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"but one of the stop’s top recruits" Ah the dangers of relying on software to perform your spelling and grammar checks for you. proofing is your friend....
Pretty sure A&M went to a bowl last year with one of the hardest schedules in the nation.
Hindsight is a beautiful thing. Those that actually understand the game realize that Sumlin only did as well as he did in 2012 because of someone named Johnny Manziel, perhaps you've heard of him? Stick to your two column stat analysis, we don't want to confuse you too much.
I think the biggest question mark is Mond. He has the skillset, now he just needs to stay consistent and show that he can be better than just a "good" QB.
Thanks for proving my point. Tennessee could probably lure Willie Taggart away from Fl Atlantic. He went 11-3 last year so I'm sure you'd be thrilled.
Actually the results are considerably better. Of course when you're football knowledge doesn't extend beyond basic win/loss columns it's understandable you wouldn't be able to get that.
No Madubuike? He absolutely obliterated the belief that he didn't have the speed to go along with his strength.
Thanks for pointing out the use of a hyperbole for the one person on the continent that didn't get it.
Pretty sure he did that last year with the Mississippi's and Auburn is no slouch. You say every year as if he has been the coach at A&M for a decade. It's been pointed out ad nauseam that he was working with someone else's recruits so this is the first true testing year. Luckily for Fisher it's also the first decent schedule they've had in awhile.
That's the only one up there that really matters, at least it's a good one.
I almost mentioned them in my reply. They pretty much have the blueprint for everyone to follow since they've been facing this long before it became a "thing".
Where did you hear his contract wasn't getting renewed? Everything I've seen shows he had no interest in negotiating an extension even though Coach O wanted him back. He was close with Orgeron but clearly was never happy at LSU for whatever reason. Nothing wrong with that, it happens, but no need to spin it otherwise.
Crazy isn't it? Either that or he actually believes Scooby entered the portal again because Cochran left. Pick your poison on which is more ridiculous.
The way coaches and players move around these days it would be a smart move by any coach no doubt.
Doesn't seem quite the honest spin though. Robinson has interviewed with other teams long before his contract was up, the Browns interview was 2 years ago, and Coach O certainly didn't sound like he wanted him to leave. It sounds much more likely that Robinson never really felt settled at LSU and planned on leaving at the end of the contract so LSU was forced to have a contingency plan. Coach O pretty much said as much back when he interviewed with South Carolina.
You must be thinking of the t-shirt fans, the actual students are a fairly liberal group, not many tractor pull goers in Austin.
The only thing not needed is you Nurse Saban. The Aggies are just fine in the SEC and have been a nice addition to the best conference in the nation. Your opinion matters of course, just not to anyone you don't call mommy.
At least someone gets it. I agree on things more interesting to talk about as well. I think one of the most interesting is how does LSU do without Burrow? So many are throwing in the towel on them already. Although it goes against my better interest obviously, I'm rooting for Coach O to show that Burrow was part of a great offense and not just an incredible QB pulling an offense along on his back. As much as I want to, it's just impossible to root against Coach O.
Aggies are just fine with Fisher as well, the only wants saying anything negative are wannabe analysts and other fanbases.
"Fisher’s an okay coach getting paid Saban money and now they can’t realistically get rid of him without bankrupting the university" Aside from the fact that the university could absolutely afford to get out of his contract without even putting much of a dent, nobody around here is even remotely close to wanting Fisher gone. Unlike what the media pundits who want clicks try and make you believe, this is certainly not some kind of make it or break it year for Fisher. It's odd that some people actually don't see the progress he's made even considering the fact it's been a complete overhaul without even seeing his recruits on the field as an entire team. He's doing just fine, quit letting the click baiters do your thinking for you.
Oh I don't know, maybe the same place we keep hearing Auburn is going to do something.... then they don't?
How are we seeing he isn't what we thought he was? He's just getting starting for crying out loud. I keep hearing this from people, but it's not like he walked into a championship ready team that just needed some adjustments.
Well heck, your response is so much better than mine JTF, simple and straight to the point.. love it.
That would be your opinion on what a "Big job" is. For coaches many would consider a school dedicated to the program, having a pipeline to great recruiting, and deep pockets to be a very big job. With that criteria Bama, Aub, LSU, UGA, and UF are from the only schools with Big jobs in the SEC. Heck, they wouldn't even be the top big jobs in the SEC based on that criteria.
I sure hope so.. they are returning most of the veterans on the O-line so hopefully they get it together this season. Fisher was opening up Mond's running game more towards the end of the season as well which could certainly help if it continues.
Agree on Mack, but I think Mond will get awfully close if he doesn't get there. There will undoubtedly be a step up in the receiving core this season, especially on the deep routes. The one thing I see actually holding him back from hitting that mark is the possibility of a stronger running game this season. It's still a big question mark after losing Corbin and Kibodi to the transfer portal, but Spiller was coming on strong late in the season. Of course although unproven, the current crop of RB's are also pretty adept at catching the ball as well so we could see quite a few of those passing yards come as YAC's.
Jimbo is just getting started. You really shouldn’t comment if you don’t understand the game, it’s not a good look.
You clearly don’t know much about college football. Now take this hat and sit in the corner young man.