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^^^^^ This is what nobody is understanding. It's all good bull, and who cares if Bama is fired up. That's they type of coach Fisher is and the type of program A&M is, they want every team they play to be fired up. If you haven't noticed, they have their best games in those situations. You think Saban is any different? He wants the best from every team he plays against, that's what makes these guys so good at what they do. You think Saban's comment didn't fire A&M just as much? All good bull... and makes for great games. Some fans just need to lighten up and enjoy it.
That's the big question. King is unproven and needs some work before the season starts, but he has considerably more upside than Mond did so it will be interesting. He'll have a few games to get in some regular season experience before hitting the meat of the schedule. I don't foresee this year as being a playoff type of season, but next year could be a very different story. The O-line is the bigger question.
But this was a conversation between two pit bulls, one just a bit bigger than the other. Your chihuahua input isn't really needed.
Loosen up buttercup... coaches are having fun, why are fans so uptight?
Ummm... he already did, which only shows you don't understand their relationship either. When did fans because some sticks in the mud? Loosen up and enjoy it as much as the coaches and players are.
This article is not entirely accurate. Charges were not filed at the time, but they were filed this past Friday which is what resulted in the release from the team.
No, sensitive fans are gonna be sensitive fans. Anyone who knows their relationship knows this was all good bull. When did football fans forget how to have fun? Aggie fans appreciate Saban's comeback, but I guess Bama fan are just a more serious bunch. Never thought I'd actually miss the trash talk from Longhorn fans, at least they still knew how to enjoy college ball.
Not really, while winning the SEC would be nice, it's not the goal and that ring wouldn't be even remotely as important to an Aggie as his/her Aggie ring. That's the point.
The good news is the schedule starts off pretty soft to give that O-line so real game experience under their belts to gel and it sounds like Demas is finally getting it all together. By the time we get into the meat of our schedule all these 5 things could very easily fall into place nicely.
So you'd rather have a coach who says "I'll try", then one who says "I'll do"?
You sure sound emotional, did Jimbo hurt your feelings somewhere along the line, or is it just that time of the month for you?
That's a goal sure, but his point is he won't be content with anything shy of a Natty. An SEC ring is only a step towards the goal, not the goal itself.
And sometimes it's best to set goals and let your fanbase know you won't be content with anything less than a Natty. Absolutely nothing wrong with anything he said.
Every post you make is a troll. There are two kinds of trolls in this world, intelligent trolls that actually know how to trigger people, and trolls like you that just want attention. Intelligent trolls illicit emotional responses, your kind just initiates laughter at your silly troll attempts.
Why are people so confused on this?? Jimbo and Saban have a long and close relationship. This is just all good bull. When did fans become such stink in the muds and forget how to have fun?
I'll never understand this. I always hear the argument, "you don't know what it's like where I live, we're just trying to survive". I get that, I really do, life isn't easy everywhere. But here, these guys finally got OUT of that, the thing everyone complains they can't do but want to. But these guys had every reason to believe they were en route to a possible NFL career. It doesn't get any better than that and yet they throw it all away for nothing. They were out, in college, getting an education and career most can only dream about. For cannabis??? Really???
Apparently you don't understand the relationship Jimbo and Saban have. It's all in good fun, both coaches want their teams and the other team to be motivated for the game.
What do you expect him to say? His actual comment speaks volumes when he says "Right now". "Right now" Mond hasn't even stepped foot onto the practice field. Tomorrow is another day.
I still hate the transfer portal, but I don't dislike the players that use it. They are just doing what they feel is in their best interest.
Not so strange at all. The transfer portal gives players who have been passed over on the depth chart an opportunity to find somewhere they can start. I don't like it either, but it very rarely points to any kind of coaching or recruiting issues.
Partially true, it's a new Oline and new QB, but that's not why these guys left. One had injury issues that hindered him and sadly he simply got passed up on the depth chart. The other is a maturity issue, he came in overweight and was not able to lose it. He did not handle the intense workouts well and was not happy with it. He will learn real quick other schools will be no different if they are even remotely competitive.
Excellent analysis, sadly even many Aggie fans just don't get this.
Defense and a heavy lean on the running game. Let's not forget Spiller is back and looking even better than last year. Granted the O-line isn't near the same level, but Spiller should make up for quite a bit until the O-line settles in and King gets more comfortable. I'd expect to see more QB runs early on as well. King has some wheels on him that you don't get to see in a Spring game.
I hear pretty much every coaching staff say that, what else would you expect them to say? As you say, football is played on the field, not in the minds of "experts", including coaches. To be honest, LSU is going through some inner turmoil as well over there so they are going to have to overcome quite a bit before coaches can proclaim they will be back.