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Dan Lanning has the defensive coaching background AND the SEC pedigree having coached for Kirby at Bama & GA.
The difference between good teams, even great teams, and perennial contenders for championships teams is suffocating defense. Auburn needs to hire a great defensive coach, not an offensive showboat.
@TDOWTheGreat Well said. I'd like to see Auburn bring in a defensive coach who demands fundamentally sound football, not luck and trickery. We had luck and trickery with Gus (insert eyeroll here). IMO, Auburn should bring Dan Lanning back to the SEC before he gets too dug in on the left coast.
Could NOT agree more, except for the MAC coach part. :-) We are better off supportively keeping Harsin and let him stand on his own merit w/o all the smearing and interference. If it doesn't work out, ok, and we won't lose a great coach for our next hire b/c our boosters run coaches off after one season. Who the heck will come to Auburn after Auburn boosters, media and fans have treated him SO badly??
Agree with you. Gus is a high school quality coach, and should have been fired after 2015. He left a mess in his wake. It's hardly just to hold Harsin responsible for that wreckage. Harsin deserves a chance to re-build the program, and that may take a few seasons. Let him swim or sink on his own merit, and stop trying to make him accountable for the mess the boosters allowed Gus to make.
I'll go one step further and say that these kids are arrogant, and even though they are good football players, that isn't why they are popular. Their popularity and fan adoration is tied to the love of the school. If we have a minor league, and all the very best and beloved CFB players go into the minor league, their popularity will plummet b/c the fans' love for their schools and the game will remain with the schools and the amateur game. The CFB players who are still at the school will be the beloved players - not the "very best" that are in the minor league.
They have turned amateur college football into a semi-pro sport. We need a minor league so kids that don't care about an education, but want to play football can play and get paid without having to go to college. Most CFB players don't care about education, so it has no value to them. They're all about the money. So set up a minor league, it can pay the kids now, and feed the NFL, and let college ball go back to being an amateur sport before it's destroyed forever.
That's just tough. Spin the wheel of fortune, you may lose. We used to learn in 1st grade that a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush, but they evidently don't teach that now.
There are a couple of problems with your business plan, JimD. First, these kids make agreements with their chosen schools to play football in exchange for a full education plus room and board. In business, that agreement is binding. You don't just get to quit in the middle of a contractual agreement. Second, in CFB, the passion for the school and the game is what drives attendance and ticket sales. The schools aren't the customers .. the FANS are. Fans love their teams, their schools, and the players. If the players don't have that passion for the team, the school and the fans, and they continue to betray their fans, the passion that drives attendance and ticket sales, and by extension the NIL money, will die. The passion is already dying!! In business, there is supply and demand. The schools and the players are supply, but if the players' behaviors repel all the customers/fans, CFB will wither and die. That is free market capitalism.
@etcjoe Who are you kidding? We lost Saturday ...
"We’re only talking about this game, and only the second half of it. Your coach had seen enough in him to know he needed to pull him to have a shot at victory. Finley saved Auburn from a ton of embarrassment today." @LSUSMC Finley saved us from a recorded loss today. The embarrassment of this schizophrenic performance remains.
No SEC team would waste cash paying refs for the Ga State game. The SEC refs are terrible, and have been for years, without additional pay! Glad AU was the beneficiary of this horrible call since SEC refs frequently make terrible calls against AU.
The offense is better than Gus' offenses, but that's still about the same as being the skinniest girl at fat camp. :-) We'll know a little more about the Tigers this Saturday. Hopefully it will be good. Either way, Penn St. is still just a warm up game for our schedule in the SEC.
@gfogleman Fat chance of that happening ... the yella jackets left the SEC in 1964 over scholarship limits.
Gosh, I hate to agree with a Saban fan :-), but the Bama game was actually a slight defensive improvement. The D did enough to give the offense opportunities to put the game away ... the offense couldn't get the ball into the endzone. Add the 20 points left on the field because we kicked 5 field goals instead of punching it in, and that's enough to win the game. Our D has been really bad this year, and Johnson should have been fired. But, the combination of Nick's inconsistency in passing, the O line's inconsistency, and running backs who aren't big enough to run through the line & break away were glaring issues all season, also. There's plenty of blame to go around ...