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Good for Starkel! Hogs got a real steal with him, one of the most underrated QB's in the SEC. I was really rooting for him to win the starting gig here and still think he should have.
Sure thing, but while we're at it why don't we mention the lack of AC in the LSU locker room and the location the band was placed?
We all know if he was complaining about the bad calls going the other way Pine wouldn't have said a word. Didn't really have a thing to do with his shove it comment.
I'm leaning towards 9, but 8 is entirely possible. It really all depends on how Mond handles this loss.
Unless Mond somehow lets this game dictate his season, A&M should take care of SC fairly handily. Mond showed last year he has the ability to rebound from bad games, I think we'll end up chalking this one up to first game jitters and trying too hard. The entire first half his throws were high, it's a pretty clear indication of where his mind was.
I notice you had no problem with Joe pointing out the refs but jump all over JDunn for doing it. Hmmm.. I wonder why that could be...
Exactly. It's all about rhythm with an offense and they were never able to get that going.
I didn't ask what they would say, but what they felt. It's probably 50/50 on which ones would answer with the "not concerned" vs the "absolutely" response. I prefer the not concerned response myself as well. My point is regardless of how they respond, they all feel they are the best. You can knock him for his response, but I certainly wouldn't term it as an "inflated sense of self-worth" as Geaux Long stated. I might not want my QB stating it, but I certainly want him believing it.
He had a crap game sure, and no Aggies thought he was anywhere near the best in the SEC. That being said it's still very possible he gets it together and puts together a decent season. As for that best in the SEC nonsense, name me one QB that doesn't believe he's the best? If you can name one, he's a QB nobody should want leading their team.
You must have never coached before. Momentum is absolutely a huge part. For instance, Mond had the perfect opportunity to create momentum on the second play of the game. Even a half decent pass and that is a TD right out of the gate. If you think that would not have changed the complexity of the game, you just don't know college ball.
I don’t know, that offense looked pretty darn(first comment actually got moderated for using the Hoover word instead of darn there) good and overhyped or not, Texas usually has a pretty solid defense. My concern with LSU oddly enough would be the way their defense got torched by an offense who’s running game was running on 3rd stringers.
That was just awkward when he pulled the Tiger head off Corso. I get they were just having fun, but Corso isn't exactly young and McConaughey was was being none too gentle about it. He deserves every bit of this mockery.
Ummm yeah, actually it is fair. You don't make the list by squeaking past Lafayette and beating Southern Miss. Sorry.
I keep seeing this, but I thought the O-line actually improved by leaps and bounds from last week. The pressure for the most part came off exotic blitzes. I think by the end of the year this O-line will actually be a strength. They won't be going against Dabo every week thank goodness.
This^^ Same thing on the flip side, Mond is taking all the heat, but his receivers absolutely failed him miserably. Not only did they not step up and make some difficult catches they dropped many easy ones as well. When the passing game failed to get going everything just went downhill.
No idea I tabbed out to the wrong thread, that was clearly meant for the ridiculous Texas DBU comments thread. It does kind of fit here as well though, as much as I dislike Texas, Ehlinger threw and all over that LSU secondary. I still say the texts were a bad idea.
I actually thought it would give the DB's even more fire but to be honest, neither team looked like DBU in this one. I'm just glad that re-vamped offense shredded Texas and pulled out the win.
Yes!!! Now we need LSU to come out and make things right again. You just had to do it on the last game of the season so see we had to hear their blowholes all off season too. I really wish you had them on your schedule this season. Such is life..
You must not watch much Bama football.
While I don't necessarily agree with Finebaum, it's clear he is speaking strictly on coaching ability, not the other aspects that go with being a coach.
I think many coaches would bolt for Bama given the opportunity, but I can't see why Dabo would be one of those. There are also many coaches who would bolt and leave for Clemson if given the opportunity, it's not like that's a bad gig.
I agree Dabo is a true class act, but saying Jimbo has none is showing you have just as much bias as Finebaum and are no better.
Sure they show up now, but where were they during the past decade of mediocrity? I think those years were much more telling about the fanbase than this year is now that they're "back" as they like to say. It's really easy to support a winning team, but true fans support their team during the bad times as well as the good.
Sometimes I really wish these boards would require an IQ test before being allowed to post.
"But Texas has some of its own"... then proceeds to name only one who is currently on staff and was drafted as a safety. It's cute that Texas is trying, but DBU probably wasn't their best fight to pick with LSU.
Please don't feed the troll....
No capillaries functioning in his brain?
Burrow #1?? Really?? I like Burrow, but I don't see any way he's above #3 at the most.