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I know this is primarily a football site, so I'll forgive your oversight, but Parrish has had the Vols at #1 in his Top 25 for about 3 weeks now.
I wish him the best of luck, and thank him for giving his all for Tennessee. Honestly, probably best for everyone. He came in as a five-star recruit who never seemed to figure it out. Unfortunately for him, our previous staff never did anything to help him. With this news, I'm reminded of CJP after the Bama game when he said he was going to bring in 20 recruits who know what it takes. I think Wanya Morris will be one of those guys. Richmond would have lost his spot anyway, and now he can go somewhere he could make a bigger impact. Win/win
Tennessee hasn't lost to UK *in Knoxville* since 1984. UK just beat the Vols last year, and prior to that, in 2011.
I don't care about the trash can. They've been doing it over a year now, and it's only just coming to light because ESPN featured it on a national broadcast of the only game being played that night. If it motivates the players and they like it, whatever. It's for them, not for us fans or the media. But I will say it's hilarious and I've enjoyed the memes.
He last played for the Rams, and we just hired their strength coach. So there's a connection.
It doesn't make sense to say it was either/or. Yes, there were times that the athleticism of Josh Dobbs bailed the offense out of bad calls, but there were also plenty of times where the calls set the players up for success when they executed well. Thinking particularly of the Florida game this year, in which Tennessee torched a defense that went on to shut down just about every other team they played. So much of the success in that game was scheme, not just players improvising. Without all the drops in the first half, Vols win by 21+.
If you're going to dump on the guy who called the plays for 2 of the most prolific offenses in school history in 2015 and 2016, at least spell his name right.
Agreed that the Vols are trending down, but you look at a team that just played most of the season without JRM and Sutton already and went 8-4. Fact is, a majority of starters return next year, with the biggest losses being Barnett, Kamara, and Dobbs. John Kelky has shown he can be a solid #1, and we're still stacked on the D-Line, provided injuries stay away. If Dormady can be an effective passer, this *should* be another veteran, talented team next year.
He deserves a shot as HC somewhere. I'd hate to see him go after only a year, but I wouldn't blame him if he does.
It's hilarious that watch is still a gift for bowl games. Because if there's one thing 18-22 year olds really want, it's watches. Lol
I got that impression, too. From what we've seen, he has a cannon and is an accurate passer. He deserves the shot to be the #1 going into 2017. Hopefully he's up to it!
Pathetic. Won't even be worth watching.
As a fan, I'll say that this is a good thing. Glad to see Butch setting a high bar. I really do think he can be successful with the right staff, but he needs all the help he can get.
Sugar Bowl doesn't get to choose. The highest-ranked, non-playoff SEC team gets an automatic bid. Attendance or otherwise isn't a factor. CFP rankings are it.
Yeah, Barnett getting snubbed is a travesty.
Actually, Vols wore them against North Texas last year, but I didn't even watch that one.
I love Dobbs and what he's done for the Vols, and I'll be sad to see him go. But I am excited to see what Dormady will do next year. He has a cannon.
Honestly, I don't think the Vols belong back in the poll until those last 3 games are won. At 9-3, being ranked shouldn't be a problem. Not until then, though.
For me, and probably others, that depends how Tennessee looks in winning out. Do we dominate, or do we get in close games again against Mizzou, UK, and Vandy? If the wins are convincing, and if we're competitive in the title game against Bama, then I think the SC loss is viewed as an aberration. But close wins versus the bottom feeders and another blowout loss to the Tide would be terrible.
I'm not convinced it's what he really wants to do either, but I've seen it suggested elsewhere that he has the athleticism to at least have a shot as a receiver if not QB.
You make it sound like a slight against A&M that the Vols didn't drop in the rankings, but if anything, it's an acknowledgement that they lost to a very good team. Not sure why that would be a point worth making here.
He's a good ole country boy. It was probably weed.
You're right, it's no excuse. But not everyone has 3 all-SEC defenders out.
Sad. Would have to think he failed a drug test or something. Such a shame.
Four weeks in a row having to listen to Verne and Gary. Will be glad to not have to hear them again until (hopefully!) Atlanta.