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That really surprised a lot of folks. For so long OU made it clear that Oklahoma State was a package deal no matter what. That would have been a much better move in my opinion, but it is what it is. Who knows, there's talk of another Super Conference in the making with up to 20 teams. If that's the case it would be nice to bring in Oklahoma State and maybe someone like Florida State. State rivalries are huge draws.
Not sure about that one of two in the Big12 part, they actually may be behind Iowa State at this point. At least in the SEC they can say they lost to an SEC team, losing to Kansas doesn't have quite the same oomph.
The sooner the better for Aggies. Texas is going to start using the SEC move immediately which will certainly affect A&M recruiting. Need them on the field as soon as possible. Beating them there is the only way to keep recruiting momentum going.
“The universities intend to honor their existing grant of rights agreements. However, both universities will continue to monitor the rapidly evolving collegiate athletics landscape as they consider how best to position their athletics programs for the future.” In other words, forget that nonsense our lawyers made us say in that first sentence. We're gone as soon as the ink is dry and the checks clear. So long suckers, we've screwed you over long enough, it's time to bail for the big leagues we've bad mouthed for decades.
You're no Longhorn, you're a tshirt Longhorn fan, there's a difference. You claim to not be able to afford the out of state tuition, but the harsh reality is very likely you applied and got rejected. You still can't point out a single lie Aggies have told here, but refuse to address the lies and deception from Austin.
lol you can't help yourself can you? There were no secrets and everyone knew A&M was in talks with the SEC. Nice try though.
We've addressed this in another thread so I won't bother repeating it. All facts, no lies, but keep denying what's in actual print for the world to see.. it suits you.
Are you going to deny saying you actually wanted to go Texas but couldn't afford the out of state tuition so had to settle for Bama? Yeah, that's Longhorn first brother, no matter how you try and paint it. I notice you also didn't address your response to someone answering your "question", which was actually sarcastic and rhetorical, by calling them an ass for simply pointing out you keep posting wrong stuff? Interesting what you choose to respond to, but you do you. Just don't expect anyone to buy it.
Agreed, OU really should have approached SEC on their own and packed Oklahoma State in the deal. Leaving them out after years of claiming they would never do so is pretty shady. From all accounts it's appearing that Texas brokered this deal same as they attempted the Pac10 move over a decade ago and without filling OU in on anything, simply said, "don't worry, we got you". A&M said screw you when that happened, OU should have done the same.
SEC inferiority complex? The two top teams from a power conference left to come to the SEC, pretty sure you have no idea what inferiority complex means. SEC fans, and clearly other conference fans even though they deny it, know how dominate the SEC is. Quit being jealous.
You really must have started watching this year. Texas fans absolutely had a problem with it. I guess you missed all those times Herman and Ehlinger cried about it? Fans filled forums saying it was disrespectful. Of course they chose to ignore Herman and Ehlinger mocking Drew Lock's touchdown celebration like children. I guess hypocrisy is par for the course down in Austin eh?
Wow, you really must be a young fan who wasn't around a decade ago eh? 1) Every single fan across the nation knows Texas is famed for it's over-bloated ego. Heck, most Texas fans don't even deny it, although they try and claim it's "justified" based on ancient history. 2) It wasn't just the LHN, that was a by product of the earlier events. You do realize Texas attempted to do this before right? As usual they tried to do it in secret and presume to speak for other teams involved. Once they realized they did not in fact speak for A&M and Aggies had no desire to bolt for the Pac 10 they altered course and started LHN instead. A&M always had their eyes on the SEC and never wavered or denied it. They've always been open about eventually making that move. Texas at that time claimed SEC was the wrong place to be, overrated, yada yada. Now that they've realized just how wrong they were they want to follow along. Funny eh? Only difference is they couldn't care less the condition they leave their old conference in and had no ethical desire to fill other teams in on their plans other than OU. I wouldn't doubt if OU was left out of the loop for most of the earlier negotiations either, that's how Texas rolls.
Doormat is a bit far. They will in all likelihood struggle for awhile, mostly towards the end of the season, but over time Texas will become contenders in the SEC, kind of hard to deny that. The difference is that this is no longer the same A&M team it was in the Big12 and Texas is certainly not going to be controlling anything in the SEC the way they did in the Big12.
@9mmDave Don't have to go far here, claiming indifference to Maryland is a negative retort. The fact you don't even realize this speaks volumes. You did after all call someone an ass for answering a "question" because you didn't like him pointing out your lies? I'm sure you don't remember that right? As for the other part, I assume you mean about you being a Longhorn fan first? Are you going to deny you literally said you actually wanted to go to Texas but couldn't afford out of state tuition so settled for Alabama?
If he's referring to the Big12 and says Iowa, it's pretty much a given which Iowa wouldn't you say? Quit being so sensitive.
Funny, you should be more against this move than anyone. Arkansas hasn't exactly faired very well against former Big12 teams in the SEC has it? This move just pushes you even further down the ladder.
Exactly, when Texas was beating A&M consistently in the Big12 they dominated the recruiting. Things have changed and while they may regain an advantage somewhat in Texas recruiting, the landscape has changed. Jimbo doesn't just focus on Texas and he has shown he has no problems landing out of state players. This is not going to be the way it was in the Big12, simple reality.
I get the gist of this sentiment, but beating Texas on the field will negate that completely. It may end up being even better for A&M if they can put that whole little brother narrative behind them by winning consistently, or even 50/50. This isn't the same team that was in the Big12, and Texas is going to find that out.
You clearly have no idea what A&M grads actually do. His comment had nothing to do with UT grads do, it was about culture around the University, and sadly he's not wrong.
I see 9mm is showing off more of his TSip ignorance. Everyone knows you'll be sporting burnt orange on Bama/Texas gamedays. Why keep trying to deny it?
As usual 9mm doesn't actually address anything posted, just his standard nonsense. In one thread he'll claim to be a Bama fan first, in another he claims to be a Longhorn fan first. He's the most wishy washy tool on this site.
You can't seriously be this dense. No comment, blaming someone for leaking the information, that literally means they did not intend for it to come out when it did.
Lol what is not truthful? You literally said you were a Longhorn fan first. You also derided someone for daring to be a little negative in a response to you. Do I really need to copy/paste or are you going to be man enough to admit it?
Weren't you just complaining on another thread about people posting negative comments? Quite the little hypocrite aren't you? It's no wonder your actually a Longhorn fan instead of Bama, you fit right in.
lol you are really a priceless fountain of enjoyment. So let me get this straight. TU goes under the table and attempts to screw over the Big12 without anyone knowing until it's all over. Then some theories pop up about A&M possibly leaking the information and you somehow think that's the deceptive part in all this? lol You are a hoot my man.. truly.
lol@someone who started this thread with a negative retort about Maryland trying to call you someone else out for being negative. We always knew you weren't a real Bama fan. Bama fans are some of the most intelligent fans in football, knowing you're a closet Horns fan makes everything make sense again.