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Well this article sure didn't age well. It's nonsense like this that will ensure Matt will always be a lower tier writer and analyst.
I noticed this as well, they either got 2020-2021 academic year confused with the 2021-2022 academic year, or they are just putting on a show with no real substance.
It seems you grossly undersestimate the roll Saban plays with the offense. Bama isn't just good because Saban hires the right guys, it's good because Saban tutors guys with the right potential. You act as thought all the OC's were hugely successful coordinators before going to Bama. Other than Kiffin, most were QB coaches. That should tell you something. Big difference between position coach and OC.
It's not so much that we don't want it, it's just that we're tired of hearing about it. For years after we left to the SEC A&M attempted to continue the game but UT flat our refused. They waited until A&M finally went ahead and completed it's scheduling to claim to want the game back knowing full well it was too late. They will wait until they either have a distinct advantage, or know our schedule is full to make the offer again, it's just they roll these days unfortunately. We are just pretty much over it at this point.
I get that same feeling every time someone gets hired away from Bama. I keep hearing how great Sark is, but it's not like he turned the Bama offense around, it was already incredible. I feel like with the revolving door of coaches in Bama it's really Saban who does most of it and just delegates his plan for the coaches to carry out. I guess we'll see, but I have my doubts that Sark is going to be taking UT back to prominence anytime soon. His record as a HC doesn't exactly inspire confidence.
Nah... while what you say there is true, you leave out the most important part which is clock control. A&M dominates the clock much better than UGA and that pays dividends in the 4th quarter which is where they take over. People get lulled into thinking it's not a good team because they put too much into the first 3 quarters where the score is usually somewhat close. That's just typical Fisher football and not understood by everyone. I for one love the old smash mouth play and where the opponent down to crush them in the 4th. It's not for everyone though.
Congrats for biggest douche of the day. Not cool.. not cool at all...
You lost all credibility when you put Ohio St at #2.
It's crazy how they do this every year. I suppose you could argue that Sarkisian and a number of staff members are leaving, but Saban goes through that seemingly every year and it never phases him. Alabama should 100% be in the #1 spot until proven otherwise.
I was shocked to see Clemson at #1... then I saw it was from ESPN...
Justin actually did run it and run it well, that was the one bright spot of OSU's game. Unfortunately for them, the mask came off and Bama exposed why they really didn't deserve to be in this game in the first place. Jones was actually the one who ended up playing with an injury and still outplayed Fields. Granted Bama has done that to pretty much everyone they've played, but their are a handful of teams that would very likely have put on a more entertaining game than OSU did.
Ironically it ended up being Jones who played through an injury on this one and still outplayed Fields. Not to say Fields had a bad game, but Jones showed just why OSU should not have been in this game in the first place.
Well there ya go, King Negan has put in his two cents, that's a guarantee Mond will go in the first round. In all seriousness I doubt he'll go first round although a few outlets such as CBS have him doing so, but he certainly has the interest to go in the top 10 QB's and make it somewhere in the second round.
LOL my Longhorn crap? Pretty sure this is the first I've mentioned them all season, but okay sure. We don't worry about them down in Austin at all, but that doesn't mean we don't still throw jokes at each other. Most of us have divided families at both Universities so don't take it personal there big guy. It's all in fun.
Well there are many analysts that disagree with you. Several outlets have him going in the first round, most to Chicago. I personally think mid to high second round, but first round is certainly not inconceivable.
Have to agree, although he had been a bit more consistent than Trask, I think Trask has the edge on him skillset wise. Jones just doesn't make any sense being that low. I see Mond as a middle to high second rounder.
Oh, and many of those QB's you listed are absolutely game managers. Brady being the top of the list.
I've been watching the NFL for over nearly 50 years so yeah, I'm pretty familiar. Brady was considered one of the best QB's in the league, and he was 100% a game manager. Mahomes is a freak athlete, but Rodgers, also a game manager. That's what most NFL coaches want, not a Manziel who is hit or miss, but rather someone who can read defenses and has the capability to learn an NFL style offense. Where is Cam Newton now? Michael Vick? Manziel? Tebow? Jamarcus Russell? RGIII? Now what do they have in common? There are plenty of teams that will take a chance on Mond knowing he has the intellect and desire to learn at the NFL level, the physical skill has shown constant improvement and that's what they will look at. There is a reason many outlets are projecting him to go as high as 18 in the first round.
Yep, he'll fit right in down in Austin... that seems to be the kind of guy they go for lately.
He's almost guaranteed to get drafted. NFL is not college, they don't want guys who can "carry the team", they want guys who are good game managers and have a high QB intellect, those are things Mond excels at. They also want someone coachable, again, something Mond excels at. He may not be a first rounder in this loaded class, but he's absolutely going to get drafted.
There's always those few fans who just refuse to see it... they're usually Longhorn fans, but I guess even Bama has to have some as well.
He definitely has the intellect and demeanor for it. I think he still has some work to do on his deeper passing skills to succeed in the NFL but it's certainly something that's possible. This kid takes to coaching like a fish to water, that's something NFL teams love to see.
Exactly. At some point people need to understand it's the coaching, not the players. This team is filled with pro-bowlers and is every year. Jerry finally realized Garret needed to go, unfortunately he brought in someone just as bad or worse. Why McCarthy handed over the play calling reins when he sword he would never do that again is beyond me and how he thought Nolan was even remotely competent as a DC is incredible. Luckily he will undoubetdly be gone next season, but there will have to be quite a few more going with him to make any real difference.
Can we get an interpreter for this guy? Maybe it's just me, but nothing he ever says makes any sense.