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Are you sure you read the right article? There are 3 teams other than LSU with more than 4 commits. Other than that, yeah, way too early, but we're all bored so why not.
I know you love defending John just as much as I love busting his balls, but this is absolutely a perfect example of semantics LSU.
If you weren't upset about it, why bother commenting? The insinuated meaning behind 'takes plays off' is pretty clear by those I was posting to, which is what I was discussing. You seem very confused and irate Bama, perhaps you need a nap. :)
Nobody here was talking about going less than 100% when they said 'takes plays off'. If that were the case why get in an uproar over Garret doing it when, as you say, every player does it? You are arguing semantics instead of the actual issue which is the claim that somehow Garrett gives less on the field than Allen which is far from the reality. You know very well what was actually being debated but you seem upset and wanting to argue for arguments sake anyway. Nobody is trying to discredit Allen, no need to get your tighty whities bunched up.
This is to be expected. John often attempts to use semantics when he realizes he was incorrect about something. It's an admirable character trait to be able to admit when you are wrong. Unfortunately it doesn't seem too prevalent among bloggers these days.
No BamaTime, going 95% when you are not a part of the play is not "taking a play off". Resort to name calling all you like, it doesn't make your point any more accurate.
And if you don't realize that EVERY player goes less than 100% at some point in every game if they play any significant amount of downs, then you have been spending too much time on that fictitious island. There is a huge difference between not going 100% every play, and taking plays off. If you can't see that there's no point in arguing it further.
Banana, if you honestly think I ever wanted, cared about, or believed the emails could be shared you missed the entire point. The emails didn't exist because those things were never said. I'm very aware he would not be willing to share any so called emails. The fact that he mentioned them at all was what I was poking fun at.
Did you read the article? Why google, the quote being referred to is right there above. Not sure why this is so hard for folks to comprehend, that quote does in no way indicate 'taking plays off'. Myles is open and honest and 100% correct. No player that is on the field, especially injured, as many plays as Garrett is goes 100% on each and every play and anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves. Go ahead and believe players run full out every play till the end of the play even when it's nowhere near them and I'll sell you an island in Oklahoma. That is nowhere near the same thing as 'taking plays off'.
I spoke with my sources at Columbia Pictures and they said he never actually enjoyed it and they would likely pass on him for any future movies due to his taking scenes off and not giving 100%. One source I sat next to on the plane asked me to go over various actor portfolios with him of possible alternatives. He said something about wanting another perspective or some such.
You dig yourself deeper into the lack of knowledge pit with every comment Barner.
I rarely agree with LSUSMC, and I really like JM, but at this point today he has to be considered a bust. Cleveland didn't do him any favors, but he didn't do himself any either. I would love to see him truly turn it around and make it back, but his track record just doesn't bode well for a comeback.
Where has he admitted to taking plays off? EVERY player will say that he looks at tape and sees plays where he could have been better. That is not at all the same as claiming to have taken plays off. Saying LSU had success running right at Garrett is quite a stretch. He was nursing injuries in that game and LSU still double teamed him anytime they needed time or wanted to run anywhere near him. That's not quite the same as 'running right at him' and being successful. Sorry, but anyone claiming lack of intensity in relation to Garrett really hasn't paid attention to his play. Being an opposing fan you would get a pass on that, but a sports writer writing an article on a player absolutely does not. Of course it's mostly just fun poking the bear because Crist gets so riled up. :)
I'm sure you're opinion is widely sought after from coaches around the league. You seem bothered that not everyone shares your opinion for some reason and seem intent on somehow 'proving' it's legit. You would have been fine had you simply admitted it was only your opinion. We have facts and tape to back up our opinion, you have stories from planes. As as journalist you really shouldn't get so bothered when people disagree with your opinion. Just keep doing you, it's entertaining. (just stop with the videos for all of our sanity)
It's not technically fake, but it is amusing seeing you create fake 'sources' for your information and call out others to watch the tape that you clearly did not. Come on Crist, how long will you continue the charade? I don't know how much more amusement we can take here. :)
You're getting way too worked up about this Crist. It seems you aren't too familiar with sarcasm yourself. You posted an opinion, got called out for how ridiculous it was and attempted to fabricate a basis for it. Honestly this would have gotten a pass most of the time but you seem to do it more often than others and always attempt to deflect your way out of it. You really need a thicker skin if you ever want to make it in journalism. :)
Oh I'm aware of that, I guess you looked it up in the bloggers handbook since offering their emails and changed your mind. ;) At least you now admit you didn't get any info when getting those autographs. Kudos for that..
But, but, Crist heard this himself from coaches at the combine. I'm still waiting on those emails to confirm this though so hold your breath.
Yes actually, I would if you had them. Interesting you didn't mention any of that in your article. Then again, reader gullibility is the bread and butter of sports bloggers right?
Once again Crist shows his complete lack of football knowledge. It's pretty clear he hasn't actually used that 'eye in the sky' and watched the tape or he would realize how ridiculous this article is. Garrett's numbers may not have been through the roof, which is likely what Crist is really lazily going by here, but the numbers are deceiving. Myles was consistently double teamed in every single game and still won most of the battles. Plays succeeded by running the other direction or up the middle, but never did any team run directly at Garrett with any success. Where exactly is this low floor Crist? You listen to too much blog crap and don't actually practice what you preach and watch tape. He never takes plays off. He played through injury all season and still went harder than most at his position. Do yourself a favor and actually watch the tape, research what his injury status was at the time, and see for yourself what his floor really is. There is a distinct difference between disappearing, and teams running away from you.