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On a side note, congrats, that's the ultimate compliment when someone goes out of their way to use your name to troll with.
I only saw one post that took any kind of shot at Bama whatsoever. Every other defense was explaining how ridiculous the post was and why the SEC took in A&M.
So a nutcase tsip gets arrested for stalking and you somehow manage to turn that into a reason not to let A&M in the SEC? I'm not sure I follow your logic here...
You do realize he had his helmet ripped off right? I'm behind MSU for most of this fiasco, but that was a douchebag move.
That's an awful lot of aggravation from Connor over shaving body hair as a fan. Considering I've seen fans, including Aggies, do much worse over the years I'm guessing it's based on some sort of resentment over his inability to grow manly body hair.
I think TCU has a much better shot at landing him than Tech does.
No way does he go to Houston after playing for Alabama. Doesn't matter how local it is for him, there are much better options in the state. BetDSI isn't helping their credibility any with this list.
Michael isn’t exactly known for his intellect. This was the exact opposite of trolling.
Actually you brought up UGA so wouldn't that mean you are the one trying to make Bama's loss all about UGA? As far as that goes, not sure how any UGA fans could feel it's a good look making fun of Bama in this one. Bama lost to Clemson, remind us again who Georgia lost to in the Sugar Bowl?
Martell decommitted twice before he went to Ohio State so if I were a betting man, I'd lay odds he transfers here rather than try and compete with Fields.
The cut on his chin would indicate otherwise.
So someone in your mind 1 QB is more of a loss than 8 defensive starters? If UCF was half them they thought they were a backup QB should have been able to throw all over the Tigers with that many players out.
It wasn’t shoulder to shoulder, it was shoulder to helmet. It’s fairly clear when going frame by frame, but even without that the cut on Burrows chin is a dead giveaway that the hit connected with his helmet.
Exactly!! I can’t believe nobody noticed the cut on his cheek. Announcer kept insisting it was a clean hit when it clearly wasn’t and who knows what the idiots in the review booth were smoking when they reviewed it.
There is a good chance he ends up at Texas. He is really close to his brother. Personally I'd love to see him continue the brotherly rivalry and head over to OU. :)
I hate to see Jordan go, but I wish these writers would quit treating this like breaking news. This is attrition that everyone, aside from guys like Andrew Olson apparently, knew was coming. Everyone else knew we had to make room for the new guys as there were not enough seniors and juniors leaving. Sad news for those of us who really like Moore, but certainly not breaking news to anyone.
Nobody said anything about one over another.. you yourself admitted he should have been in. Nothing dumb at all about what was said, especially since you agree. Not sure I follow your logic at all on this one.
I'm pretty sure someone who brings in the #3 class in the nation knows how to work for it.
First of all he never said anything negative about Georgia here, just that what they were saying to flip him was all bull. If you know anything about recruiting you know that's 100% correct 90% of the time. It's part of the recruiting game and you guys are way too sensitive about this.
He actually doesn't use negative recruiting tactics many schools use. If you believe he does it's you that hasn't been paying attention. By all means let us know exactly what he has done that you consider negative recruiting. We'll be waiting...
I think when one of those 3stars breaks nearly every record in the book he probably deserves to get mentioned as outperforming.
How in the world is anything BamaTime said hypocritical? He really didn't even say anything negative against players that choose not to play. You seem awfully sensitive on this issue.
Pretty sure Myles Garrett's stock was set don't you think? He played in his bowl game for the same reason the current players are. I see the reason for your logic, but it's not accurate here.
You do realize you’re team isn’t playing in the playoffs right? How does it feel to be an also ran yourself? Your post has no relevance to this topic.
You’re not paying attention. Nobody is upset about anyone trying to flip anyone. The methods used are often BS methods filled with falsities. UGA used these methods and Jimbo called them on it. That’s what you do when you’re keeping someone from flipping. People make way too much out of all this.
They absolutely went all out to get Zach. That part isn’t exactly a secret. Lies were told and Zach didn’t buy it. You can believe it or not, but it won’t change the reality.
Whatever makes you feel better, no matter how ridiculously wrong it is.
Leave it to Adam to not tell the full story. Jimbo isn’t upset that Georgia tried to flip his QB, he’s upset at the BS way they tried to do it. Luckily Zach saw through their nonsense and called them on it.
Right, so although they are reviewable, it's still at the discretion of the replay official. Hence, home field advantage is alive and well. Granted most replay officials are going to review it on any interception that isn't clear cut, but this isn't always the case and they basically have the discretion to create all kinds of havoc in a game in this regard.