner than later. (it also make more sense from a future of the franchise perspective, with not alienating Taulia)
I can only remember Saban electing to go on offense first once or twice, you're right. There is nearly zero suspense about whose offense is taking the field first. It might make Louisville feel better to do so, but at the end of the day I believe they'll need more than a quick start.
If the outcome of this game has anything to do with the coin toss, things have gone terribly wrong for Bama.