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Disappointed? Yes. Anxious? Yes. Hopeful? Most certainly No fan base wants to be bounced as the #1 seed twice in 3 years at home My hope is our pitching depth coupled with home field will see the Vols clinch It would be a chance for everyone to pile on Fingers crossed
Congrats to Bama. What a great run in the tourney so far. Go beat UConn. Happy for Bama
If the roles were reversed and the Vols lost in the 1st round, the trolls would be dragging Tennessee through the mud
I wouldn’t be surprised if Lane was coaching in Tuscaloosa in three or four years… You never want to be the man that follows the man
Bama and Vols both have 9.5 win totals predictions via Las Vegas Vols will beat Jalen Milroe in Knoxville Bama 9-3 seems about right without Saban
Vols are deep and talented. My only concern is their game on the road seems to shrink. I know that road games are tough but they often struggle in hostile environments in the SEC.
Can someone reach out to AFan???How about RonMexico!!! Those 2 clowns are always leading the brigade to bury other teams and the first to post How bout them apples? Go Vols Ready to watch our private jet flying 5 star QB this Fall Go tell Saban to cry up another tree
I didn’t know Jerry Mack a few season ago when CJH came to Knoxville and it worked out.Hope this fella can recruit and gets it done. Welcome to Knoxville
AFan, You are truly the epitome of “ wrestling with a pig in the mud….. the pig likes it” As I wrote yesterday, the Vols will be just fine.
You 2 fellas are always stirring the pot. Vols will be just fine. Probably best to try and focus on your teams below average collective that has relied on Saban and his reputation to secure elite talent Bama has its work cut out for it
As a Tennessee fan, happy to see Bama know what the rest of college football struggles with often. Tennessee lost 30 kids when Jeremy Pruitt was fired. Alabama may nor miss a beat and win the SEC. Just good to see Bama come out of that rarified air after 17 years killing everybody
It's strange to see Bama hire someone that's not elite and a household name. This guy may be the next Kirby Smart or Jeremy Pruitt as far as DC's go. If he can recruit and coach that's all that matters. As a Tennessee fan, it's a welcome sight to see Bama have a little chaos and uncertainty after dominating college football for almost 2 decades.
As a Tennessee fan, I’m genuinely curious to see how Milroe plays next year if Tommy Rees is not the OC and DeBoer brings his OC. I wonder if Ty Simpson stays now? I really don’t get why Isaiah Bond would transfer ( money?) After 17 years it’s interesting to see changes at Bama
Heck I’m a Vols fan and I love his response. Young man believed in himself and it’s paying off. Considering that he was benched earlier but came back and proved all the doubters wrong. Congrats to Jalen and good luck to Bama.
He is a take all day long if the Vols can get him. Tennessee needs an elite WR Of course Vols need lots of help in the secondary
No one is picking Tennessee to win? We get it UK 8 Titles. Thanks for sharing. It’s about the same as no one is picking UK to make the Final Four Rupp Arena/ Neyland Stadium are tough venues but neither is making a playoff this year
Dawgs by 21 or more. Joe Milton and our secondary don’t stand a chance. I’m from Tennessee. Went to school at Tennessee. I love Tennessee I’m also a realist who has watched football for most of my almost 55 years alive. Hope I’m wrong. Ain’t holding my breath
Congrats Mizzou. Now the Vols know how it feels. Beat Tennessee in all phases I like your squad
I suspected he would play all week long. He continued to play last week after the injury. A week of rest and he should be fine. Here’s to a great game tomorrow. Go Vols
Josh Dobbs said it! Makes it true. Going to be a trend???? Aerospace engineer trumps all
I don’t like this matchup for Tennessee. The secondary for the Vols vs Bama and UConn after the injury to Hadden has been a sieve. Add in the inconsistency Joe a Milton brings to the table and you have a poor recipe for success. Both teams need the win. Vols have been suspect on the road. Here’s to hoping Vols pull the upset
A dream scenario (statistically unlikely based on Joe Milton and the Vols secondary) is that Tennessee beats Mizzou and UGA. I hope it a real "slobber knocker" with both teams exhausted and spent (UGA 34 Mizzou 24 is my prediction. Tennessee needs Mizzou to be demoralized and deflated next weekend for the Vols to steal one on the road.
As a Vols fan, I have no love loss for Bama. That being said, Bama doesn't lose many at home in Tuscaloosa. As cliche as it sounds I suspect turnovers, special teams will be the deciding factors. Hopefully the refs call a fair game
Tennessee will win or lose based on Joe Milton. This game scares me. Vols have yet to play well on the road
Academics Attitude Marijuana Assault The usual culprits I suspect
The "Cocktail Party" deserves more mention than Vols vs UK...I would agree. UGA should win by 2 scores or more IMHO
Vols will be home dogs to UGA. Ain’t gonna be afraid of them. Bring it on. Vols don’t have to hang their heads after losing in Tuscaloosa.
I was in Knoxville last weekend. Joe Milton was straight up garbage. That was at home in the friendly confines of Neyland. Tennessee has a narrow path. Requires better QB play and plus 2 on the turnovers. I read so much and hope for a different outcome but Tuscaloosa ain’t a lucky place for Vols this century
Vols are flawed. Joe Milton and the WRs are pedestrian. Strengths are the oline, running game and dline. Joe Milton will be the reason Vols win or lose on Saturday. This week he was 11 for 22 with 100 yards and a redzone INT. If he plays like he did Saturday, Bama wins by 21. Vols need to win the turnover battle by +2 and have Milton play above expectations Signed, Nervous Vol Fan
UGA has all the talent in the world. Beck will face more pressure and the WRs will have tighter coverage bc defenses don't need to over compensate for Bowers. UGA will be tested.