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First off congratulations to Ole Miss! I hope you guys win it all! I could be wrong but I thought Moore was jokingly pointing to his glove in response to the Ole Miss player that acknowledged the great play by tipping his helmet to Moore. I thought it was great sportsmanship between two teams that respect each other and both play similar.
Thanks echulks! You guys had an awesome season and run…respect! You represented the SEC and your school with class and heart, you should be proud. You guys sent a lot of good teams home!
I completely agree this guy was way out of line. I don’t know of any other fans that feel like Derek. As a fan, his comments are embarrassing and completely unsupported. If you’re that upset over your team then grab a buddy and some beer and go vent. You don’t say those things publicly. A fan supports their team…period. I don’t know of any comments like his that have ever made a player or team perform better.
Congratulations! You guys have been playing great baseball since day one this season. WPS
Agree , I would rather play the zags again rather than those 3….respect
We appreciate all the support and “temporary” love! I truly wish we had more SEC teams make it this far with us!!! Respect….playing all of you guys week in and week out made us gritty, prepared us for battles like we’ve had the first 3 games. WPS! SEC!
I hate this for Kentucky’s players, fans and the SEC. I’ve been seeing a lot about coach Cal being a great recruiter…’s not him as much as it is Kentucky and their incredible history. I could probably recruit pretty well there too
We might not make it past LSU. They are a good team and we’re definitely not looking past them. We do appreciate Zep’s confidence in us and want to thank him for rooting for us!!
Love these Razorbacks!!! Coaches and players congratulations on a wonderful year! I appreciate all the love and support from our SEC brothers and sisters!! Congratulations South Carolina, Kentucky, Bama and Georgia! Chin up for those of you who came up short, you’ll be back next season! Good luck Ole Miss!! Happy New Year everyone!!
Thank you for being a Razorback!! Best of luck to you!!
I’d say it was pretty impressive by Bama…at no point did it feel like Cincinnati was going to challenge them or provide a real threat. And they didn’t. I consider that dominant and impressive
Lol, dang right, good stuff
Geaux Tigahs!!! Congratulations on the big win and bowl eligibility!
I guess I poorly worded my post. I didn’t make any assumption other than assuming he would choose to inherit Saban’s Alabama program over LSU if both jobs were available at the same time. Given his familiarity with Alabama, this isn’t a knock against your team. I never mentioned anything about leaving LSU for Alabama.
And yes, I know every coach wants to win against Saban. I just think it’s just more so with Kiffin.
Just a thought, I think for Kiffin, it comes down to figuring out if he would be an eventual candidate for the Alabama job. If so, how long down the road would that be? If that is a possibility, when might that happen? For sake of argument it might be another 5 or so years. Wouldn’t LSU be a great opportunity? I think Kiffin truly wants to win against Saban and he would have better talent and opportunity at LSU. Sorry Ole Miss, I am a fan but I just don’t think you guys can recruit as consistently as the Tigers. They have a ton of in state talent. I like Kiffin at Ole Miss and want to see what he can do. Hopefully LSU can make a good hire elsewhere. Probably sounds crazy coming from a Razorback fan lol…I honestly don’t wish what we went through with Beliema’s last 3 years or the Morris disaster on any of my SEC friends. Best of luck!
Congrats to Ole Miss and their fans. I was glad to see both teams fighting and wanting it. Kinda one of those games you hate to see either group of young men lose. Hopefully we can both clean up and improve our defenses going forward! Good luck the rest of the way! lol seems like our games are always entertaining
I agree with you except I think you are being a little too nice about Ohio State lol. It’s UGA & Bama…then everybody else. I honestly think there’s another 6 to 8 SEC teams that would be competitive with any of those teams. Auburn took Penn State down to the wire in a white out game already this year.
I think this is why we love this coach and why a lot of college fans respect him. Lots of coaches don’t want to give credit where it’s due. Instead you only hear how they shot themselves in the foot basically saying they lost the game and the other team won. Pittman owned it and called it what it was…Georgia beat us. We don’t have to like it but I’d rather be honest than to make excuses
I have to agree with you. I think Georgia is going to make a lot more teams look bad. Now people are saying we were overrated and that may hold some truth but this early in the season someone has to be in the top 10 and I honestly thought we were playing better than a lot of teams I’ve watched. You combine that with all the previously ranked teams losing and well you have Georgia and Alabama as probably the only two teams that people can’t say that about. I think Florida can prove that they are right there in the hunt too. There’s a lot of football still to play. Again, congrats to Georgia and their fans on the impressive victory today!
DK such a clown! Love my Razorbacks and am proud of what they are doing this year! Georgia has a fantastic team and took us completely out of this game early. I’m not ashamed, I’m impressed with Georgia. The refs had nothing to do with the better team winning today. Let’s take the loss, move on and learn. WPS!!!
It was a great win! Keep it in perspective lol, it was just texas…..thanks to all the SEC love and WPS’s from those we battle every year…best conference ever!!!
After the last few years….it was awesome to represent the SEC is a positive way! Thanks to everyone for your support!!