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Arch grew up a Longhorn fan for whatever reason, Klatt is really reaching for a big story here that just doesn't exist.
Okay you were fine until that last post. OU having literally anything to do with A&M leaving the Big12 has to be the funniest thing I've heard in awhile. A&M's reasons were no different than the ones luring OU and Texas to the SEC. The only difference now is you can't deny those reasons are valid anymore unless you want to claim OU has no reason to make the move.
What’s really crazy is fans of teams watching these games from their couches are actually talking garbage about a team still in it.
You can't seriously be calling someone else a drama queen? Your mirror fogged up or something?
BamaTime taking shots at someone for making personal shots is like Amou Haji crying about someone having bad breath.
Them being fired had nothing to do with whether or not admin could control them, and everything to do with their performance on the field.
lol pretty much.. we're just suckers. I get click bait by wannabe writers in places like Bleacher Report, but this really seems beneath O'Gara. This isn't even new news on a stale subject, Bjork said all these statements publicly at the time as well so why pretend this email is some exciting new find?
Very true. Imagine the outcry in a few years when over half the teams in the super regionals are SEC.
If he consistently had the weakest roster in the playoffs, maybe he should question his recruiting abilities rather than blame his location.
Imagine if the field remained the same in a couple of years after OU and Texas join. Seven SEC teams in the Super Regionals would be crazy.
And you're basing this on what exactly? I just don't see the logic behind it. I'm not looking at A&M to finish better than Bama this season by any means, but they certainly should be improved over last season so no reason to believe it couldn't happen again.
rxmaster, yes, it is. The coaches who called it out all got their info from the same place the media got it. A bozo named slicedbread who made the whole thing up in a "theory" he promptly deleted. People were so gullible and looking for an explanation that they ran with it and never cared about the source.
?? I meant my words, not Saban's. As for his, they were also a poor choice of words. Not the context, but the wording absolutely was a mistake. There's a good reason he backtracked on it. As for facts, where are they? I really don't think you understand what a fact is. The actual fact is nobody knows the total amounts for NIL deals from any schools involved, which includes Bama. I know you don't want to believe that, but it is what it is. What we do know is only 1 of 11 early enrollees for A&M even has an NIL deal. Doesn't fit your narrative very well does it?
You don’t quite understand how rivalry trach(won't allow the actual word oddly) talk works do you? Most all Aggie fans have friends and family who grew up Longhorn fans or went to UT. If stuff like this bothers you, stay far away from family get togethers in Texas. haha
Right? When Leach isn't giving us quotable tidbits someone has to step and give us something.
I can agree with everything there other than Bama considering LSU just another team.
This kid is classic isn't he? He's clearly attempting to troll, but instead of riling people, he just elicits guffaws.
If they had gone with a 1-7, I think OK/TX would have been the 1. They have a longer and more recent history. I don't think the rivalry would be as interesting, but it would still get the nod. I think that same situation would play out with other teams quite a bit as well in the SEC which is why 1-7 will never happen.
Unfortunately that's true, you don't. Then again you never do post comments anyway, just troll meaningless drivel nobody cares to read.
I couldn't care less about Harsin, how is that relevant to the point? How is A&M doing anything relevant to the point? For a troll, you're not very bright are you?
True, at some point you kind of want better competition than Texas will be able to provide based on the past decade.
Yes trying to, as in not very likely to accomplish said goal.
Correct, I 100% did miss it. Looks like it's about time to re-watch Unforgiven.