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"2. Fisher not giving up on his QB" This is one of the promising things in my mind. Future recruits have to love seeing this. After the Sumlin debacle of changing out QB's every time someone sneezed in the wrong direction this is a refreshing look for the Aggies.
Good friend of mine is a Bama alumni living in New Orleans. If that's not tough enough for him, he's married to an LSU alumni. He's pretty vocal too so he absolutely saw the dog house after the last game for awhile.
Maybe I misread it. I took it as him having a strong argument for first team, not necessarily the only strong argument. At this point I don't see anyone really creating distance from all the other backs to be a shoe-in.
True, but I don't see both Holyfield and Swift getting first team. Receiving yards is where both Williams and Swift pass Holyfield up in my opinion. I haven't seen enough of Holyfield and Swift to speak on their block abilities either, but I do know Williams absolutely excels in this area. It wouldn't surprise me to see all three somewhere on 1st and 2nd teams.
46 year Alabama fan in LA the night after the big game. I'd say there is a very good chance he's a Bama alumni.
Again, what do banners in NY have to do with anything represented here?
I assume you're mostly referring to their O-lines? If so it's actually a good point in William's favor as well. Aggie O-line is not exactly NFL material in the making. It's a point Fisher is looking to shore with this recruiting cycle.
Of course Swift should get consideration. This was never about Williams being the clear #1, it was about him having a solid argument to make first team SEC.
Boyd averaged 2.0 against Eastern Illinois. Phillips managed 3.4 against Auburn in 17 carries, his first 10 were certainly nowhere near 3.4. Vaughn only managed 4.1 against Middle Tennessee and 3.3 against South Carolina. Hardly impressive outings, but one game doesn't really embody their season. One game doesn't embody Williams season either.
I never argued the importance of YPC, I agree completely. It's not however the only stat that matters. You aren't taking into account the other skills Williams brings to the table such as blitz pickups and catching. When you take the entire package into consideration it's really hard to argue Williams isn't a first team all sec RB.
Most runners average starts low and builds as the game goes on and the defensive front wears down. If they had stuck to the running game the average would have been higher. Certainly not as high as the season average, but that's more of a credit to States run defense than Williams skill.
Now I see you were talking fewer carries in comparing total yards. That is still a moot point as it's already accounted for with the YPC.
You must be looking at old stats. I don't have time to go into every comparison, but just for starters Phillips as of today has 6.32ypc with 146 carries while Williams is sitting at 6.77ypc with 156 carries. That's also only 3% fewer carries, although that argument makes no sense since it really doesn't effect the YPC stat one way or the other.
You make it sound as if he controls how many carries he gets.
Not sure what any of this has to do with banners of Snell in downtown NY.
Not sure what that has to do with Kirby's poor literary skills, but if being irrelevant is your gig, you do you big guy.
Yes!! I love the guy, but man he makes me dizzy!
He did more than whisper it every time Mond came to the sideline. At the end of the day you can only take a QB as far as he is capable of going.
To be fair Auburn forced that, it certainly wasn't the game plan. Auburn was getting destroyed on the ground and sold out in order to stop it. They basically said we're stopping the run and giving you wide open throwing lanes. The problem is that it completely confused Mond and he was like a deer in the headlights. Auburn took a huge risk and it paid off in large part to Mond simply not being able to handle it.
I put this one almost 100% on Mond. He had many opportunities to put this away and continued making ridiculously stupid decisions, bad reads, and poor throws. I kept hoping he'd get back to his early season form, but it just may be Starkel's team for the rest of the season.
While it's true Mond is looking really bad last few games, to say the d-line handled the Aggies O-line is pretty ridiculous. You do realize other than Mond's really bad decision making, the Aggies dominated every other aspect right? If not for Mond that game really isn't close.
If you think this season is anything like previous ones, you don't get out much.
That's the first thing that struck me. Hopefully they won't give Stidham time to take advantage of a very questionable secondary.
The fact he considers OU undervalued only serves to discredit his stance on the subject completely.
Well to be fair, I didn't understand a word of what thatboytim said either, so maybe it's just a language barrier. Apparently she doesn't speak English, and we don't speak douchebag so communication can be difficult. We should probably go easy on her.
Why would I be mad? I don't like the Florida or Georgia. I do however recognize stupidity and douchebagery when I see it. You know, kind of like the level of douchebagery it takes to defend such stupidity.
How much of a douche must you be in order to be proud of this? Worse yet, how ignorant of a douche must you be to post it on instagram??
I was surprised at the lack of adjustments. It almost seemed as though the coaches were as shell shocked as the players by how State was playing. Let's just hope it's a lesson learned all the way around.