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I don't think it's a question of ability to get a good coach, it's the lack of ability to scout a good coach. In saying that, I think Sumlin was actually a decent bet to make based on his success, but he just didn't pan out.
I would be extremely pissed if A&M were to do that, not that they can being in the same conference. I think we would have had a damn good chance if we'd played earlier in the season. It should be a closer game now the way both teams are playing, but who knows with Sumlin.
LSU doesn't need to recruit nationally. They consistently pull in a top 5 recruiting class. Recruiting is absolutely not the problem.
Exactly.. and that's the big problem. Recruiting is at an all time high, and results on the field show it at times, but then fail miserably down the stretch. That's a clear sign that the talent is there, but the coach isn't able to keep the culture and mentality at the right level to carry through a season. With the right coach, it's ridiculous to say any kind of ceiling has been reached.
Sorry, typo... Average ranking 6 years prior to joining SEC – 23.3 Average ranking 6 years since joining SEC – 11.16
Average ranking 6 years prior to joining SEC - 23.3 Average ranking 6 years since joining SEC - 18.16 Do you always need others to do your research for you?Ok State and TCU better than every team in the West other than Auburn and Bama?? You sure about that? Let's say for arguments sake you are right. You're talking about the top 2 teams in the Big12 and admitting they would at best place second in the West in what is a down year for the West. Now if we're actually being honest, they would be lucky to place 3rd in the West, but you won't admit that I'm sure.
You're delusional CFFan. It's not that the Aggies are magically better since leaving for the SEC, it's that their recruiting power has improved dramatically. If you can't see that connection you just don't understand the game. You use close losses and losses to big names as logic for Texas on it's way back up, but ignore the close games and losses to big teams that the Aggies had. As for those other teams having far greater success than the Aggies, first of all it's bollocks as only Oklahoma has had greater success on any kind of regular basis. Secondly, did you forget that they are still in the Big12? You don't think it might have something to do with the downturn taken by Texas? Go ahead and claim that they would all have the same success competing in the SEC West.
You named all the positives, but missed the main one. That main one is the key ingredient missing that prevents them from placing higher. A coach.
People seem to underestimate the impact of moving to the SEC. A&M has always done well recruiting in Texas, but never was able to get close to Texas and never had the coach that it needed to get them there. The difference in recruiting since joining the SEC simply can't be argued. The coaching on the other hand didn't really improve. It's a real simple formula that people just can't seem to grasp. Elite recruiting + Elite coaching = Elite team. This isn't rocket science. Aggies absolutely have the ability to recruit and have demonstrated that fact. They have the money to land Elite coaching as well, and no matter what people seem to want to believe, A&M is an attractive landing spot. Aside from the money, coaches aren't blind to the recruiting potential and can see the potential. Keep using history as a false indicator, but A&M isn't in the Big12 anymore and it's an entirely different game now.
Not sure why this is news, every school does this when possible. Why wouldn't they?
Although I hope it doesn't happen, they could absolutely get Fisher if they wanted him. You don't follow college ball much do you?
Looks pretty clear to me that he actually turned his body and led with his shoulder. If the helmets did hit it seems unintentional and absolutely not targeting.
As much as I agree Sumlin needs to go, it always amazes me how everyone seems to give Mazzone a free pass. I said it the day he was hired and every day since, this guy is completely useless. He is a one trick pony that runs the exact same offense every week, never games plans opponents, and never makes adjustments. He has no idea how to analyze an opponents defense and find the weaknesses to exploit. The Aggies miss Kingsbury much more than they suffer from Sumlin.
The problem wasn't at QB, the problem was the one calling the plays for those QB's.
Ridiculous article. Every one of the "low attendance" pics was taken before the game, doesn't matter if it was 4 or 10 minutes. In your very own article you show pics taken during the game that showed stands nearly full. It's no secret that fans file in later than normal for early games, mostly due to miscalculations of early traffic. Don't know about Mizzou, but Vandy and A&M had packed stadiums within minutes after the kickoff.
What makes you believe they played down to A&M? It's not like they made errors or didn't appear to be playing hard. A&M is one of the few teams to beat Bama in the past decade and they did so as an upstart team brand new to the conference. It was embarrassing and I can promise you Bama never plays down to the Aggies. That is one game they bring everything they have to each and every year.
Sorry, but when you say things that don't make sense, or use words incorrectly, you really should be expected to get called to the carpet on them.
I'm not sure you understand the term "literally".
I guess I'm curious what you see in States game that is so different, albeit not better, than Bamas? Perhaps if you explained that you may sway our opinion. As for high caliber of play, surely you jest? Bama is one of if not the most balanced team across the board.
So you admit Bama's was better, but somehow State's is different in a way that will do better against the Aggies then Bama did? Bama has a better running game, but they won that game with high caliber play across the entire team. State doesn't have that luxury so not sure how a 'different' running attack equates to a win. This should be a nail biter either way.
His argument here is on point, but as usual he continues to deflect the parts of the comments that show him wrong. He was absolutely incorrect in his comment about Auburn controlling their own destiny but good look in ever getting him to admit that, or even acknowledge you said it. This particular article I do however like for a change. It's a nice change of pace to allow the readers to form their own opinions without having them force fed to us.
I wish I could disagree here, but I can't. It's actually amazing to me that these three teams are in the discussion to me for being #3 considering their coaching staffs. In my mind it's a true testament to the players and their abilities as they overcome poor coaching week after week. Auburn coaches deserve full credit for that loss to LSU no doubt.
I'd have to agree. Trends can't be overlooked and A&M and LSU are playing better each week while Auburn seemed to hit a wall. It could be just a hiccup, but right now I'd put #3-LSU, #4-A&M, #5-Auburn until Auburn can show it is still the same team that dominated early. Nov 4th should clear the picture up considerably.
Part of me immediately agrees with you about Auburn being #3 based on their early play. The problem is that right now LSU and A&M have both been getting better each week they hit the field, while Auburn hit a solid brick wall in that loss to LSU and looked terrible. It could very well be a hiccup and a damn good team just had a really bad game and they could go right back to the dominating play we've seen all season. It could also be the start of a sinking season if players let it get in their heads. Unfortunately things won't get any clearer this week with Auburn and LSU having byes, but if A&M takes out Mississippi State then next weeks game against Auburn will makes things much clearer one way or the other. Unless of course LSU wins or even hangs tough with Bama. Either way it should be down to a 1 or 2 team argument at that point.
He should have played it out and stayed on the ground. At least then it would have appeared to be an officiating error rather than him looking like an idiot.
It was literally the first thing that came up in a search for Hershel Walker. "The Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League, suspecting that the United States Football League (USFL) was not going to last, acquired Walker's NFL rights by selecting him in the fifth round (114th overall) of the 1985 NFL Draft. The USFL eventually succumbed after its technically successful but financially fruitless antitrust suit against the NFL."
I reluctantly have to agree. These wins speak to the confidence, determination, and heart of this team. The closeness however speaks 100% to the pathetic play calling of Mazzone. Why he insists on trying to force his style of offense on Mond is beyond me. Maybe he simply doesn't have the knowledge, but if he would adjust the office to Mond's strengths instead of his weaknesses this could be a very dangerous team.
That was then, this is now. LSU is playing much better ball now and if you think MSU would steam roll over them again you just aren't keeping up.
Responding to being called a troll but pointing out how many clicks it's getting his article is pretty much admitting to being a troll.