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Deny, deny, deny is all fine, but if it ends up proving out that potential natty won't mean squat when they take it away.
If we get 10 wins this season I'll be ecstatic. He exceeded expectations in year one, why not again in year two?
Nothing at the combine is "essential", that's not the point. You admit it's useful which is the point. All of these metrics paint a picture of player as a whole. Some scouts are going to prefer some metrics over others, that's part of the game. Bench press is absolutely a valuable gauge for many scouts.
Supporting something and having plans to do it are two entirely different things. Why do you insist on casting aspersions and making assumptions when you actually have no idea what those practical reasons are? A&M tried to keep the game going for years after the move to the SEC but UT stubbornly refused. Now all of a sudden they claim to want it and somehow A&M is the bad apple in this deal because they've moved on?
Just curious why you believe Tua is going to throw for some much less next season than he did this past one? As for Mond, he threw for just over 3000 last year and improved his accuracy as the season went on. No reason to believe he won't continue doing the same and more emphasis on the throwing game going into next season he should at the very least hit the 3500 I believe.
It's not unreasonable to believe with one more year Fisher can improve his mechanics enough to hit the 68-70% completion rate with Mond. That coupled with losing Trayveon and upping the quality at wide receiver gives him an at least decent change to hit the 4000 mark next season.
Exactly. Although theoretically possible, A&M would have to suffer a complete meltdown in all phases to lose that many games and based on what Fisher was able to do in such a short time in his first season I just don't see that happening.
Brutal schedule or not, losing 3 more games would put them at 6-7. That is almost as far a stretch as imagining Bama losing 3. They would have to lose every tough game on their schedule along with at least one big upset.
Blame that on Fisher all you like but it won't make it true. There were many other factors in play there out of Fisher's control. In spite of what folks want to believe, money was not the motivating factor in leaving FSU. Being a dumpster fire is not because he left, it's why he left.
Apparently sarcasm isn't your strong suit. Let's set aside the obvious fact that no authority exists on the matter, I'm pretty sure we are all well aware of that fact. If gay is no longer considered a derogatory term, why would it bother you if someone attempts to use it in that way? If you are thin, and thin is in, would you get upset about someone calling you skinny? Your premise is flawed at it's most basic point. How about this, are you ok with conservatives using the term liberal in a derogatory manner? How about liberals using the term conservative in the same way? You can't dictate how someone feels or what they believe and attempting to silence them just so nobody gets offended is what is not acceptable.
I think you nailed it. In my opinion Mond takes it to the next level if/when he becomes to process all the information just a second faster. I want to believe that's the next step in his evolution this coming season. If so, he very well could be 3rd on this list, possibly nipping on 2nd's heels.
This was the easy out, Francois was no Jameis so it was extremely easy to get ahead of it and make it appear as though they are making big changes.
What do you expect scouts to do, administer psyche tests to all potential recruits? Blaming Fisher for recruiting makes absolutely no sense. Coming out of IMG Francois showed absolutely no reason for anyone to believe he was going to be a problem. As far as that goes, this comes off as more of a publicity stunt to try and give the impression of a huge culture change than anything else. This was an easy choice for Taggert as he knew Francois was never going to see the field again anyway. Why not use the opportunity to make the world believe big changes were happening? This has absolutely nothing to do with Fisher.
No longer acceptable? I've always wondered who exactly determines what is acceptable and what is not acceptable for us to say. If you could please let us know who this governing body is and kindly send us a link, if available, to exactly what is acceptable and not acceptable it would be greatly appreciated.
And yet it was still better than the game.
This reflects much more poorly on the NCAA and it's handling of it than it does Missouri.
Seems to be a bit harsh to me. From the sound of it this was on the tutor and the athletes, not the school or coaching staff. I'd prefer seeing more individualistic punishment for those students involved.
He has some nice raw talent. If he's teachable, Jimbo could have a diamond in the rough here.
I can pretty much guarantee you every Aggie in the nation will share both those sentiments with you.
By all means please explain to everyone how A&M lied to Starkel at any point of his recruitment or about his status as a player. Sumlin is known for being an idiot when it came to Murray and Allen, but even he seemed to have learned his lesson from that debacle. Starkel was never promised playing time by anyone.
I really think he ends up at Ohio State. Wherever he goes he'll always be supported and wished well by Aggies.
On a side note, congrats, that's the ultimate compliment when someone goes out of their way to use your name to troll with.
I only saw one post that took any kind of shot at Bama whatsoever. Every other defense was explaining how ridiculous the post was and why the SEC took in A&M.
So a nutcase tsip gets arrested for stalking and you somehow manage to turn that into a reason not to let A&M in the SEC? I'm not sure I follow your logic here...
You do realize he had his helmet ripped off right? I'm behind MSU for most of this fiasco, but that was a douchebag move.
That's an awful lot of aggravation from Connor over shaving body hair as a fan. Considering I've seen fans, including Aggies, do much worse over the years I'm guessing it's based on some sort of resentment over his inability to grow manly body hair.
I think TCU has a much better shot at landing him than Tech does.