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Not sure how serious I can take an article when the writer doesn't even know who is up for the starting QB spot on a team. Connor Blumrick isn't in the mix, it's Mond, Hubenak and Starkel competing for the Aggie starting gig.
Yeah, I'm not too sure Farner understands the term 'offseason'.
Absolutely correct bulldogbuck55. I am one of the largest supporters of animal rights there is and I find PETA despicable. They put such a bad name on such a great cause.
Direct statement from the University, and they have clarified numerous times:"The dogs – who are already affected by this disease - are treated with the utmost respect and exceptional care on site by board-certified veterinarians and highly trained staff."No wishful thinking on my part, I work at the University so I'll gladly take my direct knowledge over PETA's embellished version.
It appears you read an article or two and jumped to the conclusion that PETA never lies LucyP. These dogs are not bred for it, they had the disease prior to being introduced into the research program.
That may very well be in what you have read, but it is not at all factual and Kornegay has never said the dogs are bred to contract MD. This is the key component being left out. It's been stated numerous times by the University that the dogs being used in research already had the disease, they have not been bred here to contract it. I don't know what else to tell you other than to not believe everything you read by PETA or other news outlets. They feed on drama and publicity, if you want facts go to the source.
It's sad that PETA puts such a bad name on such a good cause. They seem to relish publicity more than honesty. Nothing about PETA's claims on this issue are accurate other than research being conducted. All the animals come to the vet school already having the disease and the research is 100% about curing that disease. No animals are harmed in any way. PETA never seems to care enough to actually verify and investigate claims before running to the media trying to get more spotlight on a non-existent issue.
There's only one 12th man Andrew, and it's not in Seattle.
Calling out someone for faulty reporting is not insulting i4. Are you sure you understand how forums work? This isn't some kumbaya campfire, it's a discussion board. Crist makes a habit out of reporting wrong information then getting defensive and attempting to deflect when it's pointed out. If this bothers you, message boards probably are not the place to be.
There is not near the gap in market share between UT and A&M that there used to be. That really isn't the point here though since by pulling in UT, the combination of the two top Texas schools being in the SEC would pull in a very dominating share of the Texas market.
What is there to know here i4bama? Crist was unaware of Seals-Jones getting picked up by the Cards, it's pretty simple. He does this time and time again but by all means pucker up all you like, I'm sure he'll be sure and throw you some kisses in appreciation. p.s. You have no idea how many press conferences and sporting events I've attended, but you know what they say about assumptions. :)
Nice try Crist, but it's clear you were not aware of Seals-Jones getting picked up by the Cards before you wrote this:"They’re now forced to try to catch on with clubs as undrafted free agents. Each is a long shot at best to make an NFL roster."In all the time I've been reading your articles, I have yet to see you admit to a single misstep, always on the defensive. For a sports writer you have a serious lack of ability to accept any criticism, warranted or otherwise.
*quite - before the grammar police come out in full force.
I love Tennessee, but LSUSMC is right on this one. You say he'd be hard pressed to find anyone who disagrees with you, but I also was unable to find any sources that had TN as one of the blue bloods. They were consistently on the fringe, but not quiet there.
Seals-Jones did get picked up by the Cardinals 2 days ago. Probably a good idea to research anything Crist posts before taking it at face value. ;)
Leave it to Crist to not do his research prior to writing the article. The news of Seals-Jones going to the Cardinals was old news by the time Crist posted this.
OU would be a much better addition than Texas would be to the SEC. Texas is well known to not play well with others and their ego is a cancer to any conference at this point. They will likely attempt to go independent if the Big12 actually does fall apart.
All this could have been avoided if Horns parents had simply taught them how to play well with others when they were kids.
He hasn't spoken to me privately, but my statement still stands. :)
The only thing he has said publicly in the media is about making the Browns pay, and jokingly begging the Cowboys to trade up for him since that's been his childhood dream to play for them. That's publicly.
"Myles Garrett has to be sweating his options" Very amusing comment. Myles has made it pretty clear he would love to fall out of the #1 spot to avoid going to the Browns, which is a very smart thought process. The only thing #1 gets him at this point is added pressure to turn around the worst team in the league. He would be much better off if the Browns are not just blowing smoke. Of course that's not very likely.
Latest Buzz?? I'm pretty sure this is the exact same buzz from weeks ago just being re-hashed. That would be like someone saying the latest buzz is that Myles may go #1 in the draft.
I was responding to what LSUSMC said about teams should all get better as the season progresses. While that is certainly always the hope, it just hasn't panned out that way for the Aggies in recent years and it the biggest hurdle needing to be overcome for us.
I watched it Nobleman. When he wasn't being double teamed they were running the other direction or it was quick passes and Garrett beat out his guy almost every play and was at the QB when he was passing. If you only saw one double team you clearly didn't actually watch the tape. Even the highlight reels show many double teams. That 60+ snaps of getting dominated by the TE also were simply not there so I'm not sure what you actually watched. LSU had a great game plan and they always seem to have the Aggies number, but Garrett absolutely did not get dominated or controlled by a TE in that game.
I'm not sure that's true at all for the Aggies. The early part of the season has always been dominant but they falter as it gets deeper into the season. Much of that falls on the style of play and a lack of conditioning able to keep up with it. The defense simply wore down as the season went on with the Aggie defense playing more snaps than any other SEC team in 2016. That has been addressed in the off season with a new strength and conditioning coach that so far is creating a big buzz with what he's doing. We can only wait and see how much of a factor that actually was in our late season woes.
Don't dare be a voice of reason, that isn't allowed on these threads.
I agree, there is nothing at all to be bitter about, and yet you still are. Doesn't make much sense does it?
Assuming you are referring to the west and not the entire league, LSU actually had the second best record.
Reading isn't your strong suit is it TrahanSolo? Nobody has ever said he dominated those teams. I love how couch fans never fail to forget it's a team sport.
"He mentioned that Texas A&M has only had two “great first-round players” since 1995 in a talent-rich state." As opposed to who, Tech? Texas? Baylor? I don't suppose Cowherd took the time to list all the great first rounders the other Texas universities had from this "talent-rich state". This guy has been a joke since he long before he started his show and he's only gotten worse.