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Exactly, pretty sure that bruise came from the security detail. The closest any fan got to him was the girl that was slammed to the ground that he had to step over.
The only people ever claiming Fisher was on the hot seat are fans and wannabe analysts who don't really follow Aggie football. He has been nowhere near the hot seat at any point in his tenure at A&M.
I think it's no secret Fisher has a soft spot for LSU and loves the school. His ties to the school and to Woodward are what gives people a slight inkling of belief. That being said, the odds would be extremely slim he'd even consider it.
You told us what? Literally every fan outside of Louisiana knew last year that Coach O would be gone soon. Only Tiger fans attempted to defend that post Natty season as a fluke and Coach O as legit. Everyone also knew Fisher would be high their replacement list, he always has been. Of course that doesn't change the fact he's not likely to even consider the job, Woodward friendship or not.
Pretty sure they might care about golf balls being thrown at the opposing HC though. I do believe those could cause a bit more damage than a plastic bottle, don't you? As for not being unheard of, can you name another time in recent history where that much garbage was thrown onto a field and at players/coaches during a game?
You sure you have the right guy? We may disagree on a lot, but the comments you are referencing don't sound sound remotely close to anything LSUSMC would say.
This post didn't age well did it? Hope you didn't put your life savings on Mizzou beating that spread.
But they lost, can't get past that. Maybe if it was a closer game there would be a little debate, but even then Ole Miss would likely pass them up.
Tennessee was definitely screwed out of 7 with the should be fumble recovery returned for a TD. The fans could have been talking about that today and had a valid debate. Instead all anyone will remember from this game is the Fan's disgusting reactions to what actually turned out to be a good call, although it certainly looked bad at the time.
It's not a ceiling for the entire SEC as a whole, but for each team. Clearly Arkansas and Auburn are not both able to reach their ceilings, only one or the other will be able to if either does.
Nobody is overlooking Mizzou, it's the classic trap game after the huge Bama win. This however is a ceiling conversation so in that vein 10-2 is absolutely the ceiling. As Connor said, Ole Miss is the toughest one remaining on the schedule, but it's certainly a winnable game if all goes right. Pretty sure the Bama game proved 10-2 should be the ceiling.
Texas in the Sugar bowl?? Palm is off his rocker even more than usual.
This article is a bid misleading. Not being fined for rushing the field is not the same as not rushing the field. But you already know that since your comment is actually a lesson in contradiction. You claim they don't rush the field because they "act like they've been there before", but in the very next sentence acknowledge they've actually done it before.
Unfortunately he's still making bitter and ignorant comments today. He's not a very good loser.
Campus cops aren't Aggies. Quite the opposite often times.
Loss quality absolutely matters depending on what the other ranked teams do from here on out.
I sure hope not. I don't think it will be though. I think they either gained the confidence they needed and dominate start to finish or they start off slow then realize they're in another SEC game and finish off strong.
Okay, I'm starting to seriously doubt you've ever actually been to a game after all these years on this site. I don't recall any announcements when LSU stormed the field in 2018. That literally never happens.
Might have to send in $1.50... don't think the Bama fans in attendance will want to contribute. lol
Well that explains it, clearly Saban got confused after his comment and thought they actually were playing golf after all.
lol ... take a look around Dale. You're one of the very small minority of Bama fans actually stooping to blaming the refs. Bama got almost every call in that game so those tears are a waste of time. Man up cupcake.
So when LSU rushed the field in 2018 it was because they weren't used to winning? This has to be the most ignorant statement since the game.
It was an odd feeling wasn't it? Usually I would have been sitting just waiting for Bama to start to take over and put the game away in the end, but I never felt A&M was out of this one.
Ironically, Bama fans need to be cheering on the Aggies every week from here on out. They really need the Aggies to play lights out and move up the rankings to help take the sting out of this loss in the eyes of the playoff committee.
I think it may have been campus cops.. those guys always have chips on their shoulders because nobody respects them as actual cops.
Never could get used to grits... give me hash browned or cowboy potatoes any day.
Absolutely, Bama fans have always been great to hang out with at the tailgates in previous years. As for the Aggies, even when fans stormed the field it was a controlled chaos. Incredible atmosphere.
Are you serious? You go ahead and stand in front of 100k+ fans and tell them "Okay guys, just wait a few minutes then we can storm the field."
Sure it was, but it's also appropriate that it gets called out now. Fisher's comment was getting brought back up before the game even started.