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How can you rank QB's then completely ignore the QB in the writeup? They don't even mention Mond's name when explaining his being at #5. Did they forget what they were ranking?
That was a pretty odd final sentence. Granted A&M hasn't been overly excited about this season, but it's honestly right where everyone outside of the media masses fighting for headlines thought we would be. This was a brutal schedule and they are nowhere near the level of disappointment that SC is facing now.
Hate Vick, love dogs.. but continue your display of ignorance if you must.
It's not how hard the hit was, it's when it was. That has and always will be a cheapshot. Nothing overrated about it.
@oskie I called you a hypocrit for starting the thread by calling his dad a pr1ck and then proceeding to call him out for name calling. Nothing ironic in that whatsoever. It's pretty clear you have no idea what the word really means.
You own a keyboard, but you don't see us wanting to take away everyone else's keyboards just because you type stupid things do you?
"Calling others arrogant. ...... Lots of irony here." You do remember you started this thread by calling his dad a pr1ck? Then you want to out for name calling and consider it ironic. I assume what you really meant here was hypocrisy, not irony, and you're right.. only it's on your end, not his.
Every hunter knows exactly what he means. Your comment here was pretty silly.
You mean that thing Bama won't be winning this year? Good to know, thanks for that great insight...
This is pretty much the equivalent of saying "hey, up their in that sentence you used there wrong."
"Fisher was also asked about playing the Mississippi schools." Odd thing to throw into this article. Truly just an odd question in general at this point in the season.
Depends on which analyst predictions you're going with. For A&M against Minn, probably. If A&M goes in the Texas Bowl against OK State it really depends on how the two finish their seasons. Georgia is also not likely to be an underdog against Oklahoma. LSU and Bama are definitely not likely to be underdogs against Ohio State or Clemson.
You need a better roommate. Football, and college in general apparently, really isn't in Dobbe's wheelhouse.
Some of these were great. Unfortunately one of the best was at the expense of my Aggies.
You'll have to take it up with that fan then, I said nothing of the sort.
"but he’s led the Cowboys to the NFC East title two of the last three years" I think that's a bit of a reach. It isn't often you can say this about a head coach, but much of what the Cowboys have done really is in spite of his coaching rather than a result of. Coordinators and team leaders have propelled this team to overcome some really bad decisions on his part and it's no secret he is no motivator. They have gone to the playoffs under his watch, but under someone else's watch they would have likely gone much deeper.
Alatide, my post literally had nothing to do with bias against or for Bama. I was pretty clear that I was only clarifying that more penalties in a game absolutely does not disprove bias no matter who the team.
I'm not saying refs are conspiring against Bama, but the whole most penalized thing not counting does have some merit. It's no secret refs often will throw a late flag once they know the result of the play and realize it won't effect them much. This has been used to "balance" out penalties for as long as I can remember.
I like it, judgement calls could be taken into account accordingly, but things like blown reviews and blatantly bad calls that happen right in front of a ref looking directly at it should be judged harshly.
In summary.. we're going to tell you we handle bad officiating internally but you'll never know if we really do or not and oh by the way, if you complain about any of this we'll fine and possibly suspend you.
Odd punishment to suspend a "former" assistant coach for one game. The rest of the punishments seem a bit harsh considering the infraction.
Jerry yes, Stephen has actually done pretty well. Just look at the draft picks and trades the past few years if you need any proof. The only thing left over from when Jerry was running the show is Garrett and that's something Stephen will likely take care of next season as well.
Oddly, this time around the NFL is leaning more towards becoming like college ball when it comes to offensive schemes. As kodyaufan2 said, they are throwing the ball around much more now and the spread is actually pretty common.
Sounds like he's been listening to the Jason Garret and Riley rumors. Maybe he figures he should get his name out there now just in case.
Why wouldn't he? Assuming of course you are talking about Stephen and not Jerry since he's actually the one making the decisions now. Stephen is very good friends with Riley who grew up a huge Cowboys fan and still is today. Jerry is nothing more than the mouthpiece today, Jerry handed over the actual reins years ago.
"Then why did Jimbo lose at the end of his FSU stay?" That's the big question that should make everyone wonder. Top classes and yet both Jimbo, not Taggert struggled to win. People should start looking elsewhere for the answers at that point. People seem insistent on not bothering to learn the actual reasons for Jimbo leaving. Hint, it wasn't about the money and it just might answer the questions about the team continuing to lose.
Sounds like Fisher may be dealing out some heavy discipline. He's often viewed as soft on discipline but it's actually quite the opposite, he just doesn't broadcast it.
I agree completely and actually feel Riley will be the next HC in Dallas next year.