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In most cases I try really hard not to root against any one individual - but I'm finding myself hoping for a colossal crash for coach Prime.
He pulled his hamstring at the combine. So yeah, bad combine. Not surprised he was passed over - it's the story of his life. Also the story of his life that he perseveres and excels and proves the "experts" wrong about him. So, I wouldn't be surprised at all if he finds a way to make his mark in the NFL.
"For as much grief as the BCS received, the model itself was sound"... I have always thought this. The BCS was really good, except for the one thing it couldn't do (and no system will ever be able to do) - which is definitively identify the best 2 teams in college football. So it was set up to fail and we threw out the baby with the bathwater. I agree 8 is the right number - I don't think a legit case has ever been made that the #9 or lower team should be playing for a NC (sorry, not sorry UCF) - and 8 teams would add the games so the $ and opportunity to earn a spot is there without extending the season too much.
by the time I caught up DeBoer is the man. And of course he was their first choice all along.
I don't think this was about money, as the money was close enough I think Mizzou could have come up. Professionally, it's risk / reward. Had he stayed in COMO, with the pieces in place and momentum, likely have a good year and find himself looking at HC offers. Or, take a little more risk, go to LSU to turn that D around (and there is talent there so I won't be surprised if he does) - which will also open up HC jobs. I think the difference is (as someone mentioned in earlier comment) the caliber of HC offer is likely to be different. Coordinators don't often go to power conferences for their first HC job, unless they are coming from a "blue blood". So this move positions him for a better HC job. Regarding his La ties, that's nice to talk about but I really don't think that factors in as much as you might think. If you are making 2M a year, you can keep a home in both places if that's what she wants.
Gotta get those clicks... and here I am clicking away.
MUTiger - Drink was hired by Sterk. Gates was hired by Reed-Francois, but your point is a good one. It takes a lot more than just a great head coach (although that is far and away the most important thing). The AD (and department) either has to be on board and help or get the heck out of the way.
Ole Miss is inching closer?? They were 11th this year - starting next year that is more than close, that is in... With the success they have had in txfr portal so far, no reason they aren't in the mix.
"Missouri gave the ball to RB Cody Schrader, its most dynamic option on offense, 33.5% of the time (269 touches, 22.4 per game). Etienne averaged 6.08 yards per touch; Schrader averaged 6.24. Etienne is in the transfer portal; Schrader is All-SEC." I hope Trevor reads this...
Because Mizzou is not overrated, and saying anything is biased in favor of Mizzou is ludicrous.
Congrats to Ole Miss. It is right that they got a NY6 bid. And, it didn't even require them to tear down another SEC school to get it (although plenty of Rebels fans have been trying that plenty this past week).
Getting a little tired of the "we want to get the calls right" rhetoric when they don't even look at the most critical calls, or they make assumptions when they do review and claim it is indisputable. Replay officials miss as much or more with replay than the refs on the field...and that's saying something.
I don't know if it is that they are young or what, but love that Mizzou has these two guys leading the big revenue sports. They seem to get the importance of engaging across the athletic dept and with the students and fans. Drink last year passed out pizza to Students in line for a BB game, Gates frequently (weekly) puts out an update on Mizzou sports.
Exactly - it just gives the top teams (all in the East) one more game against a team from the Big 10 West... Mountain West > Big 10 West.
Not the first time and won't be the last someone does the chomp back at the Gators. I appreciate that Gator fans don't get all bent out of shape about it. Imagine if this was against Texas and he did the horns down... Their AD would be crying and demanding a suspension.
Lot of comments in this thread, glad I read all and didn't miss this one. I literally laughed out loud. Well played VAVOL
" led by wide receiver Luther Burden III, who got to the 13-yard line shortly after he converted a 4th-and-17..." Burden did catch the 4th and 17,but it was Cooper at the 13 on the last pass play. Miller also had 2 critical catches on the drive. Not taking anything away from Burden, but wouldn't say he led the drive.
Play to win the game, I agree...but you can still take away from the loss that the kids (Gators are young) are going to be all right. Showed a lot of character and came ready to play when they could just have easily phoned it in.
A few years ago Mizzou self reported violations and got a postseason ban (among other sanctions). Michigan destroys computer evidence and has boosters directly funding a cheating scheme. Be interesting to see what happens here.
and we have a scapegoat... now to see if a Linebacker coach ranks high enough to take the heat and be the sacrificial lamb.
While I agree that the O line is playing at a high level, plugging in just any back does not give the same result. Peat has all but disappeared - if it was possible to plug in just anyone why isn't he getting reps? what Schrader has been doing is remarkable - yes enabled by a good O-line, but he deserves the credit he is getting.
I always thought the old BCS formula was pretty good - the problem was that they tried to use it to pick the top 2 teams. No system, no matter how good, is going to pick two undisputed teams - it is just not feasible. I too thought expansion to 8 teams was enough. I can't recall there ever being a year where I've seen a legit case for a #9+ ranked team to be the National Champion (sorry UCF). My Tigers are 9 at this point this year and under this scenario would be left out, and although I'd be disappointed I'd be OK with that.
The old Big 8 "rivalry" with OU has not been any type of rivalry for over 50 years, unless you think getting curb stomped by OU year after year is a rivalry (see the Norman conquest). Mizzou never had any type of rivalry with Texas (other than disliking them like everyone else). But - you are right, the announcers will try to make it out to be something it isn't.
I was at the Mizzou UT game, and Schrader was simply remarkable. Based on the highlights Daniels was otherworldly. I really need to catch a full replay of that game. Milroe also had 6 TDs against KY. Quite a Saturday!
100% agree - the lead up / headline put words in his mouth that just weren't there.
I thought officiating was pretty balanced. They blew a few calls, but after all they are SEC refs. There was a really bad PI call against Missouri (on 3rd and 7), that extended a drive and led directly to a Georgia touchdown. They missed that obvious facemask that should have been called against Missouri. Just curious - what calls / no calls do you think would have made another 3-7 point difference?
Total penalty yards were actually pretty even (and pretty low). Ga actually was penalized a bit more. Typical inconsistent day for an SEC crew. I think only one bad call (the horrible PI call against Norwood in the 3rd quarter on 3rd and 7) really affected the game as it extended a drive that ended in a TD and really swung momentum. But, reality is... You have to get past the bad calls and Mizzou didn't.
As a Mizzou fan I spent most of the 3rd and 4th quarter wondering what fluke would occur this time to rob us of a generational victory (I was there in 1990 for 5 downs - and he still didn't get in - against CU in 1990)... but that didn't happen either. In the end the Dawgs simply wore us down and pulled out the win. I am really looking forward to this weekend - it should tell us a lot about where the Tigers really are.