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UGA absolutely, Auburn is a coin toss. This is based in large part on schedule and players lost. There is every reason to believe A&M will be every bit as strong as Auburn this season.
They won the games they were supposed to, a few that were up in the air, and lost games they were expected to. This next season will be the first with Jimbo's recruits seeing the field as starters so while I get that expectations were unrealistic the past couple of years, that's not on Jimbo. He never thought they were going to be a top 10 team in either of the previous seasons. That was all media nonsense and no reason at all to fault Jimbo. This is the real season to judge him on, they either finish with a strong record and play competitively with the top West teams, or grumbling will start. Any current grumbling is not yet justified.
Right, because LSU never looks at Aggie assistants or AD’s when it has openings.
So you admit to just seeing records... got it.
If you can't see what Fisher has done, then you aren't really looking at anything beyond records.
To also be fair, many of those top recruits from Sumlin bailed either before Sumlin left or shortly thereafter. You also have to account for the fact that coaches recruit players that fit their scheme and Sumlin's football style was vastly different than Fisher's. We saw flashes of the young recruits that Fisher actually recruited and developed this past season and what they can be as sophomores, juniors and hopefully seniors. The cupboard may not have been bare, but it certainly wasn't filled with Fisher style recruits.
When that same team continues on to then win the Natty does it really matter how easy the conference title win was?
When I first read it I thought it was likely going overboard pressing charges. I figured Odell was being silly, idiotic, but silly. After watching the video however it seems more like he's trying to exert some kind of macho dominance saying "you can't do s&#t to me". No matter the reality, this guy is an idiot and LSU should distance themselves from him pronto.
We understand who your response was to and that's what we commented on. Nobody on this thread you're on passed judgment on anyone.
So you picked two legitimate potential losses, and one emotional upset. If you had simply said you had them losing to Bama, LSU, and one or two upset losses your response would have much more legitimacy. Interesting that you somehow consider 9-3 a bad season for some reason. Pretty sure Arkansas would do backflips for a season like that.
The interviewer was probably mentored by Dari Nowkhah.
The amount of money isn't the issue. It's great that you don't see an issue with it, but LSU, the NCAA, and most LSU fans I've heard on the matter absolutely see the issue. Disagreeing with the rules is one thing, but that doesn't change the fact they exist and have consequences.
I could be mistaken, but I believe LSUSMC was alluding to the fact that there are articles plastered all over the internet about Odell giving money to the players. No idea where you are looking, but I literally see a new article every couple of hours on the topic.
The only thing I agree with Connor on here is that Fisher is tough to rank right now and his placement on this list is pretty fair. He is playing with recruits that do not fit his schemes at all. Throw in some brutal schedules and it's not really safe to say he's under performed in any way. This coming season with a more favorable schedule and his recruits hitting the field will be his true measuring stick.
I disagree, it's a pretty big story and there is no doubt it will be asked over and over. It certainly deserves an investigation, but this isn't anything LSU should get in trouble over. What should happen is LSU should determine it was wrong and Beckham needs to be banned from ever being on the sideline again. He never should have put LSU in the position to have to deal with this instead of just enjoying a historical season.
Why would Burrow lie about it? There's not much doubt it was real, and it certainly is not a non-event. There is a reason the NCAA is against this. It's one thing to be pro-pay for college athletes, but it has to be an above board all or nothing situation. What if Beckham tweeted out that he would pay any recruits picking LSU after they finished their final senior game? Still don't see an issue with it?
Agreed, this guy has been a cancer everywhere he has gone. Such a shame too with all that talent.
That's the problem with satire and sarcasm, they are often misconstrued. I have a shirt that has "Sarcastic comment loading..." across the front so I feel your pain on this one KirbySmart.
Exactly, although it may not have been anything Clemson and LSU didn't already know, he was certainly right on the money with everything he said.
While that would certainly help out LSU, it doesn't really make Beckham look much better. I mean, what was the point? Unless maybe there is an inside story here somewhere that we're not in on.
I'd much rather see the game happen during the regular season and really mean something. No missing players, no excuses about caring or not caring, and result actually matters.
Anytime your school is possibly involved in NCAA violations you probably should care.
I'm almost 100% positive you are incorrect on this one. With all the attention this is getting they can't just ignore it.
No idea how I typed astutely instead of absolutely there, although it seems to fit as well.
I was astutely rooting for LSU all the way in this one and was thrilled when they turned the tide and played a lights out game down the stretch. This article is a bit over the top though. LSU was absolutely not "always in control". Those first few drives Clemson was out playing them in every way and it looked like they might run away with it. I love that they made the adjustments and took the game back, but Wright seems to be taking quite a few liberties with the narrative on this one.
I think bowl games already have way too much impact in these rankings. Texas can deny it all they like, but teams really don't get fired up for bowl games when they were hoping to be in the playoffs. Add that to the players that opt out of the game completely, or choose to play at 50% to avoid injury and it renders them not much better than the pro bowl in terms of true team evaluations. Heck, most of the coaches that will be on the sidelines next season weren't even with the team during the bowl game.
Incredible.. fire just about your entire coaching staff and still get plugged in at 25. When will people start facing reality and realize they really aren't "back" yet. I think people are buying way too much into these crazy bowl games.