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You asked about the officials and I answered. You then asked about Dak scrambling saying it couldn't be blamed on the officials. I responded directly to that. You seem intent on attempting to bait me into some sort of argument that just isn't there.
Apparently you missed where I said they deserved to lose. Poor coaching, poor scheming, poor implementation all lead to the loss. None of that however should detract from the atrocious coaching. It's been a ridiculously bad all season and until refs are actually held accountable it's not going to get any better.
Anyone actually watching the game without bias wouldn't be asking that question. They absolutely deserved to lose, but officiating was really, really bad.
They actually were throwing at the officials and Demarcus just happened to be walking right behind the last official. That being said and ackowledging there was every right to be upset at the officiating, fans are and should be also upset with the team as well. Player performance wasn't good enough, but more importantly coaching was their downfall as it has been all year. McCarthy and Moore have failed continually to properly prepare this team week after week and fail miserably at schemes and adjustments. I've said it all year and I'll say it again, it's time for those two to hit the bricks. Give Quinn the head coaching gig and bring in a good OC.
Can't disagree there. I can't remember the game that caused it, but a QB faked a slide then ran for a TD. That is now penalized but I think they should take it a step further and eliminate the slide rule altogether. These QB's are bigger than most of the RB's, if they run they shouldn't be treated any differently than an RB or WR.
I had no idea... I'm going to have to check out the megacast more often. That would have been much more interesting to watch.
Texas at 16 is mind boggling without a doubt. What exactly did Sark do you year one to make CBS feel year two will be so magical?
lol I never bash Georgia, I'm just stating facts and how silly you are for the excuses.
You must not get around much. That's all other conferences talk about all week is the supposed SEC bias by announcers.
If the ball slips out of the back of his hand prior to the hand moving forward, it's absolutely a fumble 100% of the time. The arm movement had started forward so the momentum propelled it forward, but the hand wasn't moving forward when the ball came lose. It was a fumble, plain and simple.
I'm with you here RCFD326, it's amazing how people are actually questioning either of those calls. This one was actually close enough to possibly not get overturned had it been ruled incomplete, but by the book it was the right call. The Bryce one wasn't even close, it was clearly an incomplete pass.
Beat the refs? I guess you guys just want to ignore all the missed holds, hits the the QB's head, and pass interference calls that were ignored by refs against Georgia eh? Officiating was horrendous as it has been all season, but it certainly wasn't biased against Georgia.
What's incredible to me is how many actually believe this was a bad call after the plethora of replays. Doesn't anyone actually understand what constitutes control and an incomplete pass vs a fumble? Worse yet, they actually want to compare it to the Bryce incomplete pass earlier in the game that negated the scoop and score which was clearly an incomplete pass. I could see making the mistake out of frustration because you lost the game, but they won so this is literally just not understanding the rules.
Don't tell Joe Cox just how unliked Kirk is, he was literally gushing over him in his article rating the various broadcasts of the game.
90% of this article is nonsense and it's almost vomit inducing reading through Cox's infatuation with Herby. The 10% I actually agree on is the suggestion to have the film room consist of a group of HC's going back and forth all game. Now that would be entertainment.
It may have been a bad call, but Bolden put himself in that position to even get it called. He absolutely intended on making that hit and just missed.
I guess you don't remember where that Ole Miss defense was ranked before he took it over.
Then complain to your school about getting better coaches and recruiters so you can be competitive with Bama and Georgia. Don't blame the SEC.
After some reflection I'm slowing coming on board with it. Looking at where Ole Miss defense was before Durkin, bottom of the league, it's pretty impressive what he did. Then you have to consider this was Fisher's pick because his defense fits what Fisher does on offense and he's always played complimentary football. Durkin has to be excited getting away from the pass happy Kiffin offense that left his defenses gassed by the 4th quarter. I actually believe he could pick up right where Elko left off and maintain one of the best defenses in the nation. Not saying he's Elko's equal of course, but not many, if any, are.
I guess you're unfamiliar with how NIL works. Go ahead and do some research and get back to us. We won't judge you on the ignorance for now.
I initially believed the same, and although I still believe Elko is better, I'm up more on Durkin than I was at first glance. While Ole Miss defense isn't exactly lighting it up, if you look at where they were before he got there it's a pretty impressive feat where he was able to get them to. I have a feeling he is going to surprise some folks in CS.
No denying that, but saying "clearly the best" is insinuating it was pretty much a dominating season which it was not.
Jacksonville Jaguars reporter: Would you like to see how Zimmer could do with the Jags? Jag Fans: Not really. Jacksonville Jaguars reporter: Why not? Jag Fans: We see him every Sunday
Best teams absolutely, by far? Not as far as years past. It's not like Bama routed every team on it's schedule this year.
Don't recall ever telling anyone how they should feel about a comment, just pointing out how silly it is to be so sensitive over it. If that bothers you, well, I don't much care. ;)