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"Find me a team with 4 games away from home that are that challenging." How about Alabama/South Carolina/Auburn/Mississippi State? Just for good measure let's throw Clemson in as a home game since they are the #2 team right after Alabama. I'd say Auburn and A&M are running neck and neck for the that toughest schedule title.
You seem overly sensitive for some reason. Nobody was chastising you, we were simply explaining that in this case we already know the "other side of the story" that you were referring to. If you prefer remaining in the dark and giving him the benefit of your doubt that is your prerogative, no need to get nasty towards those who were trying to help you understand the reason for Tiger's comment.
No offense, but it's not just being covered by media, it's actually old news that is just being covered again because Locke mentioned it. As for Herman, assuming you are in Miss I wouldn't expect you to understand. The difference is that is isn't second hand news to me. I was teaching at UH when Herman was there and I've seen his immaturity first hand. Not even Longhorn fans are defending his actions on the sidelines and behind closed doors every friend and family member I have that roots for UT has expressed the desire for him to mature. You're defending him here for some odd reason even though you admittedly are not familiar with his actions which is what doesn't make sense to those of us who are.
Drew Locke seriously doesn't ring a bell Bunker? You must be the only fan in college football that is unaware of the incident.
Exactly Tiger TD. It's kind of hard to imagine any story coming from the other side, being Herman, could make this any less of a bad look on him. It's pretty clear he said something negative about the players leaving, why would the players in his locker room lie about it? His track record as Tiger pointed out doesn't exactly exude maturity.
Not sure how many sides to this story there can be. This is coming directly from players still at UT letting those Juniors that declared for the draft know what's being said about them. No matter how you spin that it doesn't look good for a head coach.
Damn you beat me to that response. He continually shows his immaturity with his sideline antics and now this. Someone better take hold of his reins over there in Austin or things or going to get rough.
It basically boils down to Texas getting upset when A&M bolted to the SEC and refusing to continue the game. Since then some folks from both sides have shown interest from time to time but neither is really all that gung ho about it. A&M doesn't need the game and UT doesn't want to risk it until they get back some consistency.
It basically boils down to Texas getting upset when A&M bolted to the SEC and refusing to continue the game. Since then some folks from both sides have shown interest from time to time but neither is really all that gung ho about it. A&M doesn't need the game and UT doesn't want to risk it until they get back some consistency.
They absolutely used a FB and Fisher plans on using them frequently. He has already recruited a beast of an O-line so coming to A&M as a fullback is actually a great move.
It may not be far out, but I don't see how any MS fan could look at 3rd or 4th as a disappointing season.
Absolutely agree. 1,2,6 & 7 are generally favorable to educated guesses, but the middle pretty much never turns out as expected.
Exactly. As usual Adam cherry picked what was said and left out most of important tidbits. Conte is in no hurry to start the rivalry back up.
He actually said he'd take a contract involving no money just to get back in. Money isn't a factor with Manziel, he already has more than enough. I'm hoping for the far fetched idea that we will one day see Manziel throwing to Kirk, or even to Evans again.
I wouldn't call this an equal pettiness party. One one side you have a former WR and an assistant WR coach trash talking, on the other you have the director of recruiting not only dropping to an even lower level of pettiness, but using excruciatingly poor grammar in doing so. This is slap your forehead look for Ohio, but it's a bury your head in the sand look for Texas.
"Bennett has reportedly been indicted by a Harris County grand jury on Friday for assaulting an elderly paraplegic." This statement is pretty misleading. It would probably be good form to at least present the opposing argument considering at the moment it's not at all clear what actually happened. To start with the "elderly paraplegic" is actually part of the security staff. From all reports any harm that befell her was incidental as he pushed his way past other security personnel who in turn bumped in her. I'm not a fan of Bennett, but reporting only part of the story is very poor form.
I don't agree at all that this is tough news for A&M. Realistically they have just as much a chance of landing him as they did when he was committed in the first place. If the last few seasons have taught us anything it's that commitments mean absolutely nothing until the paper is signed. Whether you agree or not, I don't, these kids just want to enjoy the process. It's the systems fault, they're just being what they are.. kids.
Connor is quickly adopting a curmudgeon moniker. I'm starting to think he grew up with a very deprived childhood. First he can't handle a little fun with the plaque Fisher was given, now he can't handle college kids enjoying themselves in a very innocent manner. Maybe he's just upset because he looks like Howard Wolowitz?
I remember we used to beg him to stop making videos. I think he honestly had no idea just how bad he was.
That's one name I could go without hearing again. I must say he was fun to get riled up though.
Exactly what I was going to say. This is nothing remotely close to what Jones did, nobody is claiming A&M has won anything yet. People seem to have serious comprehension issues these days.
Connor is not really telling an accurate tale here. For some reason he seems to enjoy pointing out Texas out recruited A&M in 2018. This seems a bit dishonest considering his article is targeting the battle between Herman and Fisher. I'm pretty sure he knows Fisher came to the party way too late in the game to be able to elevate the 2018 class to anything remotely close to what he would likely have pulled in had he been recruiting it from the start. Using 2018 to compare Fisher to Herman is not very good analysis to say the least.
His contribution has almost exclusively been on special teams. I would imagine he will still fill that role as well.
Not sure how one can say the Aggies closed the day out before it's over.
Gundy is an idiot. The "newness" wore off? He acts like he just joined college ball a few years ago. Every year is different. Nothing about the SEC was fadish or wearing off. The simple answer is that Herman is a dynamic recruiter, 2018 just happened to be filled with kids wanting to say closer to home, and the whole Sumlin thing happened that set A&M back. If he really believes that the SEC won't be pulling it's fair share from the state of Texas on a regular basis he's just not facing reality. SEC will always be highly desired by recruits. I guess he already forgot where both participants in this years National Title game came from.
Absolutely, this is nothing more than a publicity stunt for Edwards trying to gain some brownie points with those who are crying about the high salaries of these coaches.
He expressed his excitement upon landing the offer Wednesday afternoon: Blessed to receive an offer from Arizona University #beardown If that is your definition of "excitement" then you clearly see things differently than the rest of the populace.
Garbage? If you don't understand the game, you probably shouldn't post on a football forum Thomas. Isn't it time for you to get tucked in anyway?
On a side note, glad to see you were enjoying college football in the late 50's. It's always an inspiring thing to see people your age still able to type and learn new technology.
Thanks for the well wishes, although they would have been more appropriate 30 years ago when I graduated. I'm well aware of how the Heisman works and what we do or do not spend money on. There is nothing for A&M to be embarrassed about, they have no control over what happens with a players psyche after graduation.