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A consequence of the transfer portal - Haves will continue to have, and have nots will face a tough climb. A kid's window is only 4-5 years to shine. If I'm a star I wouldn't stick around on a team that's 4-8, 6-6 even if the program is clearly on the right track (and I'm not at all saying Mizzou is on the right track) - especially if the destination is on national TV every week, in the top 15, or has potential for the playoff every year.
When you have a proven, pre-season all American, kicker - that is exactly how you manage it. He did the right thing. Maybe the first right thing he did all day on offense. He has to get the ball in the hands of his playmakers some way.
Took my daughter to Lawrence Kansas for a college visit this summer... I'm not sure that stadium can handle a sell out, it's in pretty rough shape.
Couple of things... 1) La Tech is a group of 5 FBS team (C-USA), not FCS. 2) In the air raid offense, even the "running plays" usually start with a forward pass - very few real rushing attempts. So that run defense may/may not be better - Mizzou actually has to play someone that even tries to run the ball before we'll know.
The only teams on this list outside the Power 5 are ND and BYU (and the Cougars are heading to the BigXII). So - if we have the 12 team playoff, and the season ends today, a team outside the top 25 would be in the playoffs.
I don't have a problem if they want to change up the uniforms, nor do I have any problem with coaches and schools (Saban) whose look is such an embedded part of a winning tradition not wanting to change a thing. Their program, their choice. Personally, I do wish schools would refrain from gimmicky uni combos. Mizzou has been guilty of this and I'm tiring of it - although lately they are coming back to a more traditional look (the helmet and pant stripes are so much better than the "claw mark" stripes they used late in Pinkel's tenure). Chrome helmets/face masks, bizarre alternate logos, alternate color schemes - how many black uniforms have we seen when a school's colors do not include black? - just don't do it for me (but I'm also not an 18 year old 4/5 star recruit). The only exception is Oregon - that is their thing. If they stop doing college football as we know it ceases to exist (well maybe not)- but they should be required to continue just because.
On point here - the bar is not as high at Mizzou and they are more willing to be patient. (They gave Cuanzo 5 years of mostly regression and some people still didn't want to fire him). One thing MU is not, and that is delusional that they are an upper echelon, annual contender. Some MU fans might be; those that are stuck in the Pinkel years with the SEC East and Big 12 N division championships and high rankings at season end. But - check the record, Gary Pinkel was 37-35 after SIX years in CoMo. Look at Kentucky - they have stayed the course with Stoops and its paying off. He's 59-53 in 9 seasons, so up until last year he did not crack .500. Now he has KY where they have not been in a long time. The fact is - if you are not currently on top, it takes time to get there, and it can leave you fast and it is hard to get back. It might be easier for some of the "elite" programs, but they aren't immune (how is Nebraska doing?) and time can take away that "elite" label. The main thing you need to see is progress and improvement - not necessarily measured only by more wins every year (but you better not backslide too much or too many years in a row) - but a solid trajectory of on field performance, recruiting success, and intangible confidence in the program as whole.
Title IX implications of the Student Athlete track would have to be considered and likely be prohibitive. They would have to make sure at least equal assistance and payouts go to female athletes, which has already resulted in fewer Men's sports because of the number of football scholarships. Now tack on $150,000 to each of those scholarships, an equal amount has to go to women athletes. I'm not sure what Title IX implications the professional track would have - I suppose could make an argument that it is none as the pay is from the NIL deal from outside the schools. Those guys would be independent contractors.
Why Arizona and not ASU? ASU has a larger base and more following in Phoenix. I realize they have been a bit dysfunctional - but that can be fixed. (for the life of me can't understand how they have been as messed up as they are with their resources).
Are you saying Mizzou turned down the B1G? I don't think that was the case, my recollection is Mizzou was the one making eyes but B1G was fixated on Tom Osbourne / Nebraska's past football glory and expanding to the Northeast on the other side. There was no invite for Mizzou. No one was looking to poach Mizzou from the Big 12. I think Mizzou started out looking for the same reasons that Nebraska and A&M did (tired of uneven footing in the Big12), but to their credit quickly recognized it was much more than that. It was about survival and having a place when the dust settles. Fortunately when when their initial path (to the B1G) was a dead end, another one appeared. Realistically, the A&M move opened the door to that path - thankfully Mizzou took the opportunity and brought 2 major tv markets to the table (which I would argue is a "little more than balance"). Whether they figured this out on their own, or maybe R. Bowen Loftin made some calls and put in a word and brought his friend Brady Deaton along, in the end it doesn't matter. What matters is they took those steps, and ended up in a better (Best) conference, making more money with more stability and prestige, and increased awareness in richer recruiting territories (both in terms of athletics and academics). Relative to where they started, Mizzou is perhaps the biggest winner in conference realignment to date.
and agree SEC will likely add 4 teams, no need for SEC to worry about having Nationwide footprint with the strength of the SE region and Texas. Add four teams to enhance the league within on edges of current footprint. Challenge there is the grant of rights that ACC has - best targets are in that league.
Or - eventuallyCollege football does what Futbol does, and forms some sort of champions league that the top teams move in and out of year over year
B1G likely adds Stanford, Wash and Oregon. Then ND (or someone else East or Midwest) and you have a nationwide conference with 4 5 team divisions... the perennial powers from the Pac8/10/12 form a high quality pacific division (helps solve travel issues for the other sports), then 3 other divisions. ASU, Utah, AZ, and CO to the Big 12.... leaves CAL, Wash State and Oregon State out.