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1. You can't be serious 2. You mean the game you should have lost against a pretty weak opponent? 3. Who? 4. I don't think anyone is worried about LSU being defending national champs at the moment. 5. Liar...
Agreed, there is absolutely zero possibility of both Bama and Florida getting in.
It's all about the incubation period. SEC, unlike the NFL, has to follow the CDC guidelines and those state that it can take up to 14 days before you test positive after being in contact. That is a very "err on the side of caution" number, but it doesn't look like it's likely to get updated.
Unfortunately that number is determined based on CDC and local official guidelines, the SEC doesn't agree with it, but has no choice. Sadly, with the recent upticks it's unlikely CDC will lower the number.
Dude seriously, these comments always clearly come from people who didn't actually watch the game and see how dominant Aggies were on the line of scrimmage, but offensively and defensively. They are coming together in Fisher's scheme and it's showing. Mond is confident and playing at an extremely high level. You want to discount SC? Fine, but you can't just discount every single game after the Bama game and how they started and finished those games. They are not coming from behind or relying on miraculous plays, they are playing consistent hard nosed football, and that wins games. I promise you Saban is not nearly as excited at the prospect of playing the Aggies again as he may have been in week 2. Claiming they are a mid-tier* bowl team is just ridiculous.
It's not the thought of hating the logo, I think it's just that aTm doesn't properly represent the logo. When you see the logo, it clearly represents Texas A&M. When you see aTm your mind can tend to think of a machine you get money out of.
Very much this. I have been waiting for over a decade to get someone who actually understood that you have to prepare for each game, and game plan for who you are playing. As a Cowboys fan it's hit me from all sides before Fisher came along. I've always hated that mentality of just playing your brand of football, and no matter who it is you win if everyone does their part. If you're playing against a Heisman candidate running QB your game place should never be the same as it is when you're playing a backup pocket QB. Sumlin never understood that. It's also part of the "next man up" nonsense I despise. If you lose your top left tackle for example, the Jason Garret's and Kevin Sumlin's of the world just say "next man up". The Saban's, Belicheks, and Fisher's of the world move help over to that side to aide whoever the backup is at the position. I think those coaches just don't have the ability to properly game plan and certainly not the ability to make in game adjustments. If Fisher can continue doing that, we could finally see a really nice stretch of seasons in Aggieland.
Probably a good idea if you don't want to look like a bitter sourpuss. Glad to see you're finally thinking straight.
I've always been here, even during the Sumlin era, where were you? Like I said, your comment would have been fine if not made right after losing a game like that. Bad timing don't you think?
Well at least we found the one idiotically ignorant Hog fan. There has to be at least one in every bunch.
That was a head scratching comment no doubt.
Great Longhorn fan impression, and here I thought Hog fans actually had a little bit of intellect and decency. You must be one of those cousins nobody invites to the family gatherings.
You should probably learn when it's smart to post, and when it just makes you look like a sourpuss that's butthurt from losing.
Now you're just sounding ridiculous. How many plays did Florida "luck into"? That is amateurish logic at best. Let's just go ahead and call the miscues the Aggies made all "lucky" for Florida and say they should have lost by much more. See how that works?
Why would they want Florida to get to the championship game? They want Florida to beat Georgia on Nov 7 leaving Georgia with two losses. The thought behind it, if both teams win every other game on their schedule, is that you will have A&M with one loss and Georgia with 2. Both losses to common opponents with one being a team A&M beat. It's very plausible for A&M to get the nod over Georgia at that point, conference champions or not.
He wasn't leaving at that point to LSU whether you offered him 10 years or not, he was the one that passed, not LSU.
Unless I misread your statement, that's exactly what he is saying. It would be better for Florida to win thus leaving Georgia 9-2, not 9-1. If Georgia beats Florida it will be a much tougher decision, assuming of course that Georgia and A&M run the table otherwise.
Sounds like someone is a little bitter than the might Tigers have fallen so far...
Not sure what game you watched, but Trask did everything he needed to do and more. That loss certainly wasn't on him.
And that's funny why? Georgia didn't exactly look like a championship in the first half against TN. They will have their hands full against the Gators.
That was one heckuva game. I'm have to admit I'm glad Trask had a great game, I'll always consider him part Aggie.
To be fair, the receivers weren't exactly wide open, Mond was fitting the ball into some pretty tight windows. Running game is another story, it was pretty much a sieve.
"but one of the stop’s top recruits" Ah the dangers of relying on software to perform your spelling and grammar checks for you. proofing is your friend....
Pretty sure A&M went to a bowl last year with one of the hardest schedules in the nation.
Hindsight is a beautiful thing. Those that actually understand the game realize that Sumlin only did as well as he did in 2012 because of someone named Johnny Manziel, perhaps you've heard of him? Stick to your two column stat analysis, we don't want to confuse you too much.
I think the biggest question mark is Mond. He has the skillset, now he just needs to stay consistent and show that he can be better than just a "good" QB.