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First off, Most Qbs in college are not ready to pla right away in the nfl. The real good QBS like Baker MAyfield do not really need to be coached that much. As for Enos Drew Stanton regressed because he was hurt most of the year as was Austin. Enos, also coached 4 3000 yard Passers at CMU. One off them Cooper rush who is now the back up for the cowboys. Enos also coached Brian Hoyer. Josh Mcdaniels Coaches Tom Brady I could coach Tom Brady! Just because your Qbs are not in the NFL does not mean you do not develop them.
Enos was running Bielma's system. Enos added the passing game more when he came aboard. Under Enos Arkansas has the second and 6th most productive offense in their history, and have broken several records. Good luck to this coach in trying to run his fancy offense with a terrible offensive line. He will find out playing the Sec west in particular is not fun at all. With the Arkansas defense they better score 60 a game!
Considering Enos, it is hard to run an offense when you have a bad offensive line.The offense lost there 4 best players and had a freshman qb playing half the season. The offense average almost 30 points a game. The defense also could not get of the field and put them in bad spots. Take any team that loses 4 of their best players and see how they do! Most teams that played in he SEC west would average less than 26 points a game.
The offense scored 43 points last week and ran the ball for over 200 yards!They have been the strength of the team the last 2 years and even led the sec in scoring 2 years ago! The defense has been terrible the last 2 years, last year they gave up over 40 points a game in conference play! That might have to have something to do with the problems they are having.
Arkansas had much better offense than LSU this year and last without the 4 and 5 star recruits.
Why would they make it up? Enos also did not drop TD passes, throw interceptions in the endzone and fumble out of the endzone.
Why does Enos need to go? The offense averaged 31 points a game and had the leading passer and rusher. Would not have gone to a bowl game without the offense.
Enos did try to run the ball unsuccessfully! Over 30 carries for 80 yards, should be able to run for 200 against Toledo. 4th and 1 and get stuffed, holding in red zone.........