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Every QB in the conference believes he is the best. Would you honestly want one that didn’t?
I think it's an attempt to make Texas look good yes. It only makes Mack look bad, not Texas. I suppose you could argue they should have fired Mack on the spot and taken Saban if he was truly interested, but then they would have looked bad for an entirely different reason.
Who in the world said anything about Texas never returning to the top of college football 93sugar? I also don't see where LSUSMC showed any contempt towards Saban. You sure are reading a lot into the comments in an attempt to get some kind of odd enjoyment out of them aren't you?
His motivation? How about a good story and something to make Texas look good? People embellish in interviews all the time. As for it being refuted by Sexton, I don't doubt it's entirely possible Sexton said it, but if he did he was likely just throwing some muck on the wall and hoping it stuck. He stands to gain much more by Saban leaving for another gig don't you think?
Sounds like much fluff and little substance. If Saban really was interested in 2012, he'd still be interested in 2013, leaks or no leaks. In addition to that, if what Sexton claims about Saban is true, he could have left at any time to pretty much any school he wanted to attempt another "turnaround". I don't buy it and don't see him leaving Bama anytime soon.
Say's the bonehead who is posting on an Aggie thread. It's hilarious how many Longhorn tshirt fans fail to see the hypocrisy in their "rent free" comments.
They finished 2nd last year sooooo...Legendary tshirt fan mental incapacity.
Pretty sure he's aware it has no statistical bearing. I'm guessing he meant them losing by a close margin or winning the game would demonstrate that they have what it takes to make it a 3 team showdown in the west.
My bad, probably behoove me to read more thoroughly before making a fool of myself.
You would think an SDS writer would know the difference between Texas and Texas A&M.
Telepathy? It was pretty well documented so not much need for guesswork there.
It's not sarcasm, he just gets it. Not everybody wants an AD who will choose to try and cover up mistakes instead of own them and do the right thing. You do realize it would have gone even worse had he not cooperated right?
Really SDS? You claim Ole Miss fans are excited, but have to resort to using Horns fans responses to back up your theory. You will always see some fans saying positives about such things, usually to ease their own minds. I'm not seeing this feeling you're portraying here across the Ole Miss nation though, but nice try.
Can't argue with that. How cool would it have been if this kid had the talent to go along with that name.
"Following this move, the Aggies are down to six quarterbacks according to the team’s official roster." I'm still amazed at how things get worded. It almost sounds as if Michael feels 6 on the roster is a low number.
Most of your fellow Tigers even have Mond above Bryant. I will agree Burrow should probably swap places with Franks. Burrow vs Mond is a hard one to call because they both bring very different pros and cons to the table. I'd be ok with either over the other.
Sure it's possible people think Mond is a good QB, it's also pretty accurate and intelligent thinking.
That's just it, we were expecting something funny, but there simply wasn't anything humorous to find.
The only thing I'm shocked about is that Connor wasted so much of his time writing a pointless article like this. I read it hoping there would at least be some humorous anecdote involved somewhere. I've heard of slow news days, but this is one for the books.
What's the matter NY, you in a huff because A&M doesn't care about you anymore? Nobody freaked about Scott leaving for LSU, A&M has plenty of candidates to choose from and will be just fine. As for your shadow, that's a joke right? Pompous Horns fans like you, thank God most aren't, just can't get over the fact that A&M is in the headlines more than you are these days. Just sit back, take a valium, relax, and enjoy playing second place every year behind OK in the Big12. Lucky for your fragile ego you play in a weak conference so can at least look forward to 2nd most years. Unless of course you schedule too many power houses like Maryland.
I absolutely care about the draft. Why? Because recruits care about the draft.
Agreed, well over half of his comments make no sense whatsoever.
It's not like they are all going home now. Chances are most of these guys will still sign with a team at some point, most of them already have.
"As you can see in the video below, he compliments Woodward while saying he plans to be at LSU for years to come:" Pretty sure Adam meant to say be at A&M for years to come there. Freudian slip?
He may have been a good sport about it on the radio spot, but he certainly wasn't in social media. I'm curious why you agree with him about the billboard? If your hometown had someone who earned a silver medal in the Olympics, would you be upset about putting up a billboard for that? Heck my hometown would probably slap 'em up all around town for someone even making it to the Olympics, never mind placing.
Haha, true story? I think the twitter world needs to be reminded of that more! I agree completely, it's two totally different things. I completely agree with the whole everyone gets a trophy thing being nonsense, but these girls earned that placement, nothing was handed to them.
Darren blew it on this one. He made a stupid comment and then instead of owning up to it decided to just dig in deeper. He looks more and more idiotic with every response. A "societal problem"? Really?
How do you know it was unexpected? For all we know both sides have known about this for awhile and A&M is already in talks with his replacement. It's incredible how many liberties writers take when trying to make their articles more interesting.
If you are really trying to compare the two then you did nothing but prove everyone’s point on this thread.