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Well that was a nice win. Here's hoping that the Ole Miss bats cool down some tonight. Either way, with 3 SEC teams and 1 future SEC team left as the only ones around, it's got to make the rest of the country really annoyed. They thought the SEC was too dominant in football. Sheesh, this has got to sit deep in the craw of every SEC naysayer.
This idiot is coaching at a High School near Dallas. They're starting to make noise about firing him from that too.
The 1964 season ended with controversy as to whether Alabama or Arkansas should be recognized as the national champion: Alabama finished the regular season at 10–0 and was ranked No. 1 in the final AP and UPI Coaches Polls. The AP and UPI did not conduct post-bowl game polling at that time. Accordingly, and despite a loss in the 1965 Orange Bowl to No. 5 Texas, Alabama remained the national champion in the AP and UPI polls. Arkansas, ranked No. 2 in the AP and UPI polls, defeated No. 6 Nebraska in the Cotton Bowl, had also defeated common opponent Texas in Austin, and finished as the only undefeated and untied major college team. In polling conducted after the bowl games, a five-man committee of the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA) selected Arkansas as the winner of the Grantland Rice Trophy as the top college football team in the country. Arkansas received four of five first-place votes, with Texas receiving the fifth vote. Alabama did not receive a single vote for first, second, or third place.[2] Arkansas is also recognized as the 1964 national champion by Billingsley Report, College Football Researchers Association, Helms Athletic Foundation, National Championship Foundation, Poling System, Sagarin, and Sagarin (ELO-Chess).[3] After a one-year trial run in 1965, the AP Poll began its current practice of naming their national champion at the conclusion of the bowl games in 1968. The UPI Poll followed suit in 1974, after its choice for national champions in each of 1965, 1970, and 1973 lost their respective bowl games.
Any Hog fans remember Steve Little? This leg strength is reminiscent.
Yeah, I'm a Razorback fan for over 50 years, but we're not far removed from having been obliterated by the University of North Texas a few years back. I am thrilled by what I am seeing thus far from the team this season, but to already be trying to suggest that we might entertain thoughts of beating Alabama seems a bit premature. Now if Pittman gets this team to somehow win against A&M and then beat Georgia, THEN I'll start listening to possiblities against 'Bama.